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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Goon - 2. Chapter 2

“I told you I was better.” The voice was smug and Micah blinked again as he looked down at that familiar copper-red hair and green eyes. The mouth was no longer attached to his dick, and two familiar, slender hands had tucked it back into his boxers and Micah was struggling to put two and two together.

“Trasker.” Micah said and Corey frowned.

“Who is Trasker?” Corey pouted. “He’s really better?”

“No, you’re better.” Micah told what he was sure was an illusion. He remembered this now. It had been the second time Micah woke up to find his roommate, Corey Howard with his mouth wrapped around his dick. It was the night before summer vacation started, and they would be going their separate ways. Why the hell was he seeing this memory instead of the blasted remains of the lab? Was he dead and this was the hell he was going to spend eternity in? This night had been way too uncomfortable for both of them after Corey had done what he was doing right now, crawling up the bunk and stopping so his head was hanging over Micah’s. There was that dried drop of his spunk right on the left side of Corey’s lips.

“I told you I was good.” Corey’s voice was proud and Micah couldn’t help the frown that came to his face. “What’s wrong?

“I’m so sorry.” Micah said sadly. “I should have done this the first time.”

“Done what?” Corey asked and Micah put his hand on the back of Corey’s head, pulling him down until their lips met. He could taste his own spunk in that mouth as their tongues danced together. It was an even better kiss than he had imagined when he thought about what he should have done the first time.

Those thoughts had come far too late for him to make any changes, and he sighed into that wonderful warm mouth as he felt Corey lie on top of him. He could feel Corey’s erection against his and used his other hand to grab Corey’s butt, pulling him tighter so their groins met. His dick was even getting hard again and he could feel that tingling that had always seemed to accompany his getting excited but had faded sometime after he’d joined the Army. Sure, it still felt damn good when he’d masturbate then, but that little tingling he felt now had gone away, and he missed it.

“You do like me.” Corey whispered as they broke their kiss. Micah grunted and flipped their bodies over so he was lying on top of Corey and pushing his groin into Corey’s with a grunt while moving his lips down to Corey’s neck.

“Of course I like you.” Micah murmured against that neck, enjoying the feeling of Corey moving against his thrusts. It felt good and he wondered if the little noises coming out of Corey’s throat meant he was enjoying it as much as Micah, or at least if this dream Corey enjoyed it. He’d wondered what their relationship might have been like if he’d ever returned any of Corey’s affections instead of just lying there, letting Corey do what he wanted but refusing to participate. It was a year after this night, if he remembered right, when he’d woken to find Corey impaling himself on Micah’s hard dick. He’d just stared in wonder as that hot ass covered his dick and sent him into heaven, and he’d never done more than say ‘thank you’. He’d never kissed the real Corey the way that he was kissing this dream Corey. “I’ve loved you from the day we first met.”

“You…I can’t believe…” Corey groaned as Micah felt his body shudder. They kept thrusting against each other until Corey went limp. Micah was quite sure he could reach down and feel dampness down there, but he didn’t. Instead he just kissed that neck again and made his way up to Corey’s mouth.

“I shouldn’t have never let you get away.” Micah said and Corey chuckled as those green eyes looked into his.

“You can come visit me this summer, silly.” Corey said gently. “My parents liked having you over for Easter and they said you’re welcome anytime.”

“I remember.” Micah said with a dreamy smile. He was still hard again, but he felt little urgency to get off just yet. Instead he lowered himself to lay between Corey’s side and the wall. He idly twisted his finger through the longer top hair on Corey’s head. “I like it better this way, short on the sides, long on the top.”

“You’ve never seen it any other way.” Corey said with a little grin on his face. The light was coming from the full moon that was just on the other side of the window that was above the dresser between their two bunks. Corey started to get up. “I better get cleaned up or I’ll have sticky underwear in the morning.”

“Yeah, you’d better.” Micah agreed with a little laugh. Corey was in those tight white briefs that were the other option besides white boxers at Huntsville Academy. Transitioning from the Academy to Army life had been so easy. He wondered when this dream would end and he’d wake up in some hospital bed. With his luck he’d end up with no legs and wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.

“So, you’re okay with it this time?” Corey asked softly as he stood up between their beds, took off his sticky underwear and used them to clean up even more. Then he went to the hand sanitizer that they kept on the dresser and splashed a large amount into his hand to clean up more. After that he pulled out a fresh pair and began to climb into his bed.

“Yeah, I’m okay with it.” Micah said and frowned. Dreams usually didn’t last this long, but he’d go with the flow for now. “Don’t sleep there. Sleep here.”

“You sure?” Corey asked. “You said you weren’t really interested in the ‘fag’ stuff.”

“I only said that because I thought you’d never be able to be with me and be honest about it.” Micah said honestly as he’d never done to the real Corey. “Your dad’s a Senator for Christ’s sake. He has enough problems keeping the Carlo Rodriguez’s of the world from trying to blackmail you. I always thought he’d go crazy if he found out you and I were in love.”

“How the hell do you know about Carlo?” Corey demanded. He was still sitting on the edge of his bunk and in the soft moonlight Micah could see the scowl on his face.

“Oh come on, I know I told you about it last year.” Micah said with a sigh. “You got angry with me about Travis Metcalf and I told you the truth about all the times I kept idiots here at the Academy from blackmailing your old man.”

“Blackmail?” Corey’s voice broke the way it had until he was sixteen and Micah smiled at the sound.

“I know, it was finding out Dr. Rodriguez was Carlo’s mother that started this whole dream thing.” Micah said as he hit on the discovery. He liked figuring things out.

“This better not be a dream.” Corey said in a dangerous tone, pinching his arm. Micah did the same and frowned at the pain. Maybe the whole pinching yourself in the dream thing really was meaningless. “How’d you find out Rodriguez was blackmailing Dad?”

“President Howard called me, of course.” Micah said as a yawn escaped his mouth. He was getting tired again. Now that was weird getting tired in a dream.

“My dad’s not the President.” Corey said as he looked at Micah oddly. “Are you okay? I mean, I’ve seen a guy go loo-loo after a blow job but not like this. Did you bust a brain vessel or something?”

“Maybe, I don’t remember much after sticking my knife in the junction box.” Micah said with another yawn. “Maybe I’ll wake up in a sticky hospital gown and at least have this as a pleasant dream while you go and marry that stupid fucking queen.”

“While I what?” Corey’s voice squeaked again, but Micah pulled the sheet over himself and let his eyes close as he drifted off to sleep.

“Dad, trust me, please.” Corey’s voice held that whining tone as Micah began to wake up again. Once again he frowned and wondered if he was in the hospital and waking up to find a very pissed off and worried Corey standing over him. That time at Bagram had been bad enough, when he’d nearly died after six weeks in solitary confinement. It had taken the President-Elect’s nineteen-year old son coming to see his best friend to get Micah out of that cell where he’d been held after refusing to change his story. The media had never gotten wind of that part of the story, but it had cost half a dozen officers, including a two-star general their careers.

Unlike Lieutenant Marshall, those men and women had been allowed to resign instead of facing the death penalty.

“Yes, I know.” Corey’s voice continued and Micah remembered the amputated legs and colostomy bag. Nope, he could feel coarse sheets, typical military stock, against his legs, and patting his flat stomach showed no colostomy bag attached. Moving his hands up higher proved it wasn’t attached to his sternum either. That was good at least, and better than he’d expected. “Look, we were supposed to drive him to the airport anyway, remember? You said I could have Bill drive him there on the way home? Yeah, Dad, they’ll be happy to not have to pay his ticket to go back. Trust me. His parents won’t really mind.”

“My parents could care less where I am or what I do.” Micah said loud enough for the President to hear him. It was odd though, because the President had known that for years, ever since that blowup right after his seventeenth birthday. He opened his eyes and gasped in surprise. “What the fuck?”

“He wants to talk to you.” Corey said, holding his hand over his cell phone. Micah was back in their Academy room and Corey didn’t look a day over fifteen. They weren’t allowed to use their cell phones except on weekends, or on the last day. With a frown, Micah took the cell phone. It was even that stupid old model Corey had used back when they’d only known each other for a few years, and when Corey still kept trying to get Micah to be his boyfriend. With a smile, Micah put the phone to his ear. This was turning out to be some dream.

“Yes, sir?” Micah said into the phone.

“Corey says you don’t want to go home, son.” Corey’s father had always talked to him like he was a part of their family from the first time they’d met. “He said you’ve been kind of out it and might be coming down with something. You know how it is with the airlines right now. If they think someone’s sick they quarantine them.”

“I remember, sir.” Micah said with a smile. Corey had tried this trick but Micah had refused to go home. “Yes, I’d prefer to spend the summer with you and my parents will be extremely happy. They always think I’m going to ruin my little brother and sister and turn them into hoodlums like I am.”

“You’re no criminal, son.” Corey’s father was firm about that. “Fine. I will call your parents and see if this is permissible with them. If they agree I will tell Bill that you will be joining Corey at home.”

“Thank you, sir.” Micah said with a smile. It really would have been a lot better to spend the summer with the Howards than to go home. This was the year that he’d nearly gotten into that fight with Ben Soros from down the street, and his family had all but locked him in his room for the rest of the summer until he flew back three weeks early to spend the last part of summer with Corey’s family.

“You’re welcome, son.” Corey’s father said as Corey was doing a little victory dance in the space between their beds. He looked so cute with his slender frame, short red hair and farmer’s tan. “Oh, and Micah, please remember that language is unacceptable. I heard you in the background.”

“Yes, sir, sorry sir.” Micah said with a little grin on his face as the man hung up.

“You’re coming home with me!” Corey crowed as he jumped onto Micah’s bed, landing right on top of him. Micah’s breath went out of him in a big burst, but he smiled as he put his arms around Corey. Yes, this was a nice dream, much better than amputated limbs and a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. “What changed your mind?”

“Huh?” Micah was dragged back into the pleasant dream by the question and the weird look on that familiar, if younger face.

“Yesterday and all week you’ve said ‘no way’ every time I brought up my idea of you spending the summer with us.” Corey said in a hurt voice.

“God I was such an idiot.” Micah laughed. “Not the sharpest tool in the shed, you know.”

“I hate that saying.” Corey pouted, looking two years younger as he put out his lower lip. Micah bent in and bit it gently, and that turned into a long kiss that left both of them hard against each other. Outside their doors Micah could hear the sounds of kids starting to come out of their rooms. It would be time for morning muster soon. After muster would be dismissal for the semester. They already would have missed breakfast if this was real.

“We should be getting ready for muster, right?” Micah asked and Corey nodded with a frown, but he didn’t get up. Micah knew that look. “Look, Corey, if this was all real instead of just a dream I’d tell you that I was a fool at this time. I thought I could never have a real relationship with you and I refused to settle for anything less, so I pretended I was straight and wasn’t interested in you. It was stupid; I was scared that if I went home with you, I’d wake up every morning with your lips around my cock and I’d give in and show you how much I loved you.”

“That’s the second time you’ve said you loved me.” Corey said with a silly little grin on his face.

“Yes, and you always told me that we weren’t too young to fall in love because your own parents fell in love when they were barely fifteen and have been together ever since.” Micah said with a sigh. “They even used rubbers until they were done with college so your brother wouldn’t come along until they were ready for him.”

“I’ve never told you that.” Corey said with a frown. “How do you know about that?”

“Yes you did.” Micah laughed. “It was when we were sixteen and I woke up with you sitting on my dick. You said you loved me and I should give in and agree to stay with you forever because if your mom and dad could do it, we could.”

“That’s sappy enough I probably would say it.” Corey laughed. “I’ve been sleeping with every guy in this place that would let me trying to get you out of my system and none of them compare.”

“My dicks shorter and fatter than most you’ve ever seen but for some reason you say it fills your mouth perfectly.” Micah said with a laugh. “Yes I remember you saying that too.”

“Well I don’t.” Corey said with a frown as he pulled back, looking down at Micah and feeling his forehead. “Are you okay? Are you really sick or something? I’ve never been fucked, much less pushing myself onto your dick. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

“It wasn’t yet.” Micah said. “This is, what? ’11? ’12? Obama’s still President, right? Your father got elected to the Senate in ’10. We pull out of ‘Stan in ’11 but we go back in during the outbreak of ’14 when they trace that virus to the Pushtun tribal region.”

“Huh?” Corey asked as he stared at Micah. “Yeah, it’s 2011. What’s going on here, Micah?”

“God I love this dream.” Micah said as he put his arms behind his head and smiled up at Corey. “I’ve got the chance to fix you and me, keep you from marrying that stupid little flamer you finally picked and to keep my ass out of the Army.”

“Going into the Army is all you dream about.” Corey snorted. “I can’t get you to talk about anything else except football and baseball.”

“I forgot how much fun I had playing those.” Micah said with a smile on his face. He wasn’t anything special, but he enjoyed playing those games in school. Not only was it fun to compete, but he enjoyed the field trips. “I should have gone out for wrestling with you, though. It would’ve been fun.”

“You still can next year.” Corey said as he stood up and moved to his half of the room and wardrobe. He began to get dressed in the digital blue camouflage uniforms that were their standard attire here. He had the stripes of a corporal, and Micah stood up to open his wardrobe and pull out his bigger uniforms with their sergeant stripes.

“This is some dream.” Micah said again as he ran his fingers over the rank insignia. He’d achieved the same rank in the army. When he felt a sharp pinch in his butt he jumped slightly and turned around.

“Wake up, Cadet Jericho.” Corey said in a sing-song tone. “This is life, not a dream. Man, you must have had a hell of a dream.”

“Yeah, uh, I dreamed we were all grown up and I let you go and fall in love with some flaming little queen instead of me.” Micah said with a grunt and was surprised when he turned around to find Corey staring at him.

“I’m having mom take you to the doctor when we get home.” Corey said with determination as he pulled on a tunic over the t-shirt he’d already donned. Micah was behind in getting dressed, but he’d tucked his pants into his boots before Corey had finished dressing. Corey always took more time making sure his pants were ‘just right’ and Micah did the exact same job almost automatically.

Seeing Sergeant Major Smith again as they got into formation made Micah want to smile although he kept his face blank. The tall black man had been an important part of his childhood and as responsible for him growing up to be something other than a petty juvenile delinquent as his friendship with Corey Howard. He was also the person that Micah had confided in when he was about to turn eighteen and conflicted about whether to follow Corey to California or to make his own way in life. Corey of course got into Stanford, and while Micah’s grades were nowhere good enough to go there, he could have gotten into one of the other schools in the area. Then they could have lived together the way Corey wanted, but again Micah had been scared of actually finding himself in a relationship with the red-haired half of his soul.

No, that was too maudlin. They were good friends, and could have been more but Micah would have had to let Corey into his heart and he’d never quite managed that. He wasn’t from a family like Corey’s, where they practiced what they preached and actually loved one another. His family was all about show and appearance, even if they only had a hundredth of the money of Corey’s.

He barely listened to the Sergeant Major’s farewell speech. It was almost the same every year, all about honor, duty and representing the school even when they didn’t wear the uniform. In fact, it was almost like the speech he’d heard and given at liberty calls overseas that he could have given it without hesitation. By the time Sergeant Major Smith had called ‘dismissed’, Micah was in a high state of confusion.

As far as he could tell, this really was like it had been in June of 2011, right down to the buzzing of the locusts in the distance. The righties had called it a ‘plague’ of biblical proportions and blamed it, like everything else, on the President. That was about all he remembered of the politics of the year. Politics bored him.


As the cadets congregated, telling their friends goodbye for the year, and a few even came up to him, he realized that it was boring. Now dreams about sex he understood, dreams about talking to Corey and changing the mistakes he’d made he understood, but why was he dreaming about standing here after formation dismissal and saying goodbye to boys he’d never see again after leaving the Academy? He began to wonder if he was really dreaming or if he was dead in some strange version of hell.

“You want to go finish packing?” Corey’s voice, and arm over his shoulder made him wonder if this was some form of heaven. Grinning to himself he decided to just go with the flow and pretend like everything was normal. The worst he could do is wake up with amputated legs, a colostomy bag, and the man he’d given his heart to married to a flaming drag queen who was more interested in being famous as the President’s son-in-law instead of actually caring about Corey.

“Sure.” Micah said with a smile that made Corey smile as well.

“You’re happy about something.” Corey said as they broke apart at the doors back into the General Hoar Hall. General Hoar had been CincCentCom back in the early 1990’s and had gone on to achieve little else before retiring, but he had a resident hall here named after him just the same. The hall had been renamed in 2010 after several of the school’s more prominent donors had gotten worried about a resident hall named after a man who had gone on to be active in the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War.

General Hoar had still been white though, and thus that had also been the year they had made Sergeant Major Smith a permanent addition to the staff to show they weren’t really racist at all.

“Just thinking about being able to relax by that pool all summer.” Micah said as they nodded at Scruggs and Coombs. Those two cadets had the room next to them. The only thing on the other side of their room was a storage shed before the stairs. He knew there was nothing to worry about as far as them hearing anything. Scruggs and Coombs had both come out of the closet after graduating, and tried to shock everyone by French kissing each other on the platform during the ceremony. The only people who had been shocked were the parents and some of the faculty. Sergeant Smith gave them a hoo-rah before yelling at them over breaking decorum.

Now that was a man that could give the donors lessons in tolerance.

“There’s no way we’ll be able to relax all summer.” Corey said with a sigh. “You forget mom’s home all the time, even when dad’s back in Washington. That means we’ll be spending at least two days a week at the shelter handing out food, every other weekend at least one day at a hospice, and God only knows what other good will projects she’ll have lined up for us.”

“Red Cross.” Micah answered after a moment of thought. “She’ll have you, I mean us, down at the coast after Hurricane Robert hits the coast and smashes things up.”

“Oh, you’re now predicting hurricanes are you?” Corey said as they reached the second floor and unlocked their room. He gave Micah a weird look. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Micah said as he took a deep breath. “Look, I don’t think I’ve gone crazy or anything.”

“Then what’s going on?” Corey asked with concern in his voice and a frown as Micah shut the door behind him. He leaned against it and gave Corey a long look. “Talk to me, Mick.”

“I love it when you call me that.” Micah said with a smile. He’d tried to tell Corey to stop it, precisely because of how it made him feel, like the tingling in his spine that would spread to his whole body right before he shot a load into Corey’s hot mouth. Just thinking about it had him hard again.

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to call you that.” Corey said in a teasing voice. Even with the baggy uniform blouse he probably could see the tent forming in Micah’s pants.

“Only if you want to make me hard as a rock.” Micah admitted. “That’s why I get so pissed when you say it.”

“What the hell’s gotten into you, bud?” Corey asked with a frown, stepping up so he was in Micah’s personal space. Micah sighed as he reached out, pulled Corey into him and let his head rest on those narrow shoulders. Corey’s head fell on his shoulders and he remembered how Corey always said he loved both Micah’s broad shoulders and his narrow waist. Micah’s tops would be several sizes too big on Corey, but they had the same waist size all through school, as well as the same shoe size.

“Either I’ve had the freakiest dream in the history of freaky dreams, I’ve suddenly started living in one of your science fiction shows, or I’m going insane.” Micah said with a sigh.

“Um, let’s rule out insane because then you’d be locked up away from me.” Corey said with a sigh. “God this is nice.”

“Yes, it is.” Micah said as he took a deep breath. The smell was pure Corey, a hint of lime and something else, a little musky and pure wonder.

“Why sci-fi?” Corey asked.

“Um, it was five years in the future and there was a short scientist with a bald head and a bad attitude, Carlo Rodriguez’s mother, and some strange machine that I don’t know what it was supposed to do but I stuck my knife into its guts and the world disappeared and I ended up here in the past.” Micah said all in a rush. Corey’s body tightened against him and the red head held his breath for a long minute.

“Or you burst a brain vessel from the best blow job of your life and dreamed of a life without me, decided you hated it and wanted me instead.” Corey said as he exhaled that breath.

“I like that one.” Micah said as his stomach growled. He frowned at having missed breakfast, but smiled at the red hair he could see from his vantage point on Corey’s shoulder.

“I think we should stick with that one until Hurricane Robert hits the Gulf Coast.” Corey said. “If you’ve broken the space-time continuum that’s proof enough for me.”

“The what?” Micah asked and instantly regretted it as Corey pulled away and began to enter the room. They still had a lot of packing to do and set about doing that. He vaguely remembered having put all the skin products into a garbage bag and throwing it over his shoulder until he got to the airport, but this time he went ahead and took the time to put things away. This would be his first test of whether he was going crazy or had gone back in time. His memory said Bill’s big Town Car would get a flat tire and he’d be a half-hour late. He had only had to sit in the airport for a half-hour before his flight and worried about being stuck out here if he missed his flight.

“Space Time Continuum.” Corey answered him and Micah tuned him out as he went on to explain all the vagaries of the space-time thingie-a-muh-jig and how it was dangerous to travel in time because you could wreck the future. He just enjoyed hearing Corey drone about something he loved to talk about and Micah would never understand. It didn’t matter if he understood it or not, he just liked listening to Corey.

“I’ve missed that.” Micah when Corey finally stopped and stared at him. He’d managed to get the bathroom put away into a rolling suit case and was ready to start on the few civilian clothes he still possessed. Most of his wardrobe had been outgrown and his family only bought him a few basics each year when he went home.

“Missed what?” Corey asked. “Hearing me talk and you not listening.”

“Oh calm down.” Micah laughed. “You know I don’t understand any of that shit.”

“You would if you paid attention.” Corey complained with a pout.

“I just like hearing your voice.” Micah said, leaning in to kiss that pouting lower lip.

“That is not going to be fair.” Corey complained.

“Oh, I’ve changed my mind.” Micah said with a laugh. “Let’s just be friends. I’m not really gay, you know.”

“Don’t even think about saying something like that.” Corey had an angry and scared look as he punched Micah’s arm. For all his skinniness, he hit hard when he wanted.

“You’re going to leave a bruise.” Micah complained, rubbing his arm.

“Oh sit and spin.” Corey said with a glare. “You better hurry. Bill doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“He’s dealing with a flat and will be a half-hour late.” Micah said as Corey’s phone buzzed on the dresser. Corey gave him an odd look as he picked up the phone and talked to whoever was calling. From Corey’s side of the conversation, it was obvious that it was Bill, and Micah felt an odd fluttering in his stomach as he began to pack his clothes. Most of it would be his uniforms. They couldn’t leave them here over the summer break and had to take them with them, even if they wouldn’t wear them again all summer once they got home.

“Bill’s had a flat.” Corey said in a strange voice and Micah turned with a smile that faded as he saw the look on Corey’s face.

“What’s the matter?” Micah asked with concern.

“I’m starting to freak out.” Corey admitted, taking a deep breath. “How did you know that?”

“Don’t worry about that, right?” Micah said. “It’s just a flat. Maybe I’m psychic or a good guesser.”

“Right, don’t worry until the hurricane.” Corey nodded once and a smile lit his face. “I know something that’s really good news.”

“What’s that?” Micah asked.

“You’re going home with me for the summer!” Corey practically giggled as he said that and Micah couldn’t resist tackling him so they both fell on Corey’s bed. His friend was ticklish, and by the time Bill showed up, they’d done no more packing but had managed to dirty more underwear.

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Hehe wonder if one of the side effects of that machine was the ability to go back in time to fix mistakes. If so I hope so something tells. Cause something tells me that Micah's life could really benefit from it. Nice story little confusing at first, but insure as it progresses the fog will lift hehe

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I think this is the chapter where I realized that Micah was going to really grab the chance to correct his mistakes in relation to Corey, especially admitting that he loves him. So cool especially as the story also tells how much they were both hurt by Micah's wrong choices in the original past. I really like time travel stories (including the Back to the future trilogy).

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I love how Micah is so sure this cannot be real that he is letting himself have the life he always wanted.

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What I really liked about this chapter was that Micah, with the full benefit of hindsight, having still been in love with Corey in the future, immediately recognizes where he'd gone wrong in their relationship and changes it right away. Sure Micah doesn't realize that what he's experiencing is real, but it helps to springboard their relationship so that they're together from the get go.


It's actually refreshing. Sure the romance isn't the main source of conflict for this story, but Micah refusing to acknowledge his love for Corey and allow them to get together broke both of their hearts for years. I just liked that that was the first thing he changed when going back in time. There wasn't a whole lot of "will they or won't they" overly drawn-out drama. Micah knew they both loved each other and went for it right away. It was just nice to see a romantic plot that dealt with it all a without a lot of the melodrama some other stories contain.

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On 7/15/2015 at 5:57 AM, spikey582 said:

What I really liked about this chapter was that Micah, with the full benefit of hindsight, having still been in love with Corey in the future, immediately recognizes where he'd gone wrong in their relationship and changes it right away. Sure Micah doesn't realize that what he's experiencing is real, but it helps to springboard their relationship so that they're together from the get go.


It's actually refreshing. Sure the romance isn't the main source of conflict for this story, but Micah refusing to acknowledge his love for Corey and allow them to get together broke both of their hearts for years. I just liked that that was the first thing he changed when going back in time. There wasn't a whole lot of "will they or won't they" overly drawn-out drama. Micah knew they both loved each other and went for it right away. It was just nice to see a romantic plot that dealt with it all a without a lot of the melodrama some other stories contain.


:worship: That's actually an even better description of why this is such a great story, than what I did in the feature today. 

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5 minutes ago, Timothy M. said:


:worship: That's actually an even better description of why this is such a great story, than what I did in the feature today. 

Wow, I completely forgot I left that comment.  Thanks for reminding me Tim!

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Just now, spikey582 said:

Wow, I completely forgot I left that comment.  Thanks for reminding me Tim!


you're welcome. it hasn't been much fun to leave comments, since there was no reply from dkstories, but now readers can interact in the comment section, it's different.

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