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The Travellers

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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama, Coming of Age

My first novel, previously published in Dutch but now translated.

It is the story of three gay travellers in Scotland, immediately after the Great War.

It is about double discrimination, about flowering and gradually subsiding love, of exploitation of tenants by the local gentry and of over-zealous clerics, but also about the development into adulthood against the background of a slowly changing society. 

This novel contains explicit erotic scenes as well as some verbal and physical violence. Warnings will be repeated at the beginning of the chapters when applicable. 
©Copyright 2022, Georgie D'Hainaut; All Rights Reserved

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A story of a time long past as we watch our protagonists struggle in a world decimated by the horrors of WW1 and the Influenza epidemic of 1918. While they struggle to find their place in those times, one holds out hope that love, will find a way!

Again, we are so lucky that we have authors from a wide variety of countries who take the time to share their craft with us! This story is well worth the time to read...and enjoy!!!

Response from the author:

Thank you for a beautiful review. 

And this author from overseas will continue to contribute.


Georgie D'Hainaut

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A very sweet and wonderful read, this story leads one through the early 20th century in Scotland with a master craftsman and two proteges who have to travel from place to place to find work.  They find their path is not easy and filled with high and low points.  One can almost sense being the invisible observer through the descriptive prose.

Response from the author:

Wow....thank you very, very much for such a great review


Georgie D'Hainaut

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