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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 3,067 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Worlds Apart - 4. Clarity Upon the Water

The alarm clock in the master bedroom went off at five o’clock.  Mike swung a hairy arm over with practiced precision and gently tapped the button to make the noise stop.

“Mmm, morning Papa,” Mike said rolling the other direction and throwing his arm across Gunnar’s torso, giving him a squeeze, and pressing his early-morning erection against his Papa’s ass.

“Morning Cub,” Gunnar replied with a yawn. “Why don’t you go wake up our guest with that hard log of yours?”

“Are you sure?” Mike asked, surprised that Gunnar was suggesting one-on-one playtime so soon after Siku’s arrival.

“Go ahead,” Gunnar said, “But make it quick, we have to get to the diner, and he has to be to the fishery in an hour.”

Gunnar rolled out of bed and headed for the shower as Mike padded down the hallway and peeked in the guest bedroom.  Siku was still sleeping soundly, laying on his back and snoring lightly.  He was covered with just a thin sheet, and Mike could see the big bear’s erection creating a pup-tent that could have accommodated several boy scouts comfortably.

Mike lifted the sheet at the foot of the bed and ducked underneath, crawling his way up between the bear’s meaty legs until he reached his prize.  He engulfed the bear’s thick cock down his throat with one quick motion and tickled the underside with his tongue as he lifted his mouth back up to the tip.

“Well, good morning to you too!” Siku mumbled with a smile, peeking under the sheet as the messy head of long blond hair bobbed on his erection.

Mike increased his pace and suction in response, and soon he had the polar bear moaning and gripping the headboard, muttering a string of profanities as he was expertly blown.

“Fuck, Cub,” Siku growled through gritted teeth, “I’m going to fill that hot mouth of yours.  Here it comes!”

The bear let go of the headboard and threw back the sheet, grabbing Mike’s blond head and holding him in place as he pumped his load into the Cub’s warm mouth.  When his climax subsided, he let go, and Mike immediately popped up onto his knees, stroking his own member, and shot his load all over Siku’s hairy chest and belly.

“That’s a Sturgeon Bay good morning!” Mike panted as the last of his ejaculate dribbled over his knuckles.  “These five AM fucks always have to be a quickie so that we can get to work on time!”

“Well, you’ve got me ready for the day in the right way,” Siku replied.  “I’d better jump in the shower!”

Mike gave Siku a long and deep kiss before retreating to the master bedroom and letting the polar bear get himself cleaned up.

Twenty minutes later, Siku tromped down the stairs in his borrowed rubber boots, and Gunnar was waiting by the front door with a travel mug of coffee and two freshly made egg and sausage sandwiches which he thrust into the bear’s hands.

“Mike is going to be another five minutes making sure his hair and beard are fixed just right,” Gunnar said, “But you should start heading to the Fishery now if you’re going to meet Captain Dom on time.  Mike and I will eat breakfast at the Diner before we open, but I made you these sandwiches to tide you over till lunchtime.”

“Thank you, Gunnar,” Siku said, his eyes tearing a bit, “And thank you for loaning me your Cub this morning.  That was a fine way to wake up on my first day of work!”

“Anytime,” Gunnar replied with a grin.  “Now go on!  You remember the way to the docks, right?”

“I can find my way,” Siku confirmed, “See you later!”


When Siku pulled into the parking lot of the fish house shoving the last bite of sandwich into his maw, he noticed the buzz of activity.  He walked through the building quickly and found Dom barking instructions in his Irish accent to each of the bears arriving for the day.

“Ah Siku!” Dom said, seeing the polar bear walking in with his cup of coffee.  “Right on time!  I’m sure that Gunnar didn’t let you leave the house hungry, but there’s donuts on the table over there.  Go ahead and grab a few.  It will be a long time till lunch!”

“Thanks, Dom,” Siku replied, walking over to the table, and greeting the other bears that he recognized from Atikokan as they all prepared to head out for a day of fishing.

“I’m sure that Mike didn’t let you leave the house horny, either.  Did he?” Dom said with a grin, stepping up next to Siku and grabbing a donut for himself.

“He gave me what he called a Sturgeon Bay good morning,” Siku confirmed, and Dom barked a hearty laugh around a mouthful of jelly donut.

“When you’re ready lad,” Dom said. “Start loading those gray plastic fish totes onto the deck.  We’ll need 150 of them total.  That’s our maximum quota, and when we fill them, we’ll be done for the day.  Once you’ve gotten all the totes on board, help the other guys load ice into the hold.”

Siku trotted over and started carrying stacks of the gray totes, ten at a time, from the dock onto Dom’s boat.  As he worked, he saw several other bears loading ice into wheelbarrows from a big machine on the back of the fish house, rolling them out onto the boat, and dumping them down a hatch in the deck.

As soon as he finished his fifteen trips loading the fish totes, Siku grabbed a free wheelbarrow and joined the line of bears filling them up with ice and running them to the hold.  They were ready in record time, and with a grin Dom gave the call for his crew to board the boat.

There were ten bears on board, counting Dom and Siku, and as Dom piloted them to the first of their string of trap nets, Siku chatted and caught up with the other bears on the crew.  There had been rumors circling around the werebear community regarding the incident that had happened earlier in the year at the werebear-owned and operated Boy’s Academy in Mount Savage, Maryland, and the group was excited to hear that Siku had been present for the main battle and final act of that adventure.

“Wait, wait,” one of the bears interrupted, as Siku was in the middle of relating the exciting tale, “Did you say Rodney?  Are you talking about the same Rodney who used to live in Atikokan?  One half of the Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum pair Rodney and Marcus?”

“The very same,” Siku replied. “Rodney and Marcus voluntarily surrendered themselves to the enemy after we lost the battle at the Academy because they were wearing secret GPS trackers that allowed the rest of us to find the village.  But Rodney was injured, and while he was in a coma, he was possessed by the bear-god of the Tuath Dé, and in that possessed state he took control of the village and became the prime evil force we were forced to fight.  I rescued the bear-kindred boy from being sacrificed on the bear-god’s effigy mound, and Rodney used his undead wights to fire bolts of electricity at me as I was carrying the boy to safety.  I had third-degree burns from the back of my neck to my pelvis.

“A lesser bear would have likely been killed,” Siku added with a touch of pride.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” the bear replied.

“Rodney and Marcus showed true grit during the whole ordeal,” Siku added in their defense.  “We likely would have lost Bernie and Bill both to the Tuath Dé gods if not for them.  After the final fight was over, those two realized that they couldn’t live without each other and formalized their mating bond… right there on the battlefield!  Axel practically had to pry them apart to get them to join the hike back down the mountain to base camp.  They were going at it like newlyweds all night long!”

The bears all had a good laugh, and Dom poked his head out of the window of the bridge.

“First buoy is coming up, fellas,” Dom yelled, “Time to get to work!”

“Just follow us and you’ll catch on fast,” one of the bears told Siku.  “It’s not complicated, but it’s hard work.  We’ll be working our tails off from now till lunchtime, and then we get a break to have some fun!”

One of the bears hooked the marker buoy, and pulled it onto the deck, handing it off to a crewman who began winding the rope around a hydraulic winch.

They explained to Siku that anchored to the lakebed in between the marker buoys was a complex series of nets forming a sort of funnel that herded the fish into the box trap net at the end.  They were leaving the funnel nets in place but pulling the box trap to the surface so that they could scoop out the fish.

As described, the winch pulled one side of the box trap onto the boat and the crew guided the netting carefully across the deck until the other end of it was near the surface, full of wriggling, flopping whitefish.

They handed Siku a hand-net on a pole, and he and two other bears began scooping the fish out of the box trap and onto a sorting table.  Two bears manning the table sorted the fish into keepers and ones that were either too small or the wrong species, which they threw back into the water.  One bear tossed the keepers from the sorting table into the gray plastic fish totes, and the remaining three bears moved the full totes into the hold and covered the fish with ice.  It took a little over a half-hour to sort and pack the fish, and when they were done, the box trap net was carefully lowered back into the water where it would wait for several days until the next time the boat came to haul it up and sort the catch again.

“How many totes did we fill on that haul?” Dom called from the bridge.

“Eleven on that haul, Captain!” one of the bears who had been loading the totes into the hold replied.

“Hmm,” Dom replied, “That’s not bad, but we’ll need to do better on the rest, or we aren’t going to hit the max quota today.”

“How many more nets do we have to haul?” Siku asked the bear resting next to him.

“We have eleven more nets out there that have been filling up with fish for the last few days.” he replied, “Twelve total counting the one we’ve already done.  But if we fill all 150 totes first before we get to all the nets, then that’s our maximum quota, and we’ll head back early.  Yesterday, we hit our quota after just eight nets!”

Siku did the quick math in his head.

“I see, so if we only average eleven totes for each of the twelve nets we have to haul, that will only total 132, and we’ll be short of our quota for the day.”

“Right,” his crewmate said. “You’re catching on fast.”

The second, third, and fourth nets produced fourteen, sixteen, and twenty totes respectively.

“The numbers are going up!” Siku remarked after they had finished lowering the fourth net back into the water and he paused to catch his breath.

“That’s right,” one of the crew confirmed. “The first net was likely on the outer edge of the biomass, and our string is approaching the center.”

They approached the marker buoy for the fifth net and as they pulled it up, Siku’s sensitive bear ears detected the winch emitting a higher pitched whine than on the earlier nets.

“Your ears are right,” his crewmate confirmed. “This net is much heavier than the rest.  We’re in for a major haul!”

When the first end of the box trap was spread carefully across the deck, the other end still in the water was a teeming mass of fish, more than Siku had ever seen in one place before.  He quickly grabbed his net and started scooping them out onto the sorting table.

This net took an hour to finish collecting and sorting, and when they were done and lowering the box trap back into the water, the bear keeping the tally reported to Dom that they had filled thirty-three totes on that haul.

“Hot damn!” Dom yelled, coming out of the bridge onto the deck.  “That’s our best haul of the season!  Siku here must be our lucky charm!”

“Hey Cap’n,” one of the bears said, “I know it’s not quite noon yet, but since we’re well over halfway to our max quota, do you think we can break for lunch now?”

Dom grinned.

“Right you are, boyo!  Breaktime everyone!  We’re in the perfect spot for it too!  An all-you-can-eat buffet!”

“Buffet?” Siku asked, “Where’s a buffet?”

“Right over the side laddie!” Dom replied, kicking off his boots and stripping out of his clothes.  The rest of the bears were well on their way to naked as well.  “Fresh fish for lunch!  A bear’s favorite meal!”

As Siku watched, the eight other crew and their captain shifted into their bear forms and jumped over the side.  They were each only gone for a minute before popping to the surface with a mouthful of fish.  Each bear clambered back aboard, dropping their catches into a pile in the middle of the deck before jumping back overboard again.

“Come on lad,” Dom growled in the bear-language. “A polar bear like you is a natural swimmer.  Show these posers what you can do!”

Siku grinned broadly and shed the rest of his clothing, changing into his polar bear form, and jumping over the side.  As he swam through the clear lake waters he saw a school of yellow perch swimming just below him, and using his paws and jaws, managed to scoop up several before surfacing back up to the boat.

After each of the bears had spent fifteen minutes diving and catching fish, they had amassed a hearty-sized pile on the deck.  The bears each shook their fur to partially dry themselves off and then plopped their furry rumps in a circle around their pile and began to feast.

It had been a very long time since Siku had enjoyed a good meal of fish while still in his bear form, and he dug in heartily, enjoying the company of his fellow bears as they relished their raw fish buffet.

Siku ate until he was stuffed, and he contentedly flopped on his side and stretched his big bear body out on the sunny deck in pure happiness.  He didn’t think that the lunch break could get any better, but he was proven wrong as he felt a wet, rough bear tongue lapping at his balls.  He opened his eyes and looked around and discovered that the bears had all paired off and were beginning a round of friendly playtime.  He looked at the bear licking at his bearish manhood, and it was a red-furred grizzly, none other than Dom himself!

Siku shifted around until his face was buried in Dom’s groin as well, and they liked and suckled upon each other’s stiff cocks for a few minutes until Dom whined and shifted into an all-fours position, presenting his round rump to Siku.

Siku wasted no time, and mounted his Captain, penetrating his tight hole with his thick polar bear cock, causing the red grizzly to roar with pleasure.  Siku pumped his hips with a rapid pace, licking at Dom’s furry ear as he did so, and causing the grizzly to growl in the bear-language urging the bigger bear to fuck him harder, faster.

The other bear pairs were finishing their couplings and lounged on the deck, enjoying the show as the visiting bear gave their Captain a proper fucking.  Finally, Siku reached his peak and he bit into Dom’s muscular shoulder hump as he pumped his bear seed into the grizzly’s rump.  Dom himself let out another bellow and sprayed his own seed all over the wooden deck beneath him.

The two bears collapsed to the side, and Siku extracted himself from Dom’s rear, licking at the rapidly healing bite marks on the grizzly’s shoulder hump.

The other bears shifted back into their human forms, and Dom and Siku followed suit, everyone smiling, laughing and in general good spirits.

“That, my boy,” Dom said rolling over to face Siku, “Is how hard-working bears enjoy their lunch break!  We work hard and we play harder!”

Siku gave his Captain a tender kiss before rising and looking for his discarded clothing.

“I admit,” he said to the group, “You all seem to have found the perfect life here.  I’m proud to be a part of it, even temporarily.”

“It doesn’t have to be temporary,” Dom replied, looking up at Siku’s sad eyes.  “You could stay here with us.  This could be your life, every day.”

“The only problem,” Siku said, “Is that at the end of the day, all of you go home to your mate, Cub or Papa.  I have a wealth of friends and playmates, but I am still missing that special bond that a bear has with their mate or cub.  Until I find that special one that the Fates have destined for me, I will never truly be satisfied or completely happy.”

“I understand, boyo,” Dom replied, standing up and looking for his own clothing, “But I’m still happy to have you here for as long as it lasts.”

“And…” Dom continued, “Who knows?  Maybe once you’ve found your Mate, you’ll decide to come and join us here permanently!”

The bears finished dressing and one brought out a hose to clean the combined fish guts and sex stains off the wooden deck.

“All righty, lads!” Dom shouted after things were put back in order. “We still have fifty-six totes to fill!  Let’s see if we can do that in just two more net hauls, and then we can call it an early day!”

The bears cheered, and Dom went back to the bridge to steer their boat toward the next marker buoy.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

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Siku's become an attraction. My only concern is the "lunch break." I'm certain they're in a secluded place, but I'd hate to see another Adam/Axel romp session go public. Seeing a polar bear in Sturgeon Bay is a little suspicious. 

Brilliant work, Grumpy!

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Damn siku is living my dream in sturgeon bay 😂 i think dom is catching feelings for Mr. big/white/and hairy

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Posted (edited)

Great wake up call in the morning.  I wasn't sure breakfast was enough for Siku, but lunch more than made up for it.  Siku could really fit in Sturgeon Bay, but his mate is his first priority.  He's a quick study, so I don't think he will be in Sturgeon Bay for an extended time.  It will be a bittersweet moment when he heads out and leaves his friends to seek his mate.  I had a very enjoyable time reading this chapter.

Edited by raven1
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