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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 4,480 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Worlds Apart - 16. The Party

Warning: this chapter contains scenes of non-consensual gang rape. Reader discretion advised.

There was an insistent pounding at the door, and Siku looked over at Shivay as they lounged on the couch in the den. They had spent a relaxing day off together, most of it down in the cove, nude, swimming in the chilly waters and sunning themselves on the sand.

They ran down the stairs quickly to the door as the pounding continued and opened it to find Colt standing on their stoop with a grin on his bearded face, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a loose pullover hoodie.

“You two ready to party?” he said as he let himself in.

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” Siku replied. “Let me go over the layout of the house with you before the others get here. You only saw the living room, master bedroom and kitchen when you were here before.

“First floor… living room, kitchen, dining room, foyer. Through here is Shivay’s home office and we’re keeping that closed and locked during the party, because he has proprietary work for his company on his computer. No fucking on the dining table, please.

“Second floor has four bedrooms including the master if bears want more intimate play spaces, and the third floor is a big den and media room with a TV and stereo. Might be a good place for a larger group to gather.

“The basement is down these steps between the kitchen and dining room.”

Siku went down the stairs now, followed by Colt and Shivay.

“Down here we have the game room with couches, pool table and poker table. There’s a stereo system down here as well, and these doors open up onto the back terrace and the stairs that wind down the side of the cliff to a waterfront cove.”

“That’s where we spent most of the day off today,” Shivay added with a grin.

“There’s yet another bedroom down here off the game room,” Siku continued, “And over on this side is the wine cellar and tasting room. I’d really like it if the bears could stay out of the wine. The fridge is filled with enough beer to keep everyone pleasantly buzzed.”

“Fuckin’ awesome, Ice Bear,” Colt replied. “The gang is going to love this.”

They returned to the main floor and Siku got Colt a beer as they waited for more bears to arrive.

It wasn’t long before there was a steady knocking at the door, as bears came in singles and pairs. They fit as many in the driveway as they could before having guests park on the street. Shivay had parked his car down the street to save a space in the driveway and to keep his car available in case he needed to go on a beer run before the party was over.

The bears mingled in a friendly manner and were especially interested in talking to Siku and Shivay. There were about twenty local bears at the party, and none had ever met either a polar werebear before or a weretiger, so there was a lot of natural fascination and questions as introductions were made and the crowd got comfortable.

Charlie leapt back and forth between Siku and Shivay’s shoulders, keeping the pair herded closely together as a variety of strangers stood close to shake hands and scent each other. The orange cat was tolerant of most of the additional bears with the exception of Colt, who she stared at with narrowed eyes and gave him a hiss if he got too close to Siku.

Shivay played host to the bears and made sure each had a beer, taking time to get himself a rum cocktail whenever his can ran dry.

The couple and Charlie were in the den on the third floor chatting with a group of four bears as several more mingled on the outdoor terraces.

“Siku, you say you’re a fisherman?” asked a handsome grizzly bear, who stood 6’2” and had a reddish-brown beard and thick pelt of fur on his chest. “That’s quite interesting. I don’t know why none of the bears around here haven’t thought of that as a career choice. That seems like a very natural job for a bear. You must enjoy it very much.”

“Yes, I do,” Siku replied. “I have to get up quite early, but I love being out on the sea, and I only have to work four days a week. My captain is quite superstitious, and he feels that it’s bad luck to sail or fish on a Friday.”

“So, you actually get a three-day weekend every week,” the bear commented. “I may talk to you later about possible job opportunities.”

“Well,” Siku said, “What do you do now?”

“Oh,” the bear said, looking downward. “I mostly… work for Colt.”

“Colt?” Siku said, “But I thought Colt was a…”

“A prostitute,” the bear replied. “Yes. Most of us here work for Colt in one way or another. He sort of controls the bear community in the city and he presses us into servicing his broad client base. A lot of us have part-time day jobs, doing construction here and there when we can find it, but our main source of income is Colt, and… doing as we’re told.”

“It doesn’t sound like you are very happy,” Shivay replied, touching the bear’s forearm with his hand.

The bear shrugged.

“We get by. It’s a long, long life as a werebear. You can’t expect every moment of it to be a dream come true. If we can use our natural attractiveness to the human men here to help us survive, we will do what we must.”

At that moment, Colt came inside from one of the terraces and walked over to their little group.

“Hey Shivay,” he said. “A few of us were thinking of getting a game of pool and maybe poker going down in the basement game room. Can you come down and help us find the balls and cues and decks of cards?”

“Oh, I can help you with that,” Siku said.

“No, no!” Colt replied. “You look like you’re in the middle of a pretty intense conversation with Hank here. Shivay can show us around the game room, right Tiger King?”

“Sure,” Shivay said, “I’d be happy to help.”

“Charlie,” Siku whispered to the cat, and she jumped over to perch on Shivay’s shoulder before he left the room to lead Colt to the basement.

Colt chuckled and reached out to the orange cat with his index finger, only to have Charlie take a vicious swipe at his hand with her claws extended.

“Feisty,” Colt commented with a grin, and then Shivay started down the stairs with Colt and a dozen other bears following behind.

“You don’t have to let Colt call all the shots, you know,” Siku said, turning back to Hank, “I have influential friends who could help you start up your own construction company…”

“Siku,” Hank said, glancing around nervously at the other bears in their little group, “Let’s not talk business tonight. Tonight, is for friendly werebear playtime, right?”

Siku smiled.

“Right you are,” he said, and he leaned forward to give the grizzly a deep kiss.

Hank, Siku and three other bears began to unbutton their shirts, and once Siku had tossed his to the floor, he found bodies pressed against him from all sides and four sets of hands rubbing at his white chest and belly hair. He felt mouths all over his body, kissing, licking, and sucking his nipples. A pair of hands untied the loose linen pants from around his waist, and they dropped to the floor, exposing his massive erection, which was immediately grabbed by a calloused paw and stroked to full hardness.

Two bears dropped to their knees, and they shared Siku’s cock, alternating between sucking the bear’s thick length down their throat and lapping gently at his pendulous balls. Another bear worked his nipples, while the fourth kissed him deeply, forcing his wiggling tongue into the polar bear’s mouth.

Siku was overcome with the sensations and attention from the new group of bears, and when one who had been on his knees sucking his cock laid back onto the couch and raised his legs, Siku was quick to accept the invitation and mounted him, pressing his thick cock into the bear’s tight hole.

As Siku fucked the bear, another positioned himself in front of Siku’s face and tapped his cock against his lips. Siku opened his mouth, and the bear grabbed the sides of his head and began to face-fuck him slowly. As he continued pumping the bear on the couch, Siku next felt a tongue licking hungrily at his tail hole and before he registered the action, the bear stood and pressed his hard cock into Siku’s ass.

Siku realized that he was now having sex with three bears simultaneously, and was surprised when the fourth, Hank, pressed his own hard cock into his mouth, stretching his lips and jaw around two hard and thick bear poles.

Hank stood passionately kissing the bear who was sharing Siku’s mouth with him as their cocks rubbed against one another and they pumped their hips in and out of the polar bear’s throat. The bear in his ass increased his pace and gripped Siku’s shoulders tightly and he used his hole intensely. The bear that Siku was fucking reached between their bellies and stroked his own cock, moaning and panting as he was filled and stretched by Siku’s thick length with each thrust.

Siku was lost in the intense sensations. He had been involved in group scenes with other bears in Atikokan and Sturgeon Bay many times, but this was different. He was not accustomed to the overload of stimulation as he coupled with four bears at once. Their play may have only lasted a few minutes, or it could have gone on for an hour; all sense of time was meaningless.

After an eternity of ecstasy, the bear laying on the couch with Siku’s cock pummeling his hole cried out and his orgasm erupted from within his frantically pumping fist, coating his and Siku’s bellies with slick semen. Siku moaned around the two cocks stretching his mouth and throat and he shot his own load into the bear’s ass, slamming his hips against the bear roughly with each contraction of his muscles.

“Fuck yeah,” the bear fucking Siku said, and he pulled himself out, grabbing his cock and spraying his load, coating Siku’s hairy back.

The two bears thrusting into Siku’s mouth held each other tightly, kissing deeply as their bodies tensed, and Siku’s mouth and throat were flooded with their hot cream.

One-by-one, the bears fell away from the pile of fur and skin and collapsed into the chairs around the den. After the other three bears had released Siku, he extracted himself carefully from the bear beneath him and kissed him tenderly before rolling over and flopping into a seat on the couch.

“My God,” Hank said, looking over at Siku, “Colt wasn’t kidding when he told us what a phenomenal fuck you were. That was well worth the price of admission, and we haven’t even gotten a taste of the tiger yet!”

“Price of admission?” Siku asked with a chuckle, still panting and catching his breath. “Is that a euphemism?”

“Euphemism?” Hank repeated with a confused look on his face, “No. None of us have ever been with either a polar bear or a tiger before, and Colt promised us an amazing time. We each paid him $200 to be here tonight. Isn’t he sharing that money with you and your tiger boyfriend?”

“$200?” Siku yelled, “I thought this was just a friendly get-together of werebears. I don’t charge for sex like a common whore!”

“Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, mister high-and-mighty,” Hank snapped back, “But you’re in Colt’s town now, and if he wants to pimp you out, he always gets what he wants. Just relax and go with it, and he’ll probably share some of the profits with you. There are worse jobs, and bears have to do what we can.”

“Fuck!” Siku shouted, “Where’s Shivay?”

At that moment, Siku remembered Colt asking Shivay to help him in the basement and his heart dropped. He pulled his pants back on and ran down the stairs in a panic.


Shivay led Colt down to the basement. A veritable parade of bears followed them and when they got to the game room, they spread out and looked at the space with appreciation.

“This house is fuckin’ cool man,” Colt said to Shivay. “You’re so lucky Siku took a shine to you. I tried to fuck my way into his good graces, but he barely gave me a second glance after getting me out the door the next morning.”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Shivay said, opening the cabinet in the wall where the pool balls and cues were stored. “Siku and I appear to be Mates, destined to find one another. I believe that it was more Fate than coincidence that put us together the first time last weekend.”

He went over to the poker table and opened a couple drawers underneath, pulling out a couple decks of cards and a carousel of poker chips.

“I think that should be everything you guys need,” Shivay said, “Let me know if I can get anyone else a drink, or…”

A bear had walked up behind Shivay as he was speaking, and now wrapped his arms around his torso, kissing him on the neck, on the side opposite where Charlie sat.

“Oh!” Shivay said, shuddering a bit at the kisses on his neck. “Is it werebear playtime already?”

“That it is, kitty cat,” the bear whispered in his ear. Charlie hissed at the bear from her perch on Shivay’s opposite shoulder.

“Charlie!” Shivay said, “Be nice! The bears just want to have some friendly bonding play with me. I’m not cheating on Siku!”

Charlie leapt from Shivay’s shoulder onto a chair but continued to glare at the bear holding him from behind with narrowed eyes.

The bear pulled Shivay’s shirt over his head while another bear walked over and untied the tiger’s pants pulling them down and off his legs.

“Hey, guys,” Shivay replied, “Now that I’m naked, maybe you guys can get more comfortable too?”

“Quiet kitty,” the bear behind him growled and pushed him over to the pool table.

“What… what’s going on?” Shivay said.

“What’s going on,” Colt replied as the bears converged on Shivay, grabbing his wrists and laying him on his back on the pool table, “Is that we’re going to fuck that pretty, round tiger ass of yours until we’ve had our fill, and then, just for fun, we’re going to fuck it some more.”

“Where’s Siku?” Shivay yelled. “Siku! Get down here! Please! Help me!”

Charlie screeched and leapt from her chair toward the pool table with her claws bared, ready to fight and make Shivay’s attackers bleed, but Colt snatched her from mid-air by the scruff of her neck and held her aloft at arm’s length as she hissed and howled thrashing futilely with her claws.

“Sorry, pussy,” Colt told the cat, “This is time for man-play. No girls allowed.”

He walked across the room and opened the door to a storage closet. He tossed the cat inside and quickly shut the door before she could escape. Charlie wailed and scratched at the door from the inside, but there was no escape and no way to help her tiger or alert her bear about the trouble.

Colt walked back over to the pool table and looked at the nude tiger who was held down by four bears, one at each wrist and ankle.

“Tell me kitty,” Colt said, “Has your man fucked you in his full bear form?”

“Y-yes,” Shivay said, trembling, “But I was in my tiger form at the time, or else his size would have been too great for me to handle.”

“You underestimate your abilities, kitty,” Colt replied. “I’m sure you can take on all of us in our bear forms.”

“Shane!” Colt yelled to one of the bears who was watching the scene with his pants open, stoking himself. “Quit beating off for a minute and tie that extension cord around the cat’s neck. Not tight enough to cut off all his air, but enough that he won’t be able to shift without strangling himself.”

Shivay felt the cord being wrapped tightly around his neck and he yelled for Siku, but his bear was too far away to hear his cries. He shifted his hands into claws and tried to lash out, but the bear on each of his limbs held on tightly, preventing him from fighting back.

“Shout all you want, kitty,” Colt said with a grin. “He can’t hear you. These bears have all paid a lot of money for the chance to fuck a tiger, and we’re going to make sure they get their money’s worth.”

“Hold him tight, boys,” Colt said, “He’s not going to like this…”

Colt shifted into his grizzly bear form and he partially climbed onto the pool table until he was leaning over the prone tiger. The bears holding Shivay’s legs spread them apart and the grizzly mounted him, shoving his giant bear cock into the tiger’s dry hole without any preparation or lube.

Shivay cried out in pain and the bear growled out laughter as he humped the tiger aggressively. He didn’t last long before his bear let out a loud roar and pounded his seed roughly into Shivay’s abused hole.

Colt pulled his dripping cock out of Shivay’s rear and shifted back to his human form smiling and panting.

“Fucking perfect. All yours boys!”

One-by-one each of the men in the basement shifted into their bear forms and mounted the abused tiger pummeling his bleeding and dripping hole without mercy, taking shifts holding his hands and wrists until each had their turn.

When they were finished with him, the bears released his arms and legs, and Shivay curled into a fetal position on the pool table, crying and clutching at the extension cord wrapped around his neck.

“Shivay!” Siku’s voice could be heard coming down the stairs. “Shivay are you okay? Answer me!”

Siku descended the last flight of stairs, and saw a dozen bears sitting around the game room grinning and sipping beers while his beloved tiger was curled into a ball on the pool table, crying as a mixture of blood and semen leaked from his ass onto the green felt.

“You assholes!” Siku raged. “What have you done to him? What kind of bears are you?”

“You’re in my town now, Siku,” Colt said, still grinning. “You knew what was going to happen, but you let me in anyway. If you don’t like it, that’s on you.”

Siku tried to help Shivay to sit up, but the tiger lashed out at him with his claws, flaying open the flesh on his arms and chest. Siku stepped back in shock and saw Shivay pulling the last coil of extension cord from his neck and staring back at him with hatred in his eyes.

“You told me that this would be fun and casual getting-to-know-you playtime, and that no one would force me to do anything I didn’t want to do!” Shivay shouted at him with anger.

“You assured me that I would not be hurt and that this is natural and normal werebear bonding! I trusted you with my life, and you allowed your friends to gang rape me and choke me so that I couldn’t shift and defend myself.

“What’s worse, is that you charged them money to let them do it! I thought you loved me as your Mate and instead you were just grooming me to be your prostitute!”

“Shivay, no!” Siku exclaimed, “I didn’t know! It was Colt…!”

“Silence!” Shivay shouted with a tiger’s growl rising in his voice. “I never want to see you or any other deceptive and immoral bears ever again!”

He grabbed his clothing from the floor and ran upstairs.

“Colt!” Siku shouted, turning on the bear sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and smirking. “What the fuck is wrong with you? This is not how bears behave! We are the protectors of the world; we do not dominate and rape those against their will!”

“This is my city, bitch,” Colt replied with a cold and steady voice. “The bears in my city will do as I see fit and behave in whatever manner I wish. If you have a problem with that, you can fuck off back to Canada and hang out with your goody-goody friends again.”

Siku shifted into his bear form and descended on Colt before the other bear could react or even blink. He roared and slashed at the vile man with his claws, battering him back and forth until he was nothing but a mass of bleeding wounds from head to toe.

Siku shifted back to his human form and pointed to Colt with his bloody hands as he shouted to the other bears in the basement.

“OUT!” he shouted to them all, “Get the fuck out of my house, and take that pile of shit with you!”

The bears scrambled, four of them grabbing Colt’s bleeding form by his arms and legs and running up the stairs. When they had all fled through the foyer and main door, Siku stomped up the stairs rousting the remaining bears from their trysts in the bedrooms and den and screaming at them to get the fuck out.

When all the party-goers had fled, Siku pulled a pair of pants on, since the ones he’d been wearing earlier had shredded to pieces when he shifted, and he walked outside looking down the street. He hoped that Shivay’s car would still be parked in the spot where he’d left it earlier, and that there was time to stop him from leaving, but it was too late.

His tiger, his love, his mate, had fled.

Siku went back into his house, crying. He walked to the kitchen and washed Colt’s blood off his hands. He was fairly certain that he had not delivered a killing blow to the evil and deceptive bear, and in a way, he was glad that he had not crossed that line and committed murder, but he hoped that Colt would suffer greatly and that his wounds would heal slowly.

He stood in the silence of the kitchen and heard a faint scratching coming from the basement. He walked back down the stairs and followed the scratching sound to a storage closet. He opened the door, and Charlie ran out, looking around the room in a panic.

“Meow!” Charlie said, looking at Siku.

“We fucked up buddy,” Siku replied. “The bears attacked and raped Shivay, and we weren’t there to save him. Our tiger is gone.”

“Mrooowr!” Charlie wailed, and she leapt to Siku, climbing to his shoulder. She rubbed her face against his as the great bear stood in the basement crying.

“I had a lifetime of happiness right in my paws,” Siku told her, “And now it’s gone. I don’t even know where his family home is to follow him and get him back. I wish I’d never even left Atikokan in the first place. I’d still be alone, but at least I would not have to feel what it’s like to have loved and lost.”

“Meow,” Charlie replied sadly, and together they walked up the stairs to the bedroom, to sleep in their lonely bed.


It was after midnight when Shivay pulled into the driveway of his family home in San Jose. The lights were off, and the door was locked. He tried his key but found that it no longer worked. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The porch light came on and the door was flung open. His mother stood there, staring at him, with his father standing a few feet behind her looking over her shoulder.

She leaned forward and scented her son, a look of disgust coming over her face.

“You do not need to say anything,” she said. “Your stink tells the whole story. Your bear obviously loves you so much that he thought it would be fun for dozens of his friends to have their way with you. I told you that bears were filthy creatures and were depraved homosexuals, but it seems that it was necessary for you to learn that lesson for yourself.”

Shivay looked down at his feet and cried.

“Before I let you inside,” his mother said, sternly. “Are you ready to give up your immoral, homosexual lifestyle and rejoin your family?”

“Yes, mother,” Shivay replied, still staring at the ground.

“And are you going to marry the bride that I have carefully arranged for you and provide her with a happy life, giving me many grand-cubs?”

“Yes, mother,” Shivay said again, tears dripping from his face.

“Then enter, my son,” she said. “Go to your bathroom and wash the stink of the bears off of you. Wash those bad memories right down the drain and forget them forever. We will speak of this no more.

“I knew that you would be back. Thursday of this week is American Thanksgiving, and I already took the liberty of inviting your bride and her parents to our house for dinner. It is time for you to marry. The sooner the better. By Christmas you and your wife will be married, and your life will be set in stone. Now, go and clean yourself!”

Shivay walked into the house and to the bathroom so that he could shower the scent of dozens of bears from his body.

“I don’t understand,” Nameer said, “I met that werebear, and he truly loved our son.”

“You don’t understand because your mind is just as perverted and twisted as the bear’s!” she replied. “There is nothing good that can come from that lifestyle, only degrading filth and debauchery! My son has had a taste of what it really means to live like that and has rejected it, just as I knew he would.”

Nameer shook his head as his wife pushed past him to go back to their bedroom.

She stopped and turned, looking back at her husband from the hallway.

“Come along,” she said coldly, “I desire to mated tonight, and you have obligations to fulfill.”

“Yes, my lotus,” Nameer replied, and he followed his wife down the hall with a feeling of sadness for Shivay and Siku. He knew that this outcome was not the one destined for either of them, and he would pray that the Fates would intervene to put things right again.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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9 hours ago, centexhairysub said:

Sorry, this story may have completely lost me...  So completely disappointed.

Stay with it @centexhairysub- I'm sure @Grumpy Bearwon't let Siku & Shivay be parted for long. Charlie & Nameer will have to help sort it out.

I'm sure Shivay's mother is somewhere behind Colt pulling the strings to get her wayward son back under her control - she may have won temporarily but I'm certain that Siku & Shivay will be back together soon.

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On 10/24/2021 at 5:50 PM, Grumpy Bear said:

I will try to see if I can knock out another chapter or two in my hotel room at night!  I'm going to be spending most of the time at the University of Miami Medical Center training on radiology IT systems for my upcoming project work.

Miami is a short drive from where I live, but being a business trip, it will require a 3-night hotel stay, which is kind of a bonus.

Hey @Grumpy Bear - hope your work visit to Miami is going well.

I'm sure we're all wondering if you've had a spare "5" (actual number will be in excess of this I'm sure) minutes or so to get on with the next chapter? I know work comes first so no problem if you haven't been able to yet.

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I am disappointed in Siku”s behavior.  First he should not have expected Shivay to partake in “playtime” so soon after meeting and especially with unknown bears. Second he should have run downstairs the second he discovered all the bears were prostitutes and had paid a fee to be there.

I’m also disappointed that this story is unfinished. I didn’t realize it was on hold until just now and it looks like there are no immediate plans to finish. I do not like reading incomplete stories for the very reason 🤨

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I hope you're okay Grumpybear.

I've been enjoying your stories & hope  you will be able to finish this one.

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13 minutes ago, Grumpy Bear said:

Hey all,

After a long, LONG hiatus, I'm back.  Long story short, it was a combination of...

Starting a new job which required all of my attention and energy for several months.  I love the new company for which I'm managing project work, and I've had to do a crash-course in learning the Radiology field in order to stay up to speed with the work that I've been doing.  It has been a pretty intense half of a year.

Also, when I left I did fully intend to finish the Worlds Apart story and continue the Werebears in America series, but was dismayed at the sudden flood of negative feedback I received at the cliffhanger point where I left the story.  I know that it was a pretty dramatic, graphic and dark twist on the tale, having our hero unwittingly host a party where the attendees were bears who have lost their way, and had paid for the opportunity to rape his weretiger love and potential mate.  I had to put the relationship in jeopardy, and it took a major, horrific physical attack to sever the bond between the main characters, temporarily or permanent.  However, upon finishing my training week, and seeing the outrage over the state of the story, it made me extremely sad, and I just couldn't bear to pick it back up for a long time.

I just got back from a family reunion, and was talking to several family members about the writing that I had done last year.  Out of interest, I got back onto the site anonymously, and re-read all four of my first stories, start-to-finish.  Today, I logged back into the site for the first time in many months, and realized that people did miss me and my stories, and it has given me hope that finishing the incomplete story might be worthwhile after all.

Give me a week or two to pick up the writing where I left off, and I'll see if I can't raise our beloved werebear and wolf-lycan crew from the dead!


-Grumpy 💙

Great to see you back Grumpy and I look forward to the rest of the story 😀 

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