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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 3,565 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Worlds Apart - 9. The Midnight Handyman

Siku unlocked the door and let Colt in. As soon as they were both in the foyer, Charlie jumped down from his shoulder and ran up the stairs.

“She’s in a hurry,” Colt observed.

“She wants dibs on the big bed in the master bedroom,” Siku replied.

Colt walked into the formal living room.

“Fuck, dude,” he said, “This place is huge.”

Siku followed him into the living room and grinned.

“Well, I just moved in this afternoon. I still haven’t quite gotten used to the size of it.”

Colt turned toward him, rubbing his crotch.

“Do you think you can get used to the size of this?”

“I can take all you’ve got and more, brother,” Siku said, stepping forward and kissing the Kodiak. Colt seemed thrown off a bit that Siku went for a kiss first instead of his cock, but he warmed to it and returned the kiss with passion. He unbuttoned Siku’s shirt and then his belt, popping the buttons on his jeans and freeing the polar bear’s thick cock.

“Huh,” Colt replied after he had Siku’s manhood in his hand, “I guess I used to be the biggest bear in town…”

He sank to his knees and engulfed Siku to the root, massaging the bear’s meat with his throat muscles.

“Odin’s balls!” Siku exclaimed. “I think you’ve done this before!”

Colt pulled off Siku’s cock and stroked it with his hand as he looked up at the bear with a grin.

“Yeah, you could say that I know my way around a big cock. Let’s get you out of those pants.”

Siku kicked off his boots and socks and stepped out of his pants as Colt continued to kneel in front of him, stroking his cock. Once he was completely undressed, Colt went back down on him, sucking his cock with an expert touch, bringing Siku close to the edge, and then cooling him back down to prolong the event.

“Hey brother,” Colt said next, looking up at Siku again and standing up. “That’s quite a view you’ve got there. Go on over and take a look out that window while I get more comfortable.”

Siku walked naked and stood in front of the wall of glass at the living room’s bay window, admiring the illuminated Golden Gate Bridge in the distance across the dark water. Suddenly, a nude Colt was behind him, grabbing him around the torso and leaning him forward, causing Siku to brace his hands against the glass.

Colt dropped to his knees again and pressed his tongue into Siku’s puckered hole, causing the bear to moan.

“Colt…” Siku mumbled, “I… fuck yes. Eat my ass.”

Colt did as he was told and munched on the bear’s hairy hole until it was dripping wet with his saliva, then he stood and lined up his cock.

“Brace yourself, brother,” Colt said, and shoved his massive member into Siku’s tail hole with one thrust.

“Ah, fuck!” Siku cried, “Dammit, you’re a big fucker!”

Colt didn’t reply but began a fast jackhammer pace, pounding into Siku’s ass as the polar bear leaned nude against the glass of the bay window. Siku briefly thought that anyone out on the water just then would be able to look up and see him getting plowed, but at that moment he didn’t really care. Colt pounded him hard and fast and before long Siku reached his climax, spraying his first volley of semen all over the window.

“Fuck yeah,” Colt grunted as Siku’s ass muscles suddenly gripped his cock, and he grabbed the bear by the throat and squeezed as he pushed forward with one final thrust and emptied his balls into the bear’s ass.

Colt was panting heavily, and he leaned against Siku’s torso as his climax faded and he regained his senses. He realized that he was still holding the big bear tightly by the throat. He let go quickly and Siku inhaled a big, ragged breath.

“Sorry brother,” Colt said as Siku gasped for air. “I lost control a bit there. Are you okay?”

“Fine, fine,” Siku replied, in a scratchy voice. “Never been choked in the middle of an orgasm before. That was… intense.”

Colt chuckled.

“I have a feeling there’s a lot of things they didn’t teach you up there in Canada. I have so many things to show you.”

“Maybe we can take the next round up to the bedroom,” Siku replied.

“It’s your house,” Colt said, “We can do it wherever you want.”

Siku walked naked back into the foyer followed by Colt and walked up the stairs to the master bedroom.

“Fu-uck, man!” Colt said. “This is even better than the living room.”

Charlie was curled in a ball in the middle of the bed, and she lifted her head to look at the two naked bears as they entered the room. Colt jumped on the bed and landed next to the cat, causing her to bounce into the air and hiss at him.

“Hey!” Siku said, picking up Charlie and scratching the top of her head. “Take it easy on the cat.”

Colt gave Siku a sheepish grin and reached his hand out to Charlie.

“Sorry, little pussy,” he said, “But I’m going to need this bed to fuck your Daddy some more tonight.”

Charlie hissed again and swiped at Colt’s outstretched hand.

“Charlie!” Siku scolded. “Be nice! You two need to get along!”

The cat had drawn blood on the back of the Kodiak’s hand but the wound was already healing before more than a drop escaped.

Siku set the cat on a comfy chair in the bedroom by the window and laid down on the bed next to Colt. He took the bear’s hand and licked at the scratch until it vanished.

“There,” Siku said, “All better.”

“Hmm.” Colt replied, glancing over at Charlie who was still staring at him with wide green eyes.

Colt grinned to himself, and roughly rolled the polar bear over onto his stomach before jumping onto his back and plunging his cock back into the bear’s used hole.

“Ugh,” Siku grunted in surprise, “Okay, I guess it’s time for round two.”

Colt pumped Siku’s ass mercilessly and held him down by the shoulders. The polar bear let out muffled grunts that were not entirely the sounds of pleasure.

“Hey Colt,” Siku said, “Slow down a bit, okay? It’s an ass, not a punching bag.”

Colt responded by pressing Siku’s face into the mattress with one hand and holding it down forcefully to muffle any further protests. He looked up at Charlie, and the cat was now staring with narrow eyes, hissing at the Kodiak when he looked at her.

He grinned back at the cat and stuck out his tongue as he continued fucking her soulmate’s ass without mercy. Finally, he tipped his head back and let out a yell as he emptied another load into Siku’s guts.

He flopped down heavily on Siku’s back and released the bear’s head. Siku turned his face to the side, panting for breath once again.

“Okay,” Siku said, “We’re going to have to lay down some ground rules. First rule, stop trying to asphyxiate the polar bear every time you fuck his ass!”

“Oh shit!” Colt replied rolling off him, “I’m sorry brother, I guess I’m just used to the bears around here. We like it pretty rough.”

“All forgiven,” Siku said, “As long as you don’t do that one thing anymore.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty beat,” Colt said. “Is it okay if I stay the night?”

“Sure, brother,” Siku said rolling onto his side, “You can be the big spoon.”

“Naturally,” Colt said as he snuggled up against Siku’s back, wrapping his muscular arm around the bear.

After the pair drifted off to sleep, Charlie leapt back up onto the bed, curling into a ball against Siku’s chest. Siku automatically wrapped his arm around the orange ball of fur and the three slept soundly together until dawn.


Siku woke to morning sunlight filling the master bedroom. He was alone in the bed, but the spot to one side where Colt had slept was still warm, and a little round spot where Charlie had slept on the other side was warm as well.

He swung his legs out of the bed and stood up, feeling a sharp twinge of pain in his ass and another ache deeper inside. He hadn’t been fucked as hard or aggressively as Colt had given it to him in a long time, and the Kodiak must have broken something loose in his internal organs. It should heal quick enough, but he would keep that in mind the next time Colt suggested any playtime and he would try to take control of the situation a little better rather than just being the big bear’s sperm receptacle.

He wandered nude through the master suite, but found neither Colt nor Charlie, so he went downstairs to the main floor. He heard rustling and banging in the kitchen and followed the noise.

Colt was rummaging through the kitchen cupboards wearing only his jockstrap from the night before. Charlie sat on the counter staring at him suspiciously.

Colt saw Siku as soon as he walked in.

“Dude, you have no food in this house!” he complained. “A bear could starve to death!”

“I just moved in yesterday afternoon,” Siku told him again, “I haven’t had time to do any shopping, or even find a nearby grocery store yet.”

Colt continued to rummage through the cupboards.

“Bingo!” he exclaimed, pulling out a box of coffee pods that were left from the previous occupants. “Coffee!”

“Oh, if you wanted coffee, I have that,” Siku replied reaching into a lower cupboard and pulling out a can of ground coffee and his camping percolator.

“Uh, thanks,” Colt said, confused at the thing Siku was holding, “But I’ve got it.”

He stepped over to the Keurig on the counter and added water to the tank from the sink. He powered it on and slammed one of the pods into the machine, punching a couple buttons. He pulled a mug out of the cupboard over the coffeemaker and set it underneath the contraption.

“What the hell is that thing?” Siku asked, still holding the percolator and can of coffee in his hands.

“Um, it’s your coffeemaker, genius,” Colt replied shaking his head. A few seconds later coffee began to pour from underneath the machine directly into the coffee cup.

Siku sat his percolator and coffee down as Colt picked up his mug and took a sip. Colt ejected the used pod from the machine and tossed it into the trash can.

“So, one of those little plastic cups makes one cup of coffee?” Siku asked. “Convenient, but it seems like a lot of extra waste.”

“Welcome to America, my Canuck friend,” Colt replied. “You know, this house is really something. You should throw a party and I can invite over some of the other bears that I know. We can have some beers and some more getting-to-know-you werebear bonding sex. How about it?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Siku replied, “But give me a little more time to get settled first. “I need to go shopping and get used to the neighborhood a bit before I disrupt things with a party.”

“What do you do, anyway?” Colt asked. “If you can afford a place like this, you must be a big shot with some company, but you kind of act like a bumpkin fresh of the farm or something.”

Siku bristled a bit at the bear’s words but kept his cool. He took another one of the coffee pods and put it into the Keurig, starting it up the way he saw Colt do it a minute earlier, placing his own mug underneath the machine.

“I’m a commercial fisherman,” Siku replied. “Polar bears are valued for their fishing skills. I start work with California Coastal Seafood later this month.”

“Fisherman, huh?” Colt said, grinning slightly as he sipped his coffee. “Riiiight. Every fisherman lives in a fifteen-million-dollar mansion.”

“Well, what do you do?” Siku asked the bear, growing frustrated.

“I told you before,” Colt said, “I have clients all over the city. I do what you would call freelance work. They pay me for… my services.”

“And just what are those services?” Siku asked, becoming slightly angry.

“Hey, chill out Ice Bear,” Colt replied. “I do whatever it is that they need me to do.”

“Like a handyman?” Siku asked, calming himself down a bit.

“Sure,” Colt said finishing the last of his coffee. “You could call it a handyman. I also do massage work and I’m a friend in need to guys who are lonely. It’s good paying work if you ever want to get out of the fishing business, but you’d have to find your own clients.”

Colt set his empty mug down in the sink and picked the rest of this clothes up from where they were folded neatly on a nearby chair, pulling his pants and shirt back on quickly and tying his boots.

“Look bud,” he said, tapping his phone as he talked, “I’ve got your number. Today is Saturday, and I’ve got clients to see. I’ll give you a call in a few days, and then we’ll have the rest of the bears over here to your place next weekend. Cool?”

“Fine,” Siku replied. “I would very much like to meet some of the other bears in this city. Next weekend will give me enough time to get settled.”

“Cool,” Colt said again, and he grabbed Siku behind his head and gave him a long, deep kiss.

“My Uber is here,” Colt said, breaking the kiss and looking at his phone. “Gotta run. I’ll call you!”

The bear trotted through the foyer and out the main door, letting is slam shut behind him.

Charlie continued to sit in her spot on the counter, and she stared at Siku intently.

“I don’t need a lecture from you this morning, missy,” Siku replied, taking his mug of coffee from underneath the machine, and adding some heavy cream from the carton in the refrigerator. “I know that guy isn’t my Mate, so don’t worry about that.”

“He’s kind of an asshole, but that’s the same thing that everyone thought about my friend Axel when they first met him, and now everybody loves him. It’s just the way that Kodiak bears are, I guess.

“And yes, I figured out on my own that he’s a prostitute, I don’t need you to tell me. Look, I’m not going to judge another bear for the way he makes a living. If he’s attractive and the humans want to pay him for sex, then I’m not going to act like his Papa and tell him that what he’s doing is wrong. But I’ll say on my toes if he tries to drag me into his business.

“The thing is, I’ve found the one who is going to be able to introduce me to the rest of the bear community in this city, so if I’m ever going to find my mate in this chaos, I’ll need him around to open some doors. Okay?”

Charlie sat listening to Siku’s explanation with patient eyes. When he finished speaking, she jumped up onto his naked shoulder and purred, bumping her nose lightly against his.

“I knew you would understand,” Siku said. “Let me get a shower and dressed and then the two of us will do some exploring around the neighborhood and maybe find a grocery store so that the next guy I bring home for the night doesn’t think I live like a sad bachelor.”

Charlie meowed in response and jumped to the floor, running ahead of him to the living room where his discarded clothes from the night before were still laying. Siku picked them up and felt something stiff in the shirt pocket. Pulling it out, he saw that it was Shivay’s business card.

Siku rubbed the card between his fingers, smiling. He wondered what the closeted weretiger was doing right then. Maybe he was thinking about Siku as well. He made a note to give him a call later today.


Shivay rose from his bed in his family’s home, hearing the clamor of voices coming from the kitchen and dining rooms. There were four generations living under one roof, and at times, he wished that he could move out and get an apartment of his own, but he knew that the mere suggestion would send his mother into a rage.

Tradition. She worked tirelessly to instill traditional family habits and values into her children and grandchildren. Shivay was the youngest of her children and he would remain in her home, under her careful eye until he was married.

Even Shivay’s sister, Nimerah, who was four years older, was living in the family home. She had already been arranged to marry a young man in Mumbai when she was five years old and Shivay was just a baby. The family moved to the United States to give Shivay a better opportunity at life, but when Nimerah came of age, she was sent back to India to marry. A few years later however, she, her husband, and their three cubs came to live in San Jose with the rest of the family.

Counting his grandparents and Shivay himself, there were ten living under one roof.

He pulled on a pair of linen pants and shirt that his mother approved of to wear around the house and left his bedroom, walking down the hallway to the dining room where the family was already gathered, eating breakfast.

“Good morning,” Shivay said to the family, sitting down at his place.

“It would have been ‘good afternoon’ if you remained in bed any longer,” his mother said, “But then, you were out very late last night. Do you care to tell me what you were doing, and with whom?”

“I simply went with some co-workers into the city for the evening, mother,” Shivay replied. “It was Friday night; you know that the humans enjoy going out after work on Fridays. In order to properly assimilate with my social peers, it is good for me to participate in such activities.”

His mother sniffed at his comments, but handed him a plate of pongal, sambhar, coconut chutney and vadai.

“I would be more pleased if you spent your time after work associating with your proper caste, not your social peers,” she said back to him after he began eating. “Do not forget that the tigers are of the Kshatriya caste, the warriors and kings! It is not appropriate for you to be seen hanging about in taverns or bars with the Sudra, do you understand?”

“Yes, mother.” Shivay replied. “But not all the people that I associate with outside of work are Indian, or… human.”

His mother set down her utensils and stared at her son.

“Have you been cavorting with lycans outside of our species?” his mother asked with venom in her voice. “Was it a wolf? Do you know how hard the tiger clans have worked to keep ourselves hidden from the wolves and their meddling Lycan Council? We specifically chose this area of the United States to settle because it lies within the neutral zone between competing wolf packs. If you are making our presence known to the wolves now, you will be destroying everything that we have worked to build in our community for the last hundred years!”

“Mother!” Shivay said, “Calm yourself! It was not a wolf. I have never seen a wolf in all my life living here in America. I met a werebear. A polar bear in fact.”

“A polar werebear?” his mother mused. “He is very far away from home, then. I suppose that if you must cavort among outsiders, a bear would be an acceptable associate. What does this bear do for a living?”

“He is a commercial fisherman,” Shivay replied, “He just moved to San Francisco and will be working on a fishing boat operating out of Fisherman’s Wharf in the city. He lives in a large house in Sea Cliff.”

“Sea Cliff?” his mother said with surprise, “I had heard that bears were famous for squirreling away money over the course of their long lifetimes, but this one must be exceedingly wealthy.”

Shivay smiled, pleased that he was able to win his mother over so easily. He may even be able to have a close friendship with Siku if he played his cards right.

“I gave the bear my phone number,” Shivay said, trying to sound casual. “If I have time, we may meet up again sometime.”

“Shivay,” his mother said, locking his green eyes with her own. “Bears are famous for other things as well. They are all known to be promiscuous homosexual deviants. Watch your step, or else I will be forced to intervene in this new friendship. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mother,” Shivay replied, hanging his head. “I’m afraid that I’m not very hungry this morning, and I have some errands to run. May I be excused?”

“You may,” his mother replied, and that was the end of the discussion as she picked up her utensils and resumed eating her breakfast.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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I can just see this giant, 7-foot, white-haired guy with an orange cat curled up on his shoulders strolling through the local supermarket.  Somehow, I don’t think even the manager will complain about the cat being in the store!

Maybe Shivay isn’t Sika’s mate, but maybe Sika can rescue him from his overbearing mother and family.  Of course, we are looking at it from an American perspective, as is he since he grew up as an American, basically.  His mother, however, thinks of her behavior as normal, since it is their culture.  Who is right?  

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So Colt likes rough sex, at least he didn't charge Siku. The party should be interesting.

Good insight into Shivay's family, he needs to get out so he can have a happy life.

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So does Colt think he is strictly a top?  I have a feeling that Siku could give him a ride that he might not ever forget...  Still don't think I really like Colt, but as long as Siku understands what he is getting into with him; maybe it will be okay.  

Shivay definitely needs to get a life away from his family/mother...  But having said that; I have knows several men from the upper caste in India and other countries in that area, and that is just how it is.  Often any attempt to break free can honestly turn into physical violence, imagine how much more damage a tiger could do rather than just a regular mother with a spoon...  

Excellent chapter, keep them coming...

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I am with @astone2292 on this.  Shivay and Siku are most likely not going to become mates.  There was friendship and that will develop to be very close.  I hope that Siku can help Shivay get out of the cultural morass of a gay man in that culture.  Both Charlie and Siku have Colt's number correctly and I am glad Siku is very practical about what has happened.  I don't think Colt even sounded good as a just for sex playmate.  As usual, you have given us a lot of information and ideas to think about in this chapter @Grumpy Bear.

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