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    Grumpy Bear
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  • 4,252 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Worlds Apart - 11. The First Date

Siku heard the car pull into the driveway a half minute before hearing the knock at the main door. Charlie ran to the door with excitement and began scratching at it with her claws, but Siku maintained a more casual pace as he walked from the kitchen into the foyer.

“Charlie!” Siku whispered, “Play it cool! Don’t look too eager!”

Charlie composed herself and leapt onto the long table next to the door, casually cleaning her face.

“Good girl,” Siku commented before taking a deep breath and opening the door.

Shivay stood on the stoop smiling, his mustache perfectly combed and curled at the ends, and Siku thought he could detect the beginning of a beard on his chin as well.

“Hello and welcome!” Siku said, showing Shivay inside. Charlie immediately began to purr and jumped down to the floor so that she cold rub herself along the tiger’s legs. Shivay had a bottle in his hands that he held out to Siku now.

“I know that you just moved in and probably did not have a lot of time to stock your home with potent potables,” Shivay said, “Due to my caste I am not permitted to drink beer, wine or whiskey, but strangely enough, rum is a gudasambandha, and I am therefore allowed to drink that in moderation.”

Siku looked at the bottle and saw that it was indeed a fine, aged dark rum and he gave Shivay a hug for the gift.

“Would you like a drink now?” Siku asked.

“That depends,” Shivay replied, “What did you have in mind to do this afternoon before dinner?”

“Well,” Siku said, slightly nervous. “Obviously, I’d enjoy making love with you this afternoon…”

“Obviously,” Shivay replied with a grin.

“But we don’t have to jump into bed immediately,” Siku quickly added. “We could walk down to Baker Beach, or we could go to Lincoln Park and the Legion of Honor Art Museum. We could even stay here at the house and go down the steps to the private cove.”

“Private cove?” Shivay asked with excitement, “Let’s do that. Bring the bottle and two glasses.”

“Follow me,” Siku said, and took Shivay to the stairs leading to the basement. Siku stopped in the wine cellar for glasses and stepped into the extra bedroom to grab a blanket. He walked out onto the terrace and Shivay followed, gasping audibly at the view.

“Impressive, huh?” Siku asked the tiger. “Wait till you see the view from the bedroom!”

Shivay chuckled and swatted at the bear with his hand playfully. Siku led him to the top of the stairs and the pair descended the side of the cliff along the winding, twisting, pink staircase.

Charlie leapt on the railing of the terrace and looked down at the pair, meowing nervously.

“If you’re going to be a big chicken,” Siku called back up to the cat, “You can guard the terrace until we get back, okay? Nobody gets past you without the password!”

“Meow,” Charlie replied, and leapt into a deck chair, curling into a ball but keeping one eye open.

“What’s the password?” Shivay said as they continued their way down the stairs.

“Tuna,” Siku replied. “That’s pretty much the answer to any question.”

When they reached the cove, Shivay leapt over the railing of the final flight of stairs, landing lightly in the soft, wet sand ahead of Siku.

“Oh, this is wonderful!” Shivay exclaimed, shedding his shirt and kicking off his loafers. “We’re completely secluded here!”

He dropped his linen pants and tossed them aside with his shirt, throwing his arms wide, enjoying the feel of the ocean air on his bare skin.

“Well!” Siku exclaimed, spreading out the blanket. “I didn’t expect this sort of reaction to my private beach!”

“I prefer to be nude whenever possible,” Shivay said. “However, living in a house with nine other family members means that I almost never have my way. The opportunity to be outside at the ocean and completely nude is a dream come true!”

Siku chucked and shed his own clothing, picking up Shivay’s and placing them all on the blanket where they would not get wet or dirty.

“Will you come into the water with me, polar bear?” Shivay asked, wading out into the chilly sea.

“I didn’t realize that tigers enjoyed the water,” Siku said following him into the ocean. “I can’t even get Charlie near it.”

“Tigers love the water and are excellent swimmers,” Shivay replied. “I have not had the opportunity to swim nude before. This is wonderful!”

The pair frolicked in the water for some time, staying close to the cove where they remained hidden and being careful of the rip currents. Siku dove down frequently, pulling interesting shells from the bottom, and Shivay swam around him rubbing against his warm body in the water much like Charlie rubbed against his legs on dry land.

After a long enjoyable swim, the pair clambered back out into the sandy cove, flopping down onto the blanket, laughing.

Shivay shivered a bit, and Siku cracked open the bottle of rum, pouring them each a glass. Shivay took his glass and leaned his back against the bear’s hairy chest, sipping his rum and sighing in contentment.

“Having a good time?” Siku asked.

“I don’t remember when I’ve felt so happy,” Shivay replied. “Your house is wonderful, the setting is perfect, and you are very kind. I have had encounters with human men a few times in the past, and they have all been hurried couplings in uncomfortable surroundings. Those men all seemed to be seeking a quick sexual release with an anonymous… receptacle. I enjoyed those brief encounters in their own way, but this is different. This is two men enjoying spending time together comfortably. I didn’t expect this when I came here today.”

“I am a gentleman,” Siku replied, “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t desire you just as much as those other men. I am simply looking for something more than an anonymous receptacle.”

Shivay sat his drink down in the sand and turned to look into Siku’s eyes. Ice-blue met emerald-green and both men could feel the palpable charge of energy between them. Shivay leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly against the bear’s. Siku smiled and leaned down, kissing the tiger a bit harder. Shivay whimpered a bit and wrapped his arms around the bear’s neck pulling him down as he lay back onto the blanket.

Siku held his weight on his arms as he leaned over the tiger, kissing him passionately. Shivay’s rough tongue probed into his mouth, and he met it with his own, entwining them together,

Shivay grasped Siku’s cock with a trembling hand and moaned into the bear’s mouth as they kissed, responding to the heat and sheer size of it.

Siku broke their kiss and looked down at the handsome man laying prone beneath him.

“Do you want to go back upstairs into the house?” he asked.

“No,” Shivay replied breathlessly, “Take me, here and now, my magnificent bear.”

Siku gently rolled the tiger over onto his stomach and then pressed his face between his cheeks, lapping at the tender puckered hole, priming it for penetration. He alternated his wet tongue with a thick digit, probing and stretching Shivay’s hole making him moan and claw at the blanket with pleasure. He continued to tongue and lick at him adding a second and then a third finger to his tail hole until he was sure that the tiger was ready to receive him.

Siku spit into his hand and slicked his cock before rolling Shivay onto his back again and lifting his legs to his chest. He pressed the head of his cock against the tiger’s tight hole until it pushed past the first ring of muscle and his thick length began to slide in.

“Ah, Siku!” Shivay cried.

“Am I too big?” Siku asked with concern, “Do you want me to stop?”

“Don’t you dare stop!” Shivay replied, looking into his blue eyes again, “Give me more! Deeper!”

Siku smiled and pressed forward until his entire length was buried within the tiger, Shivay moaned and scratched at Siku’s back with his nails which were beginning to grow sharp and pointed.

Siku grunted as he slid his cock out to just the tip and then pounded it back in, balls deep with each thrust, Shivay’s legs rubbed against Siku’s hairy chest and before long, the bear noticed that they had become a little furrier than when they had started. He stared down at the man moaning in ecstasy beneath him and he saw that he was more than halfway along in his change from man to tiger. His body had sprouted white fur on his belly, and his sides and arms were coated with orange striped fur. His head was quickly becoming feline, and his face bore the orange striped fur of the tiger as well. Claws raked down’ Siku’s back, and the tiger’s back paws pressed against his chest.

Siku succumbed to the primal beast as well, and he shifted into his polar bear form, growling and pulling out of the fully transformed tiger before turning the feline over onto his belly and mounting him again, holding the cat by the back of the neck with his powerful bear jaws.

The bear humped the tiger fiercely, growling in the bear-language while the tiger himself clawed at the blanket and uttered a string of dirty talk in the tiger-language, neither understanding the other, but at the same time, fully in tune to their partner’s feelings and desires.

Shivay let out a roar and began to ejaculate onto the blanket and his belly as the massive polar bear pressed down on him and stretched his tail hole with his mighty cock. Siku felt the tiger’s climax with his own body, and followed it with his own, thrusting forcefully into Shivay’s ass and filling him with his seed.

As the pair caught their breath, Siku let go of the back of Shivay’s neck, and they both shifted back into their human forms, Siku’s manhood still buried within Shivay’s rear.

“Baap re,” Shivay mumbled in Hindi, “That was incredible. I have never experienced sex as intense and pleasurable as that in my life.”

Siku pulled himself out of Shivay’s hole carefully and turned him over to look at his face.

“That was incredible for me as well,” he replied. “I wasn’t expecting you to shift, but once you did and I followed, it was amazing.”

“How did you know to hold me by the back of my neck with your jaws?” Shivay asked. “When tigers mate, the male always holds the female by her neck as he breeds with her. It helps to stimulate her as they copulate. It would seem to me now that it works in a similar fashion for tops and bottoms in a same-sex coupling.”

“I didn’t know,” Siku said, “I only did what felt natural. I often will bite the shoulder of another bear when I mount them. It’s instinct.”

“We may be different species,” Shivay said, “But our instincts seem to work in tandem extremely well.”

The pair rose from the blanket and waded hand-in-hand out into the ocean again to clean off after their intense lovemaking. They swam again for a bit, clinging to each other in the water, kissing gently before returning to the blanket and finishing their drinks.

“As enjoyable as this is,” Shivay said, “The beast within me will need to be fed soon. Especially after such a vigorous afternoon.”

“Does salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus still sound good?” Siku asked with a smile.

“That sounds wonderful,” Shivay replied. “Let’s begin before I grow hungry enough to eat a bear!”

“Hmm,” Siku said, “That will be your dessert, my kitty!”


Shivay sat on a stool in the kitchen and the two chatted about many things as Siku prepared their dinner. Charlie sat on the counter next to the tiger, and enjoyed a cat massage from their guest, purring nonstop.

As the meal neared completion, Shivay found the good china and silverware in the butler’s pantry and set the table in the dining room for three. Shivay and Siku enjoyed their salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus, and Charlie sat at the table daintily eating raw tuna from a crystal bowl.

Siku had prepared four whole salmon fillets, and Shivay had to grin and let him know that tigers did not have quite as immense appetites as bears. He ate one whole fillet himself, and Siku happily ate the other three.

After dinner, the trio retired to the den on the third floor, cuddling on the couch and turning on the TV but not paying it much attention. Siku entertained Shivay with stories of the adventures and battles he had experienced in recent years, fighting religious fanatic wolf packs, half-human half-bear monsters, and even an ancient Celtic serpent god, although he admitted that in the last battle, he ended up fairly badly wounded, and that the battle was ultimately won by the demigod human descendant of Thor.

“Such excitement and adventure!” Shivay remarked, “But tell me, are you involved with the North American Lycan Council?”

“Not directly,” Siku said, “But the Council isn’t just for wolves anymore. There are bears on the Council too. I know all five of the bear Councilmembers, and they’re good friends of mine.

“In fact,” Siku continued looking down with a little embarrassment, “This house is actually owned by one of those bear Councilmembers, but he has given it to me to live in for as long as I wish.”

“My mother is afraid of the Lycan Council,” Shivay replied. “The tigers chose this area to settle specifically because it lay within a neutral zone between wolf packs. She thinks that if the wolves of the Council knew of the large tiger community in San Jose, that they would try to assert dominance over us and disrupt our way of life.”

“That may have been true a century ago,” Siku said, “But the Lycan Council of today is dedicated to fairness for all lycans living on the continent, regardless of species. The tiger community could actually benefit from becoming involved with the Council.”

“Please,” Shivay said, “Can you keep our secret from your friends for now? Maybe in time we will be ready to reveal ourselves, but for now we would prefer to live in secret and in peace.”

“Okay,” Siku agreed, “I would still like to tell my friends about you, but I can present you as a lone tiger family, not a part of a larger weretiger community. The Lycan Council will not interfere in the lives of a single family.”

“Thank you,” Shivay said. “If the Council were to converge upon us, my mother would know instantly who to blame, since she reminds me daily that I am the only one foolish enough to cavort with outsiders.”

“Cavort?” Siku repeated with amusement, “Is that what we were doing today in the cove? Cavorting like children?”

“No,” Shivay replied, “I’m pretty sure that we were fornicating like men.”

He turned and kissed Siku again, sliding his hand under the bear’s loose shirt and feeling his hard muscle covered in a layer of hair.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Siku said, rubbing Shivay’s back. “Stay with me tonight.”

“I have to be to work tomorrow at eight o’clock,” Shivay replied with a concerned expression. “And I’ll need to go home first to change and get my laptop and work badge.”

“So, you can stay until six tomorrow morning,” Siku explained, “It’s an hour’s drive to San Jose, which will put you at your family’s house at seven. You can shower and get dressed and still be to work at eight.”

“Well,” Shivay said, still feeling Siku’s hairy chest, “Mother did say that she wasn’t going to wait up for me tonight. I suppose that plan will work, but I absolutely must be on my way by six tomorrow morning!”

“I’ll set the alarm.” Siku said, stroking his hair, “I have to go down to Fisherman’s Wharf tomorrow morning at nine anyway to meet with my new Captain, so I won’t be sleeping in either.”

“Okay, so I guess I’m doing this,” Shivay said nervously. “I’m spending the night with a man. In his bed. Like a married couple.”

Siku laughed.

“We’ll be having more sex than a married couple,” Siku joked. “Relax. You’ll be fine, but I have one rule…”

“What is it?” Shivay asked.

“No shifting in the bed!”

Shivay laughed and kissed Siku again.

“Why is this all so easy for you?” he asked. “You speak of having sex with men as if it were as natural as the grass that grows in the field or the rain that falls from the clouds.”

“Because it is that natural,” Siku replied, “Men have been experiencing feelings of lust and love for each other since the dawn of time. Odin knew this. and he made his bears male so that we may enjoy the companionship of one another and find the other male in the world who is our true mate.”

“But Shiva created the tigers male and female,” Shivay said, “So that we could breed and produce cubs.”

“Do you believe that Shiva erred when he created you?” Siku asked, “That your attraction to men… to me… was a cosmic mistake?”

“No,” Shivay replied, “I do not think that is so.”

“Then if you are not a mistake, you must be a part of the natural world,” Siku said, “And what we do together is natural as well.”

“But it makes me less than a man,” Shivay replied.

Siku regarded the smaller man leaning against his chest. He knew what he must do next.

“Stand, Shivay, and follow me,” Siku said.

He took the tiger by the hand and led him from the den downstairs to the bedroom. Charlie had retired some time earlier and now lay in the middle of the king-sized bed. When she saw Siku and Shivay enter the room, she yawned and stretched, jumping down from the bed and moving to the comfy chair by the window where she curled up and went back to sleep.

Siku removed his shirt and pants, dropping them both to the floor before removing Shivay’s shirt and unbuttoning his pants as well. When they both stood face-to-face in the bedroom, nude, Siku wrapped his arms around Shivay and laid down on the bed, pulling the tiger down on top of him. They lay on the bed in this position, just kissing and feeling each other’s bodies with their hands for a long time before Siku rolled Shivay over onto his back and kissed his way down the man’s body.

When he reached the tiger’s hard cock he engulfed it in his mouth, letting his head rise and fall in a relaxed rhythm, bringing Shivay pleasure and ensuring that his manhood was nice and slick.

Shivay’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed the bear’s mouth, but Siku soon sat up and straddled the man hips, guiding his slippery cock to his tight hole.

Shivay looked up and gasped as Siku sat on his stiff member, his length sliding easily into the bear’s tail hole.

He pumped his hips slightly, and Siku began a steady motion raising his hips and sinking back down as he rode the tiger’s manhood.

The bear’s thick, heavy, cock bounced against Shivay’s hard stomach with each motion, and Siku reached down to stroke himself as the tiger’s cock slid in and out of his ass.

“Does this make me less than a man?” Siku asked, looking down at the tiger with his ice-blue eyes. “Do I seem effeminate to you now simply because you are fucking my ass?”

“No,” Shivay whispered, “You are the most amazing man that I have ever met.”

Siku increased his pace, beginning to bounce on the hard cock he was riding, and he reached up with his other hand to rub his hairy chest.

“We are men, and we are making love,” Siku said to the tiger, “Nothing could be more natural or beautiful. Touch me Shivay. Touch me and make love to me. All of me.”

Shivay pushed the bear’s hand on his cock away and began to stroke it himself, feeling the heat and the hardness, and Siku began to thrust into the tiger’s tight fist as he continued to ride his cock. With his other hand, Shivay rubbed his way up Siku’s hard abdominals to his chest and he squeezed and twisted the bear’s nipple between his fingers.

“Oh, fuck,” Siku moaned as he rode the tiger’s cock in a near frenzy now, bouncing up and down on its length. “Yes, my tiger! Fuck your bear! Make me come! I’m close…”

Shivay thrust his hips forcefully upwards into Siku as the bear continued to bounce and soon he felt the muscles contracting around his cock and heard a mighty roar as the bear reached his climax and shot a load all over the his face and chest. The excitement and intensity were too much for Shivay and with a cry and one final upward thrust of his hips, he too, came with a primal force inside of the bear.

Siku leaned forward, panting heavily, and braced himself above Shivay with his hands on either side of the tiger’s head.

“You are not less than a man, and neither am I,” Siku repeated. “We are just as we should be.”

Siku pulled himself off the softening tiger cock, and licked Shivay’s face and chest, cleaning his spilled semen and then kissing the tiger deeply, allowing him to share the taste of his essence.

“Siku,” Shivay whispered, “This has been a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I thank you for all you have done for me today.”

Siku reached up and turned off the lamp over the bed. He lay on his side and pulled Shivay close, spooning against the smaller man’s back.

“I hope that this is not the end of our experience together,” Siku replied after they had settled into the bed. “But instead, the beginning.”

Shivay smiled and held onto the strong, hairy arm wrapped around him protectively. He hoped so as well.

After both men were soundly asleep, Charlie jumped down from her chair by the window and back onto the bed, curling into a ball against the tiger’s chest and going back to sleep herself.


The morning light was still a dull gray as Shivay crept through his family’s home headed to his bedroom to change his clothes and grab his laptop bag. He was usually dressed and heading out the door before anyone else in the house was out of bed, so he should be able to leave again this morning before he was noticed.

As he crept past his mother’s sitting room, the light suddenly came on.

“Mother!” Shivay whispered, “I thought you were not going to wait up,”

“Shivay, come here,” his mother said in a quiet, cool voice, “Come close to me.”

Shivay waked into the room up to her chair, and her hand suddenly reached out, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling his chest to her face. She inhaled deeply and her eyes looked up into his.

“Make sure you shower well before you go to work,” she said, “You stink of your bear’s body and his semen.”

She pushed Shivay away from her and stared at him.

“Is this what you want, my son? To give up everything that we have planned for you your entire life. Your job, your family, your bride?”

“I don’t know, mother,” Shivay replied. “Honestly, I no longer know what I want anymore.”

Her eyes narrowed.

“I think it would be best if you packed a bag with some clothing and left my sight for the next week. I cannot stand to look at you anymore. Go and live with your bear lover… if he will have you.

“If, after a week, you decide to give up your life of family and opportunity for a life as a filthy homosexual, then so be it. But, after a week, if you no longer desire to leave your true path behind or if your bear lover quickly tires of your presence and evicts you from his home, then I will welcome you back, and we will never speak of this again.

“Do you understand me?”

“Yes, mother,” Shivay replied, looking down at the floor.

“Then pack your bag and go,” she said, “Get out of my sight. Now.”

Shivay hurried down to his bedroom and threw a week’s worth of work clothes in a bag, and after a minute he added some fun and casual clothing that he had been keeping hidden from his mother, knowing that she would not approve of them. Maybe he could wear them for Siku and they could go on a real date out in public.

He stopped in the bathroom and added toiletries to his bag before grabbing his laptop case and work badge. He hurried past his mother’s sitting room, not bothering to stop and say goodbye. He wasn’t sure what would happen to him in the next week, but he was sure that his carefully planned life would never be the same now as it was before.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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I won't lie, I am curious about where this will go and clearly you're doing research into Hinduism based on that rum loophole, but these characters feel a bit flat. What about Siku makes him unique from any other horny and hairy fishing bear? Likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams? He wants a mate... and...? I think the issue I'm having is how extra flst the dialogue is, which kinda makes sense considering English is(presumably based on their backstories) neither of their first languages, but without a colorful cast of characters the weak dialogue is really all we have. Most of the characters have been pretty one note, but theres been enough of them to paint a colorful, if simple, picture. I'm hoping for more characterization, development, new characters, some actual plot, SOMETHING. I'm sure you'll pull through, but I always want to give constructive criticism to things I'm invested in and passionate about.

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As a rebellious gay man who does not fit within anyone else's definition of domestic tranquillity I wholeheartedly support Shivay's  newfound invitation to reject without apology all his worthless traditions spouted by his insane and misguided mother and her brainwashed Indian culture and all the crap that goes with it.  There's nothing worse than living life by some social norms when they don't conform to your inner nature!  I've led a fine life rejecting all my society's conventional beliefs from God to oatmeal and will never return to the mistakes of my youth when I allowed them to have influence over me.  You won't miss any of your family members after you've found the courage to live a life free of constraints.  More power to those freethinkers who can stand tall in defiance to social norms.

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Shower. I need a cold shower, pronto!

Siku is wiser than I gave him credit for. His speech to Shivay about not being less than a man was flawless. 

I feel for Shivay. I understand that banishment, even for a temporary period, is a major hit! Me thinks a council member is due to show up, and I don't think they'll send Axel...

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Shit, meet Fan.  It is very obvious from the last two chapters that Shivay's mom knew that he is gay.  However, she is both a bigot and a traditionalist clinging to outdated Hindu fundamentalism. Shivay has only one person to turn to, Siku.  Although I am still doubtful they are mates, the hot sex they experienced and the commonalities they have may convince me otherwise in future chapters.  One thing that I am sure of, is that Siku will be there to support and help his friend Shivay.  I do have some questions. How will Colt react when he meets Shivay?  Are there any other gay tigers in the area? What will happen at Siku's party?  Can Shivay accept what happens at the party?

I am from the West Coast and know of the huge migrations of immigrants from China, Japan and SE Asia to the region.  Are we going to see some of the different bear species such as the Panda, Sun Bear, and Japanese Black Bear?

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