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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 4,150 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Worlds Apart - 20. The Spider and the Fly

Mike walked down Mission Street, looking around nervously. This wasn’t the best neighborhood he’d seen so far in San Francisco, and if he didn’t know that there were 20 werebears watching his back and converging on this location, he’d be worried that he wouldn’t get out of this situation without some poor human thinking that he would be an easy target for a mugging.

He stopped outside of the El Capitan Hotel and took a deep breath. He pulled out his phone and called Gunnar.

“Hey Papa,” Mike said after Gunnar answered. “I’m here, and I’m about to go inside.”

“Put your phone back in your pocket but leave the line to me open,” Gunnar replied, “I’m recording for Lycan Council evidence purposes. We’re converging on your location now, trying not to look like a big suspicious group. I’ll listen in on the beginning of your ‘date’ and we’ll be in to bust it up and catch Colt shortly. See if you can find a way to get him talking about Siku or Shivay so I can get it on tape. If he tries anything funny, we’ll come busting through the door in a minute. Okay?”

“Got it,” Mike said. “Love you, Papa.”

He put the phone in the pocket of the loose shorts he was wearing. He had gone commando tonight, so that his junk could bounce around free and further entice Colt.

He walked up to the front door of the hotel and pulled on the door, but found it locked.

Press buzzer for entry. A sign next to the door over a speaker-box declared.

Mike pushed the button, and a gruff voice came over the speaker.

“Yeah?” the voice said, “You have a room here?”

“No,” Mike answered cautiously, “I was supposed to be meeting someone here.”

“Who?” the voice asked. “What room number?”

“Um,” Mike said feeling uneasy, “I’m meeting a guy named Colt. Room 253.”

There were a few seconds of silence from the box, but then there was a loud buzzing sound and a click as the lock on the door was released. Mike pulled it open and went inside, hoping that the Papas would be able to handle getting themselves inside just as easily if Colt decided to get rough.

He wandered through the dingy halls up a flight of stairs to the second floor and stopped at room 253. He took a breath and knocked.

“Yeah, I’m comin’” he heard from inside. A few seconds later the door opened with a jerk.

Oh shit. Mike thought to himself as he looked at Colt face-to-face for the first time.

Colt was easily as tall and broad shouldered as Axel. He wore no shirt, just a pair of tight denim jeans that were nearly worn through on the thighs and crotch and pointed-toe cowboy boots. He had a bottle of cheap whiskey in one hand and after looking Mike up and down, took a swig before stepping aside and motioning with his head for the cub to come in.

“Huh,” Colt said, shutting the door behind Mike, and flipping the deadbolt, “Right on time. To tell you the truth, I was pretty sure you were going to pussy out on me tonight. Thought maybe I came on a little too rough for a soft, sensitive cub like you.”

“You didn’t scare me away Daddy,” Mike replied, picking up the conversation where it left off on the streets of the Castro earlier that afternoon. “I’ve had it pretty rough in my life before now. When I was still human, I spent over a year before my Papa found and bred me as a sex-slave for all the males of a wolf pack. They gang-raped me every day I was their prisoner. If I didn’t already have some of the werebear healing genes even as a human, I never would have survived.”

“They gave you an appetite for the rough stuff, did they?” Colt asked, stepping forward to Mike and grabbing the bottom of his t shirt, pulling it forcefully over his head.

“Yeah,” Mike said, with a slight shiver, even though the heat was cranked up in the room to at least eighty degrees. He grabbed Colt’s belt and pulled the big bear toward him until their noses were almost touching.

“But, I’m not the kind of cub who just jumps into bed with the first bear he meets,” Mike whispered coyly, “At least not until I get to know him a little first. All I know is that your name is Colt, and I can tell by your size and your… confidence… that you’re a Kodiak.”

Colt grinned and grabbed Mike by his shoulders, pushing him away, and casually shoving him backwards onto the couch.

“Fuck, little cub,” Colt said with a crooked grin, “You’re going to be one of those cock-teases who wants to sit and talk for an hour before you let me shove my dick down your throat or up your ass, aren’t you?”

“No, Daddy,” Mike said, trying to summon up feelings of arousal for the big oaf so that Colt could smell it coming off him. “Not an hour, just a few minutes, okay? I’ve been with a lot of men, and a lot of wolves, but the only other bear who ever fucked me was my Papa, and he was a black bear. A lot… smaller than you.”

Mike pretended to be embarrassed and looked down at the floor.

Colt sat roughly on the couch next to Mike and grabbed the cub’s crotch though his thin, baggy shorts.

“I bet your black bear Papa enjoyed getting plowed by your big grizzly cock, didn’t he?” Colt asked as he began to stroke Mike’s length.

“Papa had a friend he played with every now and then who was a polar bear,” Mike said shifting a bit uncomfortably in Colt’s grip. “But he never let me play with him. He was afraid to let me play with any bears bigger than he was because he thought I’d get too hungry for giant cocks in my ass. Have you ever been with a polar bear before, Daddy?”

Colt chuckled, and continued stroking Mike’s cock through his shorts, getting him hard and enjoying the arousal scent wafting off him now.

“Hell Cub,” Colt said, “I fucked a polar bear just last week. He was good in the sack and had a huge cock, but I’m a total top, so I don’t know what it’s like getting split in two by a massive tool like his… or mine.”

With those words, Colt reached to unbuckle his jeans with his other hand and pop the buttons on his fly until his manhood fell out against his thigh.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike mumbled, which made Colt laugh.

“You gonna suck this thing or what?” Colt asked, still grinning, but Mike could sense a bit of impatience in his voice.

“I will, Daddy,” Mike said, “But I want to hear about your polar bear friend some more first. Do you think after we get to know each other better, you could call him up and we could have a three-way?”

“Might be tough,” Colt said, sitting back on the couch, releasing Mike’s cock and grabbing his own to stroke in front of the cub. “He’s pretty pissed off at me right now on account of me and my buddies gang-banging his Mate in our full bear forms.”

“Oh wow,” Mike replied. He almost had Colt where he wanted him. “Is his Mate a polar bear too?”

“No! That was the best part!” Colt exclaimed, “His Mate was a weretiger! First time in my life I can honestly say I fucked a pussy raw till it bled!”

Colt chuckled again at his little joke and continued to stroke his cock.

“Of course, I say the tiger was the polar bear’s Mate, because I don’t think those two are going to be getting back together anytime soon! That was one pissed off pussy when we finally let him go. The polar bear kicked my ass after his Mate went running off, but that tiger’s sweet hole was totally worth it.”

Mike nodded, and unconsciously adjusted the phone in his pocket, knowing that Gunnar had recorded their entire conversation and now had all the evidence they needed to put Colt in a Council prison for a hundred years. He hoped that the rest of the bears would come busting through the door at any minute before Colt took their date to the next obvious step.

“Now, if you’re done cross-examining me about Siku and his little pussy,” Colt said, the smile disappearing from his face as he suddenly lashed out and grabbed the waistband of Mike’s shorts, shredding the front of them with one quick motion of his claws, “It’s time to cut the cute, clueless cub act.”

Mike’s phone fell out of the pocket of his torn shorts onto the floor, and before he could grab it, Colt had stomped it under the heel of his boot.

“Now that whoever was listening in to our conversation is off the line, it’s time for our real date to begin!”

“You fucking moron,” Mike said, standing up to his full height and puffing out his chest as the last of his shredded shorts fell away to the floor, “You already confessed to a crime, and we’ve got it on tape. You’re going to a Lycan Council prison for a long time!”

Lycan Council?” Colt barked, with a laugh, “So, that’s what this is all about! I wondered why the city was suddenly flooded with fresh bear meat today. I knew something shifty was up, because we haven’t had this many new bears in my territory all at once since the sixties. I have eyes and ears all over this town, and we spotted you and your other Cub friends as soon as you arrived this morning and fanned out across the Castro and Mission neighborhoods.

“If that crybaby Siku thinks I’m going to a Lycan Council prison, he has another think coming. The Council has no jurisdiction here! I run San Francisco. I choose which bears can stay, and which must go, who I’m going to fuck, and who I’m going to pimp out to the highest bidder.

As Colt spoke, he strode menacingly toward Mike.

“As for you, my pretty thing,” he continued, “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll forget your own name. I hope that story you told me about being a wolf pack’s sex slave before being turned was true, because after I get tired of fucking you, I’m going to let the rest of the degenerates in the city with enough money to pay the price have a go at you. You’re going to be my new top-dollar whore.”

Mike took a swing at Colt’s chiseled jaw, but his fist was caught in mid-air by the Kodiak’s huge hand, and then twisted at an angle until Mike grunted in pain and dropped to one knee to prevent his forearm from snapping like a twig.

Colt let go of Mike’s fist, and quickly struck him across the face with the back of his hand. Before Mike could recover from the blow, he found himself picked up by his hair and flung back across the room, facedown onto the bed.

“Buckle up, bitch,” Colt said as he kicked off his boots and shed his pants, “You may have thought I was going to fall into your pathetic little trap tonight, but I’m the spider and you’re the fly.

“And…” Colt said, grinning again as he pressed the full weight of his massive body against Mike’s back and closed his hands around the cub’s throat, “This spider is hungry.”


Gunnar listened in on his cell to the conversation between Mike and Colt a half-block away with a few other bears. As soon as Colt started bragging about the assault on Shivay, he gave a nod, and the other bears with him called to the three other teams surrounding the El Capitan hotel and they all began to converge.

They were all nearing the hotel’s front door when the bears heard Colt’s voice coming from the phone say, “Now, if you’re done cross-examining me about Siku and his little pussy, it’s time to cut the cute, clueless cub act.”

A second later they heard the sound of Mike’s phone clattering on the floor, and then the line suddenly went dead. Barry looked anxiously at Gunnar, as the expression on the bear’s face went dark and angry.

“Move in!” Gunnar shouted, “Room 253! Mike is compromised, but we’ve got the evidence we need! Go, go, go!”

The bears rushed the front door, only to find the heavy steel doors locked, and a sign next to a speaker-box saying to press the button for entry.

Gunnar was about to punch and smash the speaker-box when Dom grabbed him by the forearm and shook his head gently. Barry pressed the button, and a second later they heard a voice.

“Yeah?” the gruff voice said, “You have a room here?”

“No, but we need to get in immediately,” Barry said calmly into the box, “It’s a matter of life and death.”

“Sure, it is,” the voice replied, “You and your gang take it somewhere else before I call the cops.”

“You asshole,” Gunnar shouted to the box, “My cu… my partner is in there, and he could be getting attacked and raped in one of your rooms!”

“He would have had to go through me to get in,” the voice replied. “Does he have a room, or was he here to see someone?”

“He was coming to see Colt!” Gunnar shouted, shaking the door handle violently.

The box was quiet for five agonizing seconds before a reply came.

“If your Cub is getting his tight little werebear ass fucked by Colt, then that’s Colt’s business and none of mine. You may as well forget about him and be on your way. Once Colt gets his paws on fresh meat, they’re his property.”

“The fuck he is!” Gunnar shouted and began to pound his fists on the door. This wasn’t the first time he’d faced having to break down a steel door to rescue his Cub, but this was the first time he was the one who had put Mike into this situation.

“All together lads!” Dom shouted to the ten bears closest to the door. “Use your shoulders! We’ll bust this bitch right off her hinges. On three! One… two…”

The door suddenly emitted a loud buzzing sound, and the voice from the box spoke up again.

“Don’t bust down my door! Colt doesn’t pay me enough to cover the cost of replacing it! It’s open, but please don’t tear the place apart. Colt and your Cub are in room 253!”

Gunnar yanked the door open, and all twenty bears flooded through following the signs in the dingy hallway for the stairs and the second floor.


Mike futilely tried to reach behind his head and grab Colt’s forearms, but the Kodiak’s hands maintained a firm grip on his throat even as his face was pressed forcefully into the hotel mattress, making it impossible to breathe.

Lights flashed behind Mike’s closed lids and he fought to hold onto consciousness as he was strangled. He registered the sensation of Colt’s thick thighs pushing his knees wide, and a thick fleshy pole, as rigid as iron, forcing its way inside of him.

Colt tightened his grip on the blonde cub’s throat and started to pump his hips roughly as Mike began to lose consciousness and the futile attempt to grab his wrists grew weak and sloppy. He tipped his head back and enjoyed the sensations of choking and fucking the hot muscular grizzly pinned beneath him, but his sensitive werebear ears soon heard the commotion of many footsteps stomping up the steps out in the hall, and he distinctly heard deep male voices shouting to look for room 253.

“Fuck it all,” Colt muttered, pulling his cock out of the cub quickly, and releasing his throat. “I guess it’s your lucky day, bitch. The cavalry has arrived before I had a chance to claim that ass of yours properly with my seed, but know one thing Cub…”

Colt grabbed his pants and boots from the floor along with a shirt before leaning his head close to whisper into Mike’s ear, as the cub gasped for breath.

“I will be back to take what’s mine, and I will have that ass of yours again!”

With those parting words, Colt jumped up from the bed carrying his clothes, and opened the window, diving through onto the fire escape and scurrying quickly to the street below while pulling his pants and shirt back on.

Mike laid on the bed gasping for breath, squeezing the tears from his eyes. To his oxygen deprived mind, he was a weak human again who was just attacked and raped by Kane, the Alpha of the wolf pack who held him prisoner for over a year before his Papa Gunnar arrived and broke down the door to his cell, whisking him away to safety in his strong bear arms.

As if on cue, the door to room 253 was pounded off its hinges at that moment and fell inward onto the floor. Gunnar strode into the room and saw his beloved Cub laying face-down on the bed, blood running thickly from his ass from the internal injuries and being torn apart in the assault.

Gunnar rushed over to the bed and turned Mike over. Mike continued to gasp for air, as the bruises around his neck from Colt’s merciless grip released only moments earlier turned a deep purple.

“Mr. Bear!” Mike croaked through a damaged throat, “I knew you would come and save me again. Are you going to drag me off to your bear cave and fuck me now?”

He smiled at his Papa weakly, before succumbing to his injuries and passing out to allow his body to heal.

“Get his torn shorts and his smashed phone,” Gunnar said to the other bears as he picked Mike up in his arms, wrapping him loosely in the bedsheet. “Leave no evidence behind.”

“Add this to Colt’s crimes when he comes to trial,” Barry said, standing next to Gunnar and stroking Mike’s sweaty forehead as the cub’s breath rasped in and out in his Papa’s arms.

“We were overconfident that this bear was going to be easy to catch,” Gunnar replied. “He obviously has the upper-hand in this city and knows what he’s doing if he’s been getting away with this for as long as he has. We’ll have to devise a different plan.”

“At least we’re on the verge of reuniting the Mates who were torn apart by that asshole’s last criminal escapade,” Barry said, looking at Gunnar with sympathy. “We’ll undo all the damage he’s done one way or another.”

Gunnar nodded.

“Come on bears,” he said as he carried Mike from the room, “Let’s get back to Sea Cliff before the bear who runs this place really does call the cops.”


Shivay let himself through the front door of his family’s home and dropped his satchel in the foyer. He had worked late the last two nights keeping up with the latest task lists now that he was the only engineer assigned to the project. The joy he felt for his work and the productivity he had maintained while working from Siku’s home had faded somewhat, and now he feared that he had only set himself up to become burned out.

He trudged back to his room to take a shower and relax in bed and try to rest his mind from thoughts of Siku and the bride he was to be meeting in two days’ time.

“Shivay!” his mother called from her sitting room. “I know that you’re not planning to leave your bag laying in the front hall, are you? Go back and pick it up at once!”

“I’ll get it my lotus,” Nameer said, poking his head into his wife’s sanctuary, “I fear our son has other things weighing down his mind tonight.”

She shot her husband a cold look but turned her attention back to her embroidery and said nothing further.

Nameer walked through the house and retrieved Shivay’s satchel. As he picked it up, a cream-colored envelope with his son’s name written across it in neat cursive fell out and landed on the floor. He stood staring at it for a few seconds before hurrying to scoop it back up before any of the other family could see it. Impulsively, he opened the envelope and glanced at the note within before hurrying out to his workshop in the garage where he could read it without anyone else bothering him.

Shivay was emerging from his bath wrapped in a robe and drying his hair when he heard a timid knock on his bedroom door.

Only his father knocked in such a manner. Everyone else just barged in.

“Come in,” Shivay said, and the door opened slowly as his father peeked bashfully around it at his son.

“Shivay,” Nameer began, holding the bag out in front of him, “Your mother was displeased that you left your satchel in the foyer.”

“I’m sorry father,” Shivay replied with a sigh and taking the bag from his father’s hands, “I was tired and distracted and forgot my manners.”

“While retrieving it,” Nameer continued, pulling the envelope from behind his back, “This fell out. I read it.”

Shivay snatched the note from Nameer’s hand and quickly placed it in a drawer of his desk.

“That was none of your business father,” he began to say, but Nameer raised a hand to cut him off.

“It is my business if it involves the happiness of my cub. My only son,” he said.

“Your assault was not Siku’s fault. The great bear still loves you as his true Mate.”

“That may well be,” Shivay replied, “But it is too late for such foolishness. I’ve already made my commitment to mother and to the bride to which I am betrothed.”

“It is not your mother’s place to demand any commitments from you!” Nameer spat, raising his voice slightly, but not enough that his wife could hear. “She may have ruined my life, but I cannot allow her to ruin yours as well, or the lives of your Mate and your so-called betrothed bride.”

“How is she running the life of my bride, father?” Shivay countered. “She is getting the husband she’s always wanted.”

“Do you think she wants a sexually-repressed gay man for a husband?” Nameer asked with a growl, “Do you think that is the life that she has dreamed of since she was a small cub? I have been in your place, son, and I know that our lives are long, and you cannot fight your true nature nearly long enough. Even if Siku is lost, you will eventually stray with another man, and when you do, your bride will eventually find out, just as your mother did when I strayed with my own true Mate.

“How long is this vicious cycle expected to repeat? Will your bride end up a bitter, hateful shrew just like your mother, using you only to sire the next generation of cubs? And, what if one of those cubs is gay as well? Will you let that bride force him into yet another arranged marriage?

“It is time to break the cycle, son. Leave here tonight and return to the bear who loves you. Live a long life and be happy.”

Nameer walked over to Shivay’s desk and retrieved Siku’s note, placing it back into his son’s hands once again.

“Father…” Shivay said, tears running down his cheeks, “It’s too late for any of this. If I run from this house a second time, I will have no honor, only shame. I made my choice, and now I must live with the consequences.”

“I assure you,” Nameer replied, “It is not too late. For either one of us! But I will leave you alone tonight with your thoughts. You may think that your choice is final, however you are still at the crossroads, and the actions of the next few days will determine your fate for the next few hundred years!”

Nameer let himself out of his son’s room and Shivay sat on his bed looking at the envelope in his hands. With a sigh he pulled the note back out and began to read.

Shivay, my love…

The tiger read and re-read the note as tears streamed down his face and blurred his vision until his eyes grew heavy and he finally fell asleep, still clutching the piece of paper in his hand.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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Chapter Comments

Poor Mike. Colt needs to be taken down for causing such a devastating relapse. 

I am hopeful for Shivay. He needed to learn of his father's past. Hopefully, history won't repeat itself. 

Can we have the next chapter yesterday, Grumpy? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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Well, the gang really underestimated Colt and his evil plans. But, at least, they got the incriminating evidence they need to bring him up before the Council. Hopefully, his cohorts will also be caught and charged.

That was a close call with Shivay’s note. Imagine if his mother had been the one to find it!  WWIII would have broken out. Shivay would have found himself married before bedtime that night! I am concerned that he has fallen asleep with the note in his hand. As exhausted as he is, both physically and mentally, I wouldn’t be surprised if he oversleeps and Mother comes in to wake him up.  It has already been stated that everyone except his father simply barges in.  If she comes in before he hides that note, she is going to go ballistic—look how she acted simply because he left his briefcase in the hall!

Well, I am looking forward to the next chapter.  Hopefully, Mike can heal himself with a shift. But now they have Colt coming at them with vengeance in mind.  Not good.  Looks like the Security forces will have to show up as soon as they are done with their current assignment! Or sooner!

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Colt does really run the city and has a network of spies to help him.  He had a narrow escape, and will probably disappear for a while.  Nameer is determined to free Shivay from his mother's grasp.  He also decided he will leave also.  The comments have some interesting ideas about Mom and Colt, but I've not seen any clues.  To be honest, one thing I do hope for is that Shivay shreds his mother's dress when he leaves.  That thing has become an evil icon of his mother and the shame marriage she wants to force him into.  

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