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  1. bundu_st

    Chapter 12

    Can't help but hope Luca or Eamon kill her... She is a general after all, and wouldn't it just be grand to have wonderful little Luca become one 😉 Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us, as always. You spin a wonderful tale 💙.
  2. bundu_st

    Chapter 53

    It's a bit surprising that they don't seem too worried by Roku getting a check up.... That could potentially reveal some information they might not want anyone else having about the demi shou no? 🤔
  3. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. bundu_st

    Chapter 23

    Really not into this whole solo trip thing with Kyle. Yes he's scorching and whatnot, but he was with people that were associated with Worthington's uncle & W hasn't 'checked' for Sinclair meddling.
  6. bundu_st

    Chapter 24

    Can't help but hope that Carl mentions in passing to Alex that one of the guards looks like the Monceits because we all know who that is and he's way too close to Alex for my liking. Also I have no clue why ( I think I've mentioned before) I think he and Talia may end up together. How I have no clue. Also how is the demon gonna react when she finds out Orr has her daughter and has taken the liberty of chopping bits off her... he's got balls ( or doesn't realise she's so near). I adore Luca. Tbh I wish he'd choose a fulfilling relationship and that's gonna be Eamon. That leaves poor
  7. Okay, haven't read again. But I'm feeling slightly more than a fool for thinking Adam is the dad and am more leaning towards that he and his sister perhaps had the same lover? Conspiracy theories are trashy but it so fun, & I'm late to the game :-)
  8. bundu_st


    Haven't read the comments yet but ever since Adam tensed up and said he wasn't hay I thought that he might be Artie's dad but felt it was too wierd to make that comment... here goes to reading other comments to see if I'm way off, but I've bitten my tongue for long enough I suppose. Loving the story by the way. Thank you
  9. bundu_st

    Chapter 22

    Sending the evil eye because the next chapter isn't published yet lol. Thank you for this delectable tidbit...
  10. bundu_st

    Letter 1

    I'm intrigued... bait has been bitten & I'll keep on reading, although if the letters are all so short I'd suggest posting more often.
  11. bundu_st

    Chapter 21

    I hope they manage to have an honest conversation on that plane ride, and not keep on playing the game they initially started ( and that ended the moment emotions came into play, which they both didn't notice) I want these two back together
  12. bundu_st

    Chapter 20

    Beyond delighted to read about these characters again :-) I'm glad that Luca decided to stay. It's wasn't for naught after all that Ysabel thought of him for a generalship. She saw in him what Alexander only realised later. His surprise at the arming of the people of Mulansburg took me by surprise as I assumed he would have known that by now. Just goes to show how preoccupied by the war he is I suppose. I'm not really sure how to feel about Luca wedding the Iljardi prince, but then again perhaps the iljard could use their merchant ships to aid Alex' cause therefore showing Luca that they
  13. bundu_st

    Chapter 57

    So I'm thinking that this is not a question to the readers, i.e. Mark doing a poll for a look-see at how thoroughly he may be lynched for expiring JJ on the cusp of a potential JJ and Carulo love fest... I think this is a tongue in cheek way of asking "who " in the family would care? Foreshadowing a hell on wheels Will and/or Brad revenge plan? (yes please if this is the plan) Steff would be motivated to be pretty lethal, JP too. Darius could serve some unexpected excitement and suave bad-guy-assery. And perchance Alex would finally grow a pair & load his inner defend your close one
  14. bundu_st

    Chapter 54

    Wonderful chapter, thank you! I kind of feel like Stef's annoyance at Will is a combo package. Will in many ways reminds me of a young flirty Stef who generally didn't have problems tripping a who bunch of guys into his bed. That in combination with his and JP's love life slowing down (also bringing back old insecurities for Stef) has definitely got to have Stef feeling some kinda salty. Then when the whole emancipation thing and war with Brad thing happened Stef was on Brad's side and mad as a hatter at Will. I got the distinct impression that what Stef was really pissed at was that ins
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