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  1. heifel35

    Chapter 5

    Am so happy Ethan is back home.
  2. heifel35

    Chapter 3

    Poor kid 😢 Is there something going on with Belle?
  3. It would be best if Marcus and Rodney found the boys camp instead and have them "dissapear in the night" before Christopher and the monsters attack them.
  4. I sure hope the bears get on the road before the grazy wolfs arrives... 🤞🤞
  5. heifel35

    Chapter 25

    I sure hope they all survive. 🤞🤞🤞
  6. heifel35

    Chapter 15

    I really hope that Elsie can help Ethan so he can start to heal and relax a bit more. And that everything surrounding Michael will be okay. Ethan needs to find his peace 🙂
  7. heifel35

    Chapter 15

    It seems that Connor in his head had allready left for Ireland with Jason. He was so sure he would come with him. But Connor should have realished that for Jason to just up and leave when his dad just came home from hospital, would'nt be a so easy. I hope he's mature enough to at least say goodbye to Jason, but maybe not...
  8. heifel35

    Chapter 12

    I sure hope Dale is out to his dad.. can't remember if it has been mentioned?..
  9. heifel35

    Embers 10

    Ethan not being able to turn of his power can't be a good thing. Something is fighting back. I sure hope both Lackie and Brandon will be allright. I like the way the guys tried to bond with Brandon. And absolutely loved the Kardasian line🤣😂
  10. heifel35

    Chapter 8

    I still think Syl is a b.... all she does is namedropping and makes Ed feel lousy. Poor kid!
  11. Sounds like Matt is growing up and realise he needs to talk to Seamus about the summer, where he should live and actually ask Seamus what he thinks and wants.
  12. heifel35


    Like the story. And the fact that the danish you write, has gotten so much better than the early chapters. 🙂 But I just have to point out a few danish mistakes as a dane myself.. I would say Ditley must be Ditlev. Thats the danish/norwegian spelling. And hyalros is hvalros 🙂
  13. I'm from Denmark, and have to ask what is 1893? Tried google but it only came up with a footballclub... 🤔 no matter what..remember it is actually pretty cold here right now.
  14. heifel35

    Chapter 3

    I really don't like Syl. The namecalling has been going on since Edvard was little and it is all he believes of himself. Poor kid!!
  15. heifel35

    Chapter 2

    I don't think we got to know Edvards IQ. He believes it to be 73, but the new tests must have been higher, taken in consideration the comment from E3.. 🤔🤔 Diagnosis confirmed yes, but not his intelligens, I Think..
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