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Puppy for Sale - 15. New Highs

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I fancy a trip to the mall today," Steven announced, changing into some jeans. We were all in the bedroom after Max had brought some stuff back from Dave's with him, shortly after breakfast.

"The mall?" Dave asked, raising a brow.

"Yeah, I know you don't have any money, Dave, but that's fine. I’m gonna treat you both to a fat lunch at Burger King."

"Can't argue with that," I said, pulling some fluff from my tummy button. I looked up and saw Dave smiling. It was good to see that after last night's troubles.

"I just hate going to the mall when I can't buy anything, that's all." Dave whined.

"You need a Saturday job, Dave, that would solve all your problems there," Steven remarked.

"Hey, but then we wouldn't be able to spend any time together," I said, pulling a sad face.

"The guy lives with us now. How much time do you want Goonball?"

"Yeah, Jensen, I think you will be glad to get rid of me after spending the next few weeks together," Dave teased.

"Uh, somehow, I don't think that is going to happen. Anyway, we are going off topic here. What time did you have in mind for leaving Steven?"

Steven shrugged. "Meh, say half an hour?"

"Okay, but I really need to shower. I woke up all sweaty this morning… oh, and I gotta feed the chickens too before we go."

"You and those damn chickens," Steven said, shaking his head.

"How would you like it if Mum and Dad didn't feed you? You would last about three hours before crying like a baby."

"Look at him, Dave, cocky little shit now that he's found his identity. You should have seen him when he stood on my doorstep for the first time. He looked like he'd shit his pants before I even spoke, and now he answers me back."

Dave grinned. "Yes, well, I never used to answer you back, but now I do. So perhaps it's you, Steven. Perhaps you are going soft in your old age." Dave and I laughed as Steven frowned.

"Just get ready, you two; I wanna get a woolly hat for the winter before Mum buys me some ridiculous bright red one with 'happy fucking holidays' on it."

"And a bar of soap for your mouth if she hears you," Max commented, standing in the doorway to our room.

"Busted!" I cried, getting him back for earlier.

"You boys doing anything special today or just stinking this room out with your musky odours?"

"The mall, and I swore you just offered to take us," Steven chirped.

"Cheek of it… well, since I need to get fuel for the car, I guess I could drop you there, but don't expect a ride home, I have to go to the farm store with your mother. We need bedding and food for the chickens and a new fence panel after the wind took one of ours away. Have you seen all the mess in next door's garden?"

"You almost sound excited, Max," Dave said.

"Well, to be honest, it was rotten, and I have been wanting to do the whole fence, but…." Max turned around as if to make sure Susan wasn't there. I could only imagine. "… but Susan wants a low one so she can gossip over the fence to the neighbours," he whispered.

"Why don't you want a low one?" I asked, curious.

Steven rolled his eyes. "Because old woman batty next door pervs on Max in the summertime. Mum thinks it's all in his head, and I happen to agree with her."

"Boys, I swear to you that woman is after my body, and now, with that fence down, it will be like a zoo that's left its gate open." He shuddered.

"Who's after your body, Max… I hope you aren't spreading rumours about poor Mrs Farthing next door?" Susan asked, poking her head under Max's arm that was leaning on the door frame.

"He is Mum... he's still convinced, and now he's trying to get Dave and Jensen onside with it."

Susan just sighed and walked off. "Traitor," Max grunted at Steven before walking away himself.

"Right, Puppy dawg, shower now, if you want to come out… Dave, do you need a shower too?"

"Yeah, Dave, wanna rub some dog shampoo into my fur?" I teased. Dave did the most bashful cute smile yet and had to look away.

"Just kidding, I'll be out in a bit then."





Down at the Mall, I had to find my bearings again, trying to remember which parts Susan had taken me to. Steghorn Mall was, to me, like a small city. Shaped in a cross over two floors you could easily spend hours here and still not visit all the shops.

Steven led us over to the Superdry store first, stating he wanted to look at the winter jackets. Dave and I followed like sheep. We were .just chatting to each other, leaving Steven to lead on in purchase mode.

"This is nice, you know… being out with you." I declared, locking my eyes onto his.

"Yeah, I agree. So you've been here before?"

"Uh-huh, Susan brought me here to get clothes. Back at Greenstone, fashion was not really in the itinerary."

"No, I guess not, but you look really hot today in those tight Jeans, and your ass looks amazing. It's all I can do not to walk a few feet behind you."



"Nothing… it's just, with your posh accent, that sentence just doesn't sound right coming from you."

"It's called flirting with my boyfriend, and even posh people can do that."

My eyes went wide and the biggest smile of the year came over my face. It must have looked funny cause Dave started to chuckle.

"So… so it’s official?"

"That you're my boyfriend? Yeah, I guess it is. Does it feel right me saying it?"

"Feel right… man, I have wanted this day… since forever, or at least Cutters Farm, anyway."

Dave laughed. "Jensen, that's where we met!"

"And your point is?"

Dave rolled his eyes at me playfully. "C'mon, let's go and see how much Steven has spent already."

I followed Dave into Superdry in a daze, feeling so fluffy and sweet inside. My stomach had butterflies in it, and I felt like I was going to levitate off the ground. I felt so light. If it wasn't for all the people, I think I would have pushed Dave to the floor and kissed him all over for what he said to me. This was a new high in my life. To be here, with Dave and Steven, have a family, a home, and now a boyfriend, it…it was just unreal.

Dave and I found Steven trying on a few Jackets over on the far side of the store. He had hung his jacket up temporarily on a hanger and was currently wearing a black and orange short coat which hugged his defined body very nicely.

"Well, guys, what do you think of this one?"

"Steven, it’s ninety five pounds."

"Dave, I have the money, and don't worry, you and bone head here will not go hungry."

"Isn't there a cheaper one?" I added, feeling up a couple of others further along.

"Excuse me, but I don't do cheap if you hadn't noticed."

"God, you sound so gay saying that, Steven Chase," Dave said, banging his cheeks with his hands.

"This one is sixty five, Steven, and look; it’s almost identical."

"And it has no hood, Dufus!"

"Thirty pounds for a hood? Even I know that's a ripoff."

"What's the point of buying a winter jacket if it has no hood, Jensen? That's like buying a condom made out of chocolate."

"I could think of worse things," Dave remarked. The thought made me smile for a moment.

"You know what, I think I'm gonna get this. What do you guys think?"

Dave gave a strange look. "Jensen is kind of right Steven, it is very expensive, especially for the hood, and if I know you, it will just be worn once and sit in your closet for the rest of its life before your Mum sells it on eBay for you”

"Great, now I feel like I shouldn't buy it." Steven moaned as we huddled amongst the rows of winter coats.

I turned to Dave. "Would you say he's impulsive?"

"Oh God yeah," Dave replied. We both then turned to Steven, who looked pissed we were talking about him as if he weren't there.

"Fine, you know what, I'm not going to buy it, just to prove a point. Fucking impulsive indeed."

"Then Jensen, you'll see the camp huffy side come out of him as if his boyfriend has just brought him some cheap perfume instead of the one he wanted."

"Fuck you, Dave!" Steven said, getting animated.

"I asked you to before, but I had to settle for a hand job, remember."

"You're funny… not! Let's go eat, and then I'm getting my woolly hat. That, I am buying!"





Up on the second floor, we headed towards Burger King. It was going to be my first time there, but Steven and Dave had already convinced me what I was eating even before I saw the menu.

"It has to be the Double Bacon Cheeseburger, Jensen. Everything else is just for girls. I think as a Burger King virgin, you need a good amount of meat inside you and the Double XL is gonna be more meat than you can handle."

I nodded, not knowing why Dave and Steven had started giggling. "Steven, can you let up with the meat topic, its putting thoughts in my head about Jensen here."

"Have I missed something?" I said, frowning that I might have failed to notice an easy joke.

"You definitely won't miss a ton of meat inside you. In fact, I'm gonna bet it will make your eyes water."

"Well fuck me," I said, the penny dropping. Of course, my comment made the whole thing even funnier to them as they creased up laughing.

Steven was holding his stomach as I walked with an innocent look on my face.

As we got to Burger King, and it was immediately noticeable the queue was nearing the door. Steven sighed as we pulled up behind the last people and started our patient wait.

"This should move quite quickly," Dave remarked, looking at his watch.

"I hope so; I’m starving," Steven said, rubbing his stomach.

"Is it always this busy to get food in here?"

"Normally just on Saturdays Jensen, oh and when we are off school. Sometimes I come down here with Billy and Jessie for lunch. So it’s always busy then.”

"So Bacon and… what is it?" I asked.

"Double Bacon Cheeseburger… look don't worry, I'll order it," Steven replied.

"No, it's not that. I just wanted to see if I could spot it on the menu."

The queue was moving faster than any of us thought, and we had about five or six groups to go before we would reach the attendants. Then, as Dave stood chatting to me, I heard a faint laugh from somewhere in the restaurant that filled me with a sudden rush of adrenaline.

I know that laugh, I thought, tilting my head diagonally upwards.

"Jensen? Are you listening to me?" I heard Dave say.

"What? Oh, sure, sorry, I just thought I… it doesn't matter. What were you saying?"

"I was asking you what you wanted to do tonight."

"Wait a sec, Dave, I'm really sorry," I yelled through the crowd, hearing the laugh again.

I jumped out of the queue, leaving Dave and Steven looking astonished. I beat my way through the hordes of people all over the restaurant before settling my eyes on a table containing four people. My jaw dropped open as my eyes locked onto one of the people.


Cindy and the others stopped joking around, and all put their faces up towards my voice. Cindy dropped her burger back into its box and slowly got to her feet.

"Oh, my G… PUPPY??"

She almost threw the other girl off her chair, clambering to get out from behind the table before running over to me and throwing herself into me. Two slim arms came wrapping themselves around my back, and I got a face full of her hair.

"Fuck… Cin… I mean, fuck, where… why have you… why didn't you contact me?" I asked, struggling to comprehend who was hugging me.

"Contact you? I was told you were not allowed to contact me after the whole business with Max."

"Max told you that?"

Cindy stopped hugging me and took a step back. My God, you don't know, do you?"

"What?" I asked, perplexed.

"Mr Watson, he… he adopted me, him and his wife."

Hmm, did I know that? Or wasn't I supposed to… more to the point, why hadn't Watson told her I knew? I thought, trying to come up with Something quickly.

Be honest, Jensen, be honest!

"Actually, I did know, and what's more, I had to find-"

"Come back to the table, Cindy," Mr Watson said, coming to a stop right between us. "On your way Puppy, I am trying to have lunch with my family."

"What? What are you talking about? I WAS part of your family for ten years, and now you treat me like I'm some stranger… and why didn't you tell me about Cindy?" I yelled, causing the restaurant to briefly go quiet as people stopped talking and looked over at us.

"Puppy, this isn't the place, and I'm not treating you like a stranger. I am trying to have lunch with my family, who I rarely see for great lengths of time precisely because I am always at Greenstone." He snarled, his embarrassment evident. One, because of the other customers who were eves dropping, and two, because he knew his whole secret to Cindy was about to be busted open if we carried on talking.

Mr Watson's wife came over and greeted me. "Hello Puppy, you're looking well, Darling, is everything okay?" She asked, looking at Watson.

"Yes, dear," he laughed nervously. "Puppy was just here having some lunch. He was just about to go and do that wasn’t you, Puppy?"

I felt completely in two minds. In one way, I had a massive amount of respect for Mr Watson. He had been very good to me for many years, and we had always got on very well. But, I also knew that, for whatever reason had decided to keep Cindy a secret from me but was sort of confident I did not do it maliciously. But, the other part of me wanted to scream at him to come clean and end this cover-up. I wanted him to explain to me… to Cindy, why… just fucking WHY?

"Uh yeah, Good to see you again Mr Watson… Mrs, Watson, I'm pretty hungry, so I'm gonna go and get some lunch. Cindy, it's good to see you again too."

Cindy stepped forward and pulled me into a tight hug, and leaned her mouth close to my ear. "I don't know what's going on, but write your number on a napkin. Then, when you go to the toilet, there is a small red cleaning bucket just outside the boy's toilet. Leave it under that," she whispered before pulling away from me. "Good; seeing again, Puppy, enjoy your lunch."

I smiled at her before displaying an ever so brief stern look into her eyes to let her know I understood the message. I produced half wave and backed off before turning around and going to find the guys.



Heading back into the sea of people, I looked along the various queues for the counter, unable to see Dave or Steven. But fortunately, they must have seen me looking around like a lost puppy as Steven called out to me.

"Numbnuts, over here." I heard him call. He and Dave had found a small table and had taken root there.

"Where did you go, Jensen? We were worried!"

"You guys are never gonna believe this, but I found Cindy in here!"

"That girl you lived with at the children's home?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, yeah, It's so bizarre. I don't know what the hell just happened, really. It’s like it's a dream or something."

"Was she with the Watson guy?" Steven chimed in.

"Yeah, him and his wife… and I assume his real daughter, her, I'd never seen before."

Dave seemed unexcited for me as I looked at him, leaving me feeling a little hurt. I mean, sure, he didn't understand how important me seeing her was, I got that. But it was like he was totally disinterested.

"So, um, is this what I got to eat?" I asked, taking a seat opposite them both.

"Yep, it's all yours, do your worst on it!"

"Wow, there is a lot here… A whole lot of meat to get inside me, eh Dave?" I said, winking at him. Dave just about managed a smile and nodded.

"So, will you be seeing this… this Cindy again?"

"I hope so, Dave… God, it's so good to see her again. You have to meet her; she’s awesome."

Dave just looked at his burger and said nothing.

"I'd like to meet her… is she hot?" Steven asked, smirking.

"I guess you could say she is attractive, but I don't see her like that, as you know… Dave, are you okay? You’ve gone pretty quiet."

"Fine, Jensen… eat your burger before it gets cold, maybe less talking."

Whoa, now that comment didn't sit well. Even Steven glanced at Dave when that came out.

"You okay, pal?" Steven asked.

"Yes, I'm fine; why does everyone think there is something wrong?" Dave snapped a reply.

I just put my head down, got on with my food, and talked less like I was asked. Steven, ever the lively person he was… well, even he was quiet through our meal.

Every so often, I would look up at Dave and try and get his attention. We were always good at that, both smiling at each other whenever we locked a gaze. But he didn't even look at me. Not once. It got to a point where things were starting to feel awkward. Steven was doing his best to maintain a light conversation here and there, but I think even he didn't know what to say.

"So, what do you guys wanna do after lunch?"

"Well, you wanna get your woolly hat, right? Maybe Dave and I could go look around some shops while you do that."

"Great, leaving me on my own."

"Well, you suggest something then, I dunno. Dave, what about you? Do you have anything you want to do?" I asked.

"Not really," he grunted. "I'm pretty good for getting back if you guys don't mind?"

"Oh, right, ok,ay" I said,

"We just got here," Steven added.

"If you guys want to stay, I'm happy to get the bus back."

"No, of course not," I said before Steven could reply.

"Fine then, looks like our day we lasted an hour. I'll get my hat, and we'll make our way back if that's what everyone wants to do." Steven said, looking at me.

"Hmm, well I um… I just need to go to the toilet if we are leaving then. Back soon." I got up and left Dave and Steven at the table for a bit. Dave's behaviour was surprising, and I wondered why his mood had changed so much.

I fought my way back through the crowds again before finding a clearing to the bathroom corridor. Because of the way Dave had been, I thought it best not to reveal what I would be doing before I got there.

As I approached the boy's bathroom door, I immediately spotted the red cleaning bucket Cindy had mentioned. I quickly went and got a napkin from the dispenser near the counter and almost fainted when I realised something.

"Shit, no pen!" I muttered. Looking frantically around the restaurant, I saw some old man sitting alone doing a crossword puzzle supping away on his drink. "Erm, excuse me sir, but I-"

"I don't smoke, kid, if that's what you are going to ask me for."

"No, actually, I was wondering if I could borrow your pen for a moment."

"My Pen?"

"Yeah," I chuckled nervously. "I know, it's a strange request… it's just to write a number down for my friend."

"Fine, boy, but you do it here; don’t be taking that pen nowhere now, will ya?"

"No sir, of course not, thank you."

I took the pen from his hand and wrote my number down in large digits before giving it back and hurrying off to the toilet. Then, taking a quick look behind me, knowing it would look strange as to why I was crouching down by a bucket, I lifted it and slid the napkin underneath.

"Jensen? What are you doing?" Came Dave's voice behind me. I looked round to see him frowning at me. I guess it did look weird. It was bound to.

I got a feeling this wasn't going to go down well.


Steven and I were rapidly catching up to an angry Dave as he ran across roads and down alleyways. I knew what had made him go like this, but the intensity of his mood was freaking me out. I had knots in my stomach as Steven ran up to him and grabbed his arm.

"Get off me, I'm going home," he yelled at Steven.

"Not until you tell me what this is all about," Steven yelled back at him. I caught up to them and just stayed silent, thinking that opening my mouth right now would be a bad idea. Besides, I didn't know where to start anyway.

"Is this what you want?" he spat, turning to face me.

"What I want? Dave, I don't know what this is all about."

"Oh, don't give me that. Secret meetups, hiding phone numbers under bins. What is this, out of sight out of mind," he rebuked me, his voice raised.

"Dave, will you calm the fuck down," Steven demanded, shaking Dave's arm.

"What has it been, like three days and already you…."

"He's what Dave… what's he done?" Steven cut in before he looked at me. I just shrugged. It was all I could think of doing.

"Are you just playing with my head while you figure out if you like girls or boys, Jensen, is that it?"

"Dave, I… I haven't done anything. Okay, sure, I get that the number on a napkin thing probably looked a little weird, but it was the only way I could get my contact details to her without Mr Watson knowing. I wasn't trying to hide anything from you."

"Then why didn't you just tell me, and why did you plan to meet her here on our day out?"

"Plan to meet… Dave, what do you mean? I made no such plans; it was just a coincidence."

"Dave, he's telling you the truth," Steven added, backing me up.

"Then he needs to prove it because I don't buy it." Dave switched his view from Steven to me again. "You say you haven't seen this girl since you left Greenstone, and now, on the day we go out together, she suddenly turns up there, in the same place, in the same restaurant."

I felt scared and scared because it looked like my relationship with Dave was just about to crash and burn before it even began. He didn't look convinced about what I was saying, but that left me just about offended enough to keep my confidence high enough to answer him back.

"Okay I can prove it. If I had arranged this so-called meeting with Cindy, I would have contacted her to arrange it. If that is the case, why was I leaving my number for her?"

"He's right, Dave. If Jensen had planned this, he would have already had her phone number. But, Dave, Jensen would not lie to you anyway. That’s not the brother I know."

Dave didn't say anything, and I saw his shoulders relax down from the heightened state of anger they were hitched at.

"Please don't be angry with me Dave, you really don't have anything to be worried about, I promise."

"I'm sorry, Jensen, I just… everything good that has ever happened in my life has been taken away from me, and I thought that was happening again."

"But Dave, you know Cindy and me go back a long way, don't you think if there were anything other than friendship, I would like girls?"

Dave shrugged. "I don't know… I mean, what if you liking boys is just a phase?"

"Oh, don't worry about that Dave, Jensen here is as bent as a nine bob note."

"Yeah, thanks, Steven... Dave, I’m crazy about you, can't you see that?"

"I'm sorry I doubted you. I just freaked out and thought… look, it doesn't matter. I hope you can both forgive me."

"Well, I don't know," Steven said. "You did make me not buy that jacket AND my bloody hat. Jensen will forgive you, though, hell if you're lucky, he might even dump some semen into your ass to prove it tonight."

"Aww, STEVEN!" I squealed, going bright red.

"You're disgusting, Steven Chase!" Dave added.

"Hey, I know, and I guess I make it look easy, eh?"

Dave sighed before coming to put his arms around me. "I've ruined the day, haven't I?"

"It's fine, Dave," I said, embracing his cold body.

"Fine… Fine? Firstly you didn't ruin the day because we have only been out a little under two hours and-"

"Steven!" I hissed, shooting him a glare.

"Nope, you didn't ruin the day," Steven said, altering his tone. I smiled.




Back at home, the house was empty, with Max and Susan still out buying stuff, we guessed. Steven went to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of orange juice.

"Anyone want a glass? That burger sure made me thirsty."

"Yes, please, Stevie, Dave?"

"Yes, please," Dave replied. So we went at sat in the lounge, and Steven toed his sneakers off before throwing himself on the couch.

"Wanna watch TV? Or do you two want me out of the way while you go and fuck like rabbits to make up. You might as well, seeing as Mum and Dad are out, you can be noisy if you like too."

"Do you get off on thinking about two guys having sex, Steven? You seem to go on about it a lot." Dave asked, grinning.

"Hmm, do I get off on it? It's a good question. I think I get off on the thought of our Jensen here losing his cherry for the first time. I think that is gonna be fun for him."

"Would you like to watch when I penetrate him?" David asked, unusually forthright.

"Guys, I am still in the room, you know!" I barked playfully, causing Dave and Steven to burst out laughing. "But I do wanna know the answer to that question.

"What, would I like to watch you getting fucked? To be honest, I don't think it would weird me out. If you wanna know the truth, all sex turns me on. I'm not Bi or anything, but to me, the act of two people fucking, to me, is hot."

"Even if one of them you're watching is your brother, Steven?" Dave asked, surprised.

"Dave, it's hard to explain, but I think you should understand what I'm like… and what I like. And anyway, we're not related."

"Wait a minute," I interrupted, having a thought. "In the mall, you two were joking about Dave having jacked you off Steven, was that true?"

Steven and Dave looked at each other, their faces expressionless. I felt that Dave's revelation in the mall had some truth to it and that Steven would have preferred the comment to have stayed unsaid.

"It is, isn't it? It’s true. I can tell by the way you are both looking at each other."

"It happened once, Jensen, I was horny, and Dave was staying here. It just meant that I didn't have to do it myself, that's all." I grinned before that grin disappearing as I looked at Dave. He looked offended.

"Oh, such a lovely way to describe it, thanks, Steven," Dave said, looking very unimpressed.

"What? It was what it was. I can't make it out to be something it wasn't, can I?"

"Actually, Jensen, Steven is missing out on the parts where he was begging me to go faster and squeeze harder as his body tensed up with pleasure. AND, I let you blow your load in my mouth. You left that bit out."

Steven looked horrified at Dave's more in-depth description of… well, whatever went on that day or night. I couldn't help grinning at the whole thing. Steven looked so embarrassed, and it was so cool to have him on the back foot about something finally.

The cocky little shit!

"So… so you gave him a blow job?" I asked, surprised about that part.

"Only right at the end, he didn't warn me either, he asked me to suck it for a while, and unbeknown to me, he was on the edge, and he pulled my head in and came in my mouth, almost making me choke, it was disgusting."

"Pfft, well, since you are determined to add all the graphic details, I might add that you didn't complain when I did cum in your mouth!"

"Wha… what did it taste like?" I asked, fascinated by the story that was unfolding.

Dave thought for a moment as if casting his mind back. "Kinda sweet and salty, if that makes sense? You never tasted your own Jensen?"

"No, I don't like the smell of it… it smells kinda like bleach, and I wondered if that was what it tasted like."

"Steven and Dave both laughed. "Uh, no, Jensen, it doesn't taste like bleach," Dave replied.

"Oh, well, I guess I'll get round to tasting some soon then, won’t I?" I said, flicking my eyes at him.

"God, you sound like a slut Jensen Stibbings," Steven remarked. "Anyway, just to wrap up our previous little conversation, THANK YOU, DAVE! Like I said, Jensen, it was a one-off thing, I'm not into guys as much as that might disappoint you, and it won't be happening again. It was a means to an end."

"What's a slut when it's at home?" I asked, curious.

"A slut Jensen is a person who sleeps with anyone and everyone and flaunts it," Dave replied.

"Hey, Steven! I'm not like that!" I barked.

"It's just a figure of speech bonehead. I didn't mean it literally."





Max and Susan got back around two and walked into the lounge where Steven was watching a movie, and Dave and I were quietly chatting, trying not to talk over the sound. I was sitting on the floor in between Dave's legs, and he was playing with my hair.

"Hey boys, how was the mall?" Max asked, carrying three large bags in his hand.

"Brief," grunted Steven, not taking his eyes away from the TV.

"Really, that good, huh?"

"Max, I saw Cindy!"

"Wow, really, Puppy?"

"Yeah, she was with Mr Watson and his wife… oh and some other girl there."

"That's awesome, so, are you two going to meet up or…."

"I don't know. I had to get my number to her secretly. Mr Watson didn't seem that impressed to see me there."

"That Watson guy is weird," Steven chimed in.

"Why didn't he?"

I shrugged," Dunno, Max, but don't forget. I’m not supposed to know about him adopting Cindy, am I? That might have something to do with it."

"I agree, so how did you get your number to her?"

"Max, could you give me a hand, please?" Susan called from the kitchen.

"Hold that thought, Jensen. I’ll be right back." I nodded, and Max left to see Susan.

"Are you looking forward to school tomorrow?" Dave asked, stroking my neck.

"A little nervous. I’m glad you two will be there."

"Yeah, Billy and Jessie as well, don't forget."

"Yeah, but I don't know them as well as you and Steven."

"Guys, I am trying to listen to this. Keep it down over there," Steven hissed.

"Wanna go upstairs and leave Mr Grumpy here to it?" I asked.

"Sure," Dave replied. We both got up and left the lounge. I don't even think Steven noticed. On route, Susan came out into the hallway.

"Puppy, If you want to unpack your uniform and give it to me, I'll get it ironed for you ready for tomorrow. Dave, you might want to do the same."

"Thanks," we both said in unison.

Up in the bedroom, Dave sat on my bed while I grabbed all my new gear from the wardrobe and laid it out on Steven's bed.

"Where is yours?" I asked, watching him watch me.

"In my sports bag over there," he pointed before jumping back off the bed and unzipping it. Next, he pulled out his shirt, trousers, tie and blazer, which were all a little creased.

"Give them here, and I'll take them down," I said, stepping over to him. Dave dropped the contents in his hands and grabbed hold of me, pulling me in for a kiss. The feel of his warm lips on mine made me whimper as I tasted his mouth.

He squeezed my groin in a moment of dominance and pushed me onto Steven's bed, running his hands up underneath my sweater. My stomach tensed at the feel of his fingers on my skin. It was electric. My dick had long since become rock hard, and he knew it was judging by the smile on his face as he looked down at my midsection.

"Dave?" I asked, swallowing hard. "The door is open?"

"Hmm, so it is," he replied, carrying on his soft assault on my abs.

"Don't you think we ought to close it?"

"Expecting something, are we?"

"Well no… uh, well, I don't know, but that open door is making me pretty nervous all the same."

"I think it's kinda hot, you know, like knowing we might get caught?"

My body trembled as he lay kiss after kiss on my treasure trail. Soft wet kisses that were warm and meaningful.

"You’re shaking," he remarked. "Am I making you nervous?"

"N-n-n-no, I'm just feeling new things, that's all, it's really nice."

"Good, I don't know what I'm doing, this is all from movies, but I heard guys like their stomachs kissed."

"This guy does," I remarked, letting my head fall back.

"So anyway, Puppy as I was saying… whoa, my bad," cried Max. I looked up to see him standing in the doorway. The colour must have drained from my face as I threw Dave off of me, mortified.

"Sorry Max, shit… erm, we should have closed the door."

"Guys, it's fine, but yes, if you wanna do that kinda thing, it might be an idea to close the door."

"See, I told you." I chirped at Dave, who was trying hard not to giggle. I slapped his leg.

"Anyway, we can discuss Cindy later. I’ll leave you guys to it," Said a red-faced Max as he closed the door.

I was about to scold Dave for letting that happen, but his mouth clamped onto mine before I could speak, smothering me with another deep kiss. He got back on top of me and straddled my upper legs, once again running his hands up and down my torso. I could feel him tugging at the belt on my jeans, and the anticipation sent my senses to a whole new level. I tried to help him with it, but he bat my hands away before going back to work on my belt himself.

I felt pressure before he got the buckle out of its hole, and my jeans felt loose. Then I felt the button pop on them, signifying he had got them undone. My dick was about to burst as the slow, quiet sound of a zip being opened invaded my mind.

He was almost in my jeans!

Gently, he licked my swollen member through my boxers, and I yelped in ecstasy. "Fuck," he whispered.

I looked up. "What… what's wrong?"

Dave put one hand on his cheek and shook his head. "Steven wasn't wrong. You are fucking huge!"

"I think I need to take that as a compliment, right?"

Dave grinned. "You should take it as one, yes, but I sure don't think I ever could take it, full stop."

I giggled and lay my head back down. Dave went back to making a fuss of me, pulling my jeans down ever so slightly. A strange feeling then came over me, and I had to tense up to stop it. Dave noticed and stopped.

"Are you okay?"

I creased my forehead. "I… I think so. I'm just getting a feeling in my groin area, but I'm not touching myself."

Dave shrugged and carried on doing what he was doing. This time I watched him as my jeans, now down just below my hips, gave him access to pretty much all of my dick and balls. The only thing separating them from him was my boxers.

Dave looked to be savouring the moment here; he was in no rush to reveal what was underneath. I knew, of course, but he was like a kid a Christmas, a big smile on his face, wondering. He slowly ran his fingers under the waistband of my boxers, and the feeling came back again. It was making my dick twitch violently, and as he pulled on the band to reveal the head of my swollen dick,

Then it happened, weird! I tensed up, and a grunt escaped my mouth. Wad after wad of hot semen flew from the end of my cock, soaking my face, neck and sweater. It felt like it would never stop as I managed to eye Dave just sitting there holding my boxer waistband in amazement. Despite his weight on my legs, my ass was entirely off the bed now as an intense orgasm was almost finished ripping through me.

"Wha… what the fuck, I didn't even touch you," Dave whispered.

"You don't have to tell me," I said, wondering what had just happened.

"I'm impressed with that load, though, look at it, you flooded yourself," he remarked as a gloop fell from my eyebrow onto my chin.

I just laid there still in shock.

"That's never happened before. I’m not sure what that even was."

"I've heard of this, they call it a hands-free cum shot, but usually you have to have some stimulation to make that happen."

"Oh, don't worry, I got all the stimulation I needed. So now that you mention it, I can see why that happened." I sighed. "I feel bad now."

"Why?" Dave asked, raising a brow.

"Because I wanted our first time to be special, and I wanted us to cum together. Now look, I can't even keep myself from emptying everywhere, and you are still fully clothed."

"It isn't a big deal Jensen, if you enjoyed it, that's all I worry about."

"I didn't really have time to enjoy it, Dave. It was, onto over before you even got started. I should have listened to Steven."


"He said to have a wank before sex so I would last longer. I don't think I understood quite how excited I would be, and I didn't know this was going to happen, so I didn't."

Dave cracked up laughing at the seriousness of my tone, but it was true. I didn't know this was going to happen.

"Jensen, it's cool."

"Do… do you want me to-"

"No, listen, let’s just call this a practice run for our proper first time, and we'll start again, yeah?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Good, now we better get you cleaned up before Steven walks in."

"Yeah, this is all cold and went now."

"Yummy," Dave said, grinning at me soaked!




The night before my first day at school was a quiet affair. Steven, Dave and I were watching Terminator two on the TV in the bedroom. Steven was on his bed clipping his fingernails, much to our annoyance, and Dave and I were lying on my bed.

With my head relaxed on Dave's chest, he softly played with my ears as I lost myself in the contentment of the movie and the sound of his rhythmic heartbeat. I thought about this being yet another little piece of heaven as he gently made a fuss of me. It was so lovely to be in someone's arms. I was a person who craved tactile affection as I had gone without it for so long. When you don't have it, it's neither here nor there, but as soon as you do, it becomes like a drug, and you want more.

The way Dave treated me proved that to be the case, as I would find any excuse I could to make him touch or stroke him. Dave had a way of hypnotising you when he was affectionate. It was the unconscious way he would use his hands on me, gently playing with different parts of my body. Earlier in the movie, when we were still both upright, he lightly caressed my fingers and then locked his in mine. Most people would ignore this, but I didn't, loving how his mind was on the movie, but somewhere in his thoughts was me.

"You okay, babe?" He asked, kissing me on the head.

I nodded. "Yeah, a little thirsty. I was thinking of getting a drink. Would you like one?"

"Hmm, I would love a coke if you don't mind?"

"Sure Dave, no problem. Stevie, would you like a drink?"

"Horlicks, please," Steven replied monotone, still clipping away. Dave and I looked at each other and laughed.

"Horlicks? Mum drinks that for stress," I said, smirking at him. "Are you stressed, Steven?"

"Jensen, do I look like the sort of person who gets stressed? I just fancied a Horlicks, that's all. If it's too hard for you to make, then I'll have water instead. For the record, it has nothing to do with the fact I have an essay to hand in tomorrow either before you both start thinking."

"I hadn't even made the connection Ste, but thanks for revealing the real reason why you want a Horlicks," Dave said, giving Steven his own smirk.

Steven rolled his eyes. "If I knew I was going to get such a hard time over my choice of drink, I wouldn't have answered."

I got up from Dave and climbed onto Steven's bed, jokingly putting arms around him. "Awww, big teddy bear wants a hug because he's being picked on?"

"You have some balls," he said, trying to stay serious but failing. His disgusted look at me slowly turned into a grin before he pushed me away.

"I'll be back in a minute then," I said, relenting.

Downstairs, Mum was in the kitchen cleaning the oven when I walked in. She was wearing a pair of those bright yellow rubber gloves, and there were various chemicals scattered on the floor beside her.

"Hi Button, you guys okay up there?"

"Yeah, Mum, just getting a drink. Steven wants Horlicks apparently," I said, reaching for the cupboard containing the malt drink.

"Hmm, must be an essay day tomorrow then," She mused, flipping her bottom lip over.

"It is! How did you know?"

"He always drinks that stuff before an essay hand in… says it makes him relax. I say it's all in the mind, but whether it works or it's physiological, it still makes you nice and sleepy."

I placed the tub down and leaned on the worktop. Susan stopped scrubbing and looked up at me.

"Something on your mind?"

"I was just thinking," I said dreamily.

"Wanna give me a clue?"

"How would you feel if I was to invite Cindy round for dinner somehow one night?"

"I think that would be a lovely gesture, and it would give you guys a chance to catch up. I'm sure she would love to meet Dave and know you have a little romance going on."

"Hmm, true… I just wonder if Dave would like to meet her."

"Yes, there seems to be something in the male brain that makes you all jealous over the slightest things. But listen, if you want my advice? I would try and get Dave used to Cindy because if you don't,, you will lose a perfect friend. Not to take anything away from Dave, Puppy, because he really is an adorable boy, but as the old saying goes, love interests will come and go, but friends will always be there."

"So… so you're saying I should ditch Dave for Cindy?" I asked, wide eyed.

"Oh God no, you're getting me all wrong, Honey. What I'm saying is, you need to realise that Cindy has been a rock to you for many years, a close friend to confide in… a sister. Dave, on the other hand, you have only known a little while. So you just need to be mindful of that."

I looked at the floor and sighed. "Would it be terrible of me to say that if I had to lose contact with one of the other, I'd rather hang on to Dave?"

Susan gave a wry smile. "No Puppy, that would be human. Right now, Dave is new, shiny and interesting. I'm not saying he ever won't be, but your emotional attachment towards him might be clouding your real feelings. It's natural to want to spend every minute of the day with Dave and maybe push others to the side. We’ve all been there, Puppy, but just remember your friends, okay?"

"I think I get you. These feelings are all new to me and…."

"I know, which is why I'm having this little conversation with you. Don't be afraid to shower Dave with your attention and affection. It’s the natural course of how these things go, and you are not different to others despite what you might think. Just be there for Cindy if she wants you and give her the time you always have in the past."

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned round to see Steven patting into the kitchen.

"What are you doing, milling the wheat or something?"

"Sorry, Stevie, I got distracted."

"Mum, stop distracting him. I am dying of thirst here, and so is Dave."

Susan rolled her eyes and went back to scrubbing the oven while I put the kettle on and got out the Coke while I waited for it to boil.

"By the way, boys, all your uniforms are hanging up in the lounge. I have ironed them, so please don't just sling them somewhere when you take them up."

"Thanks, Mum," I said, pouring some Coke into two glasses.

"And I want you all in bed by eleven and sleep by half past. I don't want zombies wandering around my kitchen in the morning."

"Is that kettle boiled yet, Jensen? I can hear a whine coming from somewhere."

"Less of the cheek, young man! Unless you want to be picking up litter for a living when you leave school, you'll thank me for the discipline I have installed in you both."

"Mum, do we have to have this lecture? I'm sure Jensen here will get a good enough job to keep all of us with his Maths brain. I'm pretty certain we'll all be able to give up work for the rest of our lives."

Susan looked up at Steven and sighed. "An answer for everything you, Steven Chase."

I stood there watching, slightly amused. "Steven, why don't you go back upstairs? I’ll finish up here and bring your drink up," I offered, hearing the kettle flick off.

Steven did as I asked and left the kitchen, leaving me to mix up his drink and thank Mum for the chat earlier. I pulled out a small rectangular tray and placed the three glasses on before kissing her good night and heading back upstairs.




It was just coming up to eleven o'clock, and we all heard Max and Susan coming up the stairs, obviously heading for bed. All three of us had showered, ready for the morning and were laying in just our boxer shorts with the duvet pulled up to our knees. Steven was doing one last piece of revision using pen and paper while lying on his side. I was struggling to watch the last bit of Air crash investigation on Discovery, and Dave? Well, the reason I was struggling to finish the programme was because he has his hand down my boxers and was very stealthily running his thumb around the back of my head, making me ooze pre-cum out. As well as using the excess fluid to give his digit a smooth glide, it was also making me fidget with pleasure. I wanted to moan out loud but knew I couldn't.

I was helpless, he knew it, and I hated him for it. I guess I could have just slapped his hand away, but what he was doing was fucking awesome, and I didn't want to arouse suspicion in Steven as to what Dave had been up to… and still was.

I cleared my throat. "Uh, Dave, mind if I pull the duvet up a bit?"

Steven placed his pen down and looked over at us. "You two must think I came down on the last banana boat."

"Huh?" Dave and I said in unison.

"Don't huh me, I know what's going on. You have Jensen here, who has been watching people being killed on a plane but seemed to be wearing a face like someone would when they are about to blow their load. Now, unless you really get off on people being mangled up in place crashes Jensen, then I suspect there is more to this. Let's move on to Dave, who, I might add, has TOTALLY worn the wrong colour boxers if you are trying to hide wet patches. So the evidence there suggests whatever is going on is making him leak everywhere… look at you. You are fucking soaked down there," Steven pointed. Dave looked down and placed a hand over his crutch. "Can't you guys at least wait until I'm asleep before you start exchanging fluids?"

Dave pulled the duvet up over both of us and tried to get some blood to disappear from his face. I slowly pulled his hand out from underneath the waistband of my boxers and tried not to burst out laughing.

"Pathetic," Steven muttered, picking his pen and paper up, placing them on the floor. "I'm going to sleep now. If you two have sex, keep the noise down."

Dave and I waited about twenty minutes, both of us still awake until we were sure Steven had drifted off. We both knew something would happen tonight and didn't need to tell the other to stay awake. After all, we were unlikely to leave things in their current state, i.e. both of us leaking heavily.

Dave's lifted his head and leaned over to my ear. "Lay on your back," he whispered. Trying not to make the bed creak, I did as he asked and turned from my side over onto my back. Dave shifted up to the wall a little to allow me room and then went disappearing under the duvet out of sight.

I could feel him wrapping his fingers inside the waistband to my boxers before pulling them down to my knees. I was instantly rock hard in wonderment of what he was going to do to me.

"Are you okay?" he whispered again. "You're trembling."

"Yea… yeah fine, just a little excited, that's all."

"I'll take that as a good thing," was all he replied with before my mouth fell open and my eyes went wide.

He had just enveloped my cock head in his mouth!

He began running circle motions on it with his tongue, making me squirm in pleasure. My legs were flapping about involuntarily as the intensity of his actions caught me off guard. Finally, he took hold of my loose balls and firmly pulled down on them, pulling my foreskin tight back with his other hand. I think I almost came there and then but managed to suppress it somehow… although a whimper did escape my mouth.

Not giving up his relentless attack, he began to run his fingers up and down my inner thighs, ever so gently, while at the same time taking my shaft deep into his mouth. I felt him gag a few times as the end of my cock must have been touching the back of his throat.

I felt my balls tighten up as the pleasure of it all just got too much. "I think I'm gonna cum," I gasped out. But there was no thinking about it, as pulse after pulse of fluid jetted from my cock straight into his waiting mouth. Dave seemed to cough a few times, seemingly unable to catch all of it. I could feel a dribble of my essence running down my shaft and into my pubic region. But much to my surprise, he actually went around and mopped it all up with his soft lips. Yeah, he was actually cleaning me of spunk!

"Fuck, you taste nice," I heard him say as he continued to lick my cock, balls and the surrounding area. He then pulled the duvet back, revealing a red, hot and dripping-with-sweat smiling face.

"T-t-that… that was amazing!" I said, in a state of shock.

"Glad you liked it, big boy… man, that dick is a handful!"

"Here lay down, I'll sort you out."

"Nah, it’s ok. I’ll do it in the morning. So you get some sleep." He whispered.

I sighed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, keeping his voice down.

"Nothing, it's just, that's twice you have pleasured me, and when I offer to do you, you don't want me to. Is everything okay… I mean, are you worried I'm gonna be crap or something?"

Dave pulled my head towards his and kissed me on the lips. "Oh God, no, baby! I just..." He stopped and sighed himself.

"What? Talk to me."

"It’s… well, you are so well endowed in that department, I'm just feeling a little inferior, that's all. Ahh fuck, and now I've embarrassed myself by telling you that!"

"Don't be silly! So what you are telling me is that you are not as big as me, is that it?" I asked sincerely. Dave gently nodded and looked away from me.

"I know it shouldn't matter."

"And it doesn't. From what you and Steven have told me, I'm a little abnormal down there, so really, it should be me who has the complex. Look, Dave, I don't know what is supposed to be a normal size, but I sure as hell isn’t with you because of what your dick looks like. So whether it’s big, small or square, as long as I can use it to give you pleasure, then what the issue?"

"I know, I know," he replied. Dave looked at my hand before taking it in his and putting it down his boxers. His dick quickly came to attention, and I was now expecting it to be something very small after what he was saying. But, instead, I had a feel around, running my hand over his erect shaft and smooth balls before looking into his eyes.

"It feels okay," I said, shrugging.

"Really?" Dave whispered.

"Yeah, I don't know why you would be worried. It's a nice size," I replied, continuing to massage him down there.

Dave really had no reason to worry, and eventually, he let me take it out of his boxers to have a good look in the dim light of Steven's lamp. I would have said at a guess it was about six and a half inches long. Sure, it was smaller than mine, but nowhere near as small as he had led me to believe. He had a nice set of shaved low hanging nuts that sunk between his toned legs. He was simply adorable, one hundred per cent of him… now I had seen all of him.

I looked briefly in Steven's direction to make sure he was still asleep before I tried to mimic what Dave had done to me…

I took him in my mouth.

I did gag a few times, having never done this, but as Dave twitched about on the bed, I knew I must have been doing something right.

Dave seemed to have more control over his sexual drive as it did take him longer to cum than me, but in that time, he seemed to have produced a very healthy load, as, before long, I was gagging again as he spent himself into my mouth. I looked up at his face to see it contorted and straining, and I swear it was the hottest thing I ever saw. He almost looked in pain, but that was good to see, and I knew those expressions meant he was enjoying himself.

I let him come down from his orgasm before letting his cock drop from my mouth. With the complex he had now in the past, I felt he could relax and enjoy what I had done to him. I couldn't help feeling a little smug and proud of myself. I thought our first time would be a disaster… well, technically, our first, FIRST time was, but even this time, I was scared I would nip his foreskin with my teeth or not be able to make him cum, or something like that. Of course, I lacked experience with this, but I had to keep in mind that he did too. I guess I was just worried I was going to fuck it up.

Thankfully I didn't, and it was a good time had by all. I lay back down, and Dave put his arm around me. No sooner had I closed my eyes than I heard Steven's bed creak.

"Thank fuck for that. Maybe I can get some sleep now!" Steven said, turning over. "Yes, guys, I saw and heard everything. Good night!"

I could have sworn Dave almost vomited on hearing Steven speak, or maybe it was me.



Copyright © 2021 James Matthews; All Rights Reserved.
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I had to laugh at Steven at the end!  He lives up to his statement:  he likes to watch sex, period!  That he is totally accepting is great.  He has allowed Puppy to advance in his social growth.  I'm eager to find out the Watson situation!  Another great chapter!!

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Steven is definitely a horny teenager who's quite the voyeur but he's definitely helped Jensen come out of his shell. The Cindy mystery continues but we're getting bits and pieces to really keep the intrigue going. Great chapter again!

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