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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Puppy for Sale - 14. Obsessions

3 Days Later

"Steven! Will you stop kicking that ball against the house? You are going to break a window," Susan yelled from the kitchen as I walked through to grab a drink.

"I did break a window with my ball when I was at Greenstone. I heard it was expensive to replace." I said, looking out at Steven.

"He will; he’ll do it one day, I swear," she muttered. "And when he does, it is coming out of his allowance for the next ten years."

I poured a glass of orange juice from the fridge and took a seat at the kitchen table. "Looks cold out there," I groaned.

"Puppy, if you don't tell me what's up with you, I swear I am going to smother you with a pillow," Susan said, smirking.

"Saturday! It’s taking far too long to come round... and Dave has not replied to my latest text."

"Well, when did you send it?"

"About ten minutes ago," I replied, rechecking my phone! Susan gave me an over the glasses look.

"Ten minutes and you're freaking out? Hmm, it sounds like you have it bad, and the only cure for that is a big fat Pizza from Dominos!"

"Wow! I'm in deffo!"

Susan laughed. "See, that pricked your ears up."

"You bet!"

"Well, your father is working late tonight, and I need to do some food shopping. So, you cheer up and go call Steven in... two more days Puppy, just two more days," she said, patting me on the shoulder and walking out of the kitchen.

It had been a funny old week so far, but it had come with some good events. Firstly, I was now the proud wearer of two shoes after having my bandage reduced to a large plaster. The Nurse was pleased with the healing on my foot and told me I could start wearing sneakers again, but no hard shoes. I was already beginning to experience less pain as time went on, but after having that dressing changed to a plaster and some new numbing agent, the pain was almost gone. I no longer had to take painkillers AND, I ditched the crutches, which pleased me.

Secondly, I had a chance to visit my new school and get fitted for my uniform. I was taken around the building with Susan and met some of the teachers during lunchtime. The Headmaster was a quiet man called James Watt, which I found amusing. He was very welcoming, and he promised me massive support after hearing about my past. It was good to know I was going to a place where I would be able to learn in a proper environment finally. The school facilities were excellent, just liked I had seen on TV at Greenstone. Well, not that school, but all the same, it looked amazing. At the end of our meeting, I was asked if I had any questions, to which I replied, one.

Who was my Maths teacher going to be!



"That was heaven I said, leaning back on my seat and rubbing my belly."

"Yeah, thanks, Mum," Steven added, throwing the last crust of his pizza into the box.

"You're welcome, boys, now; which one of you is going to do the washing up?"

"Ha-ha, your jokes get funnier every day, Mum! C'mon Jensen, let's leave Mum to talk to herself. She enjoys doing that."

"I've got used to it over the years; you and your father rarely listen anyway," was the reply as we both got up from our seats. Susan packed up the three pizza boxes and placed them in the trash bin just outside the back door, and I followed Steven out into the hallway and upstairs.

"Why are you so eager to get upstairs?" I asked as he rushed into the bedroom.

"I'm not," Steven replied, closing the door. "But sit down; I have a surprise... wanna go out somewhere?"

"Go out? Where... and what's this surprise?"

"The park, and it's a surprise... so do ya?"

"What, just you and me, go out?"

"Well, your foot is better... almost, and you can walk like a normal person now, so why not?"

"You're making me suspicious."

"Look, bonehead, Mum said you have been moping around all day. This will get you out of the house and get some fresh air in your lungs."

"Since when have you liked fresh air?"

"Look, do you wanna go or not... you better say because we'll have to be back by nine, I'm guessing Mum will say, and that leaves us about two and a bit hours."

"Okay, whatever you say, but I wanna know what this surprise is, and fast!"

"Quit whining and get some shoes on."

I sighed and did as he asked. Steven threw my coat at me while unhooking his own from the bedroom door. "Mum?" He called as we walked down the stairs.

"Yes, Honey?"

"I'm going to the small park with Jensen, is that okay?"

"Make sure it is the small one, I don't want you going near that forest, and you stay away from Cutters Farm, you hear me?"

"Mum, if I said the small park, then that's where we are going. Otherwise, I would have said we are going to the Big park or Cutters Farm,"

"An answer for everything... just be back by eight-thirty. It’s a school night."


Susan blew air through her lips and looked at the ceiling. "Eight forty five then, and a minute later, you are grounded for twenty years and no TV for ten."

"Nine thirty it is then," he said, smirking.

"Don't push me, Steven Chase!"

Steven laughed. "C'mon, Puppy dawg, let's go."

As we exited the house, a chill hit, making me shudder. "Why did you say nine thirty when she originally said eight thirty?" I asked, pulling my coat zip up as far as it would go. Steven rolled his eyes.

"Jensen, with parents, you gotta learn the art of haggling. When it comes to time, they always put a low bid in, where as we kids put a high bid in. The result?"


"Both parties end up where they thought. Mum knew eight thirty was too early. I saw through it immediately; you’ve got to check the eyes and body language out. Once you see that, you go in for the kill and raise the bar high."

"Like nine thirty?"

"Exactly, and what's the result?"


"There, see you're learning. The art of it is to make them feel like they are generous, butter them up with a few nice comments and jokes, and they give in."

"So what would Dad have said?"

"Home by eleven, and don't let your mother see you come in."

"Oh... hmm, now I'm confused."

"Quite easy for you."

Steven pushed open the spring gates that led into the park. It was now freezing, and I wondered what the hell we were doing here. A set of old swings creaked in the breeze, and I could see the outline of a slide off in the distance.

This place was dark!

"Are you sure we should be here? It’s pretty creepy."

"Relax, there are no such things as monsters, despite what that hooky house of horrors you lived in told you."

"I preferred kid prison," I remarked.

"Whatever... shush, look over there," he said, stopping and pointing.

"Don't say that. I don't want to look. What is it?" I hissed.

Over in the distance, I could see a small light flashing every so often. Steven seemed calm as if he was expecting it. "C'mon, it's only Billy."

"Billy?" I repeated.

"Yeah, I arranged to meet him here; this is where the surprise is."

"Billy is the surprise? But... but I already met him, and I happen to like Dave."

"Not that sort of surprise, Idiot. Just follow me."

We walked towards the flashing light, which had now ceased. I could see the outline of a big-boned person standing near a bench.

"What took you so long? I almost went back home."

"Sorry Bill, I was having trouble convincing the plebe to come out the door.

"Oh, well, you're here now... and hey Jensen, good to see you up and about again."

"Thank you, Billy, yes almost all mended now," I replied, lifting a hand to greet him.

"So, did you get some?" Steven asked, rubbing his hands together

"Yeah, but only a little bit. I don't want my brother noticing any has gone."

"What is this... some?" I asked, curious.

"This, Puppy dawg, is the surprise."

One for you, one for Jensen and one for me," Billy chanted, placing what looked like a poorly made cigarette in my hand.

"What is it?" I asked, smelling the pungent aroma emanating from the small stick."

"This is the humble spliff, Jensen," Billy announced.

"Spliff?" I repeated.

"It's weed, Jensen. You smoke it."

"Whoa, erm, I don't think I wanna do weed plant," I said, offering my spliff back to Billy.

"Weed plant... what's he on about?"

"That's what it's called right, I mean, that's what Doctor Listern called it."

"Are you sure that's what he called it?" Billy asked.

"Jensen, it’s fine, it’s good for you... ask any Doctor."

"Good for what?" I demanded.

"Erm... Arthritis!" Steven replied.

"But I don't have Arthritis," I declared.

"Well, if you did, you won't feel it after this," Billy added, both of them bursting out laughing.

"But... but what If I get hooked on Heroin?"

"WHAT?!" Steven barked. "Jensen lay off the TV. It’s just a bit of weed."




I shook my head as Billy slowly passed me a lighter.

"Hmm, hehe, Okay, I dare you to say the word DISH and keep a straight face," Steven said to Billy as we sat three abreast on the wooden bench.

"Okay, okay, okay, let me have a second. DISAAAAhahaha," Billy cried, tears running down his face, in fits of laughter. Steven was also cracking up, and I sat there lightly giggling but didn't know why.

"Okay, okay, Jensen, your turn," Steven stated, turning to face me.

"What, what have I gotta say," I said, starting to laugh more.

"You got to say...erm, okay. You got to say m-m-oustache."

"Hmm, okay... but I can feel myself feeling giggly before I even said it. Okay, shut up, Jensen, let's do this!" I commanded myself, shaking out my fists. "Mou...haha... Moust... hahahahahahhehehe, I'm...I'm sorry I can't. Oh my god, why is that so damn funny.

"I think it's the stars?" Billy said, randomly, looking up.

"The stars?" I asked, all of us suddenly serious.

"Yeah, like, all that dust, you know? All that dust that comes from those stars don't you think it's gotta affect us?"

"Wait, you have a GREAT point there, Billy. What if something is out there like that sorta dust you're on about, and that's what makes us feel different emotions." Steven added.

I looked at them both." Guys, it's not the dust, damn it. I think it's the pull of the moon."

"Jensen?" Steven said, leaning into me.

"No, wait, I have a theory here." I said, pointing up.

"Go on then, let’s hear it," Billy demanded, leaning forward and looking at me.

"Well, it's like those ware wolves, isn't it? Like they come out on a full moon and do all that howling and stuff, and"

"Wait a minute here, Jensen, bro... ware wolves?"

"Yeah, you gotta let me finish, or it won't make sense, Steven."

"Let him finish, Stevie. I wanna hear this. It might be important."

"Thanks, Billy... yeah, so the full moon makes ware wolves come out and act all weird, yeah? Well, they start as people, but then, when it's a full moon, they all start turning into these..."

"Ware wolves?"

"Exactly, and they get all mean and come after people, and they're like grrrr, and eating people up and shit like that."

"Jensen?" Steven asked, grabbing my face in his hands.

"Yeah, Stevie?"

"I love you with all my heart, but... but what the FUCK are you talking about?"

I thought about his question. "Erm, I don't remember." Steven burst out laughing before taking another long puff on his spliff, closing one eye.

"He was talking about stardust and funny shit," Billy piped up.

"No...no no, no, that was you. I wanna know how we got on to ware wolves?"

"Hmm, well, I think I was saying... it don't matter. Hey, I think I'm gonna be sick," I declared, getting up from the seat and lunging forward.

"Yay, Jensen's having a whitey!" Billy cried.

"Hey Bill, be quiet. It’s his first time. I remember what you were like." Steven said, getting up and approaching me. "You okay?"

"Yeah, think so. I just suddenly felt queasy."

"It's just the weed Puppy dawg. It will wear off. Come sit down and tell us more about this full moon shit." Steven put his arm around me as I shivered slightly in the cold air of the night.

"Oh yeah... okay, wait a minute, I remember what I was gonna say now."


As we approached the house at just before nine, I was almost asleep on my feet. My whole body felt like jelly, and I was slurring my words. Before pulling out his key, Steven took a bottle of spray from his inside coat pocket and coated me in some, causing me to stagger back.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

"We both smell like a weed factory," Steven whispered. "You want Mum to smell that? Look, when we get inside, we just say hi and go straight upstairs. You get in the shower and pass me your clothes, and I'll dust them with some deodoriser and put them in the wash tomorrow morning."

"Whatever you say, Steven, can we just get in? I’m freezing."

Steven put his key in the door and paused for a moment before walking in. I followed him and headed for the stairs.

"Hi boys, did you have a nice time?" Susan called from the lounge.

"Hi Mum, yeah, was good," Steven replied. He left it at that and shoved me up the stairs faster than my legs would take me, leading me to stumble.

"Is everything okay out there?" Max called.

"Uh... yeah, fine Dad, Jensen just tripped, that's all."

I went into the bathroom with Steven hot on my heels and started to undress, turning the shower on. Steven locked the door and sat down on the toilet seat.

"Man, you look fucked... serious case of the red-eye there."

"And you still look sexy, wanna jerk me off, I'm horny."

"Not tonight Jensen, I'm washing my hair," he smirked. "Is Puppy Dawg still stoned?"

I giggled. "I guess!"

I got under the warm water and got to washing myself. Steven started to gather up all my clothes before opening the door and rushing to the bedroom. He brought a large towel back in which I found strange, seeing as the bathroom was full of them.

"Here, use this one when you get out, just in case you still smell of it," he said, putting the towel on the floor.

"I do know how to wash, you know," I replied, insulted.

"You'd be surprised how much that stuff can linger, and you do not want Mum or Dad finding out what we did tonight."

"Do you smoke that stuff often?"

"Only now and again when Billy can steal a small amount out of his brother's bag. That usually only happens when he's just got it cos there is quite a lot, and he won't notice. So, maybe once or twice every two months, some times longer. I just wanted you to try it once. Even if you never have it again, at least you can say you tried it."

"It was a strange experience," I mused, massaging shampoo into my hair, my eyes clamped shut.

"Strange as in good, or?"

"Well, I did feel sick for a few minutes, but then that passed. It was nice to laugh at nothing though, does that always happen?"

"Feeling sick or laughing?"


"Meh, Billy spewed up the first time he smoked it. I didn't feel sick at all. I think it affects people in different ways. As for the laughing, that's the whole point of doing it, to just act crazy for an hour or so. Just as long as you don't turn into what's known as a pothead."

"A pothead?"

"Yeah, they're the people who smoke it to feel normal. They don't get the same feeling out of it anymore because they have smoked so much."

"Is...is that why people get on to Heroin?"

"That's twice you mentioned that stuff. You seem worried about getting hooked on Heroin. Why is that?"

I turned off the shower and stood there naked, which Steven was now immune to. "It was a story... or experience Doctor Listern told me when I was at Greenstone," I said, bending down and picking up my towel before buffing my hair with it.

"That mad Doctor who drugged you?"

"If you want to call him that, then yeah, that's the one."

"What story did he tell you?"

"His son, who smoked weed with his friends, ended up being found dead at a railway depot because he had overdosed on Heroin. Doctor Listern says he started on weed plant first, and then it got worse."

Steven sighed. "Jensen, you smoked your first joint tonight. You are not addicted, and you don't even have to smoke it again. So the chances of you getting hooked on hard drugs are very slim, and besides, I would never let that happen to you."

"I know, I'm being stupid, aren't I? But that story affected me. It did. That poor boy had everything, and he threw it all away."

"Well, from what I hear, you tend to get like that because of the people you hang around with. All my friends are safe; they are not into class A drugs, I'm not, and you won't be either. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't mention this to Dave, about our trip, I mean."

"Why not?"

"Dave is very anti-drugs, even weed. So if that little sunshine dream in your head has any chance of coming true, then keep tonight's outing to yourself."

I flipped my bottom lip over. "Okay."



"Can you believe that?" I blurted, causing Steven to snap his attention away from the TV.


"Dave has texted me saying he has deliberately stayed away from here just to see how much I miss him."

"Awww, isn't that sweet," Steven said, rolling his eyes. "That's true, actually, though."


"Yeah, he said he wanted Saturday night to be like your first proper meeting. So I just listened until I got bored. But if it makes you feel better, he is missing you."


"Do you have to keep saying that?"

"Sorry, it just makes me all warm inside knowing that."

"Jesus, what Pandora's box have I opened now." Steven turned back to the TV and continued watching the screen.

"Oh shut up, just because you don't have anyone."

"I don't want anyone; everyone wants me, remember that!"

"Yeah, so you say. Anyway, what happened to that girl you really liked?"

"What girl?"

"That girl you said you wanted to go out with, but she was seeing that other boy who was involved with school sports and was very attractive."

"Oh her... old news, she's still with him, and I don't blame her. He probably has a big dick."

"Well, you are not so bad in that department from what I have seen."

"Maybe, but with big dick has to come big wallet, and I ain’t got both."

"Naa, you just have lots of money," I smirked. Steven stuck his tongue out at me and went back to watching TV again.

It was approaching eleven, and my second wind was now waning severely. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness as our TV rambled on in the background, and I couldn't wait to just fall asleep. In the end, I gave in and said good night to Steven, turning onto my side. He grunted and carried on watching some lame movie, and I went deep into my thoughts for a while. I was happy, though, because, by tomorrow morning, there would be just one day left until I could see Dave.

Now that WAS worth waiting for.


What is it to be a Dave? Do they know they are extremely attractive, or does it pass them by? It was a question I asked myself again and again as I stared at the selfie I had been sent a few minutes ago, with a caption that said, 'not long to wait now. It could have almost come across as vain, but that just wasn't Dave. I knew what the message meant. He meant it in a way that explained why he had stayed away all this week.

He wanted our Saturday to be special, and so did I.

I sat looking at the teen section of Susan's clothing catalogue, trying to see if any of the boys featuring were as good looking as Dave. I don't know why. Maybe I was just trying to suppress my addiction to a boy I saw as God in the looks department. There must be other Dave's out there. I mean, these people in this catalogue were selected for their good looks and clean-cut smiles, right? RIGHT?

But they just didn't compare.

I sighed as I got to the underwear section, seeing that nothing even stirred my groin area half as much as a four second thought about what was under Dave's exterior. Stupid, really, because I didn't know. All I had was Steven's description, which was void of any detail.

I knew Dave was quite slim built, so I knew there would not be bulging muscles busting out of his shirt when it came off, but I didn't want that anyway. What I wanted was smooth and toned because that's how I saw myself above the waist.

I felt guilty for thinking about the sexual parts of Dave all the time when he had such a fantastic personality. That's what drew me to him as well, his charming, smooth sounding voice, posh and very... Queen's English. It was like he grew up in a stately home or something... someone you might see on an antique roadshow. The way his eyes would narrow when he was thinking was a treat, and it was so hard not to connect a part of his personality with some cute and sexy facial expression.

"Find anything you like?" Susan said, pulling the vacuum into the lounge.

"Not really."

"Why, because they have clothes on?" Susan remarked, seeing I was still on the underwear page. I immediately went red as a beetroot and slammed shut the catalogue. "Oh, don't mind me. When I was a girl, I used to always look at the boys in my Mum's Great Universal catalogue."

"I... I wasn't. I mean, I was just..."

"Cat got your tongue?" She said, the side of her mouth forming a grin.

"Mum... Susan, what's it like to fall in love? I mean, what does it feel like?"

Susan let go of the Vacuum cleaner and took a seat next to me. "It's a topic man has thought about and discussed for centuries Puppy, even a millennia." She sighed. "I don't think love is something you can give someone advice on Puppy. I think that when it happens, you'll know. But, what I will say is, don't get confused between love and lust."

"What's the difference?"

"I might be wrong, but I think lust is purely a physical emotion, but love? Now that goes way deeper and has many dimensions. Are we talking about Dave here?"

"Am I that obvious?"

"Well, your behaviour this week has been similar to a cat that's lost its kitten."

"I just miss him, and I know what you're thinking, that's crazy, I know."

"Hey, I'm not going to judge you, and I never have."

"Well, I would think it's crazy if I were you," I said, dropping my head slightly.

"Puppy, I understand that these feelings are all new to you. I can't be inside your head and know exactly how you feel, but I do know, even for most boys your age, it's a difficult time. Add that with your rather unique background. Well, it must be very strange and overwhelming."

"I just wish I knew where to put myself. Does that make sense?"

Susan thought for a moment. I think I had just zoned her out, as Steven would say. "If I'm honest, no, not exactly." 

"Well, it’s kinda like when you have a stomach ache, you don't know what way to lay down... like on your back, front or side."

"Okay, I think I'm getting you."

"Yeah, like my 'self' is a large rock I'm carrying around in a round room. I know I wanna place it down somewhere, but because the room is round, I don't know where."

"Yeah, that explains it a bit better. So what you are saying is your soul feels restless?"

"EXACTLY!" I yelled, excited she found the words I couldn't.

"We all get like that from time to time, like have you ever had enough to drink and enough to eat, but your body is saying you lack something, like a niggling lack of contentment?"

"No," I laughed, wondering how that related to anything. I think Susan suddenly wondered that too.

She placed a hand on my leg. "As Steven says, Puppy... much to my displeasure, sometimes, you just gotta let it all hang out. In certain situations that's true. The best people are those who embrace their feelings and face them head on. Don't ever be scared of who you are or how you feel because there is never just a simple set of rules. Remember that."

I smiled. "Thanks, Susan. Would you like me to vacuum for you?"

"No, but you can feed the chickens if you like. That would be helpful."

"Don't you trust that I'd get all the bits?"

"Puppy, I learnt a long, long time ago that giving a vacuum cleaner to a man is like letting a woman do an oil change. It's usually cleaner before they do it."

"I don't understand what you are talking about, so I am just going to leave the room quietly and hope you don't notice."

Susan folded her arms and looked at me. "God, little man, look how far you have come. I always thought you would get cheeky before you came out to me. It seems I was wrong." She said with a wink. I grinned and left the room, destination, chicken city.


"Mum, I'm home. What’s for dinner," I heard Steven call, getting in from school. I was in the bedroom just getting a quick jack-off done before I heard him coming up the stairs. I had felt horny most of the afternoon, but with Susan running around all over the house with that noisy vacuum cleaner and a duster, I never knew if, and when, she might burst into the bedroom.

I wrapped the small hand towel I had used for my deposit up into a ball and quickly shoved it under my bed just as Steven waltzed in. He stopped just before reaching his bed and turned around, eyeing me.

"I smell fresh spunk, and your face is red... been working out, have we?"

"Might have; what’s it to you?" I said defensively.

"Well, as long as none of it came near my sheets, I don't want the thought of laying in your dead tadpoles when I am just trying to nod off."

"Ha fucking ha, so how was school? Did you see Dave?"

"Nope, and please stop asking every day."

"Hang on, what do you mean no... why not, where was he?"

"Fuck, look at you. You’re like some hysterical budgie."

"Well?" I pressed, as he started emptying his bag for the week as if forgetting what I asked.

"I don't know Jensen, and that's the truth. No one has seen him today. Maybe he's ill."

"Ill? Steven, he's your friend, and he can't be ill, he texted me."

"Then you know more than me," Steven replied, taking off his tie. "And like you say, I'm his friend, not his babysitter; I don't have a tracking device on him."

"I'm gonna text him. I don't know why he didn't tell me he wasn't at school."

"Give me that phone!" Steven Barked. "Give me that phone and sit the fuck down."

I went rigid and did as I was told, passing him the phone. "What's wrong?"

"Sit!" he commanded. Again, I complied. "You have GOT to stop this."

"Stop what?"

"THIS! Jensen, you are becoming too possessive and too full on. Honestly, this week, I don't know whether I have been living with Jensen Stibbings or Kathy fucking Bates. If Dave ever got wind of how you have been acting, he would run a mile. You are not his keeper, nor am I. We don't need to know why, or when he is not at school, that's his business. If he wants to tell us, then he can, but you know how things are with his family right now, and I'm telling you to think about how you are acting before you fuck this up."

It was a sobering moment of reality. I felt angry at his tone and statement for a second before realising he was right. "Have I really been that bad?"

And who is Kathy Bates?

"Worse! Just... just chill out. For example, Dave might be off school because his mother is acting up. How would you feel if that was the case and someone bombarded you with calls and texts asking you where you were. If he has told you anything about his home life, you would know that Dave being off school is not unusual."

"I'm... I'm sorry, I just didn't think."

"Don't apologise. Just turn down the heat a bit."I eyed Steven's shoulders relax a little, his face soften. "Look, I didn't want all that to come out the way it did, but you have been pining all week, and it's doing my brain in."

"Okay, I'm not gonna talk about it anymore, and I won't text him."

Steven sighed. "Jensen, text him all you want, just don't demand to know where he is, is all I'm saying. You don't need to switch off completely."

"Its... it's just doing my head in too."

"I know, I can see that, but why?"

"I don't know. I was trying to explain this to Mum earlier this morning when you were at school. I just feel restless about him."

"Do you think he's not gonna turn up or something?"

"Yeah, that, and more, It’s everything over nothing. I can see that when I stop and think, but then when I let myself go, it all gets out of control."

"He'll be here. He’s reliable, okay?"

"Is he? What about school?"

"That's different. He sometimes needs time off because of his mother."

"And what if that happens tomorrow night?"

"There you go again," Steven laughed out of probable frustration at me. "Look, I know Dave has been looking forward to meeting with you, and I think if there were a chance he was going to let you down, he would have seen it coming by now. Just trust him, He'll come through."

"I hope so," I muttered, more to myself.

"Anyway, I have news. That’s if you deem anything non-Dave related as news?"

"Very funny. So what is it?"

"I think I might have a new girlfriend."

"You think?"

"Well, she wants to meet up with me. It’s more than I expected."


"Well, at lunch, she dropped a plate, and I helped her clear it up before the Janitor got round to it, and she said thanks and stuff. So anyway, she looked quite pretty, so I asked her if she wanted to sit with me."

"At lunch?"


"And did she?"

"Yeah, and then I asked her if she would consider having lunch with me on Monday."

"And will she?"

"She said yeah."

"So... sorry, am I missing something? What else happened?"

"That's it," he said confidently.

"Oh... so she's gonna have lunch with you, and you think that means she wants to go out with you?"

"Well, if she didn't, why would she be having lunch with me next week?"

"Jesus, and you say I move too fast! Maybeeeee, she was just being friendly... what's her name anyway?"

Steven shrugged. "I dunno."

I rolled my eyes. "So you are going to have lunch with a girl from school you don't know and whose name you don't either."

"Life is full of mystery Jensen... and anyway, what makes you the sudden expert?"

"You don't need to be an expert to know how ludicrous that sounds. I may have been brought up in the kid prison, but even I know that to have any connection with someone, you usually have to know their name."

"Meh, watch this space, and look at it this way, even if I just get a fuck out of it. It’s more than what I've had lately."

"You are more shallow than I realised. That girl has feelings, you know."

"Yeah, and? You never know, that's all she might want out of me... now who do you feel sorry for?"

"Still her, she doesn't know what she's in for, whatever she wants.





An unexpected storm had rolled in by early evening, with wind and rain battering the house as Steven and I sat chatting in our bedroom. I got up off my bed, walked over to his computer desk, and looked out of the window.

"Jesus, it's awful out there; where did that come from," I asked, eyeing the trees outside, struggling to cope with the onslaught.

"Yeah, big storm, are you scared?"

"Not really, just haven't seen this kind of wind before."

"Dad will love it. If anything comes down, it's good for business. Every fallen tree is a new pair of sneakers for us," He said, grinning.

I was just about to head out to the bathroom when the lights flickered before ultimately going out, plunging the house into darkness.

"Oh, for fuck sake, I was in the middle of my fucking essay there. Thanks a lot, Nature," Steven barked.


"Yeah, Mum, we know, power cut," I called.

"Are you okay up there?"

"Yeah," Steven added sarcastically.

"I need a pee," I remarked, adjusting my eyes to the new lack of light.

"Don't piss over the seat; I might need to go number two in a little while."

"Yeah, thanks for that info."

Susan met me on the landing holding a torch just before I entered the bathroom. "Here, you might need this," she suggested, handing me the light.

I smiled and closed the door, holding the small torch in my mouth as I emptied my bladder. Just then, a huge bright light flashed inside the room, followed by a crash of thunder. It felt like the whole storm was over our house.

"Fuck!" I muttered, jumping. The sudden jolt had disturbed my stream of piss, making some of it wet the flooring. I got some toilet paper down on my hands and knees and wiped up what I could see. "So much for not pissing on the seat," I said to myself, flushing.

Back in the bedroom, Mum was sitting on my bed talking to Steven, who had found a few camping candles under his bed, I saw.

"Is it okay if I light these?"

"Just make sure you put them on something non-flammable," Susan replied.

"I hope Max is okay," I remarked, sitting down next to her.

"He should be home soon. Traffic is probably bad as everyone has to slow down. By the way, It might have to be sandwiches tonight, boys, seeing as the lamb joint I was cooking has... well, stopped cooking.

"It might come back on soon," Steven said, lighting the last candle. There were four altogether, and it was amazing how much light they generated. "By the way, Jensen, Mum doesn't like thunder. That’s why she is hiding in here with us," he added, grinning at her.

"Oh hush... okay, I admit it, I don't and never have. There is something very odd about thunder."

"It can't hurt you."

"Yes, I know that Steven, I just don't like the sound it makes."

"I think it's cool," I remarked. "But it sucks we have no electricity."

"Susan, boys, I'm home. Is everyone okay?"

"Hi Max, we're up here," Susan called back down to him. I heard Max coming up the stairs before he entered our room.

"Why are you all cooped up in here?" he asked, frowning.

"Oh honey, look at you, you soaked, and it's all dripping on the carpet, get that coat off and put it in the bath."

"We're in here because Mum is scared, and I have the candles," Steven said, smirking. Max grinned and left. I assumed to carry out Susan's instructions.

"It's a sorry old evening out there," Max hollered from the bathroom. "I drove past two accidents on the way home; people just don't know how to drive in wet weather, I swear. A few trees down as well, including a branch of that huge oak on the corner of Teller Street."

"Wow, do you think you'll get much work out of it," Susan answered back. Max appeared back in our room, drying his hair with a towel.

"Dunno yet. I will speak to Colin at the council and see if he wants to put anything my way. But to be honest, I'm still busy enough anyway, and the two other guys are flat out down at Cedar Park."

"Hmm, well, don't burn yourself out. Oh, I was just saying to the boys, Max, we might be having cold sandwiches tonight, as the oven is dead."

"I can pull the generator off the van, but I don't think it will power more than the oven and a few lights."

"Dinner that important, is it, Dad?"

"It certainly helps, Steven. So anyway, I'll go get it and see how much it will take."

"Damn, I thought I had got out of cooking then," Susan chirped before giggling.


It was now getting on for nine in the evening, and dinner had indeed consisted of sandwiches after the oven was found to put too much strain on Max's small tool generator. It was, however, powering some lights and the TV downstairs. So Steven and I had to make do with either our TV or Steven's PC, Max telling us we couldn't have both. But, on the other hand, since I knew he had a school essay to get done for Monday, I was happy to go without any entertainment for one night in our bedroom.

Well, for the first five minutes anyway.

The rain was not easing up, and the backyard looked utterly sodden. I worried about the chickens, trying to look down at the end of the garden. However, everything appeared intact, which meant at least they were dry, if a little scared, I imagined.

"Will you sit down? You. I am making me nervous, not to mention putting me off this shitty fucking homework I have to complete."

"Sorry, just a bit bored?"

"Go have a wank, or something."

"I already did that, remember?" I giggled shyly. Steven rolled his eyes.

'Ding Dong'

Steven and I looked at each other. "Who is that? It’s pretty late?" I asked.

"Probably a neighbour. Perhaps they're wondering why our power is on."

I wandered out to the hallway landing and looked over the railing. I couldn't quite see the front door, but I did see Max approach and open it.

"Hey fella, oh my God, what's wrong?" he asked, shock in his tone to whoever it was. I stood there silently, intrigued.

"C-c-can I come in?" The familiar voice asked, obviously emotional.


"You don't have to ask... where is your key?"

"I... I left it at home. Mum took off with my brother with some guy. I don't know where she has gone, and she told me to sort myself out something to eat. We... we have no power, and there is nothing in the cupboards."

I put my hand up to my mouth as I heard him crying, my body lurching with its own emotion. Steven came out into the hallway and stood next to me.

"So who is it, douche bag?"

"It's Dave; he sounds in a bad way," I whispered.


"Yeah... I'm frightened to go down; I don't know what to say to him."

We both saw Dave come through the hallway downstairs. He had a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder and his raincoat on. The hood was covering his face, so he didn't see us standing there, but Max did. Max stopped and gave us sign language to stay upstairs for a while, mouthing words that I made out to be, give me a few minutes with him.

Steven tugged at my arm to come back into the bedroom. He could see I was distressed by what I had seen. I allowed myself to be pulled back into the room, still staring out at the spot where Max had been. Steven closed our door.

"Look, don't worry. This is how it used to be all the time. It looks like his Mum is back on the bottle again. You get used to it."

"But he looks so upset."

"Yeah, he is. He's probably tired and hungry. When his Mum gets drunk, she is a pretty useless mother. Sometimes Dave has to cook for him and his little brother she is so out of it."

"I'm surprised they never ended up somewhere like Greenstone, you know."

"I think if Dave was a little younger, they might have done, either that or in care. But Dave takes a lot on and manages things. He feels that as long as he can cope with looking after his brother when she gets in a state, there is no need to do anything about it. I think tonight, though, things have got to him. It happens now and again."

"I really wanna go down there, Steven."

"Me too, but you heard what Dad said. I'm sure he will let us know when a good time is. He’ll probably get fed first. As I said, you will get used to this. I think Mum and Dad like to talk to him first to get him to calm down before they let me get involved."

"I wonder why?" I said, managing to smile, surprising myself. Steven playfully punched me on the arm.



About forty minutes had passed when I finally heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Steven had gone back to his essay as if it was a regular evening, and I was going frantic like it was the most abnormal evening.

There was an ever so gentle knock on our door before it opened. Dave appeared looking tired, but he did seem happier. Me? Well, I was standing in the middle of the room looking like some idiot, almost climbing the walls with worry.

"Hi," I said, gently smiling.

"Room for one more tonight?" Dave asked, his bag in hand.

"More the merrier, Dave, come on in," Steven responded.

"Sorry to barge in on you guys. I do plan to sleep downstairs... and Jensen, this is not how I wanted our first night together to start. I feel gutted."

"Hey, no worries," Steven spoke for me.

"It’s fine, Dave. Is everything okay?" I asked, feeling immediately stupid asking, as he came fully into the room and sat on the edge of Steven's bed.

"A bit of a mess, but hey, that's my life occasionally."

I went over to hug him, but he stopped me. "Don't do that, not yet, or I'll start crying again. Just please don't be nice to me."

I backed up, wondering why someone in his state would not want kindness.

"You, um... you don't have to sleep downstairs, not if you don't want to," I offered sheepishly.

"Somehow, Jensen, I don't think Dave will be in the mood for a fuck tonight."

"STEVEN!" I whipped around and hissed. Steven just chuckled away to himself. But it did cause Dave to smile, so I let it drop.

"So, um, it looks like your power is out too?"

"Yeah, Dave, good spot. Any other observations you think we ought to know?"

I was getting annoyed with Steven. After what Dave had been through tonight, I wondered why he was being so... normal with him. A little bit of sympathy wouldn't have gone amiss, seeing as the poor guy had been crying a little under an hour ago.

Steven headed to the bathroom, leaving me alone with Dave.

"I missed you," I uttered, unsure if that was a good thing to say.

"Yeah, me too. I really didn't want you to see me like this."

"It's really okay. I’ve had a tough time myself. As you know, I totally get it."

"Perhaps, but it's still a little embarrassing."

"You wanna talk about it?"

Dave sighed. "The question should be, do you want to hear about it?




The rain continued to beat down against the window as Dave, Steven and I sat on our beds in relative silence. I think we were each waiting for the other to say something. But in turn each of us didn't know what to talk about due to the situation concerning Dave.

The candlelight gave the room a gentle campfire atmosphere as I watched our shadows dance on the ceiling in a soft yellow hue. Despite the weather outside, something was calming about the room, which I was glad for. It seemed Dave needed calm right now.

"So, what happened tonight?" I asked Dave, my mouth speaking out of nervousness because my brain wanted the silence to end.

Steven lay down on his side and propped himself up on his elbow as if settling in for a good story.

Dave shook his head, looking at Steven. "You'll get fed up of hearing about this."

"It's okay, mate, you can tell Jensen," Steven replied. Dave looked back at me and sighed.

"Well, you know the background? Don't you?"

"About your Mum, Dad and stuff? Yeah, but what happened tonight, why are you so upset?" I asked.

"It started this morning, I was just getting ready for school, and my Mum comes into my room and says I need to stay home and look after my brother. So I ask her why, and she says she needs to work… I mean, Mum has never said she has to work that early. This place she works at isn't even open until twelve and…."

Dave stopped. I could see he was getting worked up just thinking about whatever had happened. I placed a hand on his leg. "It's okay, take your time."

"So, she heads out the door about ten thirty saying she's got a meeting with her boss first. She didn't give me time to ask what about as she was already out of the door before I could say anything."

"I'm gonna head down and grab a drink guys, do either of you want anything?" Steven asked, getting to his feet. I knew he'd probably heard this all before, but it was a little bit rude just walking out in the middle of Dave talking.

"Coke, please, Ste," Dave muttered.

"No, I'm fine," I answered giving him a stern look. Steven just rolled his eyes at me and walked out. "Sorry Dave, carry on."

"Jensen, don't be hard on Steven. He’s heard this all before. So, naturally, he doesn't feel the need to hear it again."

"He might have heard the others, but he still needs to be a good friend tonight and listen to you. Plus the fact, I am mad at him for the way he's been acting with you since you got here."

"No, don't be. I need him to be like that. In fact, it's me that taught him to be like that when I came here to a state. I don't want people to feel sorry for me Jensen, that just makes me feel worse. I would rather people act normally around me. So yeah, don't think him acting like that means he doesn't care because I know he does."

I growled lightly. "Fine, but I still think he should show a little more empathy. So anyway you were saying?"

"Yeah, so Mum goes out, and I'm at home with my brother, and he wants something to eat. There is hardly anything in the cupboards, so I call my Mum and ask if I can have the code to the safe to get some money out. I call her cell, but she doesn't answer, so I call the pub, and her boss tells me she is not due to work today."

"Wow, so she lied?"

"Apparently so… and that's a new one for me to deal with because she has never lied before about work and stuff."

"So, what happened next?"

"She rolled in totally drunk at around eight tonight, and there is this guy with her I've never seen. She tells me to go to my room and then starts getting my brother ready in a coat and shoes. I'm like,… where are you taking him, and she's just shouting at me to mind my own business, slurring her words."

"Did the guy say anything?"

"No, he just stood there like some statue. A big guy he was, arms full of tattoos. He had a grey beard and fat cheeks… he looked like a biker."

"A biker?"

"Yeah, you know, All leather, a little overweight, tattoos and stuff."


"Anyway, I kept asking her what was going on, and she just takes off into the rain and gets in this guy's car with my brother. By then, as you know, we had no power, so I'm just sitting there alone in the dark. There is no food, and it's getting cold. I just… I just cracked up. I can't take it anymore."

Dave's voice cracked as he finished his sentence. I wanted to hug him but remembered that was a wrong move, so I just sat there giving him support with my expression. He soon gathered his composure and breathed out long and hard.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, just angry. I feel like the world is against me. I know it's not. It’s just how I feel sometimes."

"Yeah, I know that feeling. I used to get it a lot."

"So you see why I wanted to take things slow, Jensen? I come with a lot of baggage."

"You only brought one, as far as I could see," I said, looking over at his duffel bag. Dave gave me a strange look and smiled.

"Did I say something funny?"

"No, your innocence is just really cute sometimes, that's all."

I didn't know what he meant by that, so I just smiled back. "You look really tired. Do you want to sleep?"

"Soon, yeah, I'll head down when Max and Susan go to bed."

"Oh, right… I mean, you could sleep with me if you wanted. I’m sure my bed will be more comfortable than the sofa. I don't mind sleeping on the floor."

"Hell no, I would never deprive you of your own bed Jensen," Dave replied, just as Steven walked in.

"Are you douchebags discussing sleeping arrangements?"

"Yeah, I said to Dave he can have my bed. But he said no."

Steven looked at Dave. "Take his bed; Jensen can sleep in mine."

"And where are you going to sleep?" I asked.

"In my bed, with you, Bonehead. Let Dave get a good night's sleep without having your erect dick in his back."

"Really, it’s fine. I don't mind sleeping on the sofa."

"Dave, that sofa is good for sitting, but no good for sleeping on, as you know. So just be quiet and do as you're told. It's sorted." Steven said, passing Dave his glass of Coke. "Now, I need a piss, and then I'm going to bed. Seeing as we have no power, there is not a lot else to do, and I'm sick of that fucking essay for one night."

Steven left the room again, and Dave got up and went over to his duffel bag, pulling out a toothbrush and tube of paste. He then came back to me and gently kissed me on the lips.

"Wha… what was that for?" I asked, a little shocked.

Dave shrugged. "For listening and for being understanding."

"Cool, I'll be like that more often then, if you do things like that!" I remarked, licking my lips and grinning. Dave smirked back but then went serious again, sitting on Steven's bed opposite me.

"Um… look, Jensen, I um… I'm not sure if you were expecting anything tonight, and-"

"Whoa, wait… expecting? What are we talking about here? Do you think that's all I think about?"

Dave sighed. "No, not at all, I just didn't know… ahhhh, this is all sounding wrong. What I mean is, I would love for us to snuggle up in bed together and maybe see what happens, but I just need to sleep. I feel awful saying that because I must come across as uninterested in you and that's really not the case. I just… it's been a rough night."

I looked at him in amazement, my mouth falling open involuntarily. "Dave, I don't give a shit about THAT side of things. It’s not important. I just want you to be okay. Whatever happens later, happens, but believe me, I am in no rush to have sex… in fact, I'm dreading it," I said.

Those final few words I immediately regretted saying, thinking how bad they sounded.

Dave's eyes narrowed. "Dreading it?"

I let out a small chuckle of nervousness before feeling a wave of bashfulness come over me. I looked away from his gaze and at the floor.

"Jensen? Dreading it?" Dave repeated.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do, that's all. It’s nothing to do with you," I muttered quietly, almost hoping he wouldn't hear.

"You don't know what to-"

"I'm scared I'll be hopeless, and you won't want to see me again," I cut him off, rushing the words out.

Dave leaned forward and took my face in his hands before pushing his lips hard against mine. I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth, and I helplessly whimpered quietly as the taste of him jolted my senses. He ran his fingers through my short hair, pulling me in harder. The feelings that were passing through me were almost overwhelming. I just wanted to merge with him.

He slowly pulled away and looked into my eyes, leaving me seeing stars and coping with an almost painful erection. "I'm not going anywhere, Mister!"

"Whoa, boner alert!" Steven cooed, eyeing my noticeable bulge. "You sure know how to excite the boy, Dave… mind you, it's not hard, he's like a bag full of hormones anyway, I'm surprised you didn't make him blow a load in his pants."

My face was rapidly filled with heat. "Shut up Steven, why do you always have to embarrass me?" I hissed.

Steven shrugged. "Meh, because it's easy." Dave grinned, looking at my crotch area.

"Awe," was all he said.

"Yes, thank you, you two, Jensen, the lab rat," I commented before adjusting myself.

"When I get a boner at school, I just push it under my belt. You'll be wise to remember that, Jensen. You don't want any embarrassing mishaps happening when you start." Steven announced, grabbing his crotch area.

"I thought you were going to bed?" I asked, raising a brow at him.

"Oh, how I wish I had a camcorder," Steven remarked.

"Oh, why?" I huffed, feeling this was gonna be another one of his amusing jokes, NOT!

"I would just love to film the look on your face when Dave takes his clothes off, ready for bed… I mean, seeing his body almost makes me hard. I think there is going to be some serious leakage coming out of that pipe of yours."

Dave laughed out loud for the first time in what felt like ages. I frowned, trying not to find that funny.

And true!

Steven began to get undressed for bed while Dave went to the bathroom to clean his teeth. Finally, Dad came into our room to let us know he, and Susan were off to bed also.

"Keep the noise down, guys, okay?" Dad said, pointing the finger at Steven.

"Dad, why is it always me you single out."

"Because I know damn well you are the ring leader, and the other two will fall into line. If you behave, they behave. Dave needs proper rest, and I don't want him up all night because of you two… see, I'm including Puppy in that."

"Night, Dad," Steven said, rolling his eyes.

"Good night."

"Night, boys," Susan called from their bedroom.

"Night, Mum," We both called back in unison.

Dad closed the door and we heard him walk off down the hallway to his own room to join Susan. As Steven climbed into bed, I started to take my clothes off just as Dave walked into the room.

"Hellooo, soldier!" Dave remarked, beaming a smile. I turned around and poked my tongue out at him.

"Oh shush, there is nothing to see here," I said.

"Oh, I don't know. It’s a pretty good view from where I'm standing."

"Will you two knock it off and pass out? I’m tired." Steven barked. He was also just about to blow the candles out when I stopped him.


"What the fuck… why?"

"I wanna see this," I replied, smirking. Steven fell back into bed and sighed.

"And you say I'm shallow, Jesus!"

Dave stopped still and looked at me. "Oh, hang on, I hope you are not just gonna sit there and perv at me."

"Dave, I've been waiting for this moment since I met you. Now drop ‘em!"

"Just want me for my body then?" Dave asked, forming a sly grin.

"Of course he does," Steven chimed in.

Dave took off his hoodie jumper and started to unbutton a jet black shirt he had on underneath. Slowly the top of his smooth chest was revealed, which gave a tantalising glimpse of what was to come.

As he released the final button, his shirt fell open, giving me a view of one (excuse me) mother fucking tight body. Dave was quite simply perfect. His well-formed pecks bolted onto a small but tight frame like plates of armour and sat above a well-cut six-pack. To finish off the delight, a thin line of wiry blond hair travelled down from his belly button to the treasure chest that was yet to be revealed to me.

Steven slapped me on the back. "Hey, close your mouth."

"I… I'm sorry… that is just fucking amazing!" I said, barely a whisper.

"See, I told you," he replied 

Steven was grinning at Dave. Dave seemed to be unfazed by our attention as he pulled down his jeans and took them off, almost sending me into a cardiac arrest. Dave revealed a well-toned set of hairy blond legs to me, and as I let my eyes travel up, they settled on a black pair of tight boxer briefs. The thick waistband revealed the name ' DIESEL ' on them, and right in the centre sat a slight bulge containing Dave's… well, you know!

Dave was now standing two feet away from me in all his glory. "There you have it, Jensen, a hundred and forty pounds of pure testosterone, all for you," Steven declared, his comment making me cough involuntarily.

"Are you satisfied?" Dave said jokingly, giving me an over the glasses stare. He then managed a giggle and slid under the covers of my bed. "Hmm, I can smell you," he declared, taking in a deep breath.

"What is it, sweat and spunk?" Steven said. I slapped his arm.

"I dunno, but it's nice," Dave remarked, taking hold of my pillow and shoving it in his face. I shook my head.

"Look, can we stop this? I’m getting flustered," I said sheepishly. Dave and Steven burst out laughing.

"BOYS… NOISE!" bellowed Max.

"Sorry !" we all shouted back.





I awoke early on Saturday Morning, absolutely freezing. Steven's lamp had come back to life at some point, indicating the power was back on. I looked over at the blind covering our window, which had been left open. Finally, the rain had stopped, and the sky was a dark blue colour telling me it must have been around seven-ish. Looking up at the clock on the wall, I was off only by a little it.

It was ten to seven.

At some point in the night, I must have lost all my bed territory because I was balancing precariously on the edge, with Steven's hip pressing against me. He was sprawled out on his back, one arm behind his head, sleeping peacefully. It was so tempting to take a tuft of his dark armpit hair in my fingers and pull, but then that was more his thing to do, not mine.

Looking the other way, I saw Dave was on his side facing the wall. His smooth back was on show to me, and I just lay there staring at it, thinking for a moment how stupid I was, getting all worked up by a person's BACK!

"Steven?" I whispered, nudging him. "Steven!"

"Hmm, what?" he groaned.

"Would you mind moving over please, I am about to fall out of here?"

"What? Oh, sorry… man, you're freezing," he remarked, accidentally putting his arm on my shoulder as he moved.

"That's because you have the entire duvet, and I am practically out of bed here."

"Take what you need," he said, moving over so I could finally get off of the edge of the mattress. I rolled over onto my side, moving up close to him and placed my arm over his chest to warm myself. I thought he might push me away, saying that was too much, but he didn't. Instead, he let me snuggle into him, probably aware that for once, it was more for heat rather than anything sexual I was after.

He was my brother, after all. Hmm!

"Comfortable?" he asked sleepily. "You make yourself at home, why don't you."

"Do you mind?"

"As long as you keep your hands away from my junk, no, I don't mind."

I smiled and nestled my head into his shoulder and drifted back off to sleep for a bit, finally warm.




I don't know how long I had gone back to sleep, but I became aware that I was alone in the bedroom when I came too again. It was just gone nine, and I could hear chatter downstairs. A sweet smell of something was drifting through the house, and I dived out of bed wondering where Dave was. Had he gone home? Had he freaked out I'd cuddled Steven?

I rushed to get some clothes on, almost ripping off my plaster when I pulled some socks onto my feet. My bladder was full, but I had more important things to worry about. Running down the stairs, rubbing my eyes, barely awake, I hurried into the kitchen to find Max, Steven and Dave sitting at the table. Susan was standing by the back door, shaking the hallway rug free of dust.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

"Honey? Is everything okay?" Susan asked as I stopped in my tracks, staring at Dave.

"Bad dream, Puppy?" Max added.

"Something like that," I replied, feeling my shoulders relax. "Why didn't anyone wake me?"

"You looked peaceful, and I know you woke up early this morning, so we left you," Steven stated, shovelling a pile of cereal into his mouth. Dave smiled at my bed head and went back to eating his toast.

"Would you like some breakfast, Puppy?" Susan asked, washing her hands in the sink.

"Erm… uh, yeah… tha… thanks."

I sat down at the table and watched the others eating, wondering why I still felt skittish somewhat. Dave was here. He hadn't gone anywhere.

I needed to calm down.

"Dave, do you want to tell Puppy the news?" Max asked.

"News?" I repeated, very curious.

"You can, Max," Dave said, smiling.

"So, Susan spoke with Dave's Mum this morning Puppy and-"

"Wait, she's home?" I cut in.

"Yeah, she called here asking where I was… I think she knew the answer to that anyway." Dave interjected.

"So anyway, Dave is going to come and stay with us for a couple of weeks while his mother seeks some help." Max announced, sending me almost loopy!

"Really?" I blurted. "But what about your brother? I asked, turning to Dave.

"My aunt is going to take him in for a little while. She's the one who made my Mum come home… it's a long story, but she's said that if my Mum doesn't get help, she will call social services and have my brother taken away. I think this is her last chance. I'm

supposed to be staying with her as well, but…."

Dave stopped, staring into space. "But?" I asked.

"My uncle and me… well, we don't see eye to eye."

"So we said Dave could stay with us." Susan finished.

"You're quiet," I said, looking at Steven.

"I was just thinking that's all."

"About what?"

"I know how certain animals feel now."

I nudged my head back and pulled a face. "What?"

"Well, they slowly have their territory eroded by an influx of humans, don't they. So first, I have the whole of my room, then lose a little bit as a human takes over a part of it, and then I lose a little more as another human takes it over. Soon my kind will die out because we will have no home left."

I grinned. "Steven, you're such an asshole."

Susan drew in a quick breath. "JENSEN!"

"Whoops… sorry."

"BUSTED!" Steven cried, waving his hands. "See, Mum, I said he would slip up one day! Game, set and match, baby!"

Max, as usual found this very amusing, much to Susan's displeasure.

Really hoping you're enjoying Puppy for Sale so far. If so please drop me a comment. I really value your thoughts as the reader, and feedback is a gift :) 

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I agree with all of the above. This story grows with each chapter like a tree 🤭.  The innocence of Puppy beside the, crass but caring, directness of Steven makes this story wonderful! When you add Max and Susan being real parents into the mix you have everything. I am really wanting to know more about Cindys situation and all the lies...  Daves mom is just Grrrr.....

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Thanks so much for this chapter which had me belly laughing unti l ached. This is the first of your stories I have read and I look forward to reading the rest. You have built these characters so beautifully and so believably that I was carried along by the story. Thank you for a really good read.

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