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  1. Clancy59

    Chapter 82

    Gerry is young. Barely into his teens, I believe. That is an especially difficult age to lose a parent, let alone his last parent, leaving him, effectively, an orphan. Thank goodness his father knew how things were between Gerry and the stepmother and put Adam between them after the glowing reports he had received about the school’s President. At least he knew he was someone to trust, although I am a little surprised a regency had not been set in place already. Maybe the stepmother tried to make herself the Regent and the King managed to thwart that when Gerry showed up with Adam. I g
  2. Clancy59

    Chapter 81

    I didn’t forget it, but it hasn’t really been started, so I wanted to concentrate on just the Academy for the moment. However, that’s another line to be explored! CJ! You can’t abandon this story now! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  3. Clancy59

    AOC 3

    It may have answered the overheard conversation, but that just led to a whole lot of other storylines! 😉
  4. Clancy59

    Chapter 81

    You’re already over 80 chapters! You’re going to have to go with more than 100 in order to not bring this to a screeching halt if you don’t want us to revolt! We still have the Faire and the wedding to go, after all. You wouldn’t shortchange us on those, would you? And the comeuppance of the Trustees and the previous Admin and the aftermath of the laundry service’s attempt at extortion. You wouldn’t leave us hanging there with a side note, would you? No, I didn’t think so. If the school has been only at 30% capacity, the tuition must have been astronomical in order to afford the th
  5. Clancy59

    AOC 3

    I don’t know about the others, but I don’t think there is anything here that says ‘ending’’ at all!
  6. Clancy59

    AOC 3

    Oh, Jackson is angry because his plans have been cleverly thwarted. He HAS been made to look like a fool. The boys took this ridiculous demand and took it to the extreme, thus prohibiting Jackson from having his fun. Good on them! (BTW, I loved the parents’ reactions. ‘Trying to look like a Marine?’ Just showed Wayne how much he was accepted by Ethan’s family. I can just see their wide-open eyes and hanging jaws on seeing those bald heads, LOL!)
  7. Clancy59

    Chapter 80

    As a teacher, or mentor of any kind to children, if you do the kind of job where they give you a nickname and call you by it consistently, I think you know you have their hearts. I had a group of kids many years ago who did this and called me by this nickname for 3 years while they were with me. They even made me a little doohickey with the name on it that I had hanging above one of my doors until I left for another school.
  8. Clancy59

    Chapter 79

    Since a number of the boys may be in similar situations, maybe their various countries could contribute to the security plans for the schools. If just a few of them do this, it would ameliorate the costs a great deal so that it would be a minuscule cost of their education and would accommodate everyone. It could be included in their tuition costs.
  9. Clancy59

    Chapter 77

    It’s easy to see the big ones (i.e., food, supplies, etc). It’s the little puddly things that are easily overlooked, like the laundry. These are the necessary services needed to survive daily, but they are not the first things people think of after food and shelter are taken care of. It’s a good thing Adam has his team looking out for those details.
  10. Clancy59


    Duh! Of course he was! I think I was half asleep when I was reasoning this out. I think, maybe, the corporal punishment aspect really skewed my thinking. It is so hard to believe that in today’s world such a thing still exists, although I know it can still be found in little pockets here and there.
  11. Clancy59


    This is obviously in the pre-Civil Rights days and in a very conservative Texas. There was a time when corporal punishment was allowed in some of the schools, especially in the Southern states. This also smacks of the ill-conceived notion of ‘assimilating’ Native Americans into white culture because their traditional culture is considered too primitive and backward compared to the superior whites. Ethan came from California, which was more liberal in its attitudes, even back then. That was how he grew up and how he thought. His mom’s reaction to Wayne was simply because Ethan broug
  12. Clancy59

    Chapter 76

    The Librarian could look up and learn the many stories of King Arthur and his Knights. There are many which make good fodder for storytelling. If she’s any good in her profession, she’ll be able to make quite a show of it. She’ll need a costume, of course.
  13. Clancy59

    Chapter 76

    Adam may want to think of putting up an additional small cabin for the supplemental personnel who accompany some of his young guests. They would still be able to patrol the property, but not be intrusive to the boys (or Adam’s family) who enjoy the time at the cabin. That idea on how to use with the rolling horses is so clever! It will be interesting to see how he plans to ‘dress’ the jousters. I wish I could come and visit the Faire. I love Renaissance Faires! Don’t forget the turkey legs, LOL! They are traditional at the faires. I hope there will be things for the boys to try, like
  14. Clancy59

    Chapter 75

    Adam has a big heart. He’ll come up with a fair system so that everyone gets a chance to visit. I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I am getting confused as to who is talking, and this rarely happens to me. For example, in the last discussion about the dads making a deal about their kids marrying, I thought Marie had suddenly popped up. This wasn’t the first occurrence of confusion, either. Please, watch the discussions so we can tell who is taking part and who is saying what.
  15. Clancy59

    Escape from Home

    Yes, I agree with Chris191070. However, I am more alarmed at how quickly he is going through his money. How much could he have possibly made as a tutor? Did he have tens of thousands of dollars? Because that’s what it sounds like. Not only does he need his GED, he needs to make money and find a place to shelter safely.
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