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  1. Clancy59

    Chapter 1

    In all fairness, both chimes usually stop after about a minute.
  2. Clancy59

    Epic Life: Day 1

    I didn’t say you were mean. I put the shocked, open-mouth smiley in the comment.
  3. Clancy59


    If the place as derelict as they claim, why do they do annual checks and admit to having vacationed there, decorated and maintained it in the past? They are obviously downplaying it, thinking Len will sell it to them at the drop of a hat because he doesn’t have a history with it and therefore couldn’t possibly want it. They will be very surprised when they learn of the nature of his business—renovating ‘derelict properties’ for resale. I see work for Adrian and his friends in the near future, whether reno or restoration is yet to be determined. I think Len will be keeping the property, and not just to annoy Aunt Millicent.
  4. Clancy59


    I’m back reading tog get caught up. When I realized you are the author (because of the guest-starring of Kieran, Kennedy and Ed), I was quite excited to continue reading. You are a good writer and storyteller. I am looking forward to reading this story.
  5. Maybe I was romanticizing the power of a new hair cut but it felt like a weight had been lifted. I left her shop feeling like a new man, one who could face whatever was thrown my way. Just like I said in the last chapter. Nash needed to feel like he had some control over his own life and the things that were happening in it.
  6. I know. I thought the same thing. However, it’s actually a very common response to a major blow-up in a person’s life, especially a break-up. I know when I broke off my engagement to my ex-fiancé, I unexpectedly got my hair cut from midway down my back, where I normally wore it, to just under my ears. We’re talking over 8” off! My mom’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw me. It wasn’t that it didn’t look good ( it did), it just wasn’t anything I had discussed doing. It was totally spontaneous. I wore it like that for several years. It’s now long again. Nash’s will grow back quickly. He just had to take some kind of action. He had to do something to establish control in his life when he felt like everything was careening wildly out of control. It will definitely settle his nerves.
  7. I am having to reread because I can’t remember what happened in this story. I am finding myself not liking Luis very much. He seems very self-centered and egotistical to me. Hopefully things will change. By the way, when you brought Granny in to Luis, I had to cringe. You explained that there was a whole crew of designers making certain that Luis presented the proper image. The Royal Family should not have pinched pennies when it comes to Granny. Black shoes with a white gown?! NO! NO! NO! Silver or gold, yes. But not black. Even a light blue would have been better. Black is too harsh against the white. Sorry about being so nasty about it, but...ew!
  8. Clancy59

    Chapter 1

    This is marked as ‘Complete?’ Say it isn’t so! This is the start of a great story, worthy of the Pern series. Please keep it going.
  9. While I agree Cravin (what a perfect name!) deserves to be punished, it just seems to me that exile from the coven is a bit extreme. He was as much a victim of the bullying as the others. However, Grey is entitled to seek another coven for him. He is the Alpha. I just think Cravin shouldn’t be summarily expelled.
  10. 😆 I had to laugh when I read her name. I have a friend whose middle name really is Alatha! Close, I know. But, still...
  11. Clancy59

    Chapter 20

    I know I’m reading this a year after you wrote this, but I CALLED IT, I knew Zampa would protect her humans! I just didn’t expect it to be Harris she would need to be protecting them against!
  12. Clancy59

    Chapter 16

    Zampa loves Paul and tolerates Corbin. I can see Stefano coming to attack them and Zampa attacking him because he is threatening her humans! He won’t know what hit him!
  13. Well, now we know why Aric wasn’t upset when he found Einar cuddling Zanar in bed. Einar is actually his half-brother! Now to find out why he and the others were stolen 20 years ago and why Einar was singled out and left here. Obviously because he is a ‘Prince’ and can be ransomed in the future. Why doesn’t he remember, however? If he was old enough to be on a hunting trip, he should have been old enough to be able to remember things. There had to have been some kind of interference with his memory.
  14. Clancy59

    A Mother's Wrath

    I just read both of these snippets. Please! Make them into full stories! I love your stories and these have a lot of promise. My imagination is spinning with the possible directions of the storylines. 🐉🐾
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