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  1. Clancy59

    Chapter 4 - Damon

    So sad. It’s always the hardest when you lose someone unexpectedly.
  2. Clancy59

    Chapter 76

    I don’t believe that he can do so, legally. If he does, I think he would be putting his license in even more jeopardy. Educators are under something of the same kind of mandate. We can discuss a student with other professionals in a professional capacity, but not in a casual way with any kind of identifiable information. You can use an individual case study for research purposes, but you can’t identify the person without their permission. Somehow, I don’t see Mom giving her permission to Brucie and his team in his defense, especially after everything Timothy has dug up and presented to the family.
  3. Clancy59

    Chapter 3 - Cole

    Hardly boring. We got to meet more of the guys and see the close relationships between them. We know has a thing for Damon. Does Damon have a thing for Cole? Speaking of Sentinel Oaks, will we be seeing more of them soon, I hope?
  4. Clancy59

    Chapter 75

    There are multiple explanations for why the DA would not speak with Timothy himself/herself: (Pessimistic/Realistic) The DA isn’t interested in going after this case because of the gay element, mostly for reasons stated by previous commentators. There is also the element of the years that have passed. (Pessimistic) The DA is an old buddy of Brucie and given orders to bury this case. (Realistic) The DA is the person in overall charge of all prosecutorial legal cases in the judicial area and may not, in all reality, have time to speak with Timothy, not realizing just how big a case this will turn out to be. That’s why there are ADAs. They take care of the details and deal with individual cases with supervision by the DA. (Realistic) The ADA, Ms. Weiss, could be looking at how this case could/would help her career in the DAs office. It may not be that she has a prejudice against gay people (although that’s still a possibility), but she is definitely looking at the case with a jaundiced eye. It is very true that these kinds of cases are notoriously difficult to win, especially after this amount of time and considering Brucie’s standing within the community and his credentials. This is why Timothy is going after Brucie for Tom’s rape, rather than AM’s. However, Tom, as a teacher, no matter how many master’s, or other degrees, he may hold, will not hold the same level of respect as Brucie with his single doctorate. I won’t even touch the topic of Tom being gay and making these allegations.
  5. Clancy59

    Chapter 75

    That’s a good point, @Christopher. Look at the cases of the victims of the Catholic Church. Many are not coming forward until decades later for whatever reason—shame, fear, naivety, etc., yet they are being prosecuted. In today’s world, especially in the US, people are very aware of what constitutes sexual, or other kinds of, abuse. 40-50 years ago, maybe not so much. And people were afraid to ‘rock the boat’ by making accusations against those who held any kind of authority, and Brucie did as a top athlete in his school. There was a strong possibility of retaliations, especially if the ‘Star’ of the basketball team would lose his position and they lost the State Championship. There is, and has been for a long time, WAY too much emphasis on the importance of sports and the ‘Superstars’ who act like it’s the only reason for living.
  6. Clancy59

    Chapter 13

    I agree. I love to read how people think and interpret the various stories. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes, you can get into some crazy debates about details in the stories or the directions things may be going. I have yet to see anyone here take offense at anything anyone has said. It’s a good group. I forgot to mention that I was not very surprised when Rosalie had everyone packed up and ready to go when the call came. She has already proven herself to be a Seer, just like Silas. She remembers him from her girlhood, also. (Did he remember her? I can’t remember that discussion.) It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they get together. Two powerful Seers in their own rights—who knows what could happen or portend! 🐺🐺
  7. Clancy59


    Argh! I didn’t trust Khraxwall and then you pulled that ‘mea culpa’ as the trial broke. I then thought he may have been innocent, after all. And then… WHAM! You really pulled a fast one on us there! Of course, he would know enough to reopen the secret tunnel. He helped block it! Does Leon know who the traitor is? It was hard to tell. He probably does. And, again. Brathay’s strong emotions seem to play a part in his amulet activating, sending him into a berzerker mode. If only he could figure out how to consciously control it! Did he save Ligger? Interesting that Haycock seems to have been colluding with Marietta to get to the truth of things. I like that little trick with Myxel, in order to get his testimony which would have otherwise never been allowed. Was Leon in on any of this? I can understand Mollick hiding at Marietta’s house in the village. She knew about Leon being there, so they could have easily talked there and made plans. I’m just glad he’s safe—at least until Khraxwall finds him. Now we have to find out what the aftermath of the attack is. And Khraxwall has a history of dislike for our hero…
  8. Clancy59

    Chapter 13

    I just couldn’t read 3 pages of commentary! Wow! I agree that the guys have to watch their tails (no pun intended) in Germany. Silas was right to send all of them together. I wonder if Reilly’s family will be there and what their reaction will be when they realize who the new Power Couple consists of… 😂 I do have a complaint… How can we be halfway through already?! NO! Seriously, it’s a great story and I look forward to the next chapter each time. Thank you!
  9. Clancy59

    Chapter 2 - Damon

    Where’s Mommy?
  10. Clancy59

    Chapter 4

    Did he? I’m not so sure he ‘attacked’ it as much as tried to capture it. A subtle difference, it’s true, but nonetheless…
  11. Clancy59

    Chapter 71

    Wow. Bruce is more of a predator than we even suspected! Timothy needs to get Tom into sessions with AM’s doctor. He already knows everything about the case, so it will be the easiest and quickest way to get Tom the help he needs. It sounds, for now, at least, like Tom is one of the people who, need to be signatories to this case. This guy not only needs to lose his license, he needs to lose everything he owns, his malpractice insurance needs to pay in full to a bunch of patients and he needs to spend many years in jail!
  12. Clancy59


    It’s not so much me being a troublemaker (hopefully Good Trouble?), but rather standing up for what is right. Believe me, I am one of the least confrontational people you will meet. I HATE confronting people, especially those in authority. However, Mama and Daddy didn’t raise a meek girl to simply accept whatever someone passed down to her. Mama and Daddy taught her to stand up for her rights in a legal way (Mama was a legal secretary for years) and not let people take advantage of her and hers. I never realized how much those lessons took hold until I had to fight that principal and the ways he was trying to get me fired (ex.; he tried to write me up for excessive days out sick that same year (10 days total) when I had medically documented pneumonia 2x, once hospitalized for a week. He was out for over 3 months at the same time. My average days out over 30 years was less than 5 per year.) I had been assigned to this building. I didn’t choose it (I wanted a high school, but that’s another story). When my Union Liaison heard where I had been assigned, he groaned. Did NOT make me happy. We were in the process of looking for Assisted Living facilities for my Mom (who passed on the first day of school, but I was there). He warned me the guy had a history of misogyny, but it was so much worse than I expected, especially while I was grieving for Mama. It got to the point I was crying on the way in to school every day. I found out that I was not the only one. The kids hated and feared him. Not a day went by that he didn’t spend half of it screaming for any reason whatsoever. When we learned he was not coming back, the celebratory mood of the school was incredible all week.
  13. Clancy59


    (BYW, I was the one who helped get that grievance filed because I gave the Union Rep a diary I had been keeping. That allowed her to convince all the others to sign on. Her father had been my first Union Rep almost 30 years before when I started in the system. I had been at this school with this principal less than 1.5 years. We got rid of him by February. Morale in the building increased so much it could be felt as a physical element! Yep. I’m a renegade!)
  14. Clancy59


    Who knows?! He may not have been so bad a few years ago. SOMEONE may have been attracted to him. They say there’s someone out there for everyone. I’m not saying Northman will be removed next week. Cox is smarter than that. However, I am quite certain that he has already laid an extensive paper trail of his foibles/dislikes/prejudices/etc. It’s dollars to donuts that someone has a thick file keeping track of all this so that when the time comes… The problem is that, many, or most, times, people get to the point where they just simply cannot improve or handle anything else coming down the pike. The smart people recognize their shortcomings and either get more training or get out of the way. Not-so-smart people think they can bluff their way through. I had realized I was getting out my depths, and luckily had the years, so I retired. We had a principal who refused to recognize this in himself. It took a class grievance with over 20 (out of 35 faculty members) signing on to get HR to take it seriously (we truly think someone was protecting him, also). When a new HR director came in and saw how thick the file was on him, she was furious. (I know, because I was one of the ones called in to be interviewed about what was going on.) The upshot was he lost his Administration Certificate and wound up back teaching gym.
  15. Clancy59


    Does Northman have any family there with him? A spouse or children or others? If so, this could be a problem for his disruptive behaviors and the discipline he receives as a result, although that shouldn’t be part of the consideration. No, he probably cannot be fired easily, but he could very easily be transferred laterally to another Embassy far, far away. It could even be presented to him as some kind of promotion or a need for his specific skills, in order to keep him from seeking retribution against either Cox or CJ. They’re diplomats! They know how to do it without him taking offense or, at least, taking steps against people he feels have slighted him. It would be nice if this unexpected showing of the film results in a big uptick in donations for the Haven. Maybe they could start more in other locations across the country.
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