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  1. Clancy59

    Chapter 73

    That’s normal for any major plan. You make initial plans, but then have to make modifications as circumstances arise. In this case, he went into this knowing nothing about this ship. When he actually got onboard, he discovered there were elements that he wanted to retain and enhance. The majority of his plans are still in place. It’s just like when you remodel a house. There are contingencies as you start the demolition and rebuild that must be accounted for.
  2. Clancy59

    The Full Story

    I’m excited, also. But, @ColumbusGuy, 50 years? Man, do YOU have a LOT of catching up to do! Anne and her son, Todd, who took over the series when she retired, have close to 20 books now! Contact your local Library and bookstores. 😉
  3. Clancy59

    Chapter 64

    My mom knew things. Didn’t know how she knew, but she did. She was always ahead of the pack with, not just trends, but she knew which direction to take our family, whether financially or whatever. I just kind of know things like where things are, despite never being in a location before. I can describe landmarks, etc., even though it’s the first time I’ve been to a place. My husband’s family has this in abundance. His grandniece (actually his cousin twice removed), once sat on her mother’s lap and stared into her mother’s eyes. Her mother (my husband’s cousin once removed) asked wha
  4. Ah! In the Library, we use something similar, but we call them trucks. ☺️
  5. OK. I have to show my ignorance here. What is a ‘gondola’ in terms of a store setting?
  6. That Leo is trouble. I’m glad Blake opened Jasper’s eyes to what he was doing. I’m not really surprised that he wasn’t aware. His entire attention, when not on the tour, is focused on Ryan. BTW, Jasper commented he was having trouble keeping track of what the time was back at home, compared to where they are currently playing. There is a part of the clock function on the cell phone that allows you to keep track of the time in any city in the world. It’s usually called World Time. All you have to do is list the city you want. It keeps track for you. That might help him with when he
  7. Clancy59

    Chapter 61

    That’s why I gave you the winking emoji. 😉
  8. Clancy59

    Chapter 61

    A cheese restaurant? I’m from Wisconsin and I don’t ever remember seeing those items in the cheese shops! 😉
  9. Clancy59

    Chapter 56

    And I think we understand that. I’ve seen some authors who have obviously taken exception to any negative commentary. You haven’t. That is why people have felt comfortable discussing things with you. @Carlos Hazday is much the same. You both listen and take friendly criticism as it is meant.
  10. Clancy59

    Chapter 56

    Like I said, we don’t mean to beat you up about this. We love what we’re reading. This one just hit a nerve, evidently.
  11. Clancy59

    Chapter 57

    I agree, but they’ve also developed a sense of trust in Brad and the others to take care of them.
  12. Clancy59

    Chapter 56

    I also have to chime in about the boy/girl activity issue. As a child, my dad taught me basic woodworking techniques and skills, and even electrical basics (he was an electrician). When I was a teen, I (F) enjoyed making some models, also, but I enjoyed learning how to sew, embroider, crochet and knit much more. I am a born crafter and simply enjoy seeing things come together into a finished product. It’s why I also love baking. I take disparate ingredients and out come lovely cookies, cakes, pies and other delectables. I was the one who painted in our house when we moved, not my husband
  13. If he’s been out for 7 (I think) years, I think he’ll be OK. The nepotism thing....well...😒 (they don’t really have a shrugging shoulder emoji).
  14. Clancy59

    Chapter 48

    It sounds like the Montessori method might be a good way of organizing the school. It kind of works on a one-room schoolhouse idea and allows the students to study what they are interested in at their own pace. All the traditional curricula are covered when students focus on their topics because they do deep research and need to learn those skills in order to complete the studies.
  15. Nah. General Petersen will be President Abello’s Secretary of Defense.
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