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  1. Clancy59

    Mating Flights

    Nice But, we’re getting so close, I get both excited to see a new chapter in the lineup and cringe at the same time, dreading that this may be the one.
  2. I have offered before to help with the proofreading! Let me know! I’m certain others would be happy to help also. (You might want to change Frederick from a Princess to a Prince, while you’re at it, where you discuss Maregete’s title near the end. ) I had to laugh at Thor’s antics. I wish my Bonnie would lie down in a corner! Whenever I am at the kitchen counter, even it it is to do the dishes, she is right there, asking for Whoopsies. There’s always some coming when I cook! Thor running for his Daddy was precious! Bonnie gets so excited when we come back to her, I think her Tail of Perpetual Motion will fly off! My parents and I had a dog who could actually tell us when someone was on the way home, hours before they arrived. We tested it by checking when my brother, who was traveling with a drum corps during the summer, would get on the bus. She always knew. We knew when he was supposed to board the bus, and we would say to her that he was going to come home. No reaction, then, suddenly, she would go bonkers. When we checked later, that was when he stepped on the bus. She also knew when my Dad got on the plane to return from his National Guard camps. One time, we went to pick him up, only to find out he wasn’t on the manifest. They wouldn’t let us on the base, as a result. YOU try to explain that you know he’s there because your dog is going insane in the car looking for Daddy! They did find him and we got him. Never did find out what happened, but Daddy was upset when we told him.
  3. OMG! Supreme Alpha Secret Boyfriend and Sweet Buns! I could see everyone rolling on the floor laughing and screaming and crying with this one, to the utter confusion of the boys. Good thing they were fast on the draw with their Mute buttons! Really never saw Apollo and Banshee coming! She’ll keep him on his toes, though, when she isn’t making his face red with embarrassment! 🐺🐺 They’ll make good Mates. Well, the battle is on the way. Hopefully, Apollo and his cohorts will get there in time. They’re going to have their hand full with this one.
  4. Wow! That was quite a chapter! I wondered if what happened to the movie characters would affect the real-life actors, but then, you put them back as if nothing happened, so I guess it was a moot point. Pedal to the metal, guys! Talk with the boys and find out what happened to them and call in the troops. Maybe you should have a video call while you debrief the boys so Matthias, Ezekiel and the others can hear this first hand. You may want to bring in the Council, too, since so many Lycans are involved!
  5. Clancy59

    Pool Party

    This was a fun chapter and, for once, I actually understood what they were talking about! On the other hand, this Midwestern girl, with family from the Omaha area (my Dad was actually born there), has to shake my finger at you. Omaha doesn’t get Broadway theater?! Au contraire, my friend! I don’t know if you’ve actually been to Omaha, but it is the largest city in NE and completely metropolitan! Here is the link to the theater in Omaha with their list of Broadway hits coming this season. It includes Hamilton! https://o-pa.org/about-us/news/2021/02/16/omaha-performing-arts-announces-the-return-of-broadway-with-the-21-22-season
  6. Clancy59

    Free Day

    Oh-oh. (Cue the Jaws theme music!)
  7. Clancy59

    Driver’s Ed

    I just remembered the first time we had an electric car rental in Orlando. (We were there for the annual JDRF conference for our great nephew (his parents brought all the family down over several years to learn about it so we could take care of him in an emergency)). We didn’t know what to expect with the silent running and thought the car had stopped for some reason! We really liked it once we figured out how it worked, but it took us about 15-20 minutes to do so! 😂🚗
  8. Clancy59

    Driver’s Ed

    Just a comment on the Kia Niro. I was given one when my Soul was in the shop for repairs after my tire shredded after hitting a nail and did major damage to the ball bearings, sensors, etc. We had it for several days. I loved it! It was comfy and easy to drive. I’m not looking for a performance vehicle like JJ is, obviously, so something like this would be a great choice in the future. We had to be flatbed towed to the dealership from the side of the highway. I was afraid to get out of the car! We had to call a nephew to pick us up. We were going to have to pay for the rental until they found all the damage, then it fell under insurance! Yay! That saved us a couple hundred $$$!
  9. Wow! Good for Jasper for standing up for himself! That was quite a manifesto he presented to that idiotic ‘journalist’. I hope it gets broadcast on his station, TMC, MSNBC, CNN and all the major broadcasters around the world. Maybe, if these people would be a little less prying and sensationalistic, we wouldn’t have tragedies like Princess Diana. I love that Leo has an emergency med pill on hand and a weighted blankie for comfort. I can just see Jasper curled up in a ball next to Leo wrapped up to his neck in the blanket. I hope it’s a fluffy one in his favorite color! On the other hand, the guys have to come to a compromise. Yes, time is of the essence. Ryan is right. They need to get things ready for Baby. However, Jasper has prior commitments with the tour that had been planned before they became pregnant. Maybe, if Ryan has to be part of the tour (and everyone loves his participation!), they should delegate some of the necessities. Beth knows them both forward and backward. She could look for a house for them, especially now that she’s gone with Ryan and looked at some houses, getting final approval from them with a virtual tour. (This has the virtue of anonymity for them, as well.) She could then get their stuff from storage and start to decorate the house. She and Grace could decorate the baby’s room with virtual input from Ryan. (Can you say ‘online shopping?’j They have enough money to hire an interior decorator like the guy from the Father of the Bride movies! If they do this, they would be able to work on supporting each other better. Becoming parents is a stressful time. Add everything else they are dealing with (AND keeping it a secret from Jasper’s parents), and it’s no wonder they are ready to blow! They need to concentrate on each other more.
  10. At least Bernie has found friends who not only believe him, but will help him! He must be so relieved! I agree that Matthias’ (stupid auto-correct!) is not great, but right now, it is probably the best they have, especially on short notice, unless someone comes up with something else. On a side note, it’s good to see you back. I’m sure I am not the only one who misses getting my daily fix of our favorite werebears when you don’t get to post for any reason! 🐻
  11. Clancy59


    Interesting start! You have obviously been stewing on this for a long time. That map is so detailed! I have a friend who is an author and I know how much work she puts into her worlds, so I admire the blood, sweat and tears you have invested in this before you decided to start posting. Congratulations!
  12. I’m glad the people in charge are listening to JJ when he starts making comments. He doesn’t talk just to hear his voice! He genuinely has things to contribute to the project. That said, my head is spinning! My eyes are crossed! I completely understood the idea of the HVAC before JJ even started talking about it, but the rest? WAY beyond me! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one sinking with confusion about the rest. 😵‍💫
  13. The public shaming of Alex could have ulterior motives. This could give him an ‘in’ with the forces working against Cyrus and even against Vince!
  14. What an exciting chapter! I also admit having a difficult time following and visualizing the Mage Dance. Somehow, as surprised as Kaplan was to have a public declaration from Cyrus choosing him as First Mate, I think it caught Cyrus off-guard, also! I don’t think it was what he planned to do, but was very happy to do after all.
  15. At last! The bad stuff is happening faster than ever, but Bernie has someone who believes him! And Staff Sergeant says they won’t send him away and Bernie thinks that he may have found a home. He must be feeling so relieved and happy!
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