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The Lad From Castlebay Down

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

Corbin is going through the motions of life, drifting through an uninspiring relationship with his girlfriend, Leah and living in a small house with his parents and sister. 

His overbearing father ridicules his passion for painting, and his sanity is saved each day by his rather unique Sister, Zoe, who he adores.

His parents then decide to sell their Fishmonger Business and head to the coast to buy a trawling business. As the move to Castlebay Down looms near Corbin has no enthusiasm to move there either. Will this new coastal village ignite new feelings and passions, or will it add to his already self-described miserable existence?

Copyright © 2021 James Matthews; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 5
  • Addictive/Pacing 9
  • Characters 9
  • Chills 1
  • Cliffhanger 3
  • Compelling 1
  • Feel-Good 0
  • Humor 0
  • Smoldering 4
  • Tearjerker 5
  • Unique 5
  • World Building 8

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

A delightful, yet raw, story of the journey of a young man, Corbin, who is a main victim of the abuse of the man he believed to be his father, his relationship with a girl who has been his girlfriend for two years, a delightful and quirky sister, Zoe, a mother who dares to finally stand up to her abusive husband, a young transplanted American and his amazing father who both assist this family to rid themselves of the toxicity.  It is very well written with great insight and understanding of the characters.

  • Love 3
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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is the story of Corbin, drifting through life with Leah, his overbearing girlfriend.

His parents decide to uproot him from everything he has ever known when they decide to buy a trawling business in Castlebay Down.

Once there things start to get interesting for Corbin, he has a bully for a father, an overbearing girlfriend and he realises he's missing some part of his life, which he appears to find when he meets Troy.

His one saviour is his little sis, who seems to understand him and help provide sanity to his complicated life.

As with most of James stories this is written with great perspective and style, so give your yourself a treat and read this thoroughly entertaining story.


  • Love 2
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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Great read, thanks.    

  • Love 3
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· Edited by weinerdog

   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

 This story has the usual elements of a teenager who is starting to realize he's gay he tries to be straight, has a girlfriend has a nightmare of an abusive father,moving away to another town and leaving his lifelong friends and then meeting someone of the same sex who makes him feel a way he's never felt before and he can't explain why. You might tell yourself I read this kind of story before but not the way this author writes it you will see his unique style and perspective and you will find it very real and entertaining. You'll be in for a treat 

  • Love 3
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