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  1. DamnDogs

    The Truce

    Hi, is this a stand alone or will I need to read the others first? Thanks, jim.
  2. This is the first Story Chapter I search out when logging on.
  3. DamnDogs

    Preparations 3

    Waiting anxiously for what comes next.
  4. DamnDogs

    Chapter 13

    Imma need blood pressure meds before this is over.
  5. DamnDogs


    Really enjoyed this chapter. But now I’ve got even more characters to worry about. Makes you almost afraid for the chapters to come.
  6. DamnDogs

    Chapter 6 - Rush

    Love the story line, well written and a different twist. Can’t wait until the elder gets reaallllly out of control and gets taken down. Thanks for your talent and hard work. Always waiting for the next chapter. Jim
  7. I love the story. Totally unique I just wish he would have taken Manu with him. HEA. haha
  8. DamnDogs

    Retribution 2

    So glad you’re back. I love this saga; and seeing a new chapter posted is always a bright spot. Thanks for sharing their story. Jim
  9. DamnDogs

    Chapter 2 - Rush

    Awesome beginning to a much anticipated story. Will be waiting impatiently for each subsequent chapter. I’m assuming the complete story is not available for purchase?
  10. Great story, just keep wondering why Zach hasn’t asked about where/how he was found.
  11. DamnDogs

    Aria Graice

    My stomach is in knots. What a tension builder.
  12. Several year old story. No longer remember title or author, (not much help I know). One involved boy taking refuge in neighbors doghouse. One involved boy being nailed to cross in basement. One, boy locked in freezer for punishment. Perpetrator in all stories is victims father. Anyone remember. I've tried searching using archive with tags to no avail. If this is the wrong forum for such a question, mea culpa.
  13. Welcome to GA ~!!~

    If you'd like to reply to comments left for you, click on the person's name and leave a note at their profile, like we've done here for you. Hope you enjoy the site, it's the best on the net!!!

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