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  1. Thanks Bdanr, what a nice gift to receive! grateful you have found the appropriate muse(s) to feed your creativity in challenging times. thank you for continuing to share! d
  2. NoSkis


    wow, thanks for sharing the completion of your story - really enjoyed the combination of magic, tech and various myths/history. grateful you shared the ending if this book 🙂 d
  3. NoSkis

    Chapter 16

    hi Sui, thank you for finding the strength to overcome the issues you have been faced with - i truly hope your writing is helpful for you personally as you navigate our new reality. please know your creativity, your abilities and the sharing you bestow on us consumers are much appreciated 😉 thanks for making my week - hope someone/something has made yours! d
  4. so glad your chapter is getting the attention it deserves though a parent claiming to have the right to throw out their child's partner - whose house they are visiting - is a vile. self righteous, arrogant, ignorant, petty [insert your least favorite religious text] thumper. i hope jasper, grace and flynn have the strength to see through the statements for the racism it is. ryan does not deserve this baseless condemnation based on silly supersticions. i appreciate your post, apologies for my responses. d
  5. hey geoff, i know you said you had more to tell us after greyson, but i didn't expect the next day - thank you!!! you've taken on some challenging topics - many outside of the typical gay agenda - and i am grateful for that. the variety and lessons you have passed on to your readers are much appreciated. as for texas, i suppose there may be some good parts - NASA is there - but was glad to leave after five plus years there, and i was in a large city. so little tolerance for those who are not carbon copies of the residents, quite a sad place (for those who thrive on diversity). be well! d
  6. NoSkis

    Round Two

    what a nice surprise to see more about lance! i imagine that even for those who have never seen weakest link your writing shows the tension experienced even by the audience - adding lance's stress as a contestant just makes in more real. hope you're safe, engaged and adjusting, d
  7. NoSkis


    @lomax61 i've always enjoyed your universe, where characters are introduced in one chapter of a story, may have a cameo in other stories then become a main character in a book. fingers crossed for tommy 😉 and congratulations on the upcoming publication - hope other books are also picked up! d
  8. what a nice start to the weekend - a bdanr post 🙂 glad to see barken growing and staying to the socially acceptable standards d
  9. NoSkis

    Chapter 33

    thanks ronyx, really enjoyed your dancing on a star d
  10. NoSkis

    Chapter 3

    love the story, cia, even more impressed by your varied genre's. while i'll read anything cia, sci-fi is typically my favorite so double bonus points! thank you for sharing - and congrats on meeting your 1k goal (+- 10% word count is phenomenal - < than 1% deviation mind boggling). d
  11. especially in these dark times, terrifyingly excellent thank you (maybe)
  12. NoSkis

    Chapter 14

    i believe you may be aware of the seven (did i count correctly?) p's courtesy of cj/carlos - without a plan................ be well, safe, engaged and find happiness in the small things, d
  13. NoSkis

    Chapter 14

    thanks 84Mags, the chapter was good, but troubling - you summarized my feelings before i realized i had them thanks! and mann-ramblings, always grateful to find a new chapter from you in my inbox - thank you! hope you are as well as can be in these times d
  14. NoSkis


    (that there are no comments here is criminal) i'm still processing how ollie can talk to sheila about making her an honest woman ..... but wonderful writing!
  15. NoSkis

    Gloves Off

    wait, what? Sampson knows who Marcus is? yes it's crass, i'm just surprised a celebrity(-ish) such as Sampson can put a name to a back up dancer/singer. hopefully there is more to Sampson than the typical singer 'make me look good-don't care who/what you are' we already suspect Ash may be there, though hiding the relationship with Marcus is concerning
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