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  1. NoSkis

    Chapter 4

    thank you, Geron, i'm grateful for your skills and imagination (or is it historical repetition ;-)? ) so much appreciated!
  2. NoSkis

    Cupid's Dart

    Hi Rigby, so nice to see your writing - hope that means you and the mate are safe and the fires have not interrupted too much. and while it may lack your standard polemics and tirades, it was a thoroughly enjoyable piece! thank you!
  3. NoSkis

    Chapter 10

    Thanks for continuing this story. i'm still working through all of the details and am really appreciating the work you make the reader do - A Twist of Fae takes thought and consideration from the reader. thank you for challenging me!
  4. NoSkis

    Chapter 8

    i'm still slow in reading though i really enjoy this tale. the detail, both explicit and implicit, makes this a 'read multiple times, story. and each time we get a different perspective. thanks again tsukinhana for sharing - and adding to - this master piece
  5. NoSkis

    Chapter 7

    Hey Tsukihana, what a nice surprise to see your update in my notifications! shifting gender (and maybe more) based on sun/moon light has taken me a bit of time to understand, but wow - what excellent writing! thanks for pushing the boundries of what I can understand - A Twist of Fae is such a great work! I really appreciate you continuing to tell this story!
  6. NoSkis

    Chapter 6

    hey sui, all i can say is 'ditto' and add more 'thank you's. i am always appreciative of the stories you gift us with. this chapter, despite (because of) the change in your schedule is wonderful. it is much appreciated! but above all, be well, be healthy and be happy. your personal health is more important than us readers 😉
  7. NoSkis

    Chapter 76

    i'm sick to my stomach too i've struggled in the last ten-ish years with the decrease of empathy for our fellow humans. the activities that took place in germany in the 1940's (plus and minus) i've not done well processing. the reference to Auschitz is troubling - and accurate mann-ramblings i much appreciate your writing, though this installment i cant say i like it. thank you
  8. such a nice, long, detailed chapter! challenging to read about the issues the boys have, glad to see you have continued. thank you!
  9. NoSkis


    so nice to see a new chapter, ace - thanks for the mid winter/summer (please pick as appropriate for your hemisphere!) gift! being a father is not the same as being a sperm donor - as ezra demonstrates
  10. NoSkis

    Chapter 2

    while you admit to telling (this version) of your story as not being "...so difficult..." i am grateful for your telling. thank you for exploring the pain of growing up gay can bring is some communities
  11. NoSkis

    Part II, chapter 8

    hi kata dee, so sorry to hear bout your bird - like arran, i've also lost pets - pete (a mutt) passed the beginning of december so i appreciate your loss thank you for persevering and continuing to share your story!
  12. NoSkis


    I'm glad to hear you have gathered a following! while i would not go looking for it, if Drew Payne wrote about heterosexual folks, i'd still read it 😉
  13. NoSkis


    Simon's so fortunate to have Niki in his life. I hope Rosie can turn around and be the support Simon needs - and deserves - from his mum. Thankfully parenting is not restricted to blood relations. such a distressing - and important - story to tell. thank you for sharing
  14. NoSkis

    Chapter 3

    really enjoying the vivid, dark world you've created! i'm enjoying reading about it but have no interest in living there - or to change gender at all, never mind frequently. looking forward to learning more about this word and its characters thanks for sharing
  15. NoSkis

    How Times Change

    even when you get the life you think you want, it's not everything you expected. this grouping of short stories is well named, noises in the dark, some them more than a bit disturbing. thank you!
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