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Lemonade and Kisses Promising Forever

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance, Prompt

A short story about Leonardo and Spencer who have longed for each other, silently supporting each other not knowing they liked each other.  Spencer invites Leonardo to a party at his house and they end up confessing to each other.

This story is a Prompt Response.

Copyright © 2021 lilansui; All Rights Reserved.

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A short review for a short story! Leonardo and Spencer like each other but don’t know it – but perhaps with a little push from their friends and family, that’ll change.

What I Loved

I don’t think it’s very often that we get both points of view of a relationship. It was interesting to read both sides’ thoughts!

I really liked all the side characters. The focus is on Leo and Spencer, of course, but having all these other characters around them and their own little side plots (Janine’s was a bit sad) helped bring this short to the next level.

What Could’ve Been Better


Part of me thinks a bit more build up to the confession would’ve been better? It did take me by surprise how quickly it happened. I was like “woah, woah, hold up” when Leo just went and said that he likes Spencer and had to re-read the scene.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

This story has a lot of references to the COVID-19 pandemic, since it takes place in the “present time”. I tend to read for escapism and being reminded about the shitshow that is the outside world right now made me feel a bit uncomfortable, to be honest. (And to be 100% clear: I don’t think that referring to the current state of society is a bad thing, and I am definitely not criticizing this story for it… This is more just a self-observation thing.)


For some reason, I did not expect Christine to be their matchmaker, haha. In hindsight, I think it’s quite obvious she would try such a thing.


I wanted a short romance to read, and this fit the bill perfectly. Definitely give it a go.

5 stars.

Response from the author:

Thank you so much for this wonderful review. 💗 

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