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Stolen: Unearthing the Lore 2. The Scorched Kingdom

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Genres: Fantasy
Sub-genres: General Fantasy

Book Two of The Last Statue follows on from Heart of Black Ice Bay and traces the lives of five new characters across roughly similar timelines.

  • Marica is almost duped by a night caller accelerating her future plan to escape the palace;
  • Jasmar's instincts tells him to accompany Marica’s siblings on their escape to Loq;
  • Tad, a menial in Aulderly, stumbles upon the missing Lore of Invocation;
  • Brokerman has to help deal with an emerald explosion that rips through the grounds of the Aulderly;
  • Duke Ervine holds together a fragmented empire while a new ruler is being agreed upon.
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  • Action Packed 27
  • Addictive/Pacing 24
  • Characters 26
  • Chills 15
  • Cliffhanger 24
  • Compelling 22
  • Feel-Good 11
  • Humor 9
  • Smoldering 8
  • Tearjerker 5
  • Unique 20
  • World Building 20

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A cracker of a story that has depth and powerful characterisation! Please, do read the 1st story before this, while it can be read as a standalone for a more satisfying read, Heart of Black Ice Bay should be the first stop

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I've been looking forward to this part 2 of Stolen.  I love the story and look forward to more adventures in this universe.  Thanks, @lomax61!

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