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  1. starboardtack

    Chapter 12

    More! I want more! Don’t wanna wait! 😂
  2. starboardtack

    Chapter 5

    I just came across this today. It is developing into an interesting story. You have a very nice, accessible writing style. I look forward to see where this takes you.
  3. starboardtack

    Chapter 44

    Thank you for a wonderful read. I am going to miss this but I trust you will be back soon?
  4. starboardtack

    Chapter 4

    Please don’t be a stranger around here! Come back soon. You are good company.
  5. starboardtack

    Chapter 3

    You are one of those very rare authors who I do not want to see posting stories — because it means we are one step closer to the end. Another beautifully written chapter.
  6. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    Your descriptions of the villages and countryside are so on the spot. It is a truly a gift to have this story back.
  7. What a delight to have you characters, villages and you back. I am looking forward to reading this.
  8. starboardtack

    24 Hours

  9. starboardtack


    Perfect as written.
  10. starboardtack

    A Phone Call

    Sorry but customer service comes with the supervisory territory, even if the customer is annoying and even if the cashier who should have handled it in the first place did not. Sounds a little whine-y and self-absorbed to me. Please no flames LOL. (Edit: to be clear, I like the story and I think you are spot on in capturing the reaction. I am just reacting to the character.)
  11. starboardtack

    Chapter 36

    WOW! Great end to the chapter. Never knew or heard of this kind of power from any other story I have read. Great unique twist! Well done.
  12. This lovely and loving ending was a welcome antidote to the tragic ending of Brokeback Mountain. If memory serves, at the very beginning of this story you were concerned about dialect — I think you did a good job with both dialect and dialogue. Many thanks for a good story.
  13. starboardtack

    The Teacup

    I look forward to reading that companion story!
  14. starboardtack

    The Teacup

    I have been learning about kintsugi recently. That is the Japanese art of taking a broken object and repairing it such that the breaks and cracks are highlighted with gold rather than hidden. This makes the object even more meaningful, stronger, and more beautiful. All I could do while reading the story is think how that cup could be made whole again, with its wounds and flaws make an organic part of the whole. Then I thought about the broken relationship in your story and wondered whether there is a human version of kintsugi.
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