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  1. I cannot string together enough superlatives to express how much I enjoyed and learned from this chapter as a whole but especially when you were describing your co-workers. This is turning out to be a great read! Many thanks.
  2. starboardtack


    It is so great to have this "family" back. I am so looking forward to this story.
  3. Enjoyed this chapter and for some reason, these are my favorite lines: "Coy looked up at him with eyes sparkling. “This is fun, sure enough.” Boone almost choked when laughter bubbled up at the man’s happy expression, and he fell in love with him just a little bit more. “Glad you’re enjoying yourself.”" Maybe it is the sense of wonder that can be a part of first encounters and discoveries. Nice writing.
  4. starboardtack


    You are back! What a great way to start the New Year. This is promising to be a very interesting journey with Lee and the others. Looking forward to spending time with you and with them.
  5. starboardtack


    Why do I have a suspicion that Havnar is not so innocent in all this? After all, he wants to cleanse the earth of humans and this just moves his agenda forward. Hmmmm.
  6. starboardtack

    Chapter 16

    "Hate to spoil the moment, but you're crushing my croissants." Best. line. ever. Lol
  7. This was an extraordinarily hard chapter to get through — so much pain! So very real.
  8. This is an incredible beginning — sensitive, evocative. Strong character development and storytelling. I am looking forward to reading more.
  9. starboardtack

    Chapter One

    This is really good. I hope you do not go in the direction of the cliche in which Liam has a life threatening accident and Dylan has a flash of insight that he really does still love him and they live happily ever after. You have such a good beginning here — it would be a shame to waste it.
  10. starboardtack

    Chapter 34

    I am struggling with the decision to hit print and turn it in. It feels too rushed and contrived. There is no basis for Zack making himself so vulnerable to a teacher who he does not trust, indeed a teacher he believes has it in for him. The device that it is supposed to be a work of fiction he is turning in does not overcome this. Don׳t get me wrong — this is a fantastic story. It is so very real and honest. I just am not sure about this choice point. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to future installments.
  11. Thank you for an intelligent, fun, sexy read.
  12. starboardtack

    Chapter 22

    Your writing skills — imagery, attention to detail, descriptions, staying true to your story line — are excellent. Thank you for treating your craft with such respect. I also appreciate they way you handled Sawyer’s in-breaking awareness of the events and changes he is experiencing. You could have had him react with horror, aggression, or rejection, but you did not fall into the use of horror movie cliches or tropes associated with the genre. You kept Sawyer true to his history of radical honesty and self-awareness. I am looking forward to seeing how these characters develop and grow.
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