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  1. starboardtack

    Chapter 9

    Parts of this chapter had a very Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass, I Sing the Body Electric feel. You did a masterful job writing this chapter.
  2. starboardtack

    Chapter 10

    This was the most heartfelt, sensitive chapter so far. The conversation between Betty and Aric was so loving but it seems unfair to single out that moment because there are others as well in this chapter. This story is so rich. Thank you.
  3. starboardtack

    The Komsomol

    Beautifully descriptive, a love story told lovingly.
  4. starboardtack


    A hard chapter to read but an excellent one.
  5. starboardtack

    Songs of Magic

    Ummmmm......... WOW. I am intrigued as to how absorbing the demons will impact Chris and the story line. Curiouser and Curiouser
  6. starboardtack


    I, for one, keep searching for stories set in the West and am so pleased you have written another story in this genre. Not only do I enjoy the genre but I enjoy your writing as well. Keep 'em coming. And thanks.
  7. starboardtack

    Chapter 8

    “Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”
  8. starboardtack


    Great tie in to your other stories!
  9. starboardtack

    Lisa’s Idea

    I have binge read these stories over the last few days and your chronicles of the messiness of life is what has kept my attention. They are so much more than The expected “tab A fits into slot B” and they all loved and loved happily ever after, after they had a good shag. I appreciate your craftsmanship and look forward to more stories written on lined paper.
  10. starboardtack

    Lisa’s Idea

    It would have been all too easy in real life, and all too cliche in a story, for Nick to “give in to his passions.” You set up and wisely left the moral dilemma unresolved. Good work.
  11. My father did not talk to me for 4 years when I converted from Judaism to Christianity (long story, no assumptions please). When he finally did open the door again, I had a feeling that we did not have enough time to go through another estrangement so I never came out to him. What once was a vibrant, open, and close relationship became stilted and guarded as I made sure not to come too close to the truth in any of our times together. I was right — he died a year later. I am clear that I made the right decision but it is a decision I always will regret. This story captures that part of my life.
  12. So glad you did not tie this up with a pretty ribbon and make it nice. You handled this just right.
  13. The scope of your imagination is astounding.
  14. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    Intelligent, well written fun. Good story!
  15. You are such a great story teller. Your pacing, characters, inner and outer dialogues, and scenes are spot on. I am very curious what you will do with Penn, Nash and Cam. I hope you do not have Nash and Penn betray or come close to betraying Cam the way Lee and Paul betrayed Nash. Can you avoid the stereotype of the uncontrollable lust of the gay man? That would be too cliche and so far you have avoided most of them — except for repeated references to Penn’s utter perfection. A delicious cliche but a cliche nevertheless. LOL
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