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  1. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/1

    Superb imagery, cadence, and language. Painful but worthwhile.
  2. I loved the way you created a relationship between Donovan and the group of older gentlemen. It was respectful and hilarious. Wonderful writing.
  3. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    Never crossed my mind.
  4. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    You have a good “eye” for the lives your characters lead and a good ear for dialogue. I am looking forward to see what you do with this story. One question, you named the three Knott brothers as Ryan, Penn and Nathan and then wrote about them as Ryan, Penn and Logan. Did I miss something and, if so, I apologize?
  5. starboardtack

    Finding Hope

    Just an added thought/twist — one of the long term effects of TBI can be issues with emotional regulation. Levi’s emotional outbursts do smack of that. Not sure whether you had this in mind while writing his character but it would be consistent with his injury on top of the anger about his other trauma related losses. Could add a complication to the plot that you would not want to deal with though. Enjoying this story a lot.
  6. I was worried about remembering who the characters were, what roles they played in each others lives, and their stories/histories. You did a superb job re-introducing them. Now I can look forward to the upcoming chapters without feeling like I have to play catch up. Please remind me, how old was Noah when he first came to live with Charlie and how old is he at the end of this chapter.
  7. starboardtack

    Fort McHenry

    Delightful end to this chapter,!
  8. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    It is so good to have you back. I have missed your writing!!! Ireland, redheads, and horses, you sure know how to win this guy’s heart.
  9. I seem to have been making a mistake passing by these various and sundry poetry contributions. Today I stopped and it was as if I opened a canvas bag and out tumbled jewels of every color and description. Mistake corrected! Thank you for your contribution — these are wonderful.
  10. starboardtack


    Thank you for this most beautiful story.
  11. starboardtack

    Millie TIlley

    Tremendous chapter. Thank you for not taking the easy road and letting Mark off the hook. No matter what is right or wrong, it also is a question of judgment and Mark did not show any GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES. He handed the others a smoking gun. They all may live happily ever after but only after some serious challenges.
  12. starboardtack

    Chapter 1

    Love the dialect — reading it and figuring it out help keep my mind agile and helps me appreciate the cultural diversity both within the story and between the story and me.
  13. starboardtack

    Shoe Day

    There is a touch of Piers Anthony (Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn) and a whiff of Woody Allen (The Whore of Mensa) along with a huge dose of your originality in this retelling. Nice.
  14. It is great to have this story back! This is a whirlwind of a start and I am having the same problem I had at the close of the previous book. You have so many characters and relationships that it would be helpful to have a cast of characters or genogram of some sort to help us (well me) concentrate on the story rather that constantly try to remember who is who, who is related to who and who is doing who (sorry about that last one.) Whether you provide that or not, you have a follower here.
  15. starboardtack

    The Ball

    I started thinking that I would read a chapter or two, it would become formulaic and predictable, and I would quit. Just the opposite has happened— I am utterly hooked. This is a jewel, an unexpected delight! Each scene is fresh, crisp, and intriguing. The twists and turns are brilliant. Great imagination and great writing.
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