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  1. “ While some things may not change, he was sure there was going to be some very interesting times ahead.” Possibly a sequel in the works? I certainly hope so. I found myself reading ever more slowly to avoid the inevitable ending of this wonderful saga. I am in awe of the vision you had and how you brought these characters, nay these people, to life. Thank you so very much.
  2. starboardtack

    Chapter 15

    Great — love how it is all unraveling
  3. starboardtack

    Chapter 40

    Wonderful chapter though it feels like we are racing towards the finish line and I will miss this. One teeny tiny correction — Camp Lejeune not Fort. Marine installations are camps Army installations are Forts. Doesn’t matter all that much to me — just want to save you from a beat down by some disgruntled jarhead lol!
  4. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/1

    Ok, I will be the first to admit my comment was not very enlightening. Sorry! I was moved by how you portrayed the dissociative experiences of the artist as a young boy that saved his life. And as regards the two men, while the artist was a creator in his own right, he also was alone in creation and Creation until he encountered this “other” and the two became engaged in the process of co-creation —where each was a “human becoming” as much as he was a “human being.” Maybe that conveys more of what I am thinking. In any case, excellent work" Glad I came across your work.
  5. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/1

    Sorry I accidentally repeated my comment
  6. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/1

    An extraordinarily intelligent, loving, and deep exploration of what it means to be human.
  7. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/6

    Your feel for images and descriptions made this a very strong first chapter. I am looking forward to what is coming.
  8. I sense an interesting back story here for Hank. How long are you going to make us wait. LOL
  9. starboardtack

    Revolving Doors

    A soap within a soap withing a .... Hysterical
  10. starboardtack

    Late Lunch

    Good as far as it went but It is going to take more to each chapter to keep me coming back.
  11. It seems there still is one more shoe to drop, so to speak: Ethan and Conner -- the south Florida boys Simon was watching. Any surprises in store there?
  12. starboardtack

    Chapter 1/1

    Fascinating. Intelligent. Intriguing. Nice work.
  13. I. Hate. Cliffhangers. LOL. ❤️
  14. starboardtack

    Chapter 11

    I loved the dialogue in the chapter. Sharp, witty, with a good rhythm.
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