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The Legacy - 15. Peartree Farm

Peartree Farm



Jasper’s hooves pounded over the ground, the force sprayed dry dirt around us in a cloud. I pulled him to a halt next to the veranda of Peartree Farm. It stood to the right side of the manor. Its many acres provided crops and meat for the estate, and any spare was sold off in the village market helping to further enrich my coffers.

The farm also provided more sheds for breeding. This would be the home of the menial work force. The slaves that would work the land, and care for the animals, they would be bred here, and kept here. This is where most of my slave stock would eventually come from.

I would also have a home for the wet nurses and nannies. This is where the growing children would be cared for and trained from an early age in how to be a slave. The wet nurses and nannies would leave the mothers free for more breeding. Of course as the children grew older decisions about how they would be used would have to be made. Some would be trained as simple slave labor. Then of course it would come down to the looks and abilities of the children.

Girls were good worker slaves too. However, some would be found more appropriate to be trained as house staff or Aphrodites, but only if they were good enough. There were rigorous tests for that to be achieved. Besides the girls having beauty and the right statistics, they would also perform household duties to the highest standards, and their extra duties were guaranteed to please even the most demanding of Masters.

Still, the girls weren’t the only ones who could move beyond the position of worker slaves. All the males would begin work in the fields, the hard labour toning their bodies and building muscle. The best of them would be chosen to become Griffons. These males would also be good looking, strong and tough. They would do anything required of them and do it right the first time.

I would have the best selection of slaves to offer for sale. The Aphrodites and Griffons would only be affordable by the gentry and the very wealthy. The menial staff slave would be cheaper and more affordable for the masses. Then there were factories and mines who had already expressed an interest, knowing my slaves would provide employment at a low cost to them. All slaves would be hired out on contract, keeping it legal if someone came looking. Some could be sold if the price was right and they could afford it.

Unfortunately, even among the slaves there were those that weren’t worth a huge investment. These were the lowest of the low, the slaves not built for working hard or pleasuring the gentry with their skills. These slaves would be sold at auction or placed in brothels to earn for the estate. Every slave had a purpose, earning a living, not for themselves, but to help with their keep here on my estate.

I jumped down from Jasper and tethered him to a post. Conner was in his rocking chair on the veranda, his normal place to be. He grinned and nodded to the vacant chair beside him.

“There’s beer in the bucket if you want one lad, sit theself down,” he smirked.

I sat down and spread out in the comfortable chair, the handmade bucket between us was filled with cold water to keep the beer cool. I took a bottle and bit off the lid, and took a swig before wiping my mouth.

“It’s all taking shape nicely Unc, do you agree?” I chuckled as I looked at the progress around us already.

Conner gave me a look and then laughed, taking a beer for himself out of the bucket. “Aye lad, it’s all moving at a pace now, you’ll soon be shipping them off right and left.” He grinned wickedly at me.

I took another swig and looked down the land. I could clearly see the sheds that were going up here too. The sheds were large enough to house ten slaves, at least, even if they would draughty. But if I knew Conner Black the way I thought I did, then that number would be nearer to twenty. He wasn’t as generous as I was.

A young girl came out of the house and sat herself on Conner’s knee. She was obviously one of his favourites, with dark hair and eyes. He grinned and stroked his hand around her tiny waist as she sat on his knee rocking gently. Her shift was riding up to show firm tanned thighs and I couldn’t see any blemishes on her, not that I was interested. Conner gave her thigh a slap and without a word she spread her legs for him.

I smirked as I saw her nakedness open up, she was hairless, and her small folds tight. She sat there unashamed as Conner ran his finger over her sex. I knew he was enjoying putting on a show for me.

“This is Emily,” He grinned, “she is such a sweet little thing; her biggest advantage is that she doesn’t speak!” He laughed at this, and she smiled at him.

I looked over her then, she was of mixed race, but pretty enough.

“Where did you get her from? and I hope she is legal, Unc?” I smirked and tried to cover my laugh by taking another swig of my beer.

Conner laughed, “Aye she’s legal, just, I bought her from her father, he was going to put her in the workhouse. There’s easy pickings to be found there lad.” He smiled as his hand travelled up to rub her thigh. His actions were almost like he was petting a dog, his attention remained on me.

“Her mother is a bit of a loose one, so while I paid her father he might not be her parent but who cares, James, cause she can’t half make a man feel good.” He squeezed her small breast through her shift and she moaned softly.

I put the empty bottle back into the bucket and stood.” Well as you know this does nothing for me Unc, so I’ll go home and see what’s for lunch.”

“Aye lad you do that, I’ll be round later to see to your new bride, if ya like?”

“Stay and enjoy your own Unc, I can handle mine quite easily.” I gripped my crotch and gave it a squeeze. I pictured Jenny for a moment and couldn’t help but smile. I saw Connor staring at me. “Besides I think one of the younger lads is porking her.” I threw my head back laughing and then slapped my thigh, breathing hard. There were tears in my eyes as looked back at Connor who was busy playing with his favourite. “Later Unc.” I winked and mounted Jasper again.

I waved to Connor and then turned Jasper to walk steadily round to the front of the farm and then along the adjoining drive.

Yes things were falling nicely into place, and if Jenny was pregnant with a son, then things would indeed be grand. The young child would learn from an early age about the legacy and his part in it. Then I would be free to finish training Adam and the others as I wanted them. My private stable would be impressive. These thoughts and others filled my mind as I rode Jasper toward the stables.

I handed the reins to Sam, as I got back, barely noticing him as there were more pressing thoughts. Then I strolled up to the house. Adam was in the study reading through the days post.

I stood for a moment watching as he carefully sorted the papers into piles for me. He was slowly adjusting but he hadn’t yet become the way I desired. He must have sensed me standing there, for he suddenly looked up. I walked over and leaned against the edge of the desk.

“Hello James, this one is interesting in a scary kind of way.” He smiled nervously and handed me a hand written letter.

The letter was written on heavy paper. The silver embossed header was impressive - a crest of five eagles in a circle. The words “The Panel” was written below it. This was the group that Lady Hunt belonged to.

The letter went on to describe a panel of five of the highest Master’s and Mistress’s in the country. How they were buying up lesser Master’s and Mistresses putting them under contract, in an effort to put some kind of rules and regulations to the whole lifestyle. Prizes would be given for well turned out slaves and punishment for over the limit cruelty or neglect.

I was interested, extremely interested, but not to be put under contract, but to be part of this panel. I wanted and needed to set my own rules. I was a force to be reckoned with now, but I would make my ideas sound so beneficial they would jump to have me aboard. Besides my training methods and contacts there would be the additional contributions of the Grange Estate and my bequeathed wealth. I could be a force of nature when I set my mind to things. They would feel the power I carried like a tangible force of strength, power, and above all control. Adam has sat watching as I read the letter. I could tell he wanted to know what my answer would be to them, so instead I grinned at Adam. “I will reply to this one myself.”

Adam nodded and looked disappointed, but he should have learned that I keep my own council by now. I looked through the rest of the letters and found one from a Damon Shax; I picked it up and walked over to the couch. I sat down and leaned back to read his letter. He had a few thousand acres of hidden away land mostly unoccupied. He was creating a large farm in France, and he wanted me to come there and give my opinion. It stated that it would be fortified with armed guards. No one would get in or out without him knowing about it and he wanted suggestions for setting up the breeding and training grounds.

I shook the letter at Adam as I stood up.

“Another interesting prospect Adam; Book us a passage to France as soon as can be arranged and by us I mean you and me.”

Adam smiled

“A holiday together James? Will I be travelling with you or placed in the lower class seating area?” His look saddened as he imagined it. I could still so clearly read as each thought passed through his mind. He still hadn’t learned to shield his emotions to me, but it made it so much easier to play with him.

“Of course you will travel in the same carriage as me Adam. After all, when I want to mount you, I would prefer not to have to go looking for you first.”

I laughed as his face took on a shocked look. Slowly he blushed, but his eyes stayed on me.

I looked down at myself and at my cock as it strained against my breeches to be free. As I looked back at Adam, I caught him looking at my crotch too. He chewed his lip in the sexy way I liked. I smiled at him knowing he was wanting more of my special attention.

“Why are you still sitting over there Adam? You know what you want and you know what I want. If you don’t want me to go and get a servicing elsewhere, then you had better come here and offer yourself to me.”

I kept my face emotionless. He stood and I could see his own strained breeches as he came from behind the desk. He moved slowly toward me, his hands stroked down over his thighs, as if to wipe sweat from them. He then got onto his knees and spread my own. His hands stroked down both of my inner thighs and he kept my gaze as they then stroked over my swollen cock. His voice was breathless and husky as he moaned before me.

“I want you to fuck me my Master, my wonderful cruel, sexy Master.”

I groaned as his hands began to unbutton my breeches. My cock sprang free and he moaned softly and then blew over my swollen cock head and shaft. His eyes were still fixed on mine as he drew a fingertip from the base of my shaft to the V, so softly, so gently it felt incredible. My cock jerked hard and I groaned. He had learned how to tease, how to give back all I had taught him. Not just pain and torture. But also erotic, sensual teasing that made me squirm and groan just the way he did. This was sweet torture. I groaned again as he then licked the same fingertip and drew it up my shaft again.

“It’s your turn to put your hands on your own head Master,” Adam whispered as he looked up at me, “Give me the pleasure of teasing you.”

I smirked as I crossed my fingers on the top of my head, my hair tangled between them. They turned to fists gripping my hair as his tongue tip tickled my V.

I leered over the top of his head as Jenny walked into the study and then stopped dead. Her face visibly drained of all colour. For a moment she stood there as she watched Adam kneeling before me, doing exactly what I wanted.

“What’s wrong Jenny? You have seen my cock before?”

At those words, Adam jumped up quickly and wiped his mouth.

“Jenny!” He panted, “I was just….I mean, he told me….I…I,” he dropped his head then, too ashamed to look at her or me. The tears began to fall as he realized he had been seen giving in to his own desires.

I stroked myself slowly as I looked at the two of them. They were both mine, even if they hadn’t realized just how much I owned every part of them.

“You can come and suck it if you like, Jenny? I can always close my eyes and pretend you’re not a worthless female.”

Both she and Adam gasped at that. I was being cruel, outrageously cruel to both of them. However, I was getting a kick from shocking them.

“I suppose if you sucked on me, then Adam could raise your skirts from behind you and fuck you at the same time?”

Jenny sobbed quietly and turned from me. Adam gave me a look that said enough was enough and I reluctantly put myself away.

“Oh, you two are no fun at all!” I stood and pushed my way between them. I stopped and I could feel my anger begin to rise. If I couldn’t hurt them physically at the moment there were other ways.

“I will just have to ride into the village and see if I can find some innocent young lad to fuck senseless.” I smiled cruelly and watched my words strike them.

Jenny covered her mouth and Adam growled “James enough!”

I turned back to him and grabbed his jaw roughly. I decided it was time he learned some hard truths about me.

“Go fuck your pretty little friend, Adam. I’m sure she will appreciate a real cock after all the wooden ones she’s had from Beth.”

He looked puzzled for a moment. I could see as he slowly realized she hadn’t become a lady of leisure. I was surprised Jenny hadn’t complained to Adam of her treatment.

“You said she wouldn’t be taken ... in case she was pregnant,” he whined.

“I did, Adam, I did, but being female she has more than one place to put a cock. So why not use both?”

His mouth dropped open at how shocking I was being. Maybe he was finally realizing that Jenny was my wife in name only, and was a slave still. Jenny couldn’t take it and ran from the room sobbing. I looked on after her and shook my head in disgust.

“That is becoming a habit Adam; she does take offence rather easily doesn’t she?” I cocked an eyebrow as I watched him standing there clutching his hand into a fist.

He growled angrily then paced from the room. He called out just before the door slammed behind him.

” You’re a first class bastard James and you know it.”

I laughed loudly and then moved to the desk to reply to “The Panel”. This was a very good day.

After lunch I went to the library to sit and read, I didn’t know what I wanted to read. I scanned the walls of books then moved onto a central stand with books either side. I stopped short as I heard a tiny whisper from behind it. I peered round it silently to see Tom a young farm hand flicking through the pages of a Dickens novel. I grinned and pulled it from his hands, making him jump up and apologise. He was a scruffy looking lad of fourteen. He already had the makings of a strong man, his muscular arms and legs were evident through the rags of clothes he wore.

“Calm down Tom, I won’t hurt you, come over to the chair and sit with me.” I grabbed up another book as we passed the shelf and sat down in the chair. Tom sat on the arm and smiled at me.

“I can’t read, Sir, but the pictures are good.” Tom’s voice was soft and high pitched. He was like an eager puppy trying to please me. I patted his knee and opened the book I had picked off the shelf. The first picture was of a naked woman showing off all her assets.

“How does that picture make you feel Tom?” He squirmed beside me.

“She has very large tits Sir, and her nipples look all puffy.” He giggled as he looked at the picture.

“That’s because she has milk in them Tom, we shall have a few like that soon.” I smiled as I thought of the sheds that were nearing completion. “You will be encouraged to feed from them too, like the other young ones. Besides giving you a good wholesome meal, it will also encourage milk production in the woman, thus serving a dual purpose.”

He grinned at me and shook his head in disbelief.

“You mean I’ll be sucking on tits like that and getting fed at the same time? Coooor Sir.”

I laughed at his innocence.

“Oh I’m sure she will do more than feed you if you ask nice enough Tom,” I chuckled. “If you get excited she will soothe that too.”

He blushed softly and put his hands in his lap, “The things you say have hidden meanings don’t they Sir? I can tell by your voice its sex stuff.” I laughed and moved to the next picture. It showed a girl with her clothes in tatters, bent over and being taken from behind, by a man in a suit.

“Do you think you could do that too Tom? You must have seen it happening on the estate. We encourage it.”

“Oh yes Sir, that’s always going on everywhere I go.” He grinned. “I am so glad you took me in Sir, mam and dad where worrying about me finding a place to work.”

I patted his knee again and remembered his family. The men had been tall and strong and the women were attractive. He came from good stock.

“Prove yourself Tom and you will grow old here.”

We went through the rest of the book. Tom squirmed more and more as his arousal grew. My own feelings I kept hidden. I was aroused, but I wasn’t about to take advantage of one so young. Delicious to look at but he was far too young to do anything more with than corrupt.

Copyright © 2012 Mark92; All Rights Reserved.
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You are cruel, twisted and evil....and I love it! thumbsup.gif

It's good to see James so eagerly engaged in his career. whistle.gif


Loving the story, Marky! thumbsupsmileyanim.gifworshippy.gif

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On 03/09/2012 07:34 AM, Conner said:
You are cruel, twisted and evil....and I love it! thumbsup.gif

It's good to see James so eagerly engaged in his career. whistle.gif


Loving the story, Marky! thumbsupsmileyanim.gifworshippy.gif

Thank you Conner LOL well theres a real biggy coming up soon

So hope you enjoy that too. Thanks for the continued support too :hug::wub:

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