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  • 3,384 Words
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The Legacy - 14. The Wedding

The Wedding?

The next Tuesday arrived and with little excitement, a wedding was performed.

Jenny wore a gown of the palest yellow, billowing out with a short lace veil over her face. I sneered most of the way through it.

After the ceremony, I turned her around, so her back was to me and took off the gown. She stood blushing hotly as I pushed her forward,

“You can take the rest off upstairs, and change back into your working shift,” I smirked and slapped her backside.

“Lady Jenny Thomas, you have my name, you better soon have my son otherwise you are off to an auction.” The words had been said softly but the effect on Jenny was immediate.

Jenny didn’t say anything; she raced from the room sobbing. I shook my head in amusement watching her flee from the room where we had just been married.

I turned and kissed Adams cheek, then chuckled as I heard the soft growl.

“Never mind Adam, if she is pregnant then she will stay to be your friend and if she isn’t well……..” I chuckled again, “our loss will be someone else’s gain yes?”

Adam’s face was a picture of seething rage, but he kept it held back as he clenched his fists then dashed after Jenny. I called after him barely able to stand from laughing so hard, “That’s it Adam, run off and play with the girls.”

I thanked the two girls who had been witnesses to the ceremony, and then turned and shook hands with the priest. He was charming. He didn’t say anything but thank you, when I handed him the wad of notes to help repair the roof of the church. He was here at my bidding, the same as any other tradesman in town. With the wedding officially over now, I had things to attend to.

With a loud whistle I paced from the room, and walked down to the stables that Mathew now shared with Sam. The boys worked together to please me.

I was always welcomed warmly, the rooms above the stables were sparse but clean. There were perks to being my favourites, their clothes were of a softer cloth, and their food was the same as mine. No slops or left-overs for my pets.

Soon, very soon everything would fall into place. The house ran itself, my servants were efficient, and they had to be to stay here. I delegated every chore, to a specific person. Thus leaving my time to be my own. If I was being honest with myself, I used that time to plan, to play, to do “evil deeds”, and laugh at my own cleverness.. I could do all of this because I could, I was Lord of the Manor, the absolute Master, and a sex hungry man to finish the list.

The surrounding villages and the nearby town all served me, I was their benefactor.

I smiled as I thought of my bride. Once Jenny’s belly started to grow, there would be parties and balls. To show off my lady and my prowess of being a stud.

And once my son and heir were born, there would be celebration, the legacy would continue, and my slave farm would grow. The next thing to decide would be whether or not to keep Jenny once the child was born? She could be mysteriously lost at sea, while being secretly auctioned. Then I would be the poor lonely widower. I chuckled to myself. Oh, the joys of married life.

I headed into the stable to celebrate and climbed the stairs. I walked into the stable flat to see Mathew sitting on the bunk, his head lowered. I sat down beside him and put my arm around his shoulder.

“How can I put a smile on that face?” I pulled him closer. He didn’t resist at all, but simply slid closer to me.

Mathew looked at me and smiled, “I would love to ride with you James? “ He sounded excited. “Sam has been giving me riding lessons, and I think I’m quite good now.” He sort of reminded me of a happy puppy wanting to show off his new trick. I grinned and patted his back.

“No time like the present then Mathew, let’s go, I’ll show you the old church at the far side of the wood, we used to do creepy games there.”

Mathew grinned and got up excitedly and I followed him downstairs and to the stables. While Sam saddled Jasper and got him ready to ride, I prepared a gentle mare called Hollie, she was placid and nothing fazed her.

We set off at a gentle pace, Jasper nodded his noble head, he didn’t like moving slowly. Like his Master, he was full of energy and passion, so he was impatient to show off his speed.

Mathew smiled proudly, as he bobbed up and down on the mare. Unaware of what I was thinking. He never questioned for a moment why I would want to go to a creepy old church.

We kept to the path through the wood, as it closed in around us the dappled sun soon changed to thick overhead foliage and even thicker bracken on the ground. After several minutes I pulled Jasper to a halt and dismounted. I then tied up Jasper’s reins around a branch.

“Come on Mathew, we have to walk from here, but it will be worth it,” I grinned.

I watched as he tethered up the mare, and then he followed me. I had to kick away the thickest of the bracken just to make headway. We were soon stood outside the ruined church, only one window set remained. They had been carefully repaired time after time.

The Clerestory windows, they stood all along the top of the main altar, with the sole purpose of providing an inlet for natural light. But in the darkness of the wood they just looked black. Once it must have looked beautiful.

Mathew was silent as he stepped through the door, and then gasped. There were no pews, to sit on, not even an aisle. Just the marble altar sat under the magnificent set of windows. They shone so brightly with colour and lit up the altar and the ivy that grew around its base.

I placed my hand on the small of Mathews back, and urged him forward. He looked round at me questioningly.

“Why is the altar so clean James, It looks brand new?” Mathew stroked his hand along the cool cold surface.

“Why do you think Mathew?” I chuckled as I pulled myself up to sit on it, and then I lifted one of the chains attached to the edge, at the end of it a soft leather cuff. I grinned, “They go all the way round Mathew, need any more clues?”

His answer was a soft gulp and a shy blush.

“Will you do anything I say, without question Mathew?” I smiled softly.

“Of course James,” he looked at me blushing, “and I mean anything!” He chuckled nervously at that.

I laid myself down flat on the altar my head towards the window. I then placed a hand and foot at each corner.

I turned my head to him and made eye contact with him. “Cuff me up then lad, what are you waiting for?”

He looked at me blankly and then began to tremble. “You want me to cuff you up? James? Will it get me punished?” Mathew’s voice was barely a whisper as he asked me his questions.

I began to laugh. It was funny seeing him standing there unsure what to do or think. “If I told you to do it, why the hell would I punish you?”

As Mathew cuffed me to the alter his hands shook nervously. He buckled each one watching me carefully as he did so. I gave a tug to show him I really was secure.

“When you are satisfied that I am quite safe, let me know. I’m looking forward to seeing how well you are trained.” I smiled as he checked each chain and cuff.

“Well, unless you’re a magician James, you’re not going anywhere soon.” Mathew giggled softly.

“Now then Mathew, I want you to straddle my thighs and free me, not because I have asked, but simply because you want to. Do you want to Mathew?”

I watched as he chewed on his lip and then grinned. He then climbed up and straddled my thighs. He looked at my face, and I smiled back at him. The chains were long enough for me to put my hands behind my head, and I liked the idea of giving him control.

His eyes slowly moved down over my body, my chest heaved under the tailored white shirt, the waistband of my breeches was tight to my waist, and the buttons strained as my erection pushed against the front of them.

He looked up at me again then he laid both hands down softly onto my shape, and stroked his palms gently downwards. I groaned loudly and fought the urge to thrust upwards. I wanted to give him confidence. I had plans for him that required him to do things without my presence, without my instructions.

Mathew kept his smile, he also moaned to himself as I grew even harder. His fingers worked on the buttons that held up my breeches. My cock so hard it made undoing them difficult. He peeled back the opening, and then stroked his hand over the soft white underwear I wore. Then lowered his head, he kept his eyes on me as his tongue came out and the thickest part of his tongue lapped over my shape. I lunged upwards. The pleasure so great I could hardly bear it.

This was so unfamiliar to me; I was so used to being in control. I strained on the cuffs, even through the enjoyment, I wanted to take over.

I groaned again and again as the laps continued. I could feel my underwear sticking to me; his tongue wiped up my shaft again and then stopped as his mouth reached the top of my shaft. His lips took hold of my swollen head and even through the cotton fabric I was painfully hard, painfully close to just shooting into my pants.

Mathew then untied my underwear. He peeled back the wet fabric and gasped as my cock sprang free. It glistened from his saliva. Still with his gaze on me he curled his fingers around my shaft and slowly squeezed as he pushed his hand downwards. I cried out as he forced my skin fully back.

I then watched in awe as he drizzled spit onto my cock head, he smiled at me as he lowered his head again. This time it was his tongue tip, working his spit over my V and slit. He held my skin hard back as he then used his lips on my shaft and tongued over my throbbing veins. And then I could take no more as he closed his mouth around my head, his lips tucked under it and he groaned loudly. His lips vibrated on the glands under my cock head and I exploded into his hungry mouth. He sucked hard, his head bobbed from side to side. He was enjoying this as much as I was.



Up at the manor, Jenny stood on a small stool. Her skirts held up to her waist. Her underwear was pooled around her ankles. She stood stock still while she was being inspected by her Mistress Beth. Jenny dared not move or whimper, those were lessons she had been taught the hard way. Beth took great delight in doing this slowly. Beth knew there was no reason to hurry; Jenny had nothing else to do.

Beth stroked up between Jenny’s tight thighs, and smoothed her fingers over the young girl’s mound. She smiled; knowing it would be free of all hair by the continuous waxing’s given to Jenny. It was one of the few perks Beth enjoyed. Any hairs that were missed by the candle wax and linen where slowly and painfully plucked from Jenny with tweezers. Any moan or movement dealt with by a hard slap to her thighs or soft rump. A few more spanks were often added just for Beth’s pleasure. Jenny’s pale skin usually glowed red after a session with Beth.

Jenny knew the worst was yet to come. Now, there was the strange chair Beth had acquired from the hospital and used on Jenny. Jenny’s legs would be splayed wide and up into the air. The position gave Beth full access to all of Jenny’s delights.

Jenny knew almost exactly what would happen every time. After the painstaking removal of every last hair, she would have two of Beth’s fingers pressed deep into her. Jenny always chewed her lips in an effort not to enjoy it. It happened so often now, the ritual inspection, the slow trace of fingers, and even the nudity gave Jenny as much enjoyment as Beth had.

The fingers would twist one way then the other, in and out in soft long strokes and then there would be a hard jabbing inside her. They came deep and fast, Jenny would strain not to show her enjoyment. She would bite into her lip as she was forced to climax for Beth. She wouldn’t even get a moment to rest as she would be turned over so that Beth could spank her... Even that was more enjoyment now. She longed for the sting of palm, on her rump and thigh.

Jenny became lost in thought. She hoped she was pregnant this time. Once it was confirmed, she would be left alone until the child was born. At last a few months of time where she might remember she was human. She also hoped it would be a boy, she hadn’t been told what would happen if she gave birth to a girl.

Jenny forgot herself for a moment as she squirmed on the stool; Beth’s fingers inched between her folds. Jenny glanced down to see Beth glare at her. Jenny closed her eyes at the sting of palm on soft thigh.

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” Jenny whimpered, “it’s so hard not to enjoy it. I couldn’t help myself; can I get in the chair now please?”

Beth stood up straight and sneered at Jenny, wiping her fingers on Jenny’s petticoats. “Demanding little wench aren’t you Jenny? Do you have any further instructions? There are several men who would like to use your pleasures.”

Jenny shook her head softly.

“Forgive me Mistress, I shouldn’t have asked. It is entirely your decision on what happens next.” She tried her softest smile, but Jenny knew it wouldn’t work on Beth.

Jenny then stepped down from the stool, and away from her underwear as instructed to do. Once she was back on the floor Jenny let her skirts fall back down. Beth moved back to the other side of the room and sat down.

“Until we know if you are pregnant I’ve been told to go easy on you, Jenny.” Beth drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair. There was a small pause as she looked Jenny over.

“Should I let one of the young boys use you for their pleasure, or perhaps a young girl?”

Beth smirked as Jenny’s mouth dropped open; she thought Beth was the only one who liked girls in that way.

“But Mistress, wouldn’t you need to ask James first? He is my husband now.” Jenny whined. She stood moving nervously from foot to foot, frightened by what Beth might have in store for her.

“Do you really believe he cares Jenny?” Beth sat forward in the chair watching Jenny squirm under her gaze. “You are mine for the present and I decide your fate. Until your pregnancy is confirmed then things may change, but then again things may not.” Beth smiled menacingly. “As yet all decisions come from James and me, if we want a girl or boy to touch you then it will be done. Whether you or they want to or not.” Beth then picked up a small bag from beside the chair and rested it in her lap. Beth made a show of slowly stroking the bag and then glanced at Jenny as she opened it. Her hand went inside and Jenny gasped as a phallic shaped piece of smooth dark wood was revealed.

“Mistress! What is that?” Jenny struggled not to sound too panicked.

“This, dear Jenny, is to prepare your backside. We still need to use you; if you are pregnant then your backside will be used instead.”

Jenny trembled at the thought but said nothing. What could she possibly do to change anything. She was under their control, under their bidding; she was a sex slave just as Adam now was.

Beth stood and looked Jenny over from head to foot. She walked beside Jenny side before she stroked the large rounded head of the piece of wood down the side of Jenny’s cheek.

“Take off your clothes,” Beth hissed in Jenny’s ear. “All of them! Then get on all fours on the bed,” Beth growled. “You will then drop your shoulders and get your rump high in the air. One movement, just, one sound and I will punish you, Jenny. And not in a way you have come to enjoy.”

Beth then walked away and into the kitchenette of her quarters.

Jenny looked towards the door, should she flee? Was it locked? She remembered what had happened the last time she had tried to get away and shuddered. She couldn’t stand to go through that again. She sighed and undid her gown, it dropped down to the floor and she then undid the over tight corset. Red lines on her skin to show how it cut into her. It was something she looked forward to discarding if she was pregnant. She took up her position on the bed, just as instructed, and clutched at the pillow under her head.

Jenny was under no delusions any more. She knew this would be painful. Jenny closed her eyes as she felt the drizzle of warm sticky oil glide down between her buttocks and on to Beth’s target.



Once Mathew had finished cleaning me, he un-cuffed me, and then stood back to watch me. I dropped down from the altar and stuffed myself away. I looked down at his groin to see him stood hard in the baggy tied pants that served as work trousers.

“Go see Adam about that, he will be in the library at this time.” I smiled softly. “My instructions are: you go there, and then walk up to him and tell him you require his services in your quarters. If he doesn’t obey you then come and find me.”

Mathew grinned; he knew I liked to play with Adams reluctance to follow my orders. A look at his groin showed he had even grown harder after getting my directions. I smiled and patted Mathews back. “In no time at all he will be serving you as he will every other man on the estate.” I chuckled.

We walked back out and mounted the horses, and then rode back steadily. Our conversation was all about Adam. My love for him and how he needed to be used so regularly, I would need to sacrifice my own desires to let others be delegated to the task. Twisted logic was a strong point of mine. Adam, my dear ward, was the estates male whore, but he was my male whore! I chuckled to myself.

I enjoyed the thoughts of what Mathew would have Adam do to him. I began to get hard again but there were things to do yet. I kicked my heels against the flanks of Jasper. He reared up and started to gallop off at a steady pace, and I called out loudly as I let Jasper have his run.

“I’ll be back soon Mathew! Give my love to Adam!” My laughter filled the air as I pictured that again.

Copyright © 2012 Mark92; All Rights Reserved.
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Upon reading the chapter tittle, I thought I would be reading long descriptions of frilly dresses, wedding music and such. sleepysmileyanim.gif I thought you dealt with the wedding rather efficiently. thumbsup.gif A rolling bride gathers no moss! whistle.gif


My favourite line..."Twisted logic was a strong point of mine." It does prove to be the source of much of his...uhmmm....entertainment. I mean things would get dull at the manor, you know. We can't have that. I believe it's also very much to James' credit that he accepts that his logic is twisted. Honest self-examination, so long as it's not overly done, would benefit us all! cool.png


Another thoroughly entertaining chapter, Marky!! worshippy.gifworshippy.gif

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Nice to see Adam hasn't totally been broken. Seems Jenny has given up. I do wonder what you have up your sleeve with James and his other toys.

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On 12/29/2011 09:59 AM, Conner said:
Upon reading the chapter tittle, I thought I would be reading long descriptions of frilly dresses, wedding music and such. sleepysmileyanim.gif I thought you dealt with the wedding rather efficiently. thumbsup.gif A rolling bride gathers no moss! whistle.gif


My favourite line..."Twisted logic was a strong point of mine." It does prove to be the source of much of his...uhmmm....entertainment. I mean things would get dull at the manor, you know. We can't have that. I believe it's also very much to James' credit that he accepts that his logic is twisted. Honest self-examination, so long as it's not overly done, would benefit us all! cool.png


Another thoroughly entertaining chapter, Marky!! worshippy.gifworshippy.gif

Your reviews always make me laugh Conner. Thank You. James cares nothing for Jenny and grabs every opportunity to show it LOL

Things are about to change a little for Adam. :)

And yeah the logic is very twisted I have no idea where he gets that from :P Thanks again :hug:

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On 12/29/2011 06:36 PM, comicfan said:
Nice to see Adam hasn't totally been broken. Seems Jenny has given up. I do wonder what you have up your sleeve with James and his other toys.
Thank you Comic :) You help me with this so much, some recognition should go to you too :hug:

I havnt done with Adam yet :P Better get on to the next chapter :)

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