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  • 3,560 Words
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The Legacy - 19. Chapter 19

Back to the Future


“Morning,” I called from the top of the stairs. It was my eighteenth birthday and I was starving. Caroline the housekeeper giggled as I raced down the stairs and grabbed her to swing her around the large hall.

“Good morning beautiful lady,” I grinned, “I’m absolutely famished, that means I’m as hungry as a bear.” I growled and then laughed.

Caroline slapped me playfully on the arm, “Put me down young master, what will your parents think?” She giggled.

“They will think I’m a horny toad just like my father, you delicious wench.” I placed her carefully down and went into the dining room.

“Good Morning. Mother dear,” I kissed my mother lightly on the cheek. “I’m guessing father is already doing his rounds?” I took up a plate to the heavily laden cupboard to serve myself from silver covered dishes.

My mother, the Mistress Jenny, carefully folded the newspaper she was reading.

“Good morning and happy birthday Jamie, your father is actually in the study, waiting to give you your birthday gift.” My mother sat smiling as she watched me sneaking food right off the plate before I had even sat down at the table.

I sat down and without using a napkin, ate heartily with just a fork. Mum made a tutting sound and shook her head. She knew that her son was a wild child, but he had his heart and his head in the right place.

“Don’t eat so fast Jamie you will give yourself indigestion,” she scolded.

I winked and laughed and quickly emptied my plate, “Mother dear it’s the 1st of November 1923, and I am eighteen, so forgive me for not adhering to etiquette,”

I pushed away my empty plate and stood to look down at my mother.

“I have worked most of my life on this estate mother, I know everyone on it and how to work every part of it, I’m ready I really am.” “Yes you are son, and you also know the rules. You will take orders from me until you have a wife of your own to take my place.” My mother gently patted my arm while I bounced around waiting to see what gifts my father might have for me.


I sat in the study waiting for Jamie to arrive. While I waited, I checked and double checked all the deeds and various documents that were necessary. Today, I was going to hand this all over to my son. For in so many ways he was my child.

Jamie was James’s son, now at the age of eighteen; he was the very image of his father. However, he had been carefully raised by Jenny and me to have none of James’ cruelty.

I felt a pang of loss as I thought of James once more. It had been quite a time since I had thought of him.

It had taken weeks for me to adjust, not just from the loss of James, but also the loss of any pain. I hadn’t realized how much I would miss it, even craved it at times. But time had taught me how to control the hunger, whenever it tried to grasp me.

Jenny and I shared the same bed, but nothing ever happened between us. And yet our love was strong. It was a sexless love, but love all the same. I adored Jenny, and this woman adored me. Together we had survived and prospered here on the Grange, plus we had Jaime, which brought me back to why I was sitting here.

Realizing there was nothing more to check I stood and walked to the fire, on this cold November morning it was a necessity. Standing before the fire my attention was captured by the painting that had hung there since before Jamie was born. The painting above the mantle was of James and Jasper. The horse posed elegantly, his stance majestic. James stood beside him holding the reins. Jasper’s long black mane and tail shone brightly, groomed to perfection.

My eyes were drawn to the figure of James, and I sighed. His black shoulder length hair, shone as much as his mount. Both of them dark, muscular and looked every bit the stallions they were. I traced my fingers over the bright red jacket James wore in the painting. “I still miss you my Master,” I whispered. It was a moment later I heard the door open, and turned round suddenly as Jamie entered.

“Good morning father!” Jamie beamed.

“Good morning Jamie and a very happy birthday.”

We stood and shook hands. I couldn’t help but notice that Jamie had his father’s height, looks and prowess. If what all the girls told me was true.

“Sit yourself down we have a lot to go through,” I smiled and returned to my place behind the desk. Jamie sat on the edge of it until I cleared my throat and Jamie finally took the chair across from me.

I nearly laughed at the earnest look on Jamie’s face, but instead I handed over several documents. “You have there the monies earned by the estate and kept for the estate. It is kept in its entirety for estate use only.” Jamie looked surprised but I nodded as he looked over the papers. “It will remain in your mother’s name until your future wife takes on the role.”

Jamie gave a whistle at the amount of money the estate was worth. He nodded back to me as he placed the documents on one side of the desk. Then he reached over the desk for the next sheaf of papers I offered.

“The names of every person on the estate are there, girls and men, as well as work hands, head girls and boys, children, toddlers and babies. From the best Aphrodite and Griffon, all the way down to the boot boy. The books on the coffee table behind you are the ledgers of work, earnings, and every financial small detail of everyone at the Grange.”

I took a sip of my tea as Jamie leafed through them all.

“I know this already, Father. I also know Lauren and her team of head girls deal with all this.” Jamie smiled as he flipped absently through the large sheaf of papers.

“Yes, yes, I know that too, but it must be gone through Jamie. In three years’ time you will need to do this all alone, without my assistance.”

Jamie added the pile of papers to the others. He took another document from me as I explained what he was receiving.

“This is your money Jamie, it is a lot to take in but please use it wisely. You will be refused if you run out and ask for estate funds.”

Jamie gasped as he stared at the amount that was written on the paper. Finally, he looked up and with a stunned expression tried to voice his disbelief.

”Father? Are you sure? How could I ever fritter away this amount of money?”

“Oh it can be done Jamie and quite easily too, just never gamble.” I chuckled at the odd look he gave me.

I shuffled uncomfortably in my chair but knew there was no way to put this off any longer. Jamie had come of age and we had to tell him some of the secrets we had been keeping since before he was born.

“And now for something you don’t know, something hidden from you all these years,” I reluctantly handed over a scroll like roll, tied up with red ribbon.

“This is your ownership Jamie, you belong to the estate, you are a possession just as everyone else here, and that includes me and your mother.”

I sat back and watched Jamie carefully as the ribbon was untied and he uncurled the parchment scroll. The seal was that of the house itself the Grange Manor.

Jamie read slowly, taking in every scrawled word; I could see his confusion as he read and realized that he was owned by the house, not a person or group of people but by the house,

“Father, I don’t understand if we are all owned by the house, who owns that?”

“There are men and women at the very top Jamie, but they do not intervene. Their role is of caretakers as it were. The only time you will hear from them is if you stray from your role or break any rule of the estate.”

I knew my face was serious, but I wondered if my son could see the fear that was beating in my chest as he looked into my eyes. He seemed to stare at me a moment before he looked down at his ownership papers again. This was his birthday and so far his gifts had been nothing but problems. Sighing I tried to change the mood with something he would enjoy.

“Now all that business is over with let me show you your real birthday gift.”

I got up from the desk, slapped Jamie’s shoulder and led him toward the study door. “Come on lad, you will learn the rest quickly. It’s time to be the man of the estate.”

Jamie followed me outside the front door to where there stood a magnificent black stallion. It looked like the one in the painting the one Jamie had coveted since he was a young boy. The horse lifted one giant hoof and pounded it into the gravel. The young stable boy gave a yank on the reins, and then the horse snorted and nodded its huge head.

Jamie looked at his father and then grabbed the reins, he grinned at the young lad as he leapt up into the saddle.

“Thank you Tim, I have him now.”

I watched as with a wave of his hand Jamie was off, tearing round the side of the house and down the hill to the fields and woods that belonged to the estate. I knew there were thousands of acres, many, many sheds that housed the men and women. The crops and livestock, and the woods were all there and he would be able to see them quickly now that he was riding.

I gave young Tim a smile, “Go back to the stables lad; He’ll drop Brutus off when he’s done.”

“He didn’t even ask the ‘orses name, Sir,” Tim giggled softly.

“Well you be sure to tell him when he gets back lad.”

I strolled back into the house and returned to the study. Jenny entered shortly after me, closing the door behind her.

“I didn’t tell him about the Centaurs Guild, Adam. He seems too young and reckless to understand it properly,“ Jenny said softly as she came to stand beside me.

I couldn’t help but sigh. The Council James once tried so hard to get into, was now The Guild. Within the Council had been the Panel, which made sure that the BDSM slaves were kept fit, well and happy. Titles had changed, but business continued as it always had. These were the people that controlled our lives.

“I felt the same dear,” I turned to give Jenny a reassuring hug, “We shall leave that until he comes of age in three years’ time. Maybe then he will have settled down somewhat.”

“Will we have to tell him, we are a part of it too? He’s so young Adam, and so much like Ja…..” Jenny couldn’t finish the name.

“I know dear, I know,” I patted Jenny’s shoulders softly. “After he got his papers today, Jenny, it may make him realize some of it.” I gently guided Jenny down to sit on the couch and smiled at her.

“The Centaurs Guild is there to prevent any more like James, as you know Jenny, with rules that must be obeyed. Punishment and reward, and we know it works.” I shivered at the thought. “There will be some that try to over throw The Guild or slip through various loop-holes, but hopefully things will be kept to strict order.” I tried to keep it matter of fact, as I stood in front of the fire with my hands clasped behind my back.

“Our son needs a wife Jenny, someone of status, and power. He will need someone with a strong hand and will to tame him.” Adam nodded.

Jenny looked a little pensive. “There are a couple of girls I have in mind Adam, both strong and beautiful.”

“Good, good, but don’t forget they will need the appropriate training, it’s not everyone that can live as we do.” Adam smiled.

There was a small tap on the door and they both looked towards it.

“Is it alright if I come in? I ‘asnt seen the young master this morning and he promised me a snog for his birfday.”

Adam chuckled, “Good morning Maggie, I am afraid he isn’t about just yet but I assure you I will tell him as soon as he returns.”

“Chuffin ‘eck I always miss out on everyfin,” Maggie pouted.

Jenny smiled and Adam chuckled. Maggie had joined them ten years ago. He and Jenny had found her begging in the village square. With no parents and just a drunk for an uncle, Maggie Watkins was the local waif and something of stray. She reminded them both of Kitty, who had in many ways helped with Jaime’s early child rearing.

No-one was sure of her age; they had guessed that she about the same age as Jamie was. The two children had spent the last ten years like brother and sister. Kitty knew Jamie was a lord, but it didn’t count for anything. Just because a person had money and stature didn’t mean that person was any better than her.

Maggie walked to the couch and plunked herself down next to Jenny giving her a nudge.

“So how’s Sheba this morning? You got ya knickers on t’right way?” Maggie giggled.

Jenny smiled up at me and then took Maggie’s hand. Jenny played along with the joke answering, “Yes dear all present and correct.”

“Ya what? I dint ask for presents or nuffin?” Maggie looked puzzled.

I couldn’t keep the laughter from my voice as I leaned over to whisper in her ear, “it means she has her knickers on properly, Maggie,”

Maggie looked from me to Jenny and her eyes narrowed. “So why dint she say that then? Ya too posh you Sheba I’s told you afore!”

I gave a loud laugh as Jenny hugged herself laughing, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Oh Maggie, never leave us.”

“Leave ya? As he been on about kickin me out like?” Maggie stood and glared at me. Then poked me in the chest, “You just bloody well try it mister and I’ll have Donk’s after ya, so there!”

With that Maggie left in a huff. Jenny fell back into the couch drawing up her knees in laughter, while I shook my head and looked at the closed door.

“I know why she calls Jamie ’Donk’s’ but it never ceases to amuse me. Just because he’s hung like a donkey, doesn’t mean it’s his title.”

“Well I hope you will be the one to tell her that Adam, because I wouldn’t dare.” Jenny stared at me a moment before she began laughing again.

While I waited for Jenny to compose herself there came another tap on the door. I looked at Jenny, rolling my eyes at her before I answered it.

It was Isobel, the house secretary, she was usually always in the main house office that was next to Adams Study. The office handled everything from whom and what were on the estate, the orders for provisions, the staff rosters even monies going in and out as well as the visitors. She filled a much needed position in the household.

“Sorry to disturb you Sir, Ma’am,” Isobel curtsied politely. She gave them both a sheepish look, “Silas Blake is demanding to speak with you, he says it is for your benefit, Sir,” Isobel curtsied again. I knew she didn’t want to let him to see us. We all knew that he was mean, nasty and cruel.

I sighed out loud. Jenny ran everything and only certain individuals were I forced to deal with, “Jenny please go and tend to your garden, Isobel, send Mr. Blake in please.”

Jenny nodded and kissed my cheek. “Please keep your temper, Adam; you know how he purposely riles you.”

“I will do my best.”

I hated when I had to deal with some of the rough elements. In the beginning everyone assumed I was totally worthless. Once the trauma of James’ passing and Jamie was born I stepped up and began to handle more than most people expected. Jenny still had the final say, but there was no way I was going to let her deal with the slime that was Silas Blake.

I took my stance in front of the fire again, as the girls left, and less than a minute later Silas Blake was shown in.

I turned when the door opened and took stock of my company. The man stood as tall as I was, and that’s where the resemblance ended. Silas was stocky and muscular. Black slicked back hair under his black trilby hat. His suit was double breasted and pin striped. It gave him the look of a gangster. His black and white pointed shoes sort of finished off the gangster look when taken together with the grey and blue cravat tie he wore. He offered a podgy ring covered hand to me.

“Good Morning your lordship, thanks so much for seeing me,” His Cockney accent was too thick to cover.

“I take it you and your fair lady is in good health?” He grinned at me reminding me of a predator.

“Cut the small talk Blake, why are you here?” I reluctantly shook Blake’s hand and then moved round to sit at his desk, and waved my hand to the chair opposite.

Silas took off his hat and placed it carefully down on the desk before he unbuttoned his jacket and then sat down.

“Well Sir I am here to offer you the deal of a lifetime, that’s why I’m here.”

I raised a brow, “I hardly think you have anything I need Mr. Blake, but pray continue.” There was no way I could hide my dislike of this man, and considering this was my home I wasn’t going to.

“How does a regular supply of good working stock sound? Men and women of sound mind and body who are looking for a fresh start in life and someone to trust them, the poor selfless souls.”

I leaned back in my chair, and clasped my hands together on the desk and looked Mr. Blake over before I spoke again,

“So this is a charitable deed then is it Blake? Hardly something you go into lightly. Please tell me just where are you getting this erm…’stock’ from?”

“Oh it’s all above board Sir all legal and bone-fide. They’re homeless you see of no fixed abode. So they will be sent to the workhouse or deported to one of the countries his Majesty owns.” Silas said with some excitement. “Not only will you doing his Highness a favour you’ll be making a tidy profit too.”

“Oh a favour to his Majesty and a tidy profit? So tell me what does Silas Blake get out of it?” I smiled, knowing that this was all pretext for something that he had up his sleeve.

“That’s easy Sir, I pay less for them and you up the price a bit.” Silas chuckled as he stared at me. I could tell he was already counting the money he expected to line his pockets with.

“So let me get this straight, you purchase them from the men who attend to their transportation, whether it is to the workhouse or to the nearest dock?” I was trying very hard to control my anger as I leaned forward on the desk facing this scoundrel. “The pittance you pay for them is then upped for your buyer?”

“Exactly, Sir! You hit the nail straight on the head, Sir. Now these girls and lads can be young teenagers or experienced workers Sir, you will get them in the batches I get them, and do you get me?”

I leaned back in my chair. I so disliked men like Blake, even if they were occasionally helpful. I hated to see my fellow countrymen sent to the workhouses and such. I just wasn’t sure this would be a better solution for them. This could easily backfire and cause trouble, so I planned to pass it on to the Guild first.

“Yes I get you Blake, how long do I have to think about it? I should forward it to the Guild first.”

I pondered the problem and really wanted to ask Jenny her opinion on it as well.

Silas took out his pocket watch from his waistcoat, and stroked his thumb over the solid gold case before lifting it open, “About five minutes Sir until my driver has finished his tea in the kitchen.” Silas Blake looked over at me and raised his hat from the desk, “what is your decision Sir?”

Copyright © 2012 Mark92; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Chapter Comments

I like Jamie, he's a better man than his father. (Donk :lol: ) I would have liked to see what happened in those 18 years. Are you going to fill any in? Flashbacks maybe?

Beware! I wouldn't trust Blake! Smells like a trap, the begiining of the end! Good Chapter Marky!

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I love the way this has developed and the way you have an on going story here. James might be gone but now we have Jamie. Things are looking up. Sorry it took so long getting it back to you. Nice story though Nephew.

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On 05/07/2012 12:23 PM, comicfan said:
I love the way this has developed and the way you have an on going story here. James might be gone but now we have Jamie. Things are looking up. Sorry it took so long getting it back to you. Nice story though Nephew.
Awww Unc I know how you have been fixed so no worries :hug:

There are still a few changes and a few baddies :) Thank you so much for beta'ing editting and reading :hug:

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On 05/07/2012 12:01 AM, K.C. said:
I like Jamie, he's a better man than his father. (Donk :lol: ) I would have liked to see what happened in those 18 years. Are you going to fill any in? Flashbacks maybe?

Beware! I wouldn't trust Blake! Smells like a trap, the begiining of the end! Good Chapter Marky!

Thank you KC Blake is not a nice chap, is he as bad as James? we'll see :P

Thank you KC really mean that :hug:

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Hey Mark, I’ve loved the story , was reading a bit at work on a break when James was shot, and let out a fuck yeah.. bastard. Then a few guys on shift with me look over as to what was going on. 


I know it’s been a few years since you wrote this, and I hope one day you’ll get back to it, you’re writing is awsome, thanks for sharing this with us all, just awsome ..... 


I hope you have a fantastic day... John 😆

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I so enjoyed this story. Every chapter left me yearning for more. I would love to learn of the years that past between James death and Jamie's training during those years. Also the relationship between Adam, Sam and Matthew.


But it is wonderfully written and beautifully done.

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