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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Grantly - 9. Grant Chapter 9

“That is correct sir, now I will leave you, so you can enjoy the space,” I responded, as I climbed out of the Jacuzzi and began to dry off. “Hei, dengan saipa awak bercakap di atas sana?” a new voice from the bottom of the spiral stairs to the aft, and I heard footsteps. “Goodbye, and sorry for disturbing you,” I quickly said before racing down the forward stairs, that lead to the forward deck in front of the bridge.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but guests caught me up on the flybridge, and I had to make a quick exit,” I explained to the 1st Officer as I entered the bridge, who chuckled. “That is fine Master Sebastian, the Chief Steward should have told you that two of the guests remained on board,” the 1st Officer replied, as I exited the bridge, and entered my cabin located directly behind the bridge, where I showered and changed.

While having dinner, the Chief Steward apologised for not informing me of the two guests who stayed on board, who had later enquired about the extra guests, and why they hadn’t seen us around for the past few days. When the guest’s cruise had come to an end, and they had departed, we relaxed now that we had the whole yacht to ourselves at last.

After our last night on the yacht, we flew to London and onward home to Douglas, where Dad was at the airport to meet us and take us home, which was a nice surprise. Two days later, I entered the school grounds once more for the start of a new term in the third week of April. It was strange that the school terms were so different to those in Australia, but I was also enjoying the time living on the Isle of Man.

I had two months of studies ahead of me, before the Northern Summer holidays, which start in late June for eight weeks, and I had already had a discussion with Dad, and Mum by telephone, about where I would spend those eight weeks' holidays, as I wanted to spend some time in Australia. With everyone in agreement, and with Aunty Sophia to escort me there, plans were put into place for the trip, which would begin on July 6th leaving Douglas at 1600 hours to London City.

From there we will have less than 3½ hours to get to Heathrow and to check in for the first leg of the flight which will be slightly different, this time flying with Malaysia Airlines to Kula Lumpur, then to Melbourne and Hobart. William and Jordan said that they are jealous that I get to travel all over the world, especially to Australia, which they now want to visit, after I told them all about the place.

The second term went a lot faster than expected, and I was looking forward to my trip back to Australia. For the last few weekends of term, Jordan and William came over to my place to hang out, and it was great to have such good friends. When the day finally arrived for the start of the trip, William and Jordan came to the airport to see me off, and Aunty Sophia who was already in London, would meet me at London City Airport, and they stayed over the night before which was great.

“Good Morning boys,” Dad said to us as we walked into the kitchen diner for breakfast, and the look on Dad’s face immediately made me stop and frown. “What is wrong? I am still going am I not,” I asked sounding concerned, “Well that depends, Aunt Sophia has developed a bad cold during the night, and is restricted to bed for at least a few days. Do either of you boys have passports?” Dad said to us.

“Mine is due to expire next month I think,” William said, “ Mine has recently expired,” Jordan added, “Well, that idea is out the door… let me think on this a while,” Dad said before wandering off. “Does this mean you may not be going?” Jordan asked me. “I’m not sure, I guess we will have to wait and see,” I replied, disappointedly, as I retrieved some bowls for breakfast.

Knowing that the flight from Douglas to London City leaves at 1600 hours, I had most of the day to find out what was happening for my trip. After breakfast, the ads and I went for a bike ride, letting Dad know that we would be back in time for lunch. Although it was a nice ride, I was in a bad mood, with uncertainty on the trip, and we arrived back at the property just before 1300 hours, where Christine and Henry were chatting in the kitchen when we arrived.

“Your father has been called to work. Go and have a shower, and I will let you know what is happening once you are freshened up,” Christine said to me, and I nodded my head in understanding before heading for my bedroom upstairs. Just as I stepped out of the shower with just a towel on, the lads rushed into my bedroom.

“You are still going…” William announced to me, “Henry is going with you as far as Kuala Lumpur, before turning around and returning to the UK, and your Mum will meet you at Melbourne Airport,” Jordan added, as I dropped my towel to put on a fresh pair of boxers, which made the lads turn around and head out of the room, which made me laugh. “Dude, that was totally not on,” William said from behind the partially closed door, “I must say he has got a big one and circumcised too,” I heard Jordan add.

“Ok, that is enough of that sort of talk, I’m going to head downstairs,” William said, while Jordan laughed as he re-entered my bedroom, now that I had shorts on. “You not shy are you?” Jordan commented as he sat on the end of my bed, and I just smiled, as I put on a shirt. “Well, you guys did enter my room just after I finished showering, so if you don’t like it, then it's your problem, not mine,” I commented.

Jordan chuckled at this, “Not a problem for me mate,” he responded, “So… are you shy about nudity too?” I asked out of curiosity, as Jordan stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers, “What do you think?” Jordan said in response, and I laughed, “Not bad, quite impressive actually,” I replied, and Jordan blushed a little, as he started to bone up, which had him trying to pull his shorts up and he over-balanced and fell to the floor. I quickly rushed to my bedroom door and pushed it shut, before turning to face Jordan.

“Yep, very impressive indeed,” I said, as I saw that his uncut dick was now fully erect, as I pulled down my shorts to reveal a semi-erect dick of my own. Jordan was now on his feet and he stopped pulling up his shorts when I pulled mine down and stepped closer to him. “I think yours will be bigger” Jordan commented, as he stepped closer to me, and we looked at each other, as I was now fully erect. “Nope, I think we are the same length, maybe yours is a little thicker than mine,” I said to him.

We stood there, not certain what to do, and eventually, I decided to just pull my shorts back up, and Jordan did the same. “This is just between you and me, William doesn’t need to know, and I have a feeling he would be grossed out if he knew,” I commented, and Jordan smiled and nodded in agreement. A few minutes later, we headed downstairs, and we noticed William in the lounge watching television, while there was no sign of Henry, as Christine was in the Kitchen.

As we ate lunch, I could see that William was not too happy and I had a feeling what it was about, but I said nothing since we had staff in the area, just as Jordan looked at William then to me, and shrugged his shoulders, as we continued to eat. When Henry entered a few minutes later, he came straight towards me. “Your father has arranged for us to upgrade for the first leg of the international flight. We will be leaving here at 1430, to make sure we get to the airport early,” Henry said to me.

“Will we be still coming to Douglas Airport to see you off?” William asked, “I am afraid not lad, your father is coming to collect you both at 1415 hours, so in about forty minutes or so,” Henry replied, and I could see that both of my friends were very disappointed with this news.

We had a long trio group hug, as I said goodbye to my two good friends, just as Henry loaded up our luggage into the car. “Take care guys and have a good holiday break. I will see you when I return,” I said to the lads, “You had better come back, or I will be very annoyed with you,” William said to me, “That goes for me too buddy, have fun and send us both some postcards,” Jordan added.

Henry dropped me and the luggage off at the terminal, while he went and parked the car in long-term parking before we went to check in and relax for a while before our flight left. “Well, this is an unexpected holiday, even if I am spending most of it in the air,” Henry commented. “How long before you have a return flight from Kuala Lumpur back to London?” I asked.

“I am going on to Singapore, where your father has given me two days to relax, before returning to London, but I will have to move fast to catch the connecting flight,” Henry replied. “I only have four hours to wait, so I will be fine on my own, you don’t have to worry about me at all,” I commented to reassure him. “Just take extra care while there, and give me or your father a call if you have any concerns,” Henry said in reply.

The trip from London to Kuala Lumpur was uneventful, and I managed to get a good amount of sleep with the extra comfort of 1st Class, which was a wonderful experience. I was a little nervous, as we stepped off the plane and arrived in the transit lounge, where I would be waiting for my next flight.

Henry checked that I had everything and that I was okay, before wishing me an enjoyable holiday in Australia, before heading off to catch his next flight to Singapore. With just a single over-the-shoulder bag, that contained my passport, plane tickets, and wallet with just a single bank card with a six-digit code and a few notes of British currency, plus my mobile phone which is locked with a six-digit code required.

I went to a café and had a large meal, as I was still hungry even with the delicious meals on the plane, and with the humidity outside, which I was feeling a little inside the airconditioned terminal, I drank plenty of water, and I purchased an extra bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Needing to go to the bathroom, I looked around before I found the signs directing me the right way, and once I was done and thoroughly washed my hands, I headed to the door that was slightly ajar, not realising that I was going the wrong way, and after taking a few dozen steps down the hallway, I realised this, and turned around and found the door that I had exited was locked.

Heading back down the hallway, unknown where I was going, I exited the hallway and found myself in the main arrivals hall, somehow I had exited the transit lounge via a cleaner’s access hallway, and I was not sure what I should do now, as I was in a strange country, with different customs and laws. I wandered around the arrivals hall for about an hour, looking at all the people coming and going.

When I saw the large glass walls, that revealed the outdoors, and an interesting water feature, I was drawn towards it, as I exited the terminal and walked towards the parklands, until…

I woke up to the sound of beeping noises, I was lying in a bed, and a fan was turning above me, I frowned, to try and work out why I was there and where the hell I was, just as I heard a noise and turned towards it, where a Nurse stood at the door. “Hello anak muda, adakah ada masih inga tapa nama anda dan apa yang berlaku kepada anda?” she asked me, and since I understood every word she said I responded the same.

Saying that I do not remember who I am, or how I got here, which I presumed was in the hospital, and the nurse smiled and nodded her head, before jotting down some notes. “Are you English? You speak very good Malay, where did you learn it?” the Nurse said to me in English. “I am not sure where I am from, and since that was Malay, I am presuming we are in Malaysia?” I responded.

“Yes, that is correct. A driver dropped you off at this hospital six days ago and then just raced off, without giving any details, so we have no idea how you got hurt, but we are presuming you were hit by a vehicle, by the looks of your injuries. You are a very lucky young man, you have no broken bones, just a lot of bruising, and a large concussion from where you hit your head, which resulted in you being in a coma for a few days,” the nurse informed me, just as a man in a white coat walked in.

After looking at the information on the clipboard, he looked at me and then at the nurse. In Malay, he asked if I had said anything to give the hospital more information on my identity. In response, the nurse informed the doctor, that the patient speaks fluent Malay, and English with an unusual accent which makes it hard to work out where I am from exactly.

“Hello, young man. You are at Hospital Banting, in South-West Kula Lumpur, a general hospital with excellent service. Do you remember anything about how you got to be here, as you had no ID or belongings with you at all, just the clothes that you were wearing, and a rather expensive necklace around your neck,” the doctor said to me in English, as the nurse opened the bedside cabinet drawer and pulled out an envelope, which contained the necklace to show me.

“It looks sort of familiar, but I am not sure who gave it to me and where it comes from,” I said as I looked at the gold necklace, which had a black and blue stone at the end of it. “Dr, my guess is, that it is an opal, probably from Australia,” the nurse said to the doctor. “Is that where you are from? Are you from Australia?” the Doctor asked me, and I frowned as I tried to think about where the opal necklace came from, but my mind was blank, and I shook my head no.

“I do not know, I think maybe I have been there, but I don’t think that is where I am from,” I replied, feeling frustrated that I didn't remember anything. “Just rest for now, hopefully soon your memory will return, and you can continue on your journey to wherever you were going,” the Doctor said to me.

Copyright Nov 2023... All Rights are Reserved, Preston Wigglesworth
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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All great points by @Anton_Cloche I would add that it probably had nothing to do with who Sébastien dad is for they let him off at the hospital  Airport security cams usually cover everything so this was either a blind spot or a cam was disabled.Other wise there would be a lead they can follow.Still checking hospitals for unidentified children you would think would be something they would do.

Jordan wasn't shy but William was stuck up does he think it's gay to see a boy naked? I wonder if thats going to be an issue with them in the future

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But is he really hurt? No mention of bad headache, bandages or feeling bruised, only confused and told he is banged up, so the confusion be chemically induced. Has it even been a day or hours, or is this a ruse in a kidnapping/hostage scenario?

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