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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Life on the Swan - 11. Swan Chapter 11

After getting ready to go out for dinner, my mobile rang, and the caller ID informed me that it was Sebastian calling. “Hello cousin, how are things going in Perth?” Seb said when I answered the call.

“Fine, thanks to you, I have been accepted to enter Wesley College, and I have spent some time with Louis’s great Aunt, who is not frail at all, and very bright too, just not quite as active as she wishes she could be,” I responded, and Seb chuckled at this comment.

“Yes, that is the view that I got when I spoke to her by phone a short time ago. I had a long chat to her about the future of her great-nephew, and if my observations are correct, you would like to spend a lot more time with Louis” Sebastian said, “Yes, I like him very much, and I am happy to be his best friend, but I am not sure of anything beyond that” I replied.

“Ok, how would you like it, if I became his joint guardian, along with Irene. That way he will be well looked after, with his studies to continue at Wesley, and to University afterwards as well, if that is what he wants” Sebastian announced.

“I think that would be awesome, so what has to happen for this to be in place?” I asked. “Just a court hearing, to decided where Louis goes, and who looks after him, and if it goes the way wed planned, he will be set for life, just like you, and in a way, he will be your foster brother,” Sebastian said to me.

“Cool, I like that idea, ok well let me know how it goes. I’m just getting ready to go out to have some dinner, since Wyatt isn’t home to look after me,” I announced. It wouldn’t do you any harm, to actually trying to learn to cook for yourself, young man” Lewis stated, as he joined in the conversation, “Yea, but I’m not in the mood for that at the moment, got to go, talk soon, bye” I replied and I ended the call.

When I arrived at the riverside restaurant, only a few kilometres upriver from home, which I had made a phone booking for, I was told that young single men were not permitted to dine at this restaurant and that I probably didn’t have the funds to pay for it in the first place, by the front of house staff member, even thou I was dressed fairly formally.

I was furious at how I was treated and for a few moments, I thought about how to respond, “Do you really want to do that? Refuse me entry into the restaurant when I have made a booking?” I asked the staff member, “Kindly leave the premises right now please sir” the staff waitress said firmly to me.

Just at that moment, I saw the restaurant manager approaching, who I recognised, and I could see that he remembered me from previous visits with Lewis and Sebastian.

“Mr Devonport, it is good to see you again sir, Wendy, please escort Mr Devonport to the VIP table by the window please,” the restaurant manager said when he arrived, and the shocked look on the waitress’s face made me smile, as I remained where I was.

“Hello Nathan, it appears that this young lady thinks that I am not suitable to dine at this restaurant, even when I have clearly dined here before. I was about to leave when I spotted you approaching” I stated.

“Wendy, Mr Devonport is a VIP guest and has been for some time, and since you have not bothered to attend the staff meetings, where you would have learnt this information, you can think about it while you have been suspended from work, for a period of two weeks, effective immediately,” the manager said to the staff member, who burst into tears and dashed out towards the back.

“I think that was a bit harsh Nathan, can you reduce it to just one week?” I stated after watching the waitress disappear out of sight through a staff door. “As you wish sir, now may I escort you to your table” the manager replied, and he leads the way to where I would sit.

As I was looking out the window, out into the darkness of the Swan River, I thought about the property in East Fremantle that Sebastian had purchased for me, and as I did, some ideas on what to do with the property came to mind, just as Nathan reappeared. ‘Sir, I will be your waiter this evening, would you like a soft drink of some kind while waiting for your dinner?” he asked me smiling broadly.

“Yes, just a lemon squash will do thanks, oh and would you have a note pad and pend that I could jot down some ideas please?” I replied, and the manager handed me the menu before dashing off, returning a few minutes later with a note pad, that looked brand new.

I thanked Nathan, before giving my dinner order, and he dashed off to place the order. As I was thinking some more about the East Fremantle Property, and the Mosman Park property on the opposite side of the river, my phone dinged, indicating a new email.

“Xander, Lewis and I have been discussing ideas to suggest to you, regarding the Mosman Park and East Fremantle properties, that we purchased on your behalf. The Mosman Park Town Council has approved for the construction of a residential building, with a maximum height restriction of 3 levels or eight metres, at the Stone Street property, and we would like to propose to you the idea of building an executive apartment block, consisting of a ground floor lobby, a gymnasium and a secure undercover garage for two cars and a storeroom per apartment.

On the first floor, we suggest a total of 6 two-bedroom apartments, and on the second floor, 4 three-bedroom apartments, with all apartments including a study, and two bathrooms. Outside, there would be landscaped gardens and a 25-metre long lap pool.

For the East Fremantle property, we have received approval to demolish all existing buildings on the property, except we will keep the 5-bay shed closest to the main jetty, and we are wondering if you would like to build your own purpose-built home there. Let us know what you think, regards Seb and Lewis.”

I was a little surprised by the email, as I read it for a second time, and I made a few notes on the pad, as I ate my dinner, and as I finished, I retrieved my phone and sent a quick text to Sebastian. “Video conference at 9 am tomorrow please, Xander,” as I wanted to discuss the proposals, instead of sending emails back and forth.

“Just arrived in Fremantle, will come to your house at 10 am tomorrow to discuss this some more, Wyatt is on his way home now. Seb,” was the quick reply, and I smiled when I saw that Wyatt was on his way back, as I missed having him around the place.

When I arrived home from dinner, Wyatt had already arrived, and he was busy tidying up the little bit of mess that I had created in the short time that I had been home, and he grumbled softly to himself as he did it, which made me laugh. The next morning,

Sebastian and Lewis arrived on time, and they had brought Irene with them. “Welcome to my home Irene, I presume you are here to discuss Sebastian’s ideas on Louis’s future,” I said as she entered my home, “Yes, and my word what a wonderful home you have here” Irene replied, as she looked around the open living areas.

As we sat down, Wyatt arrived with a tray of morning tea, before disappearing back to the kitchen, leaving us to talk, and for the next forty- five minutes, we discussed plans for Louis, with him continuing studies at Wesley College, and for him to be a day-boy, and live here at the Bungalow as my guest, travelling the twelve kilometres to and from school each day, along with me.

Louis would be flown down to Perth in a few days’ time, once he has been cleared to travel by the doctors at Dongara Hospital, and he would move into the bungalow right away. I also learnt that Sebastian would be going with Irene, to meet with the lawyers who are in charge of the Will of Louis’s parents.

I expressed a need to travel back to Dongara to be close to Louis, so he doesn't feel all alone, and Lewis thought it was a very good idea. Once everything was clear on what was to happen, Sebastian and Irene left to go and attend the reading of the will, and Lewis opted to remain behind and just relax for a while, which was fine with me.

I asked Lewis if he could give me his views on an idea of mine on what to build on the East Fremantle property, and we headed to my study, where I had already printed out a copy of my ideas.

When Sebastian suggesting using the East Fremantle property for my permanent home, I thought it would be nice to have something grand in view, but not in size, so I thought maybe a smaller scale of Peles Mansion in Europe” I said to Lewis, and I presented to him the printouts of the plans, along with photos of the original building.

“Well, it definitely looks grand, but will it fit into that limited space on the river?” Lewis said after looking at the plans for a moment. “Yes, it has a footprint of 13,700 square feet, so there is plenty of room. With the sloping of the property, I can easily include the basement in the plans and have a thick garden in the courtyard, that can be seen from all levels.

Plus I want to use the space above the garage, on the first floor, as additional staff quarters, and in the basement, the space between the courtyard and under the family lounge, will be a sunroom, with views of the river” I explained, “Well sounds like you have it all planned, but it also looks very expensive, how do you plan to pay for all of this?” Lewis said to me.

Well, I thought I would sell the apartment on Victoria Avenue, but I want to keep this place, as I love the atmosphere of the place, and sell some of the other investments, and maybe ask you and Seb to chip in a little bit too” I replied in hope, “Well, we will just have to wait and see what Sebastian says, once we have discussed it” Lewis responded.

“Well at least it wasn’t a direct no, I will at have a chance of getting this chalet home” I replied smiling, and Lewis just laughed, “Thinking positively and in hope that your cousin will say yes I see” Lewis added, also smiling.

When Sebastian returned almost two hours later, he was not looking too happy. “It appears that Louis’s parent where fairly heavily mortgaged to keep their business going, so once the family home has been sold, there will probably only be less than $10 thousand for Louis as an inheritance, which is not really that much in our eyes, although he will probably think it is a fortune.

The family lawyer has agreed to attend the emergency custody hearing, which has been set for late next week, and he agrees with the idea that Irene has custody of her great-nephew, but Lewis and I be his guardians and look after his future finances and future,” Sebastian announced once he had sat down and received a drink from Wyatt.

“Xander has an idea what he wants to build on the East Fremantle Property, and I think that if we go ahead with plans to build residential apartments on the Mosman Park property, then it can finance the costs of building his new home” Lewis announced to his husband before I could say anything.

“I see, do you have any plans that I can see?” Sebastian asked looking directly at me, and I nodded my head smiling, and stood up to retrieve the plans, returning a few minutes later and handed them over to my cousin.

“Peles Mansion, interesting that you have chosen this. Before I met you Lewis, the twins and I were invited to a weekend stay at this place, just before the owners put it up for sale. Basement, Ground and First floors, master suite and 3 bedrooms, plus housekeeper’s suite, from what I remember.

Roomy and comfortable, but not too big to be too grand, mind you the castle by the same name is quite spectacular and is much bigger and grander than the mansion” Sebastian said as he began to look at the layout plans.

“Yes, I think this would be ideal, and I think while we are waiting for the apartment project to pay for itself, we can finance building this” Sebastian added, and I jumped up and raced to Sebastian to hug him as he stood up, but fell back into the lounge buy the force of my sudden hug, and we all laughed.

Three days later, with the yacht now based at my own private jetty at East Fremantle, we headed off to the airport, with Wyatt driving, for me to collect Louis, and for Sebastian and his husband, plus Xavier to head home to Denham. During their stay, they remained on board the yacht, so as to allow me my own space at home, but came over to visit me each day for lunch, which was great.

We had spoken to Louis a number of times by telephone, explaining to him what was to happen, now that he was getting out of the hospital, with him staying with me at the bungalow, and his great aunt would come and have lunch with us every Sunday.

We had picked up Irene on the way to the airport, so she could see her great-nephew again, and to help him to settle into his new home at my place in Claremont. When we arrived at the airport, we first said goodbye to the travellers heading north, before going over to the private aircraft terminal and wait for the arrival of the chartered flight from Dongara, which Sebastian had arranged for Louis to travel down in.

After a tearful reunion with his great-aunt, Louis turned to me and gave me a big hug. “Thank you for being around for me, goodness knows where I would be today if it wasn’t for you” he whispered to me as we hugged. “You are most welcome my good friend, as you know, we will be going to the same school, as well as you staying at my house, which is in Claremont, I am sure we will have a great time as best friends” I replied.

From the airport, we headed to South Perth, where we went to Louis’s former home, to collect some of his personal belongings, including all of his school books and uniforms, before going down the street to drop off Irene back at her home, then we headed to Claremont.

I saw that Louis was nervous as Wyatt turned off Stirling Highway, onto Bay Road, crossing over Princess Road, as we headed towards the river, and turn left onto Victoria Avenue, before turning right onto Adams Road and parking at the front of the property.

“Wow, not what I expected, I thought you would have a huge mansion or something like that” Louis commented as we climbed out of the vehicle and he looked around the front of the property. “It is all that I need, it is comfortable and I love the atmosphere of the place, as it has a beautiful pool and private landscaped gardens, which your room will have views of, and Wyatt will drive us to and from school each day” I said to Louis, as I led the way to the front door, and inside.

After giving Louis a grand tour of the whole house, I let him settle in, while I went to my study to do some more research on the plans for the East Fremantle property. Louis was fairly quiet over the next few days, as he settled into his new home, but I didn’t want to push him too much, so I just let him have some space, as he got used to his new surroundings. I often heard him crying at night, and I want to go to him and support him in his time of grief, but reluctantly I decided to let him be.

Eventually, he began to talk more about what had happened, and about the family holiday, before the yacht incident took place, and he cried some more during these chats, and I gave him hugs when he asked for them. He came with me when I need to go to the school to collect my school uniforms, books and to have an official orientation tour of the school, and he seemed to brighten up a lot while we were at the school.

I went with Louis and Irene when the time came to go back to his former home, to decided what to keep and what to sell or donate, which ended up taking nearly three days to complete. Irene kept a number of photos and personal keepsakes, as did Louis, while all of his parent's shoes and clothing plus some of the furniture were donated to a charity shop.

Louis also kept a few pieces of small items of furniture for himself, including his maternal grandmother’s rocking chair, which his mother had inherited. By the end of the three days, the house was virtually empty, with fixed bookshelves and a few other items to remain with the house when it is sold.

Sebastian had arranged for a real estate agent, to come and appraise the home, and to put it on the market, he also arranged for the sale of the business furniture, at the Chiropractic Office, which was a rental property.

Sebastian paid out the remaining of the lease and arranged for all the business and administration documents to be boxed up and Wyatt collected them and stored them in the back of the garage at my place, to be dealt with at a later date, and when all was finally done, and all of Louis’s things were now all at my place, we collapsed in exhaustion, after three days of stress, of putting a close to the end of his parents life.

Copyright July 2019 Preston Wigglesworth. All Rights are Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Great chapter. I’m glad that Louis is going to be staying with Xander while in school. I think it’s great that Sebastian came up with the idea of joint guardianship between Irene and himself, with Irene becoming Louis’s permanent guardian as she gets custody of him due to the fact that his parents are deceased. Louis’s family home is to be sold as it is severely mortgaged so they could keep the business going. After the sale of the property and all debts are cleared Louis will get approximately $10,000.00 for an inheritance which really isn’t much in today’s economy. I hope Louis will be happy staying with Xander while they complete their schooling, who knows their friendship may grow into a relationship. 

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1 hour ago, Butcher56 said:

 who knows their friendship may grow into a relationship. 

We will see

Edited by davewri
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Awesome chapter. I’m glad Sebastian is going to be joint Guardian of Louis. I think Louis and Xander will become great friends. I think they will have great adventures together.

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Brilliant chapter, finality to some degree I suppose, I hope things go well between the two of them , interesting times ahead

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