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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Life on the Swan - 12. Swan Chapter 12

A week later, Louis and I started back at school, and for me a new school. Although we were a year apart in age, I was surprised to see Louis around the school regularly during the day, between classes, we often passed each other, and I would stop and give him some reassuring words, to remain strong and that he will get through this difficult time.

We sat together during the lunch break, chatting non stop in Italian, at Louis’s insistence, so no one could understand what we were talking about, which I thought quite amusing, especially when some of the boys that passed by frowned when they heard us chatting in a foreign language.

Most of the guys that I had met so far in my year were not bad, and some of them attempted to chat with me, to get to know more about me, but I was a little bit cautious and didn’t give out much information, other than that I was a day boy, and that I lived in the western suburbs.

When asked about me speaking to the boy in the year below us, in a foreign language, I simply explained that we are good friends and that the language was Italian, because both of us have European heritage in our families, with me spending some of my education in Europe.

When pushed for more information, I just stayed quiet about me, and encourage them to change the subject, which worked most of the times. I did come across a few guys who tried to be very bossy, almost to a point of being a bully, but I just avoided them and ignored them if they tried to hassle me.

During a free period, instead of going to the library to do some homework, I decided to take a walk around the boundary of the school, starting from out front of the school chapel on Coode Street and heading away from the river. As I neared the corner of Angelo street, opposite the playing fields, and directly behind a group of shops, were two townhouses, next to each other, with both of them for sale.

I quickly took a photo of the realty sign, before turning onto Angelo street and heading along the lower end of the school, then turn left into Tate Street, now heading towards the river. When I approached the corner of Swan street, there was a for sale sign out the front of a block of 6 duplexes, with four of the 6 homes being for sale.

I took a photo of the realty sign before continuing to walk, stopping moments later in front of the house next door, which was also for sale. Once I had taken yet another photo, I attached them to an email, with ‘possible investments near my school’ as the subject line, and nothing more, and sent it to Sebastian, before continuing on down Swan street, which ends up leading directly into the school.

Later in the day, as the bell for the end of the last class rang, I gathered up my books, and shoved them into my backpack, as he started to head out of the building to meet up with Louis and head to our meeting location with Wyatt, outside the shops on Angelo Street.

“Hey Devonport, why in such a rush, the guys and I would like you to hang out with us after school” one of my classmates called out to me. “Sorry, err… Lance, but I have to get going, I am getting picked up today, as I have an important appointment” I explained, with the false excuse being all I could think of in such a short time, as I exited the building, and alongside the chapel, where Louis was waiting for me, and we exited the school and turned left onto Coode street.

I glanced over my shoulder, to see if we were being followed, but we weren’t, but I did see in the distance some of my classmates gathered in a group looking in my direction, ignoring them, we continued to walk, and we chatted about what had happened to each of us during the day.

Turning onto Angelo street, we spotted Wyatt’s car parked in a parking bay about half a block away, just as my phone indicated a message.

“Hi boys, hope you had a great day at school, looking forward to hearing all about it. Xander, I have looked up those properties, and you are thinking just like I was when we moved to Claremont many years ago. I have put in an offer on all of the properties and awaiting a reply. Sebastian.”

“That was Seb, saying we hoped that we had a good day at school and he wants to know all about it later,” I said to Louis, who groaned, and I just laughed. “Don’t worry, he is a really great guardian, he just likes to know what happened, as he is very caring on the inside, even thou he can be a little strict sometimes.

I suggest that you do as I do, tell him everything he needs to know, never lie to him and he will support you in anything you want to do, within reason. “Hell, one time, not that long ago, I had trouble at my last school, and I just picked up a small bag, grabbed my wallet and passport and later that day I was in New Zealand.

He was furious with me for doing that, even thou he knew I am a very independent teenager, and he could easily monitor my movements, by keeping track of my phone and credit card, but he also understood the situation and let me continue on.

I was going to fly to the Falkland Islands, to visit my dad’s grave, but something better came up, and I spent two weeks having an awesome time with some new friends, who Sebastian know,” I explained. “Sounds like I have been extra lucky that you found me when you did, as I have an awesome best friend and a caring guardian” Louis replied happily.

We climbed into the back of the vehicle, saying hello to Wyatt as we did, and soon we were on our way home. After we had changed out of our uniforms, Louis and I sat down at the dining table to tackle the huge amount of homework, which took us just under two hours to complete, with Wyatt serving us some afternoon tea, as we studied.

Over the next 18 months, Louis and I became very close friends, with occasional benefits, with Louis always stating that it was just a private arrangement between him and me, and no one was to know, although I am fairly certain that Wyatt knows.

During this time, of studying at school, travelling overseas during school holidays, which Louis was not expecting, and each new place we went, he was stunned at everything that he saw. During the first summer holidays, Sebastian and Lewis took us to the Falkland Islands, so we could visit our friends and more importantly visit my fathers grave.

Louis was amazed at what he saw in such a remote location, which is well known for the conflict that took place so many years ago now. On most weekends, when our homework load was not too bad, Louis, Wyatt and I would be on the yacht, often travelling to Rottnest Island, to escape the sights, smells and sounds of the city.

I guess with all the influence that Sebastian and Lewis have, approvals for the mansion to be built on the river foreshore in East Fremantle was approved in record time, and while I was completing my final year 12 exams at Wesley College, the final touches were being done to my new home.

Of course, it could be clearly seen from a long distance all along the Swan River, an there was a lot of public debate about it, especially after the disaster that took place in Mosman Park, with another multi-millionaire, building an outrageously large house.

Devonport Hall, as I had decided to call it, looked amazing from all sides, not just from the river, but also from along Riverside Road, we had made sure that no existing trees were damaged or removed during the building process, so as to keep plenty of shade on the property. Most of the bitumen roads had been ripped up and were now replaced with landscaped gardens, with plenty of mature trees added, with plenty of native shrubs and native garden beds.

Louis had been amazed when he learnt that I was building a bigger house to live in and that it was the house in East Fremantle that was in the local media. When we took our first tour of the inside of the house once all the roof and all the doors and windows had been installed, he was too shocked to speak, as he followed me around inside each room, and listening to me, as I explained what each room will become, once it has been decorated and furnished.

He was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t be given the guest suite to live in, which would be reserved for Sebastian and Lewis when they are in the city. It wasn’t until the mid-year holidays in my second year at Wesley, when the Wagner twins made a return to Western Australia, and they were also very keen to see the inside of my new home, which would be ready just before Christmas, and they promised to be back to spend it with us.

A few weeks before all of my classmates in year 12, began studying for the approaching final exams, I made an appointment to speak to the Headmaster, during lunchtime on a Thursday. “Come into my office Mr Devonport, my secretary informs me you made an appointment to see me today,” the Headmaster said when he opened his office door and saw me sitting in the waiting area for him.

“Yes sir, I have an idea that I wish to put to you,” I replied, as I followed him inside and waited for the invitation before sitting. “No, if I recall, your guardian is Mr Sebastian Wagner, and his partner is Sir Lewis Shaw, Baron of Rottnest?” the headmaster asked me.

“Husband, yes that is correct sir, so as you know I am not just an average upper-class teenager. I understand that we have approximately 112 Year 12 students this year?” I replied, “Yes, and now I wonder, if this is got anything to do with the end of year celebrations,” the headmaster stated, and I chuckled softly.

“You are correct with your guess sir, what you may not know is that the large mansion built on the banks of the Swan River, in East Fremantle, is actually my new home, which I will move into next month. I also own that large yacht that is moored at the jetty on that same property.

I am not really trying to show off my wealth at all, just give my fellow students the opportunity to have a great time, onboard a luxurious ship, and I am talking about one of my guardian's ships, which will be arriving in Fremantle next week” I explained. “I see, is it one that your guardian has had for some time?” the headmaster asked.

“Yes sir, the MV Southern Explorer is the first ship that Sebastian bought, it is a seven deck multi-use expedition ship, and it was used to fulfil contracts to resupply remote research stations on islands around the worlds southern half.

For the past few years, it has been used as a cargo ship in Europe, and more recently as the main base for my guardian’s twin brothers, who prefer life in Europe than the harsh conditions of Western Australia. They will be on board when it arrives from Europe next week, and it was their idea that I host a graduation party onboard the Southern Explorer” I said to the headmaster.

“Well, that is very generous of you, but I do see a few issues that need to be looked at in more detail first, all students attending the celebration, will need to have written authorisation from their parents or guardians to attend, and before we announce anything, I would like to take a delegation of teachers, parents and school board members to inspect this ship” the headmaster announced.

“I see no problem with that at all sir, I will arrange for a cocktail dinner for you all, say for Saturday night next week, at 6 pm?” I suggested, well a tour would be sufficient, but if you want to go to that much trouble, I won’t refuse such a kind offer” the headmaster replied smiling.

“Good, if you can give me a number of people who will be attending, plus partners, I will let the ship know, and it will be arranged, plus if you wish, overnight accommodation can be supplied, all part of the invitation at no cost to anyone” I responded.

After the meeting, I was smiling all afternoon, hoping that I can get this happening, which will be the highlight of the year for the year twelve students, they are about to get the biggest shock of their lives.

When Louis an I arrived home, I started up my computer and opened a new email to send to Sebastian. “Hi Seb, I met with the school headmaster today, to put forward the idea of the twins, to host an end of school celebration on the Southern Explorer. He wishes for a delegation of staff, parents and school board members to inspect the ship before any announcement is made on this offer, and I have suggested Saturday evening next week, with a cocktail dinner and overnight accommodation.

Will the MV Southern Explorer be moored at the Rous Head jetty, as that would be the best place to board the ship for the delegation and the celebration. Regards Xander.”

Once the email was sent, I went and joined Louis at the dining room table to do my homework, which seemed to be getting more difficult as the exams approach.

Just as we started dinner, the house phone rang, and Wyatt appeared holding the portable handset and handed it over to me, “Hello Sebastian” I said taking a good guess at who the caller is. “Hey Cousin, I received your email, and I see no problem with arranging the cocktail party, the ship is actually early and will be arriving just after dark tomorrow evening, so we will be having dinner with the twins on board the ship tomorrow, as Lewis and I will be flying down tomorrow afternoon, even though the ship called in to see us yesterday and today” Sebastian replied.

“Ok cool, I will let Wyatt know not to cook dinner tomorrow then,” I said, “He already knows, I informed him when he answered the call, and he is looking forward to a night off from cooking” Seb said and I laughed, as I spotted Wyatt smiling as he watched from the door to the kitchen. “Ok, see you all tomorrow, bye” I replied before ending the call, and sitting back down at the table.

“Change of plans for tomorrow night, we will be dining out. How much research have you one on our family?” I said to Louis. “None really, all I know is from what you have told me” Louis replied, so for the next twenty minutes, I gave Louis a brief history of the family, about Sebastian's twin brothers and the huge ship that would be arriving tomorrow.

“Well, it sounds like your family is a lot wealthier than I first thought?” Louis stated once I had finished, “We are a private family company, and as such, we are able to keep a lot of information out of the media, but if we were on the Forbe’s World’s richest list, Sebastian would be in the top twenty, with the twins not that far behind him,” I replied.

“Holy shit! So he is a Billionaire?” Louis responded in shock, and I heard Wyatt chuckling in the background, “Many times over, I think I heard that it is around the $40 billion area,” Wyatt said as he entered the dining room, “Yep, that is about right, and the twins have about $18 billion each” I added.

Copyright July 2019 Preston Wigglesworth. All Rights are Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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12 minutes ago, Jondon said:

Great chapter, seems that Xander and Louis are FWB.



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3 minutes ago, bubby1234 said:

I hope the boys fall in love and become boyfriends. 

Just friends with benefits for now

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Awesome chapter. It seems like the boys are becoming best friends in a short amount of time, especially since they spend all of their free time together, like speaking to each other in Italian at Louis’ Urging. I like the idea of the twins to have the end of the year celebration on board the MV Southern Explorer although the Headmaster stated that he would have to get the approval from a delegation of school board, members,  parents and teachers, so a date for this to happen is set for a week from Saturday where they will be given a tour of the ship and have a cocktail dinner as well as overnight accommodation. Xander just found out that the ship is arriving just after dark tomorrow night and they’ll be having dinner on board the ship with Sebastian, Lewis and the twins. I wonder what room Louis is going to be in when they move to the new house? 

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“Holy shit! So he is a Billionaire?” Louis responded in shock,

After some 18 months together Louis finally discovers that these people are wealthy. Private jets and luxury yachts might have been a clue.

Edited by davewri
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