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Joe the Welder - 4. The Half-evil Time of Night

A formal date, a little bondage play--and life changes for both Joe and Rex. An adult-chapter, but get ready....big stuff is in play!

A date.

After several hot, and sometimes public makeout sessions, a nice Sunday morn of hot sex, public recognition of us as an item, and several weeks since first meeting, we're finally doing a date?

Definitely not a typical approach.

Joe arrived at 7, complete with a 6-pack of Miller beer, and flowers, in cargo shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers, just like me. Grinning big, and cheeks flushed, “I thought it'd be a good way to start a date.”

The grin had to have hurt—Joe was sporting a nice shiner. “What the fuck happened to you?”

Brandon stopped by last night at the house, wanted to talk with his fist. He got more than I did, but probably didn't know it till this mornin', he was drunk.”

Ok.” Brandon isn't letting this go.

Threw a couple of new york strip steaks on the grill to join the potatoes that were baking. We had a salad and made small talk while waiting on the steaks.

Small talk continued over steaks, and several beers each. When we'd finished, Joe picked up his plate and utensils, and headed to the kitchen sink, me in lockstep behind him.

He was talking about some project at the job as he put the dishes in the sink when I leaned into him, pinning him in place between me and the counter. I started lightly kissing his neck, nibbling his ear, sucking on his earlobe and blowing it. One of my hands was on his chest, playing with his nipple thru the tshirt. “How am I doing, baby”, I mentioned after a few minutes of grinding my crotch against his ass and continuing my nibbles and tit work.

Damn, man, feels sooooo good.”

You trust me, Joe? I wanna make ya feel really good. I wanna get you off. I want you to fly. You trust me? Gonna do whatever I tell ya to do?”

Anything you want.” A little breathless. A little whispered. A little shakey. “Sir.”

I spun him around, and we kissed hard, tongues battling it out for a minute or so, Joe turning to putty. He and I were both gasping as the kiss ended. Grabbed his hand and let him to my bedroom.

Strip, boy. NOW.”

Within seconds, Joe was standing totally naked, chubbed to ¾ or more size. Precum hanging by a thread on the tip of his dick. Yeah, he's ready.

Just stand there for a minute, boy. Let me enjoy.”

I circled his body, caressing and touching him. Playing with each nipple as I passed. Running my fingertips from the base of his spine all the way up to his hairline in a just-barely-touching caress. Teasing between his cheeks. He's shaking as though chilled—and the fun hasn't started.

You said you trusted me, boy. I believe ya. Now close your eyes.”

At this point, I slipped a sleepmask over his eyes, making sure it was in place.

Don't touch that mask, Joe. There's more. Still trust me?”

Yes, Sir.”

My assessment of him as a sub was correct. And now that he can't see, I touch more, fingertips along collarbone, lifting his arms slightly and tracing down from armpit to hip, fingers running up treasure trail from crotch to the flare of fur over his chest, with my hands ending up at each nipple, fingernails flicking over the hardened nubs of his chest. A groan escapes him, and one giant chill/shake starts from his toes and moves up. Goosebumps form.

Follow me, Joe.” I lead him to the bed. He'd not had time to notice the restraints there. Running underneath the mattress, ending on each side of the bed, his arms would be butterflied in place over his head. And, because they're industrial Velcro, they went on each of his wrists before he knew. His legs were free, but arms and eyes secure.

Here's what's gonna happen, Joe. I'm in charge of you and your orgasm tonight. I'm gonna do a bunch of things—but when, or if, I let you cum will be my call. Hope you're prepared for a long night on the edge!”

He groaned. He was already at full mast and pulsing.

I leaned forward and licked his right nipple, sucked it, then lightly bit. He squirmed, sighed, and whispered “again”. It was beautiful. Of course, I did it again.

Same treatment to the left nipple. Same response, but this time, “please, Sir, harder, Sir”. Damn hot.

I moved up to kiss him. Blindfolded he was off-guard, but hungrily received my tongue. Yeah, he's into this.

I moved off the side of the bed, and stood quietly for a few seconds, sheding my clothes as well. Joe thrashed for a moment, then laid still. The anticipation was doing a number on his head, and he looked as though he'd shoot any second.

I'd prepared in advance, and had a couple of play things in the open space beneath the night table. I was totally silent in my movements, so he'd never know where or when I'd touch again.

When the tip of the feather touched Joe's right foot, swear to God he'd screamed. Totally surprised. Good!

The tip of the feather running from his left ear along his jaw line to his chin brought a sudden intake of air.

I explored a variety of spots on his body. Joe let out an occasional sound but managed to stay pretty much in place, even if a light sheen of sweat was showing on his chest. The constant flexing of his hands from wide open to clinched fists showed I was getting to him better than anything he could have said.

If he'd thought I was done, the revelation of the feather tip touching the tip of his nipple threw the thought of that ending aside. He yelled, and acted as though I'd used electro on him there. Muscles tensed, damn near orgasmic just from the feather brushing against the swollen nipple point. “Oh-my-God-stop-it's-to-much-motherfucker-if-you-stop-i'll-die-you-gotta-let-me-cum.” All in one breath, straining against the arm restraints.

My next target was the other nipple; pretty much the same response. His voice is starting to get hoarse from the constant begging.

He had no way to know I was enjoying myself, too. My hard cock was at full mast, and I'd give it an occasional stroke. Just enough to feel good. I was gonna use it on Joe later.

I kept up the teasing with my fingertips, the feather, my lips/tongue, and even a vibrating/twisting dildo I bought the day before. Each swipe/touch on his body brought a gasp, almost like a sob, and a rush of air into Joe's chest. Joe's almost losing his voice from the constant begging for orgasm.

No orgasm for Joe yet.

I kept it up, Joe trying not to twist and squirm but failing, his cock turning beet red, his body tense, and the hair on his chest suddenly matted with sweat.

And then I stopped. We'd been at it 30 minutes.

I know you're thirsty, so I'm gonna get you some water, boy. Be right back. You just lie here and think about the fun that lies ahead.” A stiffled sob came from Joe as I said it. Glad it was over? Wanting more? Both, I think.

I left, got a large glass of water with ice and a straw for him, and a glass for me, too. I sat in the kitchen for a few minutes to cool down, but my cock stayed hard, even as I smoked a cig standing at the back door. (I almost never smoke in the house, but this IS a special occasion.)

Grabbing his glass after finishing the smoke, I headed back to the bedroom. I walked as quietly as possible, since I didn't want Joe to know I was in the room yet.

The scene in the bedroom showed a Joe not just ready to get fucked—he was fucking himself with the vibrating dildo! Spreading his legs wide, and using his feet, he'd managed to shove the dildo that I'd left touching him full length inside himself. His back was arched off the bed, and the hum of the dildo showed it was turning his guts into sensitive mush.

I quietly walked over to the bed, put the glass down, stroked myself a few times, then reached over and slid just my fingertips down from the head of Joe's cock and it's constantly flowing precum to his balls. Damnit, just one stroke. Joe's back arched even higher, a low earthquake rumble began in his belly, and got louder. I'd forgotten about Joe's quick trigger—he was cumming!

I jacked myself hard and fast as he shot his load, bullets of cum landing on his face, his chest, one even on his nipple, and a series of smaller shots on his belly. As he finished his cum, I started mine. My cum fired across his face, and mixed with the hair on his chest. We were both breathing hard.

I removed the dildo from him, turned it off, and laid it aside. I undid the restraints around Joe's wrists, pulled the sleep mask off, and we curled up together in afterglow.

I'd honestly thought Joe had gone to sleep, his breathing was that deep and regular, when he softly spoke, “That was the best cum I've ever had. Thanks for doing all that for me.” And then the bastard looked up at me, tears running down his face.

No one's ever cared for me like that before. I.....I....”

I pulled him into a kiss, and we cuddled together until both of us fell asleep.

Yeah, I did fuck him later that night. Yeah, it was every bit as good as we both hoped it would be. Yeah, he spent the night. Yeah, we did it again the next morning. Yes, it was just the start.

It's now 3:14 am. Saturday morning. Weeks after our first "date". A lot going on since then.

Damn these sleepless nights! They didn't happen often, but when they did, no point in fighting to get back to sleep. I got up, pissed, pulled on a pair of boxers, and headed to the kitchen to make coffee. At least I'd make it to the office early, with plenty of time to get organized, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. And time to think.

Joe and I have now been seeing each other for nearly 6 months. Probably some of the best times of my life. Sexually, anything I wanted to do, Joe was up for; me the top/dom, him the bottom/sub. But it was far more than sex—with either of us. There was always a connection between us, no matter how vanilla or kinky the sex. I genuinely enjoyed his company, and knew what a great guy he was. And I was as much possessed by him as he was by me.

At Christmas Joe made a big effort to go all out for his niece and nephews. We packed a big box of presents for the kids, left it on the front doorstep at Brandon's place, beat shit out of the door, shouted “Merry Christmas” then ran like hell a block or so back to Joe's van. Joe watched through binoculars as the kids spilled out the door, shrieking in joy at the presents from “Santa”. That was as close as he could get—bastard Brandon still wouldn't let him see the kids. Joe cried as he watched. I think there was a dust speck in my eye too. Pulled him close and held him.

My mom and siblings loved him when we went over to Mom's for Christmas dinner later that day. Mom held off on her usual southern woman's sneakier-than-the-FBI interrogation. My sisters combined to give him a nice sweater and dress shirt, and my brother gave him one of the Leatherman multi-tools. (You know the ones—the heavy-duty Swiss army knife things that do everything but wash the dishes.) My mom gave him a pair of welding gloves. “You can use these, hate gifts you can't use.” He looked like a little boy, beaming with surprise and pride, eyes glistening, but adult enough to appreciate the acceptance. He'd apologized about not getting gifts—I'd told him not to—but Mom “shussed” that away.

Now smoking a cig on the front porch. Light rain falling. Pleasantly cool. Waiting for the coffee to finish.

Joe had proven over and over that underneath the gruff bear exterior was a heart of gold. A little old lady neighbor had the washer dump water all over the floor in her townhouse. Joe went over, discovered the drain line popped loose between the washer and the drain, reconnected it, and helped clean up the floor. When Mrs. Sheldon offered to pay him, he just smiled at her, told her he was glad to help, and headed back to his place. I didn't find out about it till a couple of weeks later when I was at Joe's. She told me about it as she carried in her single bag of groceries. Joe never mentioned it.

Or the kid a couple of doors down who'd popped the chain on his bike. Joe got it fixed, sent the kid (Andy) on his way, never said anything. The kid's single mom told me about it when I was waiting for Joe to get home from work one day. He took the little guy a Nerf basketball set for Christmas, too, and although he had a sore throat and couldn't see him, mom reassured Joe that'd he love it.

Good guy. Check. Big heart. Check. Hot sex—best ever. Fucking check on that. And I know he really cares for me even if he can't say it. He's come close though. Check.

I finished my smoke, and went back in. Coffee was ready. I poured in cream, poured the hot coffee, and then sugar. First sip was great!

Suddenly my “spidey sense” was ringing/gonging loudly enough I couldn't think straight. Migraine? The knock at the door startled me, but the spidey sense was still fire-engine-siren-next-to-the-ear loud. I glanced at the clock in the kitchen.

3:33 am. The half-evil time of night.

Opened the door, and there stands Chuck Edmundson, in his cop uniform, wet from the drizzle. I sold Chuck and his wife their first house, and we'd started building a friendship. As their family grew, sold 'em a 2nd house a few years later. We'd maintained a friendship, he'd figured out I was gay and we still stayed friends, with occasional weekend barbeques, and swims in the pool at his new place.

Chuck, what are you doing here? Come on in!” Chuck stood there stiffly, formally.

Rex, do you know Joe Howard?”

Yeah, we've been dating.'

You need to come with me—now.” No mistaking the emphasis on “now”. “There's been a bad accident, Joe's at St. Francis Hospital. You were his ICE contact.”

Wait....what?” I shook my head trying to focus. “Ice contact? What's that?”

It stands for 'In Case of Emergency'. Lots of people set up 'ICE' in their cell phone contacts, and Joe set you up there. If there's an accident, cops and EMS check the phone first.” He looked me over. “You need to pull on some clothes now. I'll escort you to the hospital.” No mistaking the “now” emphasis, again. Didn't give a shit that I was in my underwear.

I threw on some jeans, t-shirt, and deck shoes, grabbed my cell phone, keys, and wallet off the dresser, dumped the coffee from the mug into a travel cup, and raced to the door, to follow Chuck in my van.

Even with Chuck's high speed escort, it was 20 minutes to the hospital. St. Francis was sparkling new, built on the far outskirts of town to allow for growth, but right now, almost in the middle of nowhere. It was already accredited as a level 2 trauma center, and with the level of medical talent they were pulling in, it'd soon be level 1. The white marble, stainless trim, and glass design of the building sparked with the lighting and the mist.

Chuck pulled up to the emergency entrance, parked his car, and directed me into one of the nearby “staff” parking spots. “It'll be ok, Rex, come on NOW,” he yelled. There's that word again. “Now!” Even more emphasis. It's gotta be bad.

We both ran into the emergency area. I looked around for staff, but no one was behind the admissions desk at the moment. Looking around, I saw Sam Jackson. I occasionally saw Sam out when having a drink and he'd gotten off his 12 hour shifts; he had been working ER as long as I could remember, and had just moved to this new hospital.


Rex. You're here about Joe Howard, right?” How'd he know? “Sit down. Now. Lemme fill you in.” If I hear “now” like that one more fuckin' time........

Joe had been rushed into surgery, losing blood with major internal bleeding. It was bad. Left thigh badly cut—it'd hit an artery. Left knee crushed. Left arm broken in 3 places. 3 broken ribs, left lung punctured. Shoulder dislocated. Severe concussion, potential neck damage. Cuts from glass everywhere.

I looked at Sam, and he knew my question. He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed.

Rex, we don't know....it's touch and go right now. They're trying to stop the bleeding and save the leg. We'd done everything we could in ER. He's bleeding faster than we could pump blood in him. He's already had 17 pints. Everything else, we'll take care of, but those are the priorities at the moment. I'll let the staff know you're here, and they'll keep you updated. Surgery waiting room is on 2nd floor. You go on—I'll make sure you're in the loop.” And with that Sam was gone. Guess I was in shock enough, I didn't even say thanks for the update.

What happened?”

Chuck was still there, didn't even realize he was holding my hand while Sam filled me in. Never letting go of my hand, he knelt on one knee in front of me and looked me squarely in the eyes.

Joe's nephew, Brandon, stopped by and tried to pick a fight after work at Joe's shop. Joe knocked Brandon down, got in his van, and left. He took the back way out, apparently thinking he'd dodge seeing Brandon. Brandon was speeding, drunk, and deliberately rammed his truck into Joe's van on the driver's side. Ambulance picked him up, Brandon spilled his guts about everything he'd done in front of the cops.”

Rex, they had to cut Joe out of the van. The sheetmetal embedded in his thigh had to be pulled out for him to be moved—and that's when the bleeding really took off. He's damn lucky to be alive. Brandon is being treated, and is under arrest for DUI, driving without a license or insurance, and attempted murder. He's at City Hospital. His injuries weren't bad. He'll be in jail within the hour.”

Long pause. “Keep your chin up....Brandon told us that you and Joe were together. I know you must mean a lot to Joe to have that son-of-a-bitch go off like that. You gotta believe that Joe's gonna be all right. And don't worry, we're gonna throw the book at Brandon.”

Chuck stood up, and I slowly got to my feet. Shocked, I guess. Chuck grabbed me, hugged me, and pulled back. “It's gonna be ok, Rex. And, if you need anything, call me," and he gave me his card, circling his office phone number. "You've got my cell number, but this will forward to a dispatcher who can reach me at any time."

And with that, I stood alone in the ER waiting room. Had to clear my head. Went out, moved the van, finished off the now cold coffee. Had a smoke. And, must admit, had a good cry. Nerves, I guess.

Gathering myself back up, I headed to the hospital cafeteria, grabbed more coffee and went up to the 2nd floor surgery waiting room

Nothing to do but sit and wait, you grab a magazine. Amazing. In a new facility, how do they manage to have 3 and 4 year old “Ladies Home Journal”, “Vogue”, and “Mechanics Illustrated” magazines?

I tried to form an action plan. I needed to notify Joe's mom, but didn't have her number. I needed to notify Joe's boss, but didn't have that number, either. Joe was gonna be here a while, but didn't need to worry about personal care items or clothing at this point. So, really, no action plan needed.

I tried to read. Mechanics Illustrated had a great review of mid-sized cars----from 3 years ago. Woodworking projects (“Build these custom shelves with built-in desk in a weekend!”). New technology used on the then-new Boeing Dreamliner.

None of it was working. I wanted to pace the floor. I needed another smoke—hell, I'd be chain smoking if I were my call; the hospital was a total non-smoking zone, I'd hafta leave the grounds or go back out to my car just to light up. Bastards.

I'd need to make some changes to my work schedule. Joe was gonna be here for a while, and he wouldn't be alone. I started thinking about my clients, and deciding which other agents I could farm the business to. I'd still get a referral fee, not a full commission on a sale, but it'd let me keep my focus on Joe.

Family of Joe Howard here?” A doc in bloody scrubs stood looking at me. Since I was the only one in the waiting room, he had a safe assumption.

It's 6:50 am. Sun is starting to come up outside.

I'm his ICE contact. I'm Robert Rex, call me Rex,” as I started to shake his hand. He was still in gloves so I stopped myself.

Ok, here's where we are. We've finally stopped the bleeding. He'd ruptured quite a few blood vessels internally, so got those cleaned up, but took a while. Had to remove his spleen. His left kidney is badly bruised and was leaking blood, so we're gonna have to watch it to see if it resumes function. We got his lung inflated, but he's on a ventilator to help it stay up. The broken ribs will heal fine. Not a lot to do with them.”

We think we've saved the leg. Apparently some of the vehicle's sheet metal cut him across the thigh lengthwise, and severed the main artery of the leg.” He drew a line maybe a foot long down his thigh from groin toward knee. “The paramedics saved his life and his leg by their quick action to get the blood somewhat restrained after the metal was removed to get him out of the car. We've now got blood flow in the leg, so that'll heal. Orthopedic guys are working now to install a new knee. They got his shoulder back in place, so he'll be sore as hell there. The arm we just reset.”

He appears to have cracked several vertebrae in his neck. We know there's gonna be swelling, and maybe some temporary paralysis. We don't know the extent of that damage yet, but IF there's paralysis, it'll only be temporary. His concussion was sizeable, so he'll have some headaches, perhaps minor memory loss. We'll be watching that, too.”


IF everything goes well, he'll be a few days, like maybe a week or so, assuming no infections or complications, especially from the leg, neck, kidney, or the concussion. He'll have therapy for the new knee for a month or so. Should be back to almost normal in maybe 6 weeks or so.”

Can I see him?” Something I want to do—scratch that, HAVE to do. My boy needs me.

Yeah, he'll be in recovery shortly. Let us get him moved to a room. Maybe an hour or so, ok? We'll come get ya when that happens.” The surgeon removed a glove, put his hand on my shoulder. “He's been hurt badly—but he'll come out of it. You hang in there. Maybe get ya some coffee or breakfast while ya wait. We'll find ya when you can see him.”

Thanks, doc—I appreciate all y'all have done.” Trying not to cry again, this time with relief. When I'd cleared my eyes, he was gone.

How the fuck do people move so fast in here? Here one minute, gone the next.

Went down, got a coffee, went to the car for a smoke after chomping on a bagel and cream cheese I'd snagged in the cafeteria. Back inside for more waiting.

8:15 am. A nurse came and got me.

We've got him in intensive care. He's bandaged up—a lot—and on a ventilator. He's still unconscious, but he's alive. We've got him restrained to keep him from moving and maybe damaging his neck. Don't panic when ya see him, he's doing great, all things considered.” Not aware we were walking, but with that, we were at the door to his room. “We can only give ya a few minutes right now.”

Deep breath. Pushing the door open, I walked into the dark room. Heart monitor quietly beeping, rhythmic pumping of the ventilator.

Joe lay in bed, splayed out like a bizarre version of the Michelin man. The right side of his body appeared almost normal. The left side was ballooned up with bandages as far up and down as I could see, even underneath a blanket that ran from waist down. Bandages on his face and jaw. A plastic collar around his neck. Bandages from the breastbone going all the way around to his back, underneath his arm, and wrapping all the way down his left torso to his leg, some of them still bloody. Left arm in a fiberglass cast. His left leg in a balloon cuff from crotch down to ankle. Tube from his mouth to his ventilator, IV lines running to a christmas tree of bags overhead. A cather line running from underneath the sheet to a bag attached to the bed frame. Thick leather straps with buckles running from his wrist and ankles to the bedframe, stretched tight. The whiteness of his skin damn near matched the sheets.

Another deep breath—hadn't realized I'd been holding it.

Walking over, I grabbed his right foot beneath the blanket and squeezed. Moved up to stand beside him, grabbed his right hand, squeezed it, held it, and rubbed it with my free hand. I cleared my throat of the lump in it.

Joe, you're here at the hospital, you've been in a bad accident, the docs had to do a lot of work on you. You're gonna be ok.” No spidey-sense telling me I was right.

I love you, Joe Howard. We got it too good to stay here. Now wake the fuck up....we need to get your ass out of here and get you home.”

No response.

Thanks for following the story! I try to publish every Thursday. And, since it's my first story, your comments are welcome--and your likes are appreciated!

Copyright © 2014 Robert Rex; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Oh no. I was suspicious of Joe at first because he seemed to go hot and cold... but it's clear he's a sweetheart. I hope he's going to be ok!

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On 10/24/2014 06:32 AM, Irritable1 said:
Oh no. I was suspicious of Joe at first because he seemed to go hot and cold... but it's clear he's a sweetheart. I hope he's going to be ok!
Joe has definately been sending mixed messages. Guess he's struggling with everything going on--but think he really is a good guy, too. And, yes, it is touch-and-go right now.....but the next chapter will be out on Thursday, so hang in there till then!

Thanks for reading!

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Joe is such a breath of fresh air, flowers and a six pack of Miller. Gotta love the blue collar sensibility.

Brandon is so upset that Joe is seeing a man that he tries to kill him. I hope he gets to meet Bubba in jail and he gets worked over again and again

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On 10/24/2014 07:24 AM, Carlos Hazday said:
Joe is such a breath of fresh air, flowers and a six pack of Miller. Gotta love the blue collar sensibility.

Brandon is so upset that Joe is seeing a man that he tries to kill him. I hope he gets to meet Bubba in jail and he gets worked over again and again

Brandon certainly does "protest too much". Almost makes me wonder if he's got homoerotic feelings himself and doesn't know how to deal with it.

Maybe there's unexpected romance down the road for him, just like Joe has discovered......

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Dammit...that got to me. Brandon is a piece of crap. His kids should have been taken away long ago--maybe he would have cleaned up his act. Now he will lose them anyway by trying to kill his own uncle because Joe chose to love somebody. A very touching but matter-of-fact chapter gave us a necessarily brutal picture of Joe's condition and what he will be facing. I hope he could hear Rex at the end. Cheers...Gary

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Excellent....10 stars. You are especially gifted with describing fast-paced action. Very smooth flowing, and never a false note. Really fine.

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You made me cry. :,( I am putty in your hands this was wonderful and of course Joe loves Rex you don't always have to say it. Great one again.

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On 01/16/2015 08:55 AM, keyisfake said:
You made me cry. :,( I am putty in your hands this was wonderful and of course Joe loves Rex you don't always have to say it. Great one again.
Glad you're enjoying the story!

The emotions are always strong...two mature men can be intense, and unfraid of thier feelings, and be comfortable letting others see 'em!

Keep reading...hope you'll continue to enjoy!

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On 04/10/2016 01:09 PM, Fae Briona said:

Rough chapter, but a good one.

Thanks for the compliment! It WAS a rough chapter...but it always helps me to remember that steel is refined by fire--and they're getting their fire here!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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The timeline of this chapter confused me. Within two paragraphs you jumped from
It's now 3:14 am. Saturday morning. The week after our date. to
Joe and I have been seeing each other for nearly 6 months. having Christmas going past in between.


Anyway, the rough part was of course Joe being so badly injured, and Rex having to deal with all the repercussions. Like Gary, I also thought about Brandon's kids, but having read the story before at least i know what'll happen.

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On 01/23/2017 04:44 AM, Timothy M. said:

The timeline of this chapter confused me. Within two paragraphs you jumped from

It's now 3:14 am. Saturday morning. The week after our date. to

Joe and I have been seeing each other for nearly 6 months. having Christmas going past in between.


Anyway, the rough part was of course Joe being so badly injured, and Rex having to deal with all the repercussions. Like Gary, I also thought about Brandon's kids, but having read the story before at least i know what'll happen.

Yikes! I thought I'd fixed a continuity issue on this...but I'll go back and check. Thanks for point it out!

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What a well written chapter! From hot lovin' to ER stress, you certainly ran the gamut of emotions! Even as a re-read, it made me nervous. Thanks.

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I absolutely loved how you wrote Joe's assistance to others coming from asides from them to Rex after the fact rather than Rex's witness.  That is so much more how life works.  It's great to be a witness to a lover's actions when they don't know we're there, yet in life, it's more of a combination.  Some we see, some are shared with us by those affected.  A reputation is a fact of life, good or bad; people love to talk.


As for Rex, it says so much about him and his interaction with his community that there are those who come to his aid when the crisis hits.  I always worry about the ones that isolate themselves to only the LGBTQI community out of fear, hurt or anger.  Life has taught me that it is better to blend because let's face it, life is chaotic, and we're stronger in our interdependent relationships of all sorts than too much independence and isolation.


Your voice and style are a gift.  Your stories are a balm for my soul.  Though I know this is your first work, it promises a bone-deep talent that will only improve, I'm sure of it.  I haven't even finished the whole tale, yet I know, I'm already addicted to your writing.

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