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    Book of all kinds, I will read anything once. Traveling one day in my life time. Writing everyday of life and enjoying all the flavors of this world.

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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 39

    Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  2. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    Thanks for the kind words. If it wasn't for this sight I would have never continued this story or published. I will always be grateful. Thanks for reading.🤗
  3. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    Thank you for the love. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I promised when I finished with editing and publishing it. I will get to work on the next story. 😀
  4. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    On the way home Adam stopped at the local bakery and purchased six assorted cupcakes for Patrick, Mia and himself. The car rental was good until the next day, so he didn’t have to leave Patrick alone once Paul picked up Mia. He parked in front of his building and went inside, using the stairs. When he entered the apartment, he saw Raoul and Drucilla Valdez in his living room with Patrick and Mia. Raoul saw Adam first. Patrick eyed his father getting to his feet, then saw Adam. He jumped up
  5. keyisfake

    Chapter 53

    Adam went downstairs. He left Mia a spare key as he locked the front door. He had a rental car delivered. A 1966 black Ford Mustang. He observed the car amongst Raoul Valdez’s collection. And he wanted to give it a spin. He drove to the police station after receiving a phone call from AJ, telling him Jennifer Martin asked to speak to him. In any normal case, he would refuse, but he needed answers and closure. He waited in the interrogation room, his back to the door. Someone entered. Adam
  6. keyisfake

    Chapter 52

    The police car stopped in front of his door. During the ride, Patrick had fallen asleep. Adam, thank the officers and awoke Patrick, helping him inside. They rode the elevator up to the third floor, staring at one another, saying nothing. When the door opened, Adam picked Patrick up and carried him to the bedroom and into the bathroom, placing him on his feet. Still without words, Adam helped him undress then ran a shower making sure the temperature wasn’t too hot. He helped Patrick in and waite
  7. Three more chapters to go. I uploaded them by the rules of the site. I hope you all enjoy them and leave me a comment.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. keyisfake

    Chapter 51

    Adam caught up with Patrick and his captors. He watched from a distance as the woman shoved Patrick to the front, making him take the lead. He knew where they were going. To the grave where Gavin died? For Adam to get there first, he had to widen his circle to get around them, which meant he would lose sight of Patrick. Keep breathing, my friend. The voice rang in his ear. Why he was hearing the voice, Adam didn’t know, but he followed their advice as he took deep breaths and released the
  9. keyisfake

    Chapter 49

    Adam had changed his clothes and stuffed some supplies into a shoulder bag. If his theory was right, he had enough time to reach Patrick. He loaded his gun and locked up his building heading downstairs. The Hitch driver waited for him one last time. He told the Hitch driver where he wanted to go to where it all began. The same deformed tree that brought Patrick to him beside the cemetery the locals called Hell’s Gate. Adam considered going to the gate Gavin showed Patrick how to get in but felt
  10. keyisfake

    Chapter 50

    Sorry about that I must of mixed up the time release. Chapter 49 is up.
  11. keyisfake

    Chapter 48

    😂 I was waiting for someone to catch that. 🤩
  12. keyisfake

    Chapter 50

    “Hey Patrick, where are my keys?” Patrick stepped out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a tee shirt. He crossed his arms and leaned on the door entrance, staring at his absent minded boyfriend who’s back was to him. “They’re in the same spot you always leave them.” “And where is that?” he asked, not turning around. Patrick walked up, hugging him from behind. “In the bowl, silly.” Patrick pressed his cheek against the strong back, he laid against an hour ago. “Why
  13. keyisfake

    Chapter 48

    AJ received Adam’s text and conveyed his theory to Artie, who stood in the security office trying to figure out who had control over the elevator. “I hate to admit it, but Potter’s onto something. I’ll contact the detectives in Martin’s hometown to go question his parents. We’ll go to, Amanda Grieves apartment. Where’s Potter now?” Artie asked. “He’s going back to his office.” “Good.” “Did you find anything here?” “Nothing. They don’t have a clue how one of their e
  14. keyisfake

    Chapter 47

    A ledge saved him. Adam clawed at whatever he could to stop his descent. He breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped plunging. He tried to get his bearings failing a few times before he got a foot hold. The door opened overhead and AJ leaned down, holding his hand out. “Adam, grab my arm.” Adam saw AJ wasn’t alone as other officers held onto the detective as he leaned down. He grasped onto AJ’s arm as he’s pulled to safety. “The killer was controlling the elevator,” he said,
  15. keyisfake

    Chapter 46

    Everyone watched as Arnold the giant rolled the dice. He gambled he’s able to leap over a pit of killer puppies. His roll landed on a 2. “You tripped on a rock and fall into the pit. The puppies with toxic saliva lick you to death,” Mia said sitting back exasperated by her group. “Why in the world did you all try to jump that pit? Except for Dom the ghost who, might I say could have floated over it. But no, instead you dived in headfirst and was the first to die,” “I couldn’t help it
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