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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    Thanks for the kind words. If it wasn't for this sight I would have never continued this story or published. I will always be grateful. Thanks for reading.🤗
  2. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    Thank you for the love. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I promised when I finished with editing and publishing it. I will get to work on the next story. 😀
  3. keyisfake

    Chapter 54

    On the way home Adam stopped at the local bakery and purchased six assorted cupcakes for Patrick, Mia and himself. The car rental was good until the next day, so he didn’t have to leave Patrick alone once Paul picked up Mia. He parked in front of his building and went inside, using the stairs. When he entered the apartment, he saw Raoul and Drucilla Valdez in his living room with Patrick and Mia. Raoul saw Adam first. Patrick eyed his father getting to his feet, then saw Adam. He jumped up and went to him, hugging his lover. “I’m so glad you’re home.” “I like the sound of that,’ Adam said, hugging him back. He dipped down to his ear and whispered. “Does that mean you’re staying?” Patrick glanced up at Adam and smiled. “You’re stuck with me.” Adam kissed him, thrilled he wanted to stay. “Ahem,” Mia said, clearing her throat. Adam remembered Patrick’s parents were in the room. He freed Patrick from his hold. “Sorry about that,” he said, not meaning it. “It’s all right, Adam, this is both your home,” Drucilla said, approaching, kissing Adam on the cheek. “We’re relieved your both all right.” “Thank you. I just came from the police stationed where the ones involved are being charged as we speak.” “To the fullest.” Raoul added. “Yes, to the fullest,” Adam repeated. “Here Patrick I bought cupcakes, there’s enough for everyone.” “We won’t stay long,” Raoul said. “Yes, we only stopped by to see for ourselves that Patrick was all right,” Drucilla said. “It’s a shame he lost your gift.” “My gift?” asked Adam. “My necklace,” Patrick said, losing his smile as he fingered the string on the cake box he held. Adam didn’t want to see his smile go so soon as he reached into his pocket and removed said necklace. “You mean this?” Patrick’s eyes lit up. “You found it?” “Yeah,” Adam lied, not wanting to give credit to AJ who was not a popular person right now. “Here, I’ll put it on you.” Mia took the cupcakes from Patrick as he held his curls for Adam to fasten the necklace around his neck. Patrick touched the charm, thrilled it was back. Mia and Drucilla complimented him on how pretty it was as Raoul made eye contact with Adam, who was unsure how to read into it. Raoul’s cell phone rang, causing the powerful man to break eye contact. He spoke for a brief moment before hanging up. He went to his wife and whispered in her ear, causing her to beam from excitement. “What’s going on, mother?” Patrick asked. “We all need to go downstairs. Right now,” she said. “Downstairs, why?” “No questions, let’s go, Adam, Mia.” Adam didn’t argue as he followed everyone. Raoul touched his shoulder, catching Adam’s attention. Raoul whispered. “We need to talk.” Adam wasn’t in the mood to fight with Patrick’s father so, as Patrick, Mia, and Drucilla boarded the elevator, he and Raoul stopped. “Pat, me and your father will take the stairs. We’ll meet you down there.” “Raoul?” Drucilla spoke up, giving her husband a warning stare. “It’ll be fine Drucilla, call it anticipation,” Raoul said. “Oh, yes, of course. Mia do you mind pressing the button?” “Sure.” Mia pressed the button as Adam watched Patrick wave as the door shut. He stepped to the fire exit and opened the door, holding it open for Raoul, who followed. They walked down the stair side by side in silence, reaching the second floor. Adam wondered when Raoul would give him the riot act. “First off, that woman will never see the light of day. We will place the boy in the care of a doctor who will help him come to terms with what happened,” Raoul began. “That seems fair.” “As for the detectives in charge of this case? What do you feel should happen to them?” “Do I have a say?” “I would like your opinion.” “Why punish them when they were doing their jobs?” “I suppose one could see it that way.” “But you don’t. Listen, I told A—Detective Chance to stay away from Patrick.” “Did you?” “Mr. Valdez, the detectives are not to blame for this. They followed all the procedures.” Raoul nodded his head as they rounded the last landing. “Very well.” “It shouldn’t have been that easy to persuade you. What is this about?” “It’s a diversion,” he said, walking to the door. “A diversion from what?” Adam asked, following him out the door. He stopped in his tracks when he saw it. A brand new four-door, hardtop, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon stood before him. “Surprise,” cried everyone except Raoul. “What is this?” Adam asked. “Pat?” “This wasn’t me, my parents planned it all.” “That’s true, Adam,” Drucilla said. We couldn’t repair your jeep, so we’ve bought you a brand new one.” “You didn’t need to do this.” “We wanted to thank you for protecting our son. Please accept this small token. For me?” Drucilla implored. Adam didn’t refuse Drucilla’s offer as he went to her and kissed her on the cheek in thanks. She one upped him by embracing him and he hugged her back. Raoul took his wife home as Paul arrived to pick up Mia. He handed Adam a care package from their mother. “Another one?” Adam asked. “He sent one last week?” “He went to the farmer’s market and grabbed some stuff for you,” Paul said, after greeting Patrick with a hug. “You okay?” “Yeah, thanks, Paul.” “Well, everyone sends their love. Mom wants you to come back for another visit.” “I would love that. Maybe for a LARP event?” “Hell yeah.” He turned to Mia. “We need to get going to make dinner.” “Okay.” She hugged her friend, then Adam, and Patrick again. He slipped his old cell phone into her pocket. He and Adam waved goodbye as Paul drove off. Once they were alone, Adam went to the jeep, the color black/ blue, and looked inside. Everything inside was top of the line. A key appeared in his line of vision. “You’ll need this to get inside,” Patrick said. Adam took the key as he turned to Patrick. I rather get inside you.” “I’m all yours, Detective Potter. I love you Adam.” “I love you more.” Adam pulled him in for a deep kiss, then pulled away. “Adam what’s the matter?” “Your father was going to buy my building?” The End
  4. keyisfake

    Chapter 53

    Adam went downstairs. He left Mia a spare key as he locked the front door. He had a rental car delivered. A 1966 black Ford Mustang. He observed the car amongst Raoul Valdez’s collection. And he wanted to give it a spin. He drove to the police station after receiving a phone call from AJ, telling him Jennifer Martin asked to speak to him. In any normal case, he would refuse, but he needed answers and closure. He waited in the interrogation room, his back to the door. Someone entered. Adam sat up, taking a deep breath freeing it through his nose. He closed his eyes. When he opened them, AJ sat before him with an open file. Adam gave the detective a curious look of what-the-fuck. “Adam, how are you?” “AJ, can you please tell me, what you are doing here?” “Adam we need to talk.” “No, we don’t.” “I beg to differ.” “You can beg however you want.” Adam placed his hands on the table, leaning towards the detective. “It won’t make a difference.” He sat back, setting his hands on his lap. “Fine. Then I’m here on a police matter.” “Good. As long as it doesn’t get personal.” AJ stared at the man he once loved. Now, staring back with the same hate he had when he found out about his affair with Artie. “We received a report about Gavin Martin’s second mother. As far as they could tell, she had an alibi. Yani Martin, now using her maiden name Wes, divorced Jennifer Martin a few months after their son died. She claimed Jennifer obtained, the police report and began forming theories about their son’s death. So much so, that it affected her job and their marriage. Sixteen-year-old, Steven Martin, which everyone in the family called Stevie, lost his parents in a house fire the authorities found to be arson. Yani suspected Jennifer but didn’t want to believe it. Stevie was Jennifer’s nephew who favored Gavin in appearance.” “So, they think Jennifer killed his parents to gain custody?” “That’s what they assumed. It’s still under investigation. Yani Wes stated Stevie might resemble Gavin but was the polar opposite of her son. She went on to say Jennifer obsessed with gaining guardianship of Stevie. She thinks Jennifer manipulated Stevie to do what she wanted.” “What about Amanda Grieves?” “As you know, the head we found in the alley belongs to Doctor Grieves. The headless body found in Gavin Martin’s bedroom belong to her doorman. A maintenance worker in her building discovered her body and the doorman’s head in a drum hidden under a tarp in the basement of her building.” “Great are you done?” AJ reached into his pocket and removed something. He held his fist out to Adam. “Thought Patrick might want this back.” Adam held out his hand and AJ dropped a silver chain with a charm. Adam recognized the gift he gave to Patrick. He remembered seeing the thin scratch marks on his neck when he took him home. “You don’t need it for evidence?” “No.” “Fine, I suppose I should thank you for recovering it.” AJ tried to bite his tongue but failed. “Adam, when a case is closed. It’s the family’s right to request the case files for their loved one.” Adam said nothing. AJ clenched his jaw before shutting the file. He stood and walked to the door. “We’ll be monitoring you through the window.” “AJ,” Adam said, stopping his ex in his tracks. “It would be best for all if you and your partner stay away from Patrick. I don’t speak for his father, but you and I both know his temper firsthand when it comes to his son.” “What about you? Do I stay away from you, also?” he asked, still facing the door. “If we have any dealings. We keep it professional. And I’ll come to the station. Neither of you will come to my office. I don’t want Patrick upset anymore.” AJ never turned around. He opened the door and left. A few minutes later an officer led Jennifer Martin inside and sat her at the table. He handcuffed her wrists to a bar on the table, Adam remembered his own mother cuffed in the same manner when he was accused of murder. He almost lost Patrick during his investigation on clearing his parent. Jennifer wore an orange prison uniform. Her hair hung around her shoulders, crossing over her face, no makeup or sadness from what Adam observed. She looked straight at him as if they were having a casual talk. Adam, thank the officer who left them alone. He waited for Jennifer to speak first. She smiled at the detective as if she pitied him. “Okay, Ms. Martin. If you want to sit here and play games, I can go,” Adam said. She didn’t reply. “Fine, I’m out of here.” Adam rose to leave. “How are you, Adam?” she said, still smiling, as Adam absorbed her words of endearment. Adam sat down and gazed at her. “How am I? What are?…” “Are you still having bad dreams?” “Do you think you’re still my therapist?” She ignored his question. “You know I’ve been thinking about you. I feel you still need to talk to someone, considering your situation.” “My, situation? You mean when you tried to kill my boyfriend?” “You know, you need to say it out loud.” “Say? Say what?” “He raped you.” “Shut-up!” he snapped so loud his voice echoed the room. Jennifer sat unfazed at his outburst. She straightened in her chair, sighing at him as she shook her head. “There it is. That rage. Your hate, for him.” “Hate,” Adam’s voice dropped a baritone. “You mean like your hate towards Patrick Valdez?” Her expression or demeanor never changed as she tried to adjust her hands when her restraints prevented her. “Yeah, Jennifer, those cuffs reminding you of something?” “I know where I am, Detective Potter.” “Good, because you’re going away for a long time.” “And you’re, fucking a killer. Stay on his good side, detective.” “Is that it? That’s all you needed to tell me. You murdered three people and tried to kill three more, me included.” “I needed to teach him a lesson. He needed to experience loss.” She looked off into the distance as if seeing someone. “To lose someone he loved?” Adam asked. “Yes. If he experiences it, then maybe, he’ll confess his sins.” “Did you convince Stevie to commit murder?” “Never. I love him.” “So, Daniel Hunter did the killings?” “All but two.” “Amanda Grieves?” “How else would I convince him?” Adam stood, glancing at the two-way mirror before leaving. “Adam,” she called. He kept his back to her, stopping at the open door. “When you find help. Say the words.” Adam continued forward, slamming the door behind him, ignoring AJ’s calls to him.
  5. keyisfake

    Chapter 52

    The police car stopped in front of his door. During the ride, Patrick had fallen asleep. Adam, thank the officers and awoke Patrick, helping him inside. They rode the elevator up to the third floor, staring at one another, saying nothing. When the door opened, Adam picked Patrick up and carried him to the bedroom and into the bathroom, placing him on his feet. Still without words, Adam helped him undress then ran a shower making sure the temperature wasn’t too hot. He helped Patrick in and waited as he washed the day away. He saw the damage the Taser did to Patrick’s beautiful almond skin, leaving two nickel size marks along his right side. Adam watched as Patrick avoided touching the tender spot with the loofah as he washed. “You know those marks looked like a vampire had his way with you?” Patrick looked at him, then at the marks. He freed a smirk that nearly turned to tears. “Pat…” Adam began, but Patrick interrupted him. “Instead of making jokes, why don’t you get in here and wash my hair?” Adam stripped and stepped in as Patrick drenched his locks. Adam grabbed the shampoo and lathered the curls caressing his scalp with his fingertips. Patrick closed his eyes, enjoying the stimulant racing through his body. “I might make you do this more often?” “Anytime you want.” Adam helped him rinse his hair and body and held his hand as he stepped out of the shower. Adam toweled him off first then himself grabbing a bottle of lotion, taking him to the bed. With his skilled hands, he covered his lover’s skin with his favorite scented cream. Patrick rest on his stomach as Adam’s hands traveled over him with such skill his skin hummed. “Turn over,” Adam ordered. Patrick obeyed. He lotion Patrick chest, circling his fingers around his nipples, then leaving a sweet kiss on each one. He moved down to his stomach when done; he pressed his lips to his belly button, lingering as Patrick’s breathing deepened. He massaged both his legs down to his toes, taking each digit between his lips, sucking until Patrick moaned his delight. “There’s one place left,” Adam said, sitting up. Patrick looked at him with pleading eyes. “Do it, please, Adam I’ll do anything you want.” “Anything?” “Would I lie to you?” Adam dropped and took Patrick’s sweet candy into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the muscle. Patrick went into a frenzy as his body shuttered from his lover’s skillful mouth. When the alarm went off. Patrick jerked, awoke frozen in place. He had trouble remembering where he was when a door opened and Adam stepped in holding a tray of food. Patrick stared at him, shocked to see him. “Pat,” Adam said, placing the tray down on his side of the bed. He kneeled on the floor beside him taking his hand. “You’re shaking. Did you have a nightmare?” “Adam, how did I get here?” “You passed out in the car. I carried you in and cleaned you up. You slept straight through it all. I got up early and made you breakfast. You must be starving.” “Adam?” “Yeah?” “Is this real? Are you really here or am I—dead?” “Pat.” Adam bent in and kissed him on the lips. When they parted, Adam gazed back at him with earnest. “You are very much alive and in my bed where you belong.” Patrick scanned the room, holding onto Adam. “I need more assurance?” Patrick sat up and pushed the sheet away. He wore one of Adam’s tee shirts, he lifted, revealing a bandage. He removed the dressing exposing two red marks from the Taser Jennifer used on him. “Pat, you don’t want to…” Adam tried to grab his hand. Patrick shifted away touching the burned mark flinching from the pain. “Okay, Pat. You checked,” Adam said, covering Patrick’s injury he had treated and dress the night before. “Are you satisfied?” Patrick nodded, allowing Adam to put pillows behind him to prop him up and place his tray in front of him. The pain subsided, leaving behind a throb. He held back tears as he stared at the food Adam made. “You need to eat, Pat. I’m not taking no for an answer.” “Thank you.” “There’s nothing you need to thank me for. I love taking care of you.” “No, I mean saving me again.” “Saving you? From what I saw, you had everything under control.” “Is that what you saw?” “Hell yeah.” “What happened to them?” “They were taken into custody. The police are questioning them as we speak.” “So, it’s over?” “Yes. I took the liberty in calling your parents and Mia, who called me last night to tell me you snuck out of your parent’s house to go to a D&D at the Cave?” “Adam…” “No. You listen. There was an actual threat to you. Not only your father, but I told you to stay put for your own good. You ignored both of us. When are you going to get it through your head when I say stay put, I want you to listen?” “From now on, I swear, Adam.” “I want to believe you.” “You can.” “I’ll give you a test. I have to go out for a moment. I made a salad for your lunch. It’s in the fridge. I’ll bring back dinner.” “You’re leaving me here alone?” “Will you stay put?” Patrick hesitated. “Yes.” He answered, dropping his eyes. “Good.” Adam stood and walked to the opened door. “He’s ready for guests,” he called out. Patrick looked at him confused when he saw Mia stepped into the room dressed in denim overalls. His eyes lit up. “Mia,” he smiled. She kissed Adam on the cheek before walking over to her best friend. Patrick moved the tray aside and embraced her. “I figured you could use the company,” she said, as they parted. “What about Paul?” “He had things to do so, it’s just you and me.” “I have you all to myself.” “Back at you.” Patrick flashed a grin at Adam. “Thank you.” “What did I tell you? You, own me no thanks, I’d do anything for you.” Adam walked over and kissed him with profound love. “Have fun. The both of you.” “We will, once you get going,” Mia teased. Adam kissed her cheek one last time whispering his thanks in her ear before leaving. Mia turned to her friend. “Let’s eat breakfast together and play video games.” “So great, but first I need to make a phone call.”
  6. Three more chapters to go. I uploaded them by the rules of the site. I hope you all enjoy them and leave me a comment.

    Thanks for reading.

  7. keyisfake

    Chapter 51

    Adam caught up with Patrick and his captors. He watched from a distance as the woman shoved Patrick to the front, making him take the lead. He knew where they were going. To the grave where Gavin died? For Adam to get there first, he had to widen his circle to get around them, which meant he would lose sight of Patrick. Keep breathing, my friend. The voice rang in his ear. Why he was hearing the voice, Adam didn’t know, but he followed their advice as he took deep breaths and released them, feeling calmer. He stayed in the shadows, moving to his goal, hoping he wouldn’t be too late. He reached the grave and hid buying his time. Before long, his beating heart calmed once his eyes laid on Patrick. Adam couldn’t make out their conversation at first. Relief washed over him when he watched her cut Patrick’s bindings. Only to cringe when she fired her gun at his feet. If he acted now, she would use Patrick as a shield. He watched Patrick climb onto the slab and lay down as she spoke softer to him. Adam noticed the male with her walk over and stood at Patrick’s head staring at the female. Then she pressed the gun against Patrick’s knee, but moved it when he raised his arms above his head. The male grasp Patrick’s wrist, holding them in place. She straddled Patrick; still holding the gun. Adam needed her to lower the weapon. He got his wish when Patrick started shouting at her about Gavin’s behavior towards him, calling her son a sociopath. Patrick gave Adam his window when she placed the gun down and removed the knife. Adam exposed himself, but taken by surprise when Patrick lifted his legs, throwing the woman off balance and knocking her off him and the grave lid. His body twisted off his back and to the ground, freeing his wrists from the man’s grip, knocking the gun off with him. The woman hit the grass-covered earth hard, still holding the knife. Patrick fell to his knees, searching for the gun. The male backed away, unsure what to do as the woman turned to Patrick about to swing the knife at him when Adam caught her wrist. “No!” she cried, clawing at Adam’s hand to get free when Patrick found the gun and pointed at her. “It’s over,” Adam barked. “Stop fighting.” He squeezed her wrist hard enough for her to drop it and crying out in pain. He seized the other one and pinned them behind her back. She kicked and fought when a voice stopped her. “Aunt Jennifer, stop!” cried Stevie. “I can’t do this anymore.” Once Patrick saw Adam put handcuffs on her, he lowered the gun. Adam walked over and took the weapon from him. Adam looked at the timid man who walked over to the woman and sat beside her, crossing his legs. “Adam?” Patrick said, wanting proof he was seeing his lover. Adam bent down and helped Patrick to his feet, kissing his mouth. Police sirens blurred in the distance as they parted. “Pat, are you okay?” “I think so,” Patrick said, in a soft voice before embracing Adam weeping into his chest. “Go on, Pat, let it out.” “I’m really sorry,” Stevie said. “I didn’t know what she was going to,” he sobbed. “You’ll have to explain that to the police,” Adam said. Stevie only nodded. “You got what you wanted again,” Jennifer said to Patrick. Adam looked at her, ready to tell her to shut up when Patrick squeezed his arm, stopping him. Swallowing, Patrick looked down at her. “Adam, this is Gavin’s mother, Jennifer Martin.” “You know you’re going to jail for a long time?” he stated. “Was it worth it?” Adam asked her. “I’d do it again without regret. Patrick Valdez had my son killed. He needs to confess and face his crime.” “Patrick didn’t kill your son, they exonerated him from all charges.” “That’s because his family saved him again. They own this city and the police.” “Whatever. Tell it to the police.” Police swarmed the cemetery, putting both Jennifer and Stevie in custody. The EMT’s checked Patrick, who didn’t want to go to the hospital. AJ and Artie arrived. Patrick had nothing to say to either man. “Pat, I need to talk to them.” “No, Adam,” Patrick pleaded clinching his jacket. “It’s all right, Adam,” AJ said. “We’ll talk tomorrow. A police cruiser is waiting to take you home” Adam gave his thanks by nodding his head to the detective. He gathered Patrick to his feet, who had a blanket around him. The EMT told Adam Patrick could keep the cover. He walked his lover to the police cruiser and helped him inside. Adam saw Jennifer and Stevie being loaded into two separate vessels and taken away. He boarded the car and looked at Patrick. “Do you want to go home to your parents, Pat?” “Can I go home with you?” “I want nothing more.” Adam gathered Patrick into a hug as they’re driven away.
  8. keyisfake

    Chapter 49

    Adam had changed his clothes and stuffed some supplies into a shoulder bag. If his theory was right, he had enough time to reach Patrick. He loaded his gun and locked up his building heading downstairs. The Hitch driver waited for him one last time. He told the Hitch driver where he wanted to go to where it all began. The same deformed tree that brought Patrick to him beside the cemetery the locals called Hell’s Gate. Adam considered going to the gate Gavin showed Patrick how to get in but felt he had a better advantage in the way he chose. The limb Patrick clung to when a masked killer chased him up a tree. The branch braking sending him falling to the cold hard ground. Adam saw another limb he’d hope would hold his weight. He looked around for any people or cars, seeing none. He hooked a loop around the gate’s iron spike and used his reinforced boots to climb along the spiky rails to reach the tree limb. He grabbed hold of the branch and haul himself over the sharp spikes. He maneuvers along the tree until he was across, jumping down. He checked his watch and hurried to find Patrick. The graveyard was closed, and he knew there was a ground keeper. He stayed in the shadows until he reached the back door Patrick showed him and the police when he claimed he witnessed Gavin getting stabbed. He saw a car pull up to the gate and stop. He hid behind an above ground tomb and watched them come into view. He saw them, his fake therapist pushing Patrick with his hands bound behind him, staggering. Another male followed; Adam didn’t recognize. “What did she do to you, baby?” Adam whispered. They cut the chain, and the female shoved Patrick forward. Adam watched his lover stagger, almost tripping. He wanted to rush to him, when he saw her press a knife to Patrick’s throat. Think smart, Potter. An old friend once told him when he served in the military. He hadn’t thought of his time in the service. Why the voice from his past popped into his head, he hadn’t a clue. But he listened. He turned his ringer off as he followed at a secure distance.
  9. keyisfake

    Chapter 50

    Sorry about that I must of mixed up the time release. Chapter 49 is up.
  10. keyisfake

    Chapter 48

    😂 I was waiting for someone to catch that. 🤩
  11. keyisfake

    Chapter 50

    “Hey Patrick, where are my keys?” Patrick stepped out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a tee shirt. He crossed his arms and leaned on the door entrance, staring at his absent minded boyfriend who’s back was to him. “They’re in the same spot you always leave them.” “And where is that?” he asked, not turning around. Patrick walked up, hugging him from behind. “In the bowl, silly.” Patrick pressed his cheek against the strong back, he laid against an hour ago. “Why would I leave my keys in a bowl?” “That’s what you always do Adam.” Patrick’s grip was broken and pushed away. When the man he loved turned around, it wasn’t Adam. It was Gavin. Patrick took three steps back when the man who blackmailed him and made his life miserable stared back at him. “Gavin? What are you doing here?” Patrick stammered. “Here’s a better question. Who the fuck is Adam, you little shit?!” Gavin lunged at Patrick, who tried to dodge him by turning back to the bedroom. His curls betrayed him, when fingers entangled with his soft locks. Nail biting pain shot through his scalp as Gavin yanked him back, slamming him to the floor. Patrick clawed at the grip on his hair while kicking his legs. Gavin like a predator straddled Patrick, banging his head to the floor. Patrick’s head smacked the hard floor, causing him to see stars. His vision blurred as he tried to refocus on the man above him. Tears welled in his eyes as he saw Gavin staring back at him with his fist ready to strike him. “Please, Gavin.” “Oh, now it’s Gavin. Not Adam? A little too late.” Patrick watched in dismay as Gavin’s fist came down, it was like a bolt of electricity waking him. Patrick lurched awake, shaking and sweating. Something was in his mouth, causing his throat to feel dry and his body hummed with a numbness someone would feel from the relief from pain. He tried to sit up, but he couldn’t move his arms and legs. It took a moment to figure out his bearings when he realized he sat on the floor in the back seat of a car. He hadn’t realized someone was watching him. Patrick locked eyes with his nightmare. His cries turned to moans as the man moved towards him, his hand out-stretched. “No, please don’t cry. I’m not Gavin. I won’t hurt you.” Patrick stared back and studied his face and believed him. He relaxed as best he could. “Okay, good. I don’t know what my Aunt Jennifer is going to do with you. I never wanted this to go this far. I was just trying to help her. I know you’re scared, but I think all she wants to do is scare you.” The car door opened closer to Patrick where he stared at a woman upside down. She wore her hair in a ponytail. The look-a-like Gavin sat up in his seat. “Aunt Jennifer,” “Quiet. I need you to remain quiet.” He nodded. “Good.” She removed a device from her pocket and held it over Patrick. She pressed a button, releasing a switch blade. Patrick tensed from the sight as she hovered over him. She thought over whether to kill the Valdez whore. I’ve come so far to appease my son’s death. Why stop now? She thought. With a turn of the knife, she handed the handle first to her nephew. “Cut his legs free and help me get him out.” Patrick watched the knife slice through the rope, freeing his legs. He’s helped out of the car and made to stand. His body still hadn’t recovered from the Taser hit, causing him to stand off balance. Jennifer took the blade from her nephew and shoved Patrick forward towards the gate. “Do you remember this gate, Patrick?” She didn’t care if he could answer. “The same gate you told the police Gavin brought you through.” She pushed him through the gate as her nephew followed, locking it behind them. “I want you to show me where it happened,” she said to Patrick. “Take me to where my son died.” Patrick looked back at her and shook his head as he tried to plead with her. She stepped to him, grabbing his hair pressing the knife to his throat. “I didn’t ask you I’m telling you. Take me to the spot or I’ll cut your throat here.” “Aunt Jennifer,” interrupted the young man. “Stevie, I told you not to talk,” she snapped, never taking her eyes off Patrick. “Now, do you want to show me or die here?” she cut off his gag hearing a deep gasp from Patrick who only nodded his head. She pushed him forward, closing the knife. “And don’t think of running or calling for help.” Patrick turned and saw her removed a handgun from the small of her back, pointing it at him. She jerked the gun, gesturing him to move. Patrick obeyed and walked the path to his death. CHAPTER Jennifer and Yani Martin both practicing lawyers, attended their son’s high school graduation. They, like many parents, went all out buying gifts, cards, flowers, and balloons. Gavin graduated fifth highest in his class and received a scholarship. They cheered when they saw him accepted his degree. They celebrated at their beach house with other family and friends. They surprised Gavin with a car and start-up money. The three of them went out to dinner, and Gavin shared his plans. “I don’t want to go to college, I want to start my own business,” Gavin said, taking a bite of his food. “Business, what business?” asked Yani. “On-line selling.” “Selling what?” “Lots of stuff. I’ll need a building to work and live.” “Why a building?” “So, I can store my merchandise. I found one in the perfect location, Cargo City.” “What?” Yani said. “Yani, don’t discourage him,” said Jennifer. “Did you hear what he said, he wants to move to Cargo City. Alone.” “What difference does it make. If I went to college, I’d still be moving.” “That’s completely different. You’d be living in a dorm on college grounds.” “I don’t want to go.” “You received a full scholarship. You can pursue this, business venture after you graduate.” Gavin locked eyes with Jennifer, who seem more sympathetic towards him. “Mom,” he said only to her when he wanted something that his other mother wouldn’t give him. Jennifer wanted to make him happy. Give him all that he wanted, but, when she looked to her wife, she saw frustration. Yani knew Jennifer would always cave when Gavin wanted something. Which caused a strain in their relationship, Yani tried to see it from Jennifer’s view on why she yields to Gavin but she needed her to be on her side. Jennifer swallowed her weakness for her son and stood with her wife. “Gavin, your mother’s right, you can’t throw away this scholarship you need to go to college.” “Fine, you never let me do what I want. It’s not fair.” Gavin left the restaurant, leaving his parents behind. CHAPTER Patrick stumbled as pain raced through his arms. Jennifer noted his discomfort. “Don’t worry, I won’t keep you tied up for too long. Are we almost there?” Her voice sounded calmer, giving Patrick pause. Maybe hope? “Mrs. Martin,” he kept his voice soft so not to anger her. “It’s Ms. Martin, now.” Patrick had to glance behind him to be sure she was still there. She said no more. Patrick neared where Gavin lost his life. An above ground grave with an inscription Patrick never detected. ‘TO MY LOVING HUSBAND AND FRIEND CHEN’. Strange, he never spotted the words before. “Is this the place?” said Jennifer. Patrick nodded his response, tired and scared he wanted it to be over. He felt a tug from behind, causing him to tense. “Relax, Valdez, I’m freeing your arms.” Patrick could hear the rope rip as the knife sliced through it, freeing his aching wrists. Patrick’s arms dropped to his side as he waited for the feeling to come back. “Now, the police report said you claimed Gavin brought you here, correct?” Patrick turned to face her. “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “Yes, Gavin, brought me here.” “For what?” “Ms. Martin,” Patrick stopped talking when she pointed the gun at his face. “Just—answer the question,” she snapped. “He brought me here to have sex.” “Where?” “On that above ground grave,” he gestured with his head. “The one behind you?” she asked, stepping closer. “Yes.” Patrick’s mouth was dry and his head pound with a headache. “Show me.” “Show you what?” “Show me how you two had sex?” Patrick looked back at the stone slab. Where he laid with Gavin’s dying body pressed against him with a knife in his back. He tried to swallow, feeling a lump in his throat as his stomach flipped. “Go on, Patrick. Show me your spot.” “I was on my back,” he said as a bullet shot at the ground near his feet. Patrick jumped back, trying not to cry out. “Refuse me again? Now get up there and show me.” Patrick moved to the slab and climbed up, lying on his back. Jennifer moved to his side, staring down at him. “Gavin was on top of you?” “Yes, he kneeled on his jacket between my legs.” “He didn’t see the killer coming?” “No.” “Did you?” “No.” “Why?” Patrick exhale before answering. “I—had my—eyes closed.” “I see. Who were you thinking about?” “No one.” “Liar. You were thinking about him.” “I swear. I wasn’t thinking about Jay or Cain.” “I wasn’t talking about them.” Jennifer grasped the chain around Patrick’s neck and yanked it free tossing it away. Adam appeared in Patrick’s mind. The same way he’d imagined his detective, on the night he was being used by Gavin. Tears fell from his eyes at the thought of never seeing those blue eyes again or feeling his warm strong hug. “Come here, Stevie.” He approached somber unsure what his aunt had planned. He stepped up beside her, staring at the fear in Patrick eyes. “Stevie. I want you to hold his wrist above his head. Stand behind his head and he will give you his wrist.” “What are you going to do?” Stevie asked. “I’m going to teach him a lesson.” She pointed the gun at Patrick’s knee. “Give him your hands, Patrick.” Patrick shook as he raised his hands above his head. Stevie grasped them as his aunt climbed up and straddled Patrick, moving the gun to his chest. “You told the police, Gavin abused you.” Patrick shuts his eyes, wanting it to be over. “Yes, he abused me.” “My baby boy would never do that.” “He did,” Patrick continued. “He not only abused me, but he sold my body for money. And blackmailed me to stay with him.” “The detective’s notes said you conspired to kill my son.” “That was their theory, but, it wasn’t true.” “Why wouldn’t it be? You claimed he abused, prostituted, and blackmailed you. Why shouldn’t I believe the police?” “Because they’re wrong. Jay Marcel, killed Gavin.” “Jay Marcel. The notes also said you slept with him.” “Not by choice.” “Their notes said…” “Let me guess,” Patrick interrupted, his voice raised. “Their notes said I made a deal with Jay Marcel and Cain Rollins in exchange for killing Gavin, they get to fuck me?” “So, you did?” “No. I never made a deal with anyone! All I wanted was to be free of that sociopath you call a son!” “Then, by all means—let me set you free.” “What does that mean, Aunt Jennifer?” asked Stevie. Jennifer looked at her nephew but didn’t answer as she placed the gun beside Patrick and removed the knife, pressing the release button. The triumphed click of the blade seemed to echo in Patrick’s ears. “You’ll die the same way my son died. Stabbed through the heart.” Patrick saw his chance as he braced his legs and jerked Jennifer off of him, sending her tumbling to the ground.
  12. keyisfake

    Chapter 48

    AJ received Adam’s text and conveyed his theory to Artie, who stood in the security office trying to figure out who had control over the elevator. “I hate to admit it, but Potter’s onto something. I’ll contact the detectives in Martin’s hometown to go question his parents. We’ll go to, Amanda Grieves apartment. Where’s Potter now?” Artie asked. “He’s going back to his office.” “Good.” “Did you find anything here?” “Nothing. They don’t have a clue how one of their elevators went haywire. I’m thinking remote.” “Remote but how would they know Adam would be here?” “They must have been tailing him.” “One’s dead and we’re aware the other is a female. It’s the third one I’m worried about.” “Patrick already saw the third one.” “He claimed he saw Gavin Martin.” “Or someone who looked like him.” “We’ll leave this to them, let’s get to the apartment.” ******* The doorman told AJ and Artie the manager lived off site, but he had the keys to all the apartments. “I need to call the owner first for permission to enter a unit.” They waited as he made the call, receiving clearance. He took the detectives on the elevator to her floor. “Is Ms. Griever all right?” asked the middle-aged man who cleared his throat. “When was the last time you saw her?” asked Artie. “Yesterday evening. She came back with a young man. I assumed was one of her patients.” “Why did you assume that?” “Well, she brought a few of her patients here when she had problems at her office.” “How many do you remember.” “Oh, about two.” The elevator dinged, and the door opened. They followed the man down a spacious hallway, both noting the security cameras. “Have you been working here long?” Artie continued. “No, I’ve started here a month ago.” “What happened to the last doorman?” “No one knows. He never showed up, nor called. So, they hired me.” “Did anyone check on him?” “Not that I’m aware of, but they could have. Here we are.” He opened the door and a rotten scent hit them in the face. All of them covered their nose and mouths. “What is that?” asked the doorman. “We’ll check on it, you can go back to your duties,” AJ said. “Okay, but I need to call the owner.” “You do that,” Artie said. The man left as Artie and AJ pulled their guns. Artie reached in and felt for a light switch. The wide space, lit up to show a drop-in living room with a terrace and a spectacular view. Neither detective saw nothing out of order except for the smell. “The odor is coming from the kitchen,” Artie said. “Okay, you go that way and I’ll check the bedroom,” AJ suggests. Before Artie could veto his partner’s suggestion, AJ had already moved to his destination. “Great,” Artie kept his gun aimed and tried not to gag on the smell. Artie entered the kitchen to find the refrigerator propped open and a small dog surrounded in remains of bones, opened takeout containers, and his own filth. Something seemed out of place. A small clean bowl of water. Artie leaned down and touched the bowl, finding it cold against his fingers. The dog approached him, sniffing his hand. Artie petted his head and saw a name tag. “Wobbler? Hey Wobbler, what’s going on in here.” Artie picked up the timid dog and left to find AJ. AJ walked along an eye-catching runner rug passing hung artwork. He checked the bathroom, finding nothing, then he saw there was a guest bedroom. He opened the door, finding an unmade bed and an open suitcase with crumpled clothes on top of folded ones. On the night-stand sat a photograph taken outside of a smiling Gavin Martin that was bent in half and torn, cutting his shoulder off. It was clear someone had their arm around his shoulder. He turned it over, finding some writing. To my—cousin-. AJ returned the photo to its spot and focused on the closet. He opened it, finding nothing hanging on the rail. On the top shelf he found a plain covered cardboard box. He put his gun away and pulled down the box, placing it on the bed then removed the lid. Inside were belongings of Amanda Grieves. Pictures with friends at the beach, at their homes, with her pet, and at ceremonies. Framed diplomas and awards. “So, this is where you hid her life,” AJ whispered. AJ stepped into the hallway, finding Artie holding the dog. “Was he in the kitchen?” “He sure was. Someone propped open the fridge with a chair and gave him something to drink. His name is Wobbler.” AJ pet his head and felt him shiver. “He’s scared.” “Yeah, I’ll take him to a neighbor while we finish searching together. Wait for me. That’s an order.” “Fine, but I can…” “Ah, ah, that’s an order.” AJ sighed as Artie walked off. He turned his focus to the door at the end of the hall. He promised Artie he’d wait, but, the pull for answers weighted greater. He moved towards the door, wondering what torment Amanda Grieves suffered when they invaded her world. Did she suffer? Was her death quick and painless? Where did she meet her fate? Here or somewhere else?. AJ wondered. All the scenarios raced through his head. “AJ?” Artie said, grabbing his partner’s hand. AJ stunned to see Artie back so soon. “Yeah?” “I told you to wait.” AJ looked and hadn’t realized his hand was on the door handle. “Right.” Artie took the lead and opened the door. Artie fumbled for a light switch. When the room illuminated, they saw the chaos. The disheveled room’s walls spattered with red paint, the rug and the bed sheets torn and flung everywhere. They left one corner untouched where a shrine sat. A vanity table with mirror had photos of Gavin Martin at different ages circling photos of Peter Tork, Paul Riser, Justin Shi, Amanda Grieve, and Patrick Valdez. Peter and Paul’s photo were X out with what they assumed was red paint. Amanda’s got ripped in half at the neck and reattached poorly. They marked the word WHORE on Justin and Patrick’s. Patrick’s picture sat in the middle with a dagger through his face that penetrate the glass and wood frame behind it.
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    Chapter 47

    A ledge saved him. Adam clawed at whatever he could to stop his descent. He breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped plunging. He tried to get his bearings failing a few times before he got a foot hold. The door opened overhead and AJ leaned down, holding his hand out. “Adam, grab my arm.” Adam saw AJ wasn’t alone as other officers held onto the detective as he leaned down. He grasped onto AJ’s arm as he’s pulled to safety. “The killer was controlling the elevator,” he said, winded. “Officers are on the way to intercept. What did he say to you?” “She said. I believe it’s one of Gavin’s mothers. She wants revenge and Patrick is the target.” “I can send men to protect him.” “No need, he’s with his family, he’s safe. I need to go.” “I need for you to stay out of this Adam the police will handle this.” “Be my guest. You have someone watching Justin?” “Two men are with him.” “Good to hear.” Adam walked away removing his cell to call Patrick when he saw a text from an unlisted number. He ignored it as he left the hospital. The night sky overhead he called a Hitch to take him back to his office. He sat on a bench to wait, dialing Patrick’s home number, the phone to the Valdez home rang three times before someone answered. “Good evening, The Valdez residence,” said Carlos. Adam recognized his voice. “Yeah, hi, this is Adam Potter, I like to speak to Patrick?” “Yes, Detective Potter, just one moment.” Adam sat back, feeling the burn from his ordeal breathe through his muscles and skin. But something nagged at the back of his mind. “Hello, detective?” said Carlos. “Yes,” Adam said. “I’m sorry, but Young Valdez is not answering his door. I’m afraid he might be asleep.” “Okay. Listen, I need you to wake him up. He’ll take my call. Normally I would call his cell, but he doesn’t have his so I’m begging you to do this for me. I need to hear his voice.” “Please hold.” Adam’s Hitch arrived. He boarded the car, still on hold. “Detective Potter, I regret to inform you Young Valdez is not in his room, his bed is untouched.” “When was the last time you saw him?” “Well, he watched a movie with his parents. Then, he retired to his room for one of his games.” “Games? Do you mean a D&D game?” “I believe so.” “Thank you.” “Good evening, sir.” “Wait.” “Yes, sir?” “It’s a sizeable house. He could be anywhere, right?” “That’s true. Will that be all Detective Potter?” “Yes, thank you.” The line went dead and the aching feeling he had doubled in size. He opened the unknown text and read his greatest fear come true. Adam, you will not like this, but I snuck out to go to a D&D game. I haven’t seen Mia in forever and wanted to go. Maybe I did it because I felt everyone was trying to control me. I told Mia what I did, and she chewed me out and ordered me to go home. I’m with my father’s driver now. We’re in route to the manor. I’m confessing this knowing you will also be furious with me. Please forgive me. I love you. Adam opened an app he uploaded to unmask unknown callers and text. It didn’t take long when he saw the number dialing it. The ringing went on forever when someone answered. “Pat, is that you?” Adam said, anxiously. “Such diligence, Adam,” The voice of his fake therapist said. “What did you do to him?” Adam kept his voice low so not to alert the driver. “Now, now, nothing yet. It isn’t time.” “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Let me talk to him.” “He’s unable to talk. 50,000 volts is a lot for such a small body.” “You bitch if you hurt him…” “Adam, language. You don’t want to hear his strangling cries over the phone. Or do you?” “Please, let him go. He didn’t kill your son.” “That’s where you and I disagree, detective. Patrick Valdez had that monster kill my son in return for sex and I will make him pay.” “Listen…” “No, there’s nothing left to say. Move on to someone worthy of your love, Adam. You deserve that much.” The line went dead as Adam stump back in his seat. His world was about to implode when his cell rang. He saw it was his brother Paul and consider not answering. “Hey, Paul this is not a good time.” “Adam, Mia’s here and needs to talk to you.” Before Adam could respond, Paul gave the phone to Mia. “Adam, I need to tell you something about Patrick.” “What is it?” “We had a game scheduled at the Cave and he told me what’s been going on and that he snuck out to meet me. I told him to go home but, I wanted to be sure he was safe. When I tried to call him, someone answered but said nothing and hung up. Are you with him now?” “No.” “Can you check on him and tell him to call me?” “I will.” Adam hung up with Mia as he racked his brain to where Patrick could be. If Gavin’s mother was pretending to be Amanda Grieves. There’s a chance she was living in her apartment. He thought. He quickly texted AJ his theory. Then another thought entered his head. What if she wanted Patrick to die the same way her son did? Adam checked the date and discovered it was the same date he first saw Patrick in Gavin’s bathroom and the night he died in the graveyard. The car stopped in front of his building. “Hey,” he called to the Hitch driver who glanced in the rearview mirror at him. “I need you to wait for me and take me someplace else.” Adam pulled out all the money in his wallet and gave it to the man who followed Adam’s directions. ****** The pricy apartment wasn’t hard to find. Adam stood outside watching the front door. His ride waited around the corner for him eating a free dinner courtesy of Adam. He remembered an open house to the ten story building with its long balcony and doorman. Adam needed to get inside. But going through the front door was out. He moved to the side of the building with an alley and saw a maintenance door. He tried opening it, but it wouldn’t budge. He didn’t have much time when he heard a click. He jumped behind the opening door and watched as two garbage bags came flying out. Someone kicked the door alerting Adam, who watched as they propped it open. A youthful woman wearing baggy work pants and a button up top that was two sizes too big for her came out wearing headphones, bobbing her head to her music. She didn’t see Adam or anything around her. She opened the plastic lid to the dumpster and threw four full bags inside. She went back inside, kicking the piece of wood she used to prop the door open. While her back was to him Adam snuck in. Inside, she had an empty industrial cart made from plastic. She rolled it away, singing, and returned to her duties. Adam stepped out of hiding and followed her at a safe distance until he noticed a door. He checked to see if it would give and lucked out. It opened to a flight of stairs he took to Amanda’s floor. He saw security cameras but didn’t have time to worry about them. Instead, he walked down the hall as if he lived there. He removed his lock pick tools and with a minor effort he opened the door. Once inside, he removed a flashlight, knowing he had a small window before AJ and Artie arrived. A smell came from the kitchen, he checked and found the refrigerator door propped open and Amanda’s dog eating food off the floor. He didn’t see a water bowl, so he gave him a full one. AJ will take care of the dog. Adam thought as he headed for the bedroom. He found a guest bedroom with an open suitcase of clothes, and an unmade bed and a photo that raise red flags. When he reached the master bedroom, he found what he was looking for and knew his next move.
  14. keyisfake

    Chapter 46

    Everyone watched as Arnold the giant rolled the dice. He gambled he’s able to leap over a pit of killer puppies. His roll landed on a 2. “You tripped on a rock and fall into the pit. The puppies with toxic saliva lick you to death,” Mia said sitting back exasperated by her group. “Why in the world did you all try to jump that pit? Except for Dom the ghost who, might I say could have floated over it. But no, instead you dived in headfirst and was the first to die,” “I couldn’t help it, they were so cute,” Dom said, finishing his beer. “Now we have to start a fresh game, any suggestions?” Everyone just shrugged their shoulders. Mia glanced at Patrick, who’s thoughts were elsewhere. “I’m hungry, Dom can you and Arnold go order us some wings. Here you can use my card.” “It’s cool,” said Arnold. It’s our turn to pay.” They left before Mia’s protest. She turned her attention to Patrick, who had noticed none of the conversation. “Pat,” she said, nudging his arm. He sat up, seeing empty chairs. “The game’s over?” “No, Dom and Arnold went to order food. Pat, what’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong.” “You didn’t notice when they left. Where did you go?” Patrick hesitated before he confessed. “I wasn’t being honest with you Mia.” Patrick told Mia about the events. Dom, and Arnold held trays of food and drinks as they returned to their table when Mia cried out “WHAT!” causing the two to jerk and spill some liquid from the glasses. “Hey,” called Jennifer, the owner of the Cave from behind the bar to Dom and Arnold. “Tell your friend to keep it down.” “Yeah, sorry,” Dom said. When they reached the table. Mia was on her feet, glaring at Patrick, who remained seated. “Mia, what happened, we can hear you at the bar?” Mia sat down, not taking her eyes off Patrick. She tried to respond when Arnold’s cell rang. He placed the tray down and removed it, seeing the caller was his wife. “I have to take this,” he said, stepping away answering the call. Dom placed his tray down and waited for Mia. She took a deep breath before answering. “Sorry, I got some upsetting news.” “What was it?” Dom asked. Again, when she spoke, she got interrupted by Arnold returning to them. “Hey, Summer is in labor,” he said smiling. “What, that’s wonderful.” Mia said. “Get to her.” “I know, but Dom’s my ride.” “Then Dom’s taking you. Right, Dom.” “I’m ready if he is?” “Thanks Dom. We better go.” “Good luck, Arnold,” Mia said. “Thanks.” “Tell Summer we’re thinking of her and the baby,” Patrick said. “I will, thanks Patrick.” The two left as Mia returned her attention to Patrick. “Now, as for you. I have the good mind to call Adam.” “No, Mia, please don’t call Adam. I haven’t seen you in forever.” “And I missed you. But to put your life in danger is not what I want you to do. Pat we can and will spend time together after you’re out of danger.” She held out her hand, and Patrick didn’t hesitate in placing his palm in hers. Mia grasped his hand a little harder than she meant. “Pat I want you to go back to your parent's house and stay put until Adam comes and get you.” “All right.” She noticed the silver charm around his neck. “Is that the necklace Adam gave you?” Patrick touched the charm and blushed. “Yes. I love him.” “I know you do. And I love Paul. Adam wouldn’t leave you somewhere if he didn’t believe you were in danger.” “You’re right.” “Come on, I’ll call Paul and he’ll drive you home.” “No, don’t call him. I’ll take a cab. I’ll be fine.” Patrick reached into his pocket, pulling out his cell. Mia’s mouth dropped at the sight of the cell he used while with his ex. “Why are you using that cell?” Patrick stared back as if he got caught cheating. “It’s because the police confiscated mine.” “Oh, so you read the text messages and emails?” “No. And I won’t. I better go.” Patrick called for a cab and Mia text Paul that she got done early. Mia held onto Patrick’s arm while they stepped outside. Patrick seemed annoyed to see the tinted window car that dropped him off. “What is it?” Mia asked. “Do you know that car?” “It belongs to my father.” “That’s good, right?” Patrick wanted to say no when he heard a horn, and Mia looked towards it and smile. “It’s Paul.” “You should get going.” “No, what about you?” “My ride is here.” “Well, true. Promise to call me when you get home?” “Only if you promise not to tell Adam.” “Will you wait until he comes for you?” “I will.” “Then I promise.” “So do I.” They kissed each other on the cheek and hugged goodbye. Patrick waited until Mia boarded the truck before going to his car. The driver door opened and Tony jumped out rushing to the back passenger door opening it for him. “Tony I thought you were taking the car to get fixed?” “I was but my boss called to inform me they saw you sneaking out and ordered me to bring you back.” “My father knows?” “Not sure.” “Great, let’s go.” Patrick climbed in as Tony shut the door returning to the driver seat. The drive was in silence, and Patrick could use his seatbelt. Tony didn’t speed and even turned on the radio to Patrick’s favorite station when the news interrupted. “This just in. They found a copy-cat killer wearing a mask dead at the same scene of a gruesome murder last year. Police refuse to give a statement. Also, an officer and a civilian were injured on the scene. Details later.” “A civilian?” Patrick whispered to himself. Please don’t let it be Adam. A bright light was up ahead caused Tony to slow. “I think someone broke down. Should I stop?” Patrick’s thoughts went to Adam and wonder if he was on his way back to get him. “Young Valdez, what should I do?” “Yes, stop.” Tony pulled off to the side of the road, putting the car into park keeping the motor running. “I’ll be right back.” He climbed out. As Patrick waited, he took out the cell phone. A knot grew in his stomach when he opened the text box. He input Adam’s info and typed an explanation to where he was and what he did. Patrick didn’t want any secrets between them as he cleared his conscious. He knew it would upset Adam, but it’s worth him finding out from him instead of his father. He sent the text and closed the phone. The passenger door on the driver's side opens and Tony bent inside. Patrick jerked back, not sure what his intentions were when he saw blood gushing from the side of his neck. Patrick pressed his back against the door as Tony moved his lips, but no sound came out. He slumped on the seat as he’s stabbed in the back by someone who wore a white mask covered with splattered blood and a crack under its eye. Patrick panicked and fumbled for the door handle crying out for help only for it to open, causing him to fall out onto his back leaving his legs dangling inside the car. He stared up in horror at the masked figure who stared back at him. “Please don’t kill me,” Patrick cried. The figure said nothing as he pulled the mask off, revealing a person Patrick thought was long dead. “Gavin?” He’s pushed aside and a woman stood wearing black pants, top, and boots, her hair hung free. Patrick recognized her from the postcard Gavin received from his mothers. Patrick opened his mouth to speak when she held up his Taser. “You dropped this,” she said, before pressing the device against Patrick’s side sending the electric burn through his body.
  15. keyisfake

    Chapter 45

    Adam moved in the fake Amanda Grieves direction, hoping to catch up with her. She played him for a fool and wanted answers. He found a directory and checked to see what floor she could have gone. Maybe the third floor. He wondered, pressing the button for the elevator. When one arrived, Adam waited as several people stepped off before he boarded. The doors closed just when his cell rang. The caller ID said Unknown, and his gut said to answer. He pressed the green icon. “Hello.” “Step aside, Adam. This isn’t about you,” a female voice said. “Who’s it about? You ran me off the road and you tried to kill my assistant.” “Your assistant was one of the scums that contribute to an innocent man’s death.” “You mean Gavin Martin?” “Detective Potter, I am giving you the chance to step back unless you wish to join the dammed?” “And I’m giving you a chance to turn yourself in before I find you.” “Is that a threat, Detective?” “Take it any way you want. I will not let you touch another innocent person.” “Innocent?” she shouted, her voice trembling. “You call those bastards who inebriated a damaged soul innocent? And I suppose the whore he slept with was innocent as well?” Adam flinched from Patrick being called a whore. “Do you know what Gavin did to Patrick?” “I know Patrick stayed with Gavin and was with him when he died. Tell me detective did Patrick come out clean?” “He got stabbed in the chest,” Adam barked. The elevator came to a jerking halt. Adam lost his balance, but remained standing. He checked the control panel and saw he stopped between floors. He pressed the alarm button and waited for a response. Instead, the voice on his phone was now coming through the speakers in the elevator. “Do you think justice was served, detective?” Adam returned his cell to his pocket and glance around the box. He eyed a camera just above the control panel and an exit panel above. “Answer my question detective.” Adam glared at the camera. “You won’t like my answer, but I have a question. Are you one of Gavin’s mothers?” “I am.” “Can I assume you’re acting alone without your wife?” “You can assume what you want.” The elevator jumped, then climbed, passing floors. Adam returned his focus to the trapdoor above. “Tell me your name. You know mine.” “My name is not important. My son’s death was unjust.” “Yes, it was. But the man who killed him is dead.” “Not the man who arranged his death.” “Yes, he is. His name was Jay.” “Valdez’s stalker? Yes, I know about him. I also know he was too stupid to plan my son’s death. Not without help.” “Right, and that came from Cain, his partner.” “No, Cain didn’t care about Gavin someone manipulated them.” Adam took a chance when the elevator stopped and leaped for the small door, popping it free. “Listen, Gavin forced Patrick to sell his body.” “Forced? Did he have a gun at his head or a knife at his throat?” “Gavin possessed compromising pictures of Patrick.” “Compromising pictures?” she laughed. “Patrick is a known whore who will fuck anyone for a rush. I know that for a fact.” Adam was tired of hearing her bash Patrick. He jumped and grabbed the ledge and raised himself through the hole. “Our time is up, Adam. I’m sorry I can’t help you further with your nightmares. Perhaps you should seek counseling elsewhere.” Adam didn’t respond as he removed his belt as the box dropped downward at top speed. Adam relaxed as gravity took over and lifted him from the surface, sending him into a free fall. He’d hope his plan would work as he grabbed his belt, wrapping both ends around his fist and latched the leather onto an advancing gear. His body lurched as he held tight only for the belt to break in half, sending him tumbling again.
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