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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 18

    Piper Monroe built his business from petty burglary, prostitution, to drug dealing. Tall, slender with defined features, his black straight hair crowned his strong jaw, healthy pale skin, and black crescent eyes. He reached his thirty-seventh birthday, avoiding two assassination attempts, and he wanted to celebrate; His detainees occupied the venue picked. He stepped onto train car wearing a customize suit, trendy coat and a smile. Two male twins named Jesse and James followed him. Both with mahogany complexion, braided hair that hung lose beyond their shoulders, with muscular built and wearing suits like their employer. One stood by the door, gazing out while the other followed their employer. Molly grabbed Patrick’s arm and gave it a little squeeze. Patrick stood his ground, studying the man’s mannerism hoping there was intelligence behind the confident stride. Piper stopped and eyed Patrick, whom he recognized. “Well, I seem to have a celebrity in my company. Welcome Mr. Valdez,” he said with a Russian accent. “Who are you?” Patrick asked?” “A fan.” He dropped his attention off Patrick and turned it to the woman behind him. “Hello, Miss Basset.” “So, you know us, who are you?” Molly asked. Piper ignored her licking his pouty lips. “There’s going to be a party here and I need to make arrangement for the two of you.” “What kind of arrangements?” Patrick asked. Piper caught his gaze and flashed a charismatic grin. “And the best part is, you, Mr. Valdez will be my arm candy.” Piper stepped aside as the man closest to him pulled out a handheld weapon and shot Patrick with a small thin dart that lodged in his neck. The pop came quick. Patrick’s reaction came in the form of a grunt before his eyes blurred and he blacked out. Molly grabbed hold of him but received her own shot in the shoulder and just as fast, lost consciousness both dropping to the cold floor. *************** Adam heard Sergio and his doppelganger out. He took Justin home who said nothing about knowing Devin. “Will you call me when you hear anything?” Justin asked. “I will.” “Did your mom go home?” “No, he and my father are staying at a hotel. I didn’t want them to stay at the house in case…” “Yeah, I understand.” “Don’t go back to the office they might be watching it.” “What are you going to do?” “I’m going to go find Patrick and Molly.” “Do you know where to look?” “I have a hunch. I need to go.” “Okay.” Justin received a text when he checked his cell Adam drove off. Adam left without saying goodbye. He returned to his office and checked the tracker he had in Patrick’s cell. Then he checked his gun making sure it was in working order. He locked up and went to his jeep. The sun excelled its last hue before resting. Common sense told him to wait until morning, but his adrenaline added with the ache in his chest ignored common sense. He drove for what seem like forever. The more he pressed the accelerator the slower he thought he was going. The trail led outside of town; to Adam’s relief it wasn’t toward a place he never wanted to visit again. He turned off onto a back-road steering farther into the woods. Not seeing any buildings Adam’s heart pound in his chest as the signal grew closer. He stopped his jeep grabbed his gun and flashlight and climbed out. His legs tried to buckle, but he forced them to move forward. Patrick’s cell grew closer after each step. The beeping increased; he shined a light on over grown grass not high enough to hide a body but maybe a secret door. With closer inspection, he discovered Patrick’s cell phone, but no rope or handle that opened a door. After an hour of searching, Adam found a second cell. Adam realized, they discarded Patrick’s phone and took him elsewhere. He gave up and returned to his office finding someone waiting outside. Devin Murphy sat outside his building leaning against his door. Adam parked and walked towards the man who got to his feet. “What are you doing here?” “I want to know what you found out,” Devin said. “Nothing, now go, I have work to do,” Adam said. He tried to move past, but Devin stepped in front of him. “You’re lying.” “What?” “You found something?” “What makes you think I found something?” “Please A… Detective Potter. Molly’s my friend. I want to help.” “You’ll only get in the way. Now move.” Adam warned. “Or I’ll make you move.” “Why are you being difficult? I want to help.” “Fine, tell me this? Who were those men in your apartment?” “They worked for a dangerous man who I dealt with. I’m to testify against him.” “What’s his name?” “Piper Monroe. His enemies call him the Tsar.” “Do you think he has Patrick and Molly?” “I do.” “How do you know my aunt?” “She helped me when I had nothing.” Adam thought over his next move. “Do you know where he is?” “No.” Adam removed the two cell phones from his coat pocket. Devin recognized one. “That’s Molly’s cell phone. Where did you…?” “Just outside of town.” Adam interrupted. “This one is my lover’s,” he said, caressing Patrick’s phone. A knot grew in Devin stomach hearing Adam call Patrick his lover. “They must have tossed them when leaving town,” Devin said, clinching Molly’s cell. “I don’t think they left town.” Devin said something when Adam’s ringing cell interrupted them. The caller ID read Justin’s name. “Yeah,” he answered. “Adam, someone broke into my apartment.” “Are you all right?” “I’m fine, they’ve already gone, but listen, I might have a lead.” “What is it?” “A party.” “A party?” “I’ll explain when I get there, I’m getting in a cab back to the office.” “No, wait.” Adam thought fast. “Go to my house, I’ll meet you there.” “Okay.” “But stay in the cab until I get there.” “Will do, boss.” Adam hung up and looked at Devin. “You want to help?” Adam asked. “I do.” “Then come with me.” “To where?” “My place.” Adam returned to his jeep and Devin followed. They boarded, and Adam headed home. Their ride stayed silent until Adam stopped at a red light. He side glanced at Devin, who stared out the side window. He cleared his throat before speaking. “You said your last name was Murphy?” Devin tensed from the question and was about to answer when another call came through on Adam’s cell. Adam answered without checking the ID. “Yes?” “You have a letter on your front step,” A male with a thick Russian accent said. “Follow the instructions or we’ll mail him back to you.” The line went dead, just as the light turned green. Adam checked the caller ID and saw unknown. “Detective the light’s green,” Devin said. Adam’s mind raced at, mail him back. Blaring horns from cars behind him didn’t faze him. “Detective?” Devin reached out to touch him when Adam jerked awake, causing Devin to recoil his hand, and sped off. When they reached his house, he saw a taxi parked in front. As he pulled into his driveway Justin climbed out of the cab after paying the man with a big tip and hurried over. The passenger side door opened, and Justin froze when he saw Devin. “What are you doing here?” Justin demanded. “I’m here to help,” Devin said. “Adam,” Justin tried to protest, but Adam shoots past them ignoring Justin. He raced to his front door and there sticking out from under the mat was a regular brown letter envelope. He snatched it up and tore it open, unfolding the letter inside. “Bring Devin to the party. Directions in two days.” He read it two more times before turning it over, finding the other side blank then tore apart the envelope finding nothing more. “Adam what is it?” Justin asked. Adam looked at him on the brink, then glared at Devin. Who saw nothing but contempt in his twin’s eyes. Devin took a step back but stopped when Adam spoke. “You have one day to tell me everything about them.” Devin swallowed, then shook his head. “Okay, I’ll tell you what I know.” “Inside. It’s going to be a long night.” Adam opened the door and waited as Justin and Devin entered. He scanned his surroundings before shutting the door. ************** Molly remained unconscious through her journey. Her limp body rested on the back seat of an unmarked car. Stolen and its plates removed, the man driving was one twin who worked for Piper, Jesse. Dressed in baggy sweat clothes with a hooded sweatshirt his braids tucked inside. His orders were simple, drive to the closest hospital and abandon the vehicle leaving the drugged woman inside. He parked the sedan in an emergency drop off spot just as he watched the paramedics wheel a man on a gurney inside. He had a window to leave unnoticed, he took it, leaving the driver side door open. Once at a safe distance he ducked behind a dumpster and removed the sweat clothes discarding them inside, revealing his form fitting clothes underneath, he then sent his brother James his location. A few minutes later a car pulled up and he boarded. Born in a small country swallowed by a larger one. The twins lost ones they loved as gunfire and explosions rained around them. They learned to survive by stealing, running illegal drugs, learning to fight and becoming hired bodyguards; Piper was a man with big dreams and wanted to become unstoppable. They trusted him and so far, he hasn’t disappointed them. “Did you deliver the letter?” Jesse asked, glancing at his brother. “He should be reading it right now,” James said “What if Piper goes down?” “Let’s hope that never happens.”
  2. keyisfake

    Chapter 17

    A cool sensation washed over Patrick as he took in a deep breath, opening his eyes to haziness. His vision cleared, and he saw a familiar face. “Molly,” he said in a raspy voice. “It’s so good to hear your voice, I was so worried those animals might have injured you.” Her red hair hung loose around her face as she smiled down at him. “What’s going on? Why are you in my house?” Molly gasped, her despair glancing around their confinement. An abandon train car that was once a money car. Thick tinted windows, making it impossible to see in or out. All seats removed for the carts carrying money bags no longer there. Reinforced floors and walls with shotgun racks now empty, to defend the train. Their captors gave them each a blanket and a case of bottle water. They wrapped Patrick in his, covering his shirtless body while she used hers to place under his head. She cleared away debris when they brought in Patrick. Molly tore a strip off her blanket to make a compress; she soaked it with water ringing it out then draped it on Patrick’s forehead. “I’m sorry to say we are not at your home my dear.” Patrick glanced around seeing she was right and sat up still groggy from being drugged. Molly kept her hand against his back in case he became dizzy. “What?” he stammered. “Where are we?” he asked, not turning to her. “We are in an old money car,” she responded, in a soft voice. “A money car?” he asked, turning to her. “They’re used them to transfer money collected at stations. They abandon this one.” “Why are we here?” “You and I are a bargaining chip.” Patrick glanced around eyeing the cold interior of their prison. “I still don’t understand.” “Devin, knows something that can put a dangerous man away and we’re here to prevent him from testifying against him.” “Devin?” “I’m afraid so.” Patrick’s shoulders slouched as he shivered realizing his top was missing. He remembered he was undressing before someone attacked him. He pulled the blanket tighter around him and moved to lean against a wall next to Molly. “Do you know what time it is?” “No idea.” “Were you here before me?” “Yes.” Patrick exhaled his defeat. “Asking you if you tried to find a way out?” “It’s pointless. I believe we’re in a tunnel. So even if we escaped this car, we won’t find the exit. “How can you be sure we’re in a tunnel?” “The dusty, metallic odor in the air. It’s ingrained in my mind.” “I’ve never been in the subway.” “Not once?” “No.” “I will confess, I’m relieved to have company. The sounds down here are unsettling.” “Where’s the bathroom?” Molly cleared her throat and pointed in the far corner at a bucket. Patrick groaned again before closing his eyes. ************** Adam rushed into his office and raced past Justin, who held the phone to his ear. Justin hung up and followed, finding Adam rifling his desk for something as he muttered to himself. “Adam what’s wrong, what are you looking for?” “A summons,” he snapped, flinging papers across his desk so vigorous they were falling off. Justin scrambled to pick things up only for more to drop. “Adam, wait,” Justin pleaded. “I can’t, I need that summons.” “It’s not here,” Justin said. “Keep looking it’s a clue to find Patrick.” “Patrick? What happened to him?” Adam stopped and turned to Justin. “someone has kidnapped him, and I don’t know why, but I think it has something to do with the summons.” Justin closed his eyes and remembered handing the summons to Devin and falling into bed with him. “Adam, I need to tell you something. I took the summons.” “What? Why?” “I saw how stress you were with AJ so I wanted to help and deliver it for you.” Adam approached him and grabbed him by his shoulders. “I thought as much. And I should warn you about the danger you put yourself in but I don’t have time. Tell me the name and address on the summons.” Justin told Adam the address and gave him the name. “Devin Murphy?” Adam repeated the familiar last name. He remembered Sergio Blackheart giving him the address. “I have to go.” Adam said, turning when Justin grabbed his arm. “Adam, I’m sorry,” Justin cried. Adam place his palm on his assistant’s cheek. “I’m not mad at you. Lock up and go home and I’ll call you later.” “I want to help.” “Justin…” “Please Adam, let me come with you.” Adam didn’t want to put him in danger, but he needed someone with a clear head. “All right, you can come along, but you do as I say.” “I will, I swear. Also, Sergio called and wanted you to come over should I call him back and cancel?” “No. In fact, he’s just the man I wanted to see.” ************** When they arrived at Blackheart’s club Adam had no problem getting inside. They escorted him and Justin up to his office, minus his beauties. Sergio stood in the room's middle with Sam on his left and Bayo on his right. George was out of the room. Adam stopped short and Justin stood back a pace, giving Adam room in case a fight broke out. “Detective Potter, thank you for coming,” Sergio said. “I didn’t come because you called, I came for answers.” “And what answers do you seek?” “The identity of the stalker.” “Yes, they showed their hand.” “Fuck Sergio, I want their names and location now,” Adam barked, causing Sam to reach into his jacket pocket only for Sergio to stopping his action by holding up his hand. Bayo remained calm as she stared at Adam. “Detective Potter we are all in this together. I called you here to help in a rescue.” “A rescue? How do you know about Patrick? Did you take him to get me here?” Sergio gazed at him stunned. Almost lost for words. “What? No. Do you mean Patrick Valdez?” “So, you have him.” Adam tried to rush Sergio when Sam stepped in his way. He tussled with the man taking two blows in the gut he was ready for. A counter attack by swinging his elbow into the man’s jaw, caused him to stumble, giving Adam time to punch him several times in the face until he dropped. He turned finding Bayo standing behind him smiling and Justin being held back by someone whose face he couldn’t get a clear view. Adam moved on adrenaline ready for anything she delivered when a blow to his back sent him to the floor. Justin called out his name before another punch to his face knocked him unconscious. ************** When Adam arrived Sergio order Devin to hide in the back behind the bar where he could watch and listen to everything on the monitor. He observed Adam enter followed by Justin. “What is he doing here?” he wondered. He stared at Adam in awe seeing similarities and differences. “This is my twin brother?” The words cause a tingling sensation to run through his body. The hope of someone having the same similarities as himself. Also, the same taste in men, referring to Justin and Patrick. “Fuck Sergio, I want their names and location now.” Adam’s booming voice startled Devin as he watched him yelling at Sergio. “How do you know about Patrick?” “Patrick?” Devin wondered. “He can’t be talking about the same person?” Sergio said Patrick’s last name. After that Adam went into a frenzy. Devin remembered the kiss. “Did they take him and Molly?” he wondered. He raced out of the room and saw the commotion. Before he could say anything, Justin called out Adam’s name before Bayo knocks the detective out cold. *************** Adam’s head spun as he came to and saw Justin staring back at him. He tried to move but found himself restrained to a chair. “Adam, are you, all right?” Justin asked, holding a cloth he used on Adam’s bruised chin. “Did they hurt you?” Adam asked, fighting against his bindings. “No…” Sergio cut Justin off. “We thought it best to restrain you, so we can explain.” “You’ll have to untie me.” “We will, but only when you hear me out. First, I did not kidnap Patrick. I believe he’s with another missing person I asked you here to find.” “Who?” “Molly,” Devin said, stepping into view. Adam’s face said it all as he looked back at the man Sergio mistaken him for. Without the black locks and brown eyes, he resembled him. “What the fuck?” “Crazy how we look alike,” Devin said. “Yeah,” Adam said, not connecting to possible relations. “Look, those animals took people we love,” Sergio said. “You can get them back.” “Untie me.” Devin looked from Justin to Sergio. “Can we trust you will keep a handle on your temper Detective Potter?” Sergio asked. “You have my word.” They freed him. As he rose to his feet, everyone was on edge as to his next move. “Tell me everything,” Adam said. ************** Patrick paced while Molly sat on a hard-stainless steel counter, with her feet dangling, wrapped in her fleece blanket. Patrick learned fast how chilly it got inside the car as he shivered under his blanket. He walked over to Molly and sat on a table across from her. The icy metal cut through his pants as if he wasn’t wearing any. “Our jailors are not accommodating, are they?” Molly asked, seeing his discomfort. “Well, if you minus the hardness and bone chilling touch I’d give it a two,” Patrick said. “Why a two?” Molly asked, smiling. “I can sit. And I have company.” This made her chuckle. “Well, I wish it was in different circumstances.” “Don’t worry, Adam will find us.” “I have no doubt my nephew will.” “Nephew?” “Didn’t Anton tell you? I’m Troy’s sister.” “What? No, he never told me.” “Well, he had other things on his mind.” “Devin.” “He never meant for any of this to happen.” “I figure as much.” “I would love to know how you and Adam met.” “We have time. Then you can tell me how you met Devin?” “Deal.” A loud bang startled them as they got to their feet. Patrick stood in front of Molly, who tried to protest. But before she could say a word, the doors slid open.
  3. I went back and edited Chapter 1 sorry for all the mistakes.

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      I tend to look beyond the Mistakes... especially if it's a good story... But you just keep going you will get better with time...!!!!:heart::unsure2:not A crazy writer either... well Ok maybe a little...Lol:lol: your a good writer, and can only get better...

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      That's so sweet, thank you. 😍 I'll take crazy anytime. I'm having a ball. 🤡

  4. I'm getting new readers and receiving amazing comments to my chapters thank you all for supporting me and my crazy stories.

  5. keyisfake

    Chapter 16

    Sorry about the double chapter I'll fix it. This book is 4th in the series and the others stories happen before this one. they're not out of order. I understand the poor choices of my characters make. And consequences are coming but in their defense they are damaged people. And damaged people make bad decisions. That's why I call it the Two Timer series. Adam was hurt by AJ resulting in him leaving town. He likes to be in control of his life and his surroundings especially his relationships. AJ took control from him by cheating on him and by flirting with Adam he's giving control back to him. Adam's conflicted he loves Patrick but wants payback with AJ. I hope this clears something up.
  6. keyisfake

    Chapter 16

    Anton and Patrick arrived back at the house exhausted. “This day was draining,” Anton said, “I could go for a shower,” Patrick said, combing his fingers through his loose curls. “And a relaxing bath,” he finished, by rubbing his neck, dropping his arms to his side. “That sounds like heaven,” Anton agreed, taking his coat off and tossing it on a nearby chair. “A glass of wine would be nice too.” Patrick noticed he didn’t have his coat on and shut his eyes to the fear he left his garment in Devin’s apartment. He pushed it out of mind and counted it as a loss. He opened his eyes and head for the kitchen. “A glass, how about a whole bottle?” Anton chuckled. “With that leftover cheese?” Anton stopped and wondered why Patrick’s voice sounded like Troy’s. He spun on his heels and saw his husband standing behind him. “Troy.” “Anton.” Patrick stared at them too tired to help Anton. “Patrick, could I talk with Anton alone?” Troy asked. “Okay,” Patrick said, giving Anton a apologetic smile before leaving them alone. Anton looked at his worried husband and sighed, his defeat. “Before you sting me over your shoulder and carry me back to the hospital can I have that drink first?” Troy moved to the liquor cabinet in the living room while Anton sat on the couch. He returned holding two glasses of brandy handing one to Anton. “Just what the doctor ordered,” Anton joked, swallowing the two shots down. He savored the smoothness as it warmed his body. Troy copied him and took both glasses, placing them on the coffee table. They stared at one another when Troy opened his arm and Anton slipped in resting his face on his chest. Troy wrapped Anton in his strong hold neither saying a word for a moment. “Anton,” Troy stared to speak when his mate interrupted him. “I know what you’re going to say, and you’re right. I’m ready to go back to the hospital.” “You don’t have to.” “Troy, I fainted again, and don’t worry, this time Patrick was with me.” “Thank the skies for that. But I know why you are fainting and how to prevent it happening again.” Anton sat up and looked at him. “Is it bad?” Anton asked, grasping his husband’s shirt. “No babe, it’s just your nerves from a vitamin deficiency. The doctor prescribed something to prevent it happening again. You’re to take it with your meals.” “That’s all?” “That’s all.” Anton hugged Troy relieved it wasn’t something worse. “That’s the second best news I’ve heard.” “What was the first?” Anton pulled back and knew it was the right time to tell Troy about Devin when a door, banging closed, came from the kitchen. “What was that?” Anton whispered. “Maybe it’s Adam,” Troy said. “Why would he come in through the back door?” “Stay here. I’ll go check.” “The hell I am. I’m coming with you.” Troy grabbed Anton’s shoulder and made him stay seated. “Don’t move until I give the okay.” Before Anton could respond they heard a car start and wheels spinning in the house's front. Troy went to the back door and once out of sight Anton jumped up and headed for the front door. He swung it open and saw a car speeding away, ignoring the stop sign at the corner as it made a right turn. He returned to the living room and waited for Troy, who returned in a panic. Without a word he raced upstairs. “Troy, what’s going on?” Anton asked following him. They went to their son’s bedroom and found the door opened, and the shower running. Patrick wasn’t there. “Troy, what’s wrong? Where’s Patrick?” “I think someone has kidnapped him.” “What makes you say that?” “I found this note.” He held up a folded white paper that Anton took and opened. “’If you ever want to see him again. You will not call the police. Wait for our instructions.’ Troy does this mean?” “I don’t know, but we need to find Adam.” “Well then let’s call him.” Troy had his cell out and dialed his son’s number, but it went to voice mail. *************** Patrick climbed the stairs slower than normal. Drained from the day’s ordeals he wanted to shower and take a long hot bath. Anton seem to have broken through Devin’s defensives making progress. With hope he will tell Troy the truth and arrange for him to meet his lost son. And he won’t have to hide the truth from Adam any longer. With luck the lip lock with Devin will never have to come to light. Walking into the bathroom, he started the shower as he undressed. He didn’t see a man step out from behind the door. He tugged his shirt up over his head when he saw the figure standing behind him. The man stood Taller, and broader than Patrick wearing dark clothes and a half face mask with an airbrush of a skull’s jaw. Patrick’s reaction time moved slower as he stood staring at the intruder in shock. A gloved hand rose and covered his mouth with a damp cloth as a second hand wrapped across his shoulders. The aroma of sweet flowers filled his nostrils. His reaction came too late as he brought his hands up to move the hand and cloth. His body relaxed under the man’s hold and his eyes grew heavy blacking out. When the assailant was sure Patrick succumbed to the drug, he stuffed the rag into his pocket. He lift Patrick’s unconscious body over his shoulder carrying him out of his bedroom, down the hall to the back stairs that led to the kitchen. Not bothering being quiet as he exited the house, slamming the door behind him. He carried Patrick through the fence, to the front of the house where the man’s partner was waiting by their car. Tossed into the back seat, a blanket thrown over his body as the car sped off. *************** Adam sat in an interrogation room with an ice pack on the back of his head waiting; what seemed like an eternity the door finally opened. AJ walked in holding a folder. Neither said a word as Adam watched the detective walk around the desk and sat down. AJ stared at his ex-lover with mixed emotion. Adam had only one look and it was contempt. “How’s your head?” AJ said in a soft voice. “It fucking hurts,” Adam snapped, tossing the ice pack onto the table it slid to a stop between them. “Well,” AJ glanced down opening the folder. “We checked out your story and found most to be true.” “Oh, lucky me.” “Adam, this is serious.” “Sorry, was I being unprofessional?” AJ knew it was a shot at his behavior, but ignored his comment. “Devin Murphy is a witness to the crimes of one named Piper Monroe.” “So?” “Adam. They connect Piper Monroe to murder, blackmail, money laundering, prostitution, and other offenses. Devin Murphy’s our key witness.” “So why didn’t you put him under witness protection?” “He was, until we found out the officer watching him was on Monroe’s payroll.” “And I’m a part of this how?” “You were the one who served the warrant.” “I wasn’t there to serve a warrant.” “I gave it to you.” “I served one warrant to Sergio Blackheart.” “Yes, and I also gave you a second one I brought over with Artie.” “I thought you took it with you. I never saw it.” “Then how can you explain how it got into Devin’s apartment?” “No clue.” AJ stepped away, tossing his head back frustrated. “Am I being charged with anything?” Adam said, getting to his feet. AJ locked eyes with him defeated. “No, you’re free to go.” Adam started for the door when AJ stepped in front of him blocking his exit. He took a step back, eyeing AJ with disdain. “Adam, have you thought over our last encounter?” “I’m trying to forget it ever happened.” “You can’t say you felt nothing for me.” “I can’t say that, but I will say it will change nothing between us. Patrick is my past, present, and future.” “So, you’ll adapt to his world?” “That is none of your concern AJ. Now if you don’t mind, I like to get my personal belongings and go back to my office.” Adam didn’t wait for a response from his ex-lover as he touched his arm and pushed him aside to leave. When he opened the door Artie Cutter stepped into his path. “Leaving so soon, Potter,” the older detective said. Adam said nothing as he pushed past Artie and headed for the Sargent’s desk to receive his wallet, cell, and handcuffs. He had to find his way back to his jeep not wanting to ask for a ride from either detective. “Adam,” AJ called following Adam out of the station. “Just wait a second,” he asked, grabbing onto Adam’s arm. Adam wanted to jerk away from his touch, but changed his mind as he stopped to hear him out. “What now AJ?” “I want to give you a ride back to your jeep.” “That’s not a good idea.” “Why, don’t you trust yourself with me?” Adam hesitated a response. Which made AJ smile. “Fine.” They moved to AJ’s sedan that Adam noticed was brand new. “Tired of Artie’s car?” he asked, climbing in and fastening his seatbelt. “Artie got this for me as a belated birthday gift.” “That’s right your birthday was last week.” “You remember.” “Only because you brought it up.” They drove in silence as Adam checked his cell for messages. He found a text from his father all in caps telling him to come home. AJ pulled up behind his jeep. “Thanks for the ride,” he said, climbing out before AJ could respond. He made it to the driver door when AJ called to him. “Adam, please.” Against his better judgement Adam turned to him. AJ stepped to him with pleading in his eyes. “I’m sorry for causing you so much confusion. I can’t stop thinking about you and what we had. At night I dream about you and I know that isn’t fair.” Adam could smell his intoxicating cologne and see the hunger in his eyes as he spoke. Everything he put him through seem to fade as he listened to his imploring voice. “I only wanted you to know my feelings and that I will respect your new relationship with Pat…” Adam cut him off by kissing him. He held his shoulders in a tight grip as their kiss deepened. When they parted his mind reeled at what he did. AJ reached up and touched Adam’s cheek just as his cell rang. Adam looked at the caller ID and saw his father’s name. He remembered the text he received. “I need to take this.” “That’s fine, I need to get back. Text me later.” AJ returned to his car as Adam answered his cell. “Yeah dad.” “Adam, you need to get home now. It’s Patrick.” “Patrick? What’s wrong?” “Come home.” A knot grew in his chest from his father’s tone and from the betrayal he committed with AJ. He saw AJ drive off as he climbed into his jeep and sped home. **************** Devin and Bayo enter Sergio’s office. Devin went straight to Gio, desperate. “Gio, they found me. I don’t know how, but they did. They threatened people I know.” “Calm down Devin, I’ll do my best to help.” “Please, I need you to protect Molly.” “That I can’t do. I sent my men to go retrieve her and bring her here, but when they arrived, a note was in her place.” Sergio gave him the paper. “If you ever want to see her again, you will not cooperate with the police.” Devin shook with fear as he kept staring at the note. Sergio stepped to him and touched his hands calming his shakes. “Devin I will spare no cost in getting her back to you.” “They don’t want me to testify.” “Never mind that, I have a detective under my employment who will assist in finding her.” “But they said no police.” “He’s a private detective who will be discreet.” “Gio, what if they hurt her?” “It would be in their best interest not to harm her if they want your cooperation. Until they settle this you’re staying with me. Now go have a stiff drink while I make a phone call.” ************** When Adam entered, he found his parents in the living room. His mother was crying as his dad stood and handed him the note. He read the message several times trying to find clues to what was happening. He moved away from his parents as he ran his day through his mind as to any connection to a case that would cause harm to the man he loved, but none came. “Adam, what are we going to do?” Anton asked through tears. “Should we call his parents?” Adam turned to him alarmed. “No, that will be the worst thing to do,” Adam said. “But they have a right to know.” “Mom, we can’t. If Patrick’s dad finds out he will go on a rampage and that could get Patrick hurt or worst. I’ll take full responsibility in getting Patrick home.” “But Adam…” “Anton,” Troy interrupted. “Listen, for once and let our son do his job.” “Thanks dad.” “They said they will contact us I think they might use Patrick’s cell. I couldn’t locate it in your room.” Adam checked his phone and remembered the spyware he installed in both his and Patrick’s cell in case of an emergency. He held his breath and pushed in his lover’s cell number. The waiting was tearing his soul apart when it paid off. He looked at his father and smiled. “Dad don’t answer the phone I’m going to have the calls transferred to my cell.” “You found him?” Anton asked, standing. “With luck, he’ll be home tonight.” “Adam please be careful,” Anton said, approaching. Adam leaned in and kissed his mother on the cheek. “I’ll bring him home. But for now, I want you two to go home.” “Why, you think they’ll come back?” Troy asked. “Just a precaution.” “We’re not leaving now,” Anton protest. “Mom, please.” “No, he’s right Adam. We’re not going home, we’ll stay at a hotel,” Troy said. “Fine.” “Now go find Patrick.”
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    Chapter 15

    Thank you for commenting 😀 So much madness ahead indeed. I hope I don't disappoint.🤗
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    Chapter 15

    Adam returned to his office building finding the door locked. He inserted his key when he heard his father’s voice. “Adam,” called Troy, Adam turned and saw him sitting in his truck. “Dad, did you just get here?” “About fifteen minutes ago. I’d figure I’d wait for you.” “You said mom left his phone, when did he leave?” “I’m not sure, it had to have been when I went to get us lunch.” “Why would he leave his phone?” “That was my fault, I took his cell from him and forgot to give it back.” “Let’s go to my place, maybe he went there.” “Should we take both cars?” “No, I’ll ride with you and call Pat…” Adam’s interrupted by a call on his cell phone. He saw Sergio Blackheart’s number. ************* Devin changed his sheets and remade his bed. He gathered and washed dishes. After his hookup with Justin his desires for Patrick cooled. He finds out about a twin brother who held Patrick’s heart. While drying the last plate a knock came to his door. He checked the peephole and saw no one. He waited a moment before answering. On his door mat laid a blank manila envelope. He picked it up feeling the weight and odd contents inside. He turned nudging his elbow to shut the door when two men wearing black hoods and masks attacked him. One over-powered Devin causing him to drop the package. A hand covered his mouth as an arm gripped him under his elbows pinning them behind his back. Devin heard his door shut, tried to twist out of the man’s hold. He failed as the grip on him tighten and he’s forced face down over the arm of the couch. The second man came over holding the envelope. His captor jerked Devin’s head to the side so he could see it torn open. He watched as the items were revealed to him. A handgun, several Polaroid photos and a long fat dildo. Devin stopped struggling as the hand moves from his mouth to the back of his head. “Now we have your attention, let’s start with the photos,” the man in front of him said. He had a deep, raspy voice with the smell of tobacco and whisky on his breath. “Now here’s a lovely shot of you at what, fifteen?” Devin knew the filthy image he was in when he was desperate for money. He believed them when they said they would not circulate the picture. On the agreement, he returns and pose for more. The man showed five more photos with him in different positions dropping each one to the floor. “Next up is new ones fresh off the printer.” The photo was of Anton outside The Pleasure Hole. The next was of Patrick and himself standing by the food truck. “Isn’t that Patrick Valdez?” the man asked not needing an answer. “You lucked out if it is him. Boy, I would give my left nut to squeeze into his pretty ass.” Then the third photo showed Justin outside his apartment building. “Are you fucking him as well?” “I told you I won’t say anything,” Devin said, his heart pound in his chest and head when the dildo came back into view. “We heard you’re a witness at the hearing,” said the one holding him. “I won’t say anything,” Devin said defeated. “We want to believe you, but we need collateral. Maybe we should start with her.” He’s shown a photo of Molly. “No, wait, you don’t have to hurt her, I’ll keep my promise. None of them know anything.” “We want to believe you, but we need to be sure so, here’s what will happen. We’re taking two and holding them until after the trial. If all goes well, we let them go and you can go back to your life.” “Please, don’t do this.” Devin thrashed again. “The plan is in action, you won’t have time to warn them.” He raised the gun and placed it to the back of Devin’s head while his partner bound his arms with Velcro cuffs. The dildo came back into view as he handed it to his partner. “I’ll hold him, go lube this so we can start.” With the gun still touching his head the man placed his knee into his back keeping him in place. “We’re to give you a reminder of who you still are.” Devin understood what he meant. As he braced for the men to violate him a loud bang interrupted them. ************* Adam hesitated to answer the call. “Is it your mother?” Troy asked, concerned. “Just a second dad.” Adam stepped away answering. “Sorry I can’t talk right now.” “Detective Potter, I am your client, and I have pressing news,” Sergio said. “What is it?” “I seem to have made an identity error in the person of interest.” “What, how?” “Never mind that, my assistant Bayo (BAH-yoh) will meet you at this location I’ve just texted you.” “I can’t. My mother went missing…” “No, he hasn’t,” Sergio interrupted. “As we speak, he’s on his way back to your house safe and sound.” “How do you know?” “Detective, there’s not much time my friend could be in danger.” “Are you telling me the truth?” “I haven’t lied to you yet.” “Fine, I’ll be there.” “Thank you.” After disconnecting Adam hurried to his father. “Mom should be at my place.” “Thank the stars. Well, let’s go.” “I’ll be there soon I just have to make a stop first.” “Now?” “Yeah, work.” “Well, all right. I’ll see you later.” “I’ll call you when I’m on my way.” Adam watched his dad drive off before boarding his jeep checking the address and driving in the opposite direction. ************** He parked a few blocks away. He checked his surroundings, seeing no one at first, then his passenger side door opened, and the lovely albino female sat beside him. Adam turned to her baffled how he didn’t see her. “Hello, Bayo.” “No time for pleasantries. Two men went inside with a package. I need you to watch my back,” she said with an enchanted accent. “I’m not watching anything until I know what this is about.” “A young man is in danger and needs our help. If you prefer to coward here be my guest.” Before Adam could respond, she exits the jeep and headed for the apartment building. Adam jumped out and followed her. They circled around back finding a fire escape. “Give me a boost up so I can pull down the ladder,” she said. “Were you ever told you’re bossy?” he asked, lacing his fingers together as she stepped on. She grasped the ladder’s first step, and pulled it down with ease. Adam followed as they stopped on the second floor. A brick wall shields them as they witnessed through the window Devin pinned down on the couch by one man. Bayo moved to a side window leading to the bathroom. She picked the lock while Adam kept watch. He observed the other male talking to the victim, opening the envelope and showing him a gun, pictures and a dildo. “They have weapons. Go to the front door and wait while I cause a diversion before you enter,” Adam whispered. “What kind?” “You’ll know. Here, take my number and text me when you’re there.” She took his number and headed back down the ladder as Adam stayed out of sight while thinking over his next move. He saw a colorful ceramic pot with a rubber plant. When the crash happened, the man with the gun raised it towards the window where he eyed the broken glass and the remains of a plant covering the floor. He waved to his partner to go check it out while he stayed with Devin. He pulled out his own gun and moved to the window. “There’s no one,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “Then how did that plant get in here?” “Maybe it fell from somewhere.” “That makes no sense.” A loud noise came from the bathroom as the man by the window turned towards it, gun ready. He kicked in the door pointing his weapon at nothing. “Damn it, what’s going on.” A loud banging came to the front door. They turned to the knocking just as Adam rushed out of the bathroom and punched one gunman in the face. Bayo kicked the door in and rushed in so fast that the first gunman didn’t see her in time to react. She grabbed his wrist and slammed it hard knocking the gun from his hand. She kneed him in the gut, sending him down. Adam, winning his fight with the second man rendered him unconscious. His back was to Devin as he rose, but Bayo had other plans as she advanced on Adam using the butt of the gun to hit him from behind. She rushed over freeing Devin, who was relieved to see her. “Who is he?” he asked, trying to see his face. “Never mind,” she said, picking up the pictures. “It’s time to go.” “But what about them?” “The police are on their way.” She grabbed his arm and hurried him out the door. “Sergio will keep you safe.” Devin glanced back one last time before Bayo shut the door. When Adam aroused, he found himself on his stomach alone. He pushed himself up, the stinging pain in the back of his head told him they betrayed him. Then a cry of, “Don’t move”, echoed in the room.
  9. I'm having the best feedback from a really honest reader right now be I have to go to work. I will keep working on my errors and try to make the story less confusing for any new readers. 

    Thank you all for your support. And please bare with me.

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    Chapter 6

    They calls Anton mother because that's how they see him, he is a man. Tina was Anton and his husband's surrogate mother for their children. She is a woman. I hope that helps.
  11. keyisfake

    Chapter 4

    Thanks you I'll go back and reread this chapter and fix the confusion.
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    Chapter 2

    Yes thank you I will be looking for one after the holidays.
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    Chapter 1

    Sorry about the spelling I'm horrible with editing even through I have two editing programs to help me catch the mistakes I'm still falling flat. I will keep on it though. Thanks for taking a chance with me I hope I don't disappoint.
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    Chapter 14

    Justin found the address on the summons and after doing a deposit at the bank he figured he deliver it for Adam. Maybe then AJ will leave him alone, with Patrick as Adam’s focus, he needed no more competition. He parked down the block. When he walked up, he saw Anton and Patrick climbing into a car driving away. “What were they doing around here?” he wondered. The car wasn’t a taxi and it was too high-end to be a Hitch, so he suspect it was a personal driver hired by Patrick to impress Anton. “Must be nice to have it all,” he said checking the address again before entering the building. ************* Devin sat rereading Tina’s diary about him. The words she spoke to him expressed warmth and hope but the words on the pages before him held resentment, vengeance, and hate. She never planned to come for him. She only wanted Anton to suffer. He hurled the book across the room seeing it hit the wall and crumpled to the floor. A thought of burning it crossed his mind as he stood up to go pick it up when a knock came to his door. “Go away,” he said not wanting to see anyone. But then he noticed Patrick’s jacket and a warm anticipation grew in him. “Did he leave it on purpose?” he wondered as he hurried to the door and swung it opened. Instead of the noble Patrick at his door, an angelic blonde stared back in utter disbelief. ************** As Justin climbed the stairs a knot grew in his gut. He’d never served a summons to anyone before and regretted his decision to do it himself. His approach was slow to the recipients’ door as he paused. He checked the door number to be sure he didn’t make a mistake. A bang from inside startled him enough to leave but stopped. “How is Adam ever going to trust me to go out in the field with him if I can’t deliver a summons?” he said, taking a deep breath, released it and with a shaking fist knocked. Justin blinked away his fears as the door opened and he sees a familiar face. “Yeah?” Devin said, disappointed it wasn’t Patrick. Dumbfounded Justin couldn’t speak. Devin tilted his head and smiled. The visitor wasn’t the one he wanted but he wasn’t disappointed. “Hello, can I help you with something?” Justin blinked and regained control of his tongue. Mortified by his behavior he never lost it with a cute face except the one he was looking at resembled Adam’s. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting, you.” “Who were you expecting?” “Sorry that’s not what I meant. It’s just…” Justin stumbled with his words. “Do you want a glass of water?” “Please.” “Come on in and have a seat.” Justin did as instructed and sat on the couch forgetting he had the summons. Devin came over with a glass of water handing it to Justin who drank it down. He gave the glass back to Devin who only sat it on the coffee table. “Better?” Devin asked. “Yes, thank you.” “Now, what can I do for you?” “Are you Devin Murphy?” “I am.” “Well I have this for you.” Justin showed the paper to him but didn’t give it to him. “What is it… um, I didn’t get your name?” “Justin Shi.” “Justin, that’s a cute name.” “Thanks.” “Are you going to give me what you brought?” “Can you answer a question for me first?” “Sure.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “I do, but we have an open relationship.” “That’s nice.” Devin noticed Justin wasn’t giving over the paper instead he seemed more interested in staring at him. “So, Justin,” Devin said, as he shifted closer to the blonde placing his arm behind him. “Do you want to have some fun?” Justin didn’t hesitate as he dropped the summons and lunged at Devin’s mouth kissing him with purpose. Devin pulled at his clothes as Justin yields to his advances. They tossed Items in all directions as they remained in a deep embrace as Devin maneuvered Justin’s naked body to his bed. Their passion spilled out as they both released stored up desires onto each other. Justin ran his fingers through the raven hair as Devin sucked his cock. his moans bounced off the walls as his orgasm rushed down Devin’s throat. Devin forced his legs back as he mounted him. The tightness surrounded him, and the heat kindled his lust to move in the confined place. Justin grasped Devin’s arms as the thrust pound into him. “Oh, god please harder, fuck me harder,” Justin cried out as the man who resembled his deepest fantasy stared at him. His hips smashed into the blonde as his cock relished the friction it was receiving. Although Justin was beautiful his fantasy of Patrick beneath him drove his desires as he worked his body until he felt his climax coming. Pulling out he dropped Justin’s legs and edged to his face jerking off his seed onto his willing partner’s face. Closing his eyes, he saw Patrick lapping at his lips to taste his treat as his fingers kneaded his balls. Devin moved back watching as the image of Patrick shifted back to Justin. “Fuck, I needed that,” Devin said, going to the bathroom. Justin heard water running, Devin returned with a wash cloth using it to wipe Justin’s face clean. “Thanks,” Justin said. “Your welcome.” They kissed as Justin caressed his cheek. “Do you want something to drink?” “Can it be stronger than water?” “I have beer.” “That’s fine.” “Be right back.” Devin climbed off the bed and went to grab the empty glass from the coffee table finding the paper Justin had, now on the floor. Justin sat up looking around eyeing something familiar on a nearby chair. Devin opened the paper and saw it was a summons. He turned to Justin who wasn’t on the bed anymore but holding a jacket. “You came to serve me a summons?” Devin asked. Justin ignored him as he held up the jacket he’s seen before. “Where did you get this jacket?” Justin preyed he was wrong. “A friend left it here why?” Justin shook his head disgusted with himself. He ignored Devin again and got dress. “Hello, what about this?” Devin said holding the summons. Justin tugged on his jeans when he glanced at Devin who didn’t move to dress. “Yeah, you’ve been served.” “Really, servers fuck you before handing it over?” “This was a mistake.” With his shirt on Justin pulled on his sneakers and searched for his own jacket. “Was it? So, you have a boyfriend?” “No, but you have two too many.” Justin grabbed the jacket and moved to the door opening it turning back to Devin with a look of exasperation. “What is it with men wanting him,” he said flailing his arms, Patrick’s jacket flopping in his grip. “He’s not that special.” “Who?” “The one who owns this jacket.” The door slammed as Devin stood confused by Justin’s comment.
  15. keyisfake

    Chapter 13

    Adam found a parking spot close to his destination. He walked in an even pace towards the Pleasure Hole, preoccupied. Why did AJ’s kiss affect him? Certain his feelings for his ex was dead, at least he thought. “No, Patrick is who I love,” he snapped, as guilt bled through him. “Did I push him away fast enough?” he wondered. “Or did I linger, giving him the wrong signals?” He stood outside the door desperate to sort his emotions when it opened. A husky, pale male, bald and clean shaven wore an off the rack suit that hugged his thick neck, leered at him. Adam stepped out of his way, as he moved pass, eyes glazed over Adam’s body. Not in the mood to entertain, Adam took a defensive stance. “Is there a problem?” Adam asked, his tone sharp. This caused the man to narrow his eyes before walking off saying nothing. Adam hesitated before walking into the store watching the direction the man was going not looking back. When sure he was not a threat he entered. The inviting Victorian atmosphere welcomed Adam. They displayed various adult devices as show pieces in a boutique. He shut the door finding no one in sight. “Hello,” he called out, no response. Concern crossed his mind going back to the strange guy he passed. He considered going after him when a door opened. A red headed middle-aged female entered the room carrying broken riding crops. Adam relaxed when he recognized her. “Aunt Molly,” he said smiling. Molly’s mouth dropped opened when she saw him. “Adam?” she questioned. She hadn’t seen him since he was a teenager. “Yeah.” He moved in to hug her which got awkward with the whips in her hands. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders still holding the broken items. “It’s great seeing you again. It’s been so long.” “Yes, too long,” she said, flustered. “You work here?” “I’m the owner.” She discarded the broken items behind the counter and turned back to Adam. “Dad never told me. I have a detective agency close to here.” “Well, me and your father haven’t been seeing eye to eye.” “The house?” “I don’t want to pull you into that. I’m just glad to see you. It’s been so long.” “Too long. I loved it when you came to visit. Your stories of your travels were amazing.” Molly reached up and cupped his face. She tried to keep her emotions in check as she kissed his cheek. “Now you know where I am, you can come and visit. I even have a place upstairs.” “Do you have time for a visit?” “For you, anytime. Let me put the close sign up and we can catch up over a stiff drink.” “Are you all right?” “Yes, why do you ask?” When I was coming in some weird guy was leaving. He gave me bad vibes.” “Well, this place attracts some not so normal clientele,” she said, turning the open sign to close. “You shouldn’t be working here alone.” “I have an employee, it’s just his day off. Besides, the door can only be open with a buzzer and I have a camera to see who’s ringing.” “Still, have someone else here when your employee is off.” “You sound so like your father.” Adam saw the pain in her eyes when she mentioned Troy. “Aunt Molly…” “No, come on, I need a stiff drink and I want to hear everything about you since I last saw you.” She took his arm and led him up to her apartment. ************* Patrick and Anton’s journey ended when they arrived at a closed night club called The Blackheart Gentlemen’s Club. Anton exited the car followed by Patrick urged by the man with the gun he kept concealed. The driver came around to keep an eye on their passengers while he knocked on the door. It opened revealing a third man. “All right, inside.” “Well, if it’s all the same to you we can wait here for whomever wants to see us,” Anton said, keeping Patrick behind him. The man who sat with them on their journey approached and opened his jacket displaying his gun. “Would you like me to bring this out?” “That’s not necessary,” Patrick said, squeezing Anton’s arm. “Good, inside.” Anton took the lead holding onto Patrick’s hand tugging him close. They’re rushed through to an open door with stairs leading upward. They’re moved down a hallway towards another door where they waited as one of their captors knocked. “Are there anymore doors? I’m feeling like I’m in a fun house,” Anton snapped. No one responds as the door opens and they’re shoved inside. The grand room held a lounge, private pool, a full-size bar with bartender and a group of young adoring, males. Each with their own charisma, wearing a thin chop tops with shorts. “Did we walk into a Harem?” Anton whispered, more to himself. Males were swimming, sitting on bar stools sipping colorful drinks or lounged on a long expensive couch with scattered foot stools. Majority of them looked their way as Anton and Patrick moved past them. The young men winked and blew kisses as they approached a grand stained oak desk with no one there. “So, who is it you want us to meet?” Anton asked, tired of being shoved. “He’ll be out soon. Have a seat,” their escort said, as two high back leather chairs where presented to them. Patrick followed Anton’s lead and took a seat. Their backs were to the lounge, but they had full view of the pool that had four males, one sat on the edge with his legs dangling in the water as the others swam. Two males approached, one with short, twisted locks with blue high lights in the front. His mahogany skin glowed with youth. The other had long, straight, red hair, and his creamy complexion complimented his companion. “Hello,” the one with twist said. “My name is Theo, and this is Elijah. Would either of you like a beverage?” Anton looked at Patrick who sat with his arms and legs crossed seemed indifferent towards them. He turned back to them and raised an eyebrow, “Are you old enough to be here?” “All of Sergio’s beauties are at least twenty-one,” Elijah said. Voices behind them greeted someone with a good afternoon sir. When the man came into view Theo and Elijah brushed pass him returning to their friends on the lounge. “Welcome,” he said, with a sincere tone. Dressed in a silver paisley jacket with black straight leg pants, his shoes were hand made with the same design as his jacket. His long black hair tied back with a free strand brushing his cheek. His fresh face showed confidence as he leaned on his desk. “I know you,” he said to Patrick. “You’re Raoul’s son.” He cooed, catching Patrick off-guard. Not pleased Sergio addressed his father by his first name. Patrick tried to question him when Sergio interrupted him. “You, I don’t know,” he directed his statement to Anton. “But want to.” He ended with a smile. “Who the hell are you?” Anton asked. “How rude of me. I’m Sergio Blackheart.” “Is that even your real name?” Sergio laughed at the question. “I assure you it is.” “How do you know my father?” Patrick asked. Sergio turned to him still smiling. “We’ve met in various circles.” His held Patrick’s gaze then glanced over at his mischievous beauties at the bar flirting with the bartender. Patrick followed his eyes and seemed insulted by whatever he was implying. “Why do you want to know me?” Anton said pulling Sergio’s full attention from Patrick’s. “Because you are upsetting a friend of mine and I want you to stop.” “Who?” “His name is Devin.” “Devin, Murphy?” “That’s right.” “Who is he to you?” “I told you. He’s a friend.” “Well, he happens to be my son.” “Son? Then your…” He stopped before saying anything else, his questions finally being answered. “Then I’m what?” Sergio walked behind his desk thinking about his next move. When he said nothing, Patrick glanced at Anton who shrugged. “Mr. Blackheart, if you know my father, you also know he would not be please his son was being held against his will.” “Held?” Sergio glanced at him confused. “Who said you were being held against your well?” “Your men brought us here by gun point.” “Oh that.” “Oh that?” Anton chimed. “Look, we need to leave now, are your men going to stop us?” They watched Sergio lean back in his chair as a young Chinese male with blue hair, walked up massaging his shoulders. “I don’t need you any further.” “We should report you to the police,” Anton said. “I don’t think you will. It would cause such a scandal if the media ever found out. Don’t you agree Mr. Valdez?” Anton saw Patrick tense up over the statement. He stood grabbing Patrick’s arm raising him to his feet. He turned them towards the door to leave when a question popped into his head causing him to look back at Sergio. “Does he work here?” “No. So, I’m sure you have places to be so don’t let me keep you.” “What, wait…” They didn’t give Anton time to speak as they grabbed him and Patrick and rushed them out in the same manner they rushed them in. They were out the door, down the stairs, and in the car taken back to Devin’s place. ************* Molly served coffee with a shot of creamy rum. The room hummed with music as she got him up to speed with her life. “So, my mother stayed in contact with you all these years?” “Yes. And to be honest at first, I didn’t want to know nor wanted his help. Then the pictures arrived of you and your brothers and my cold heart melted. Anton kept me informed about your accomplishments and your fails. He told me your breakup crushed you and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for support. Adam held a pause for too long as AJ’s kiss infected his mind. Molly noted his attention floating away and touched his arm bring him back. “Adam, did I say something wrong?” He jerked himself back and saw her worry. “Sorry, it was painful, but I got over it and moved forward, thanks to Damien,” he said, taking a long swallow of his coffee. Molly took a sip from her cup and sat it down. “Tell me about your new love.” “His name is Patrick Valdez.” “Valdez?” “I know what you will say, and the answer is yes, he’s the son of the tycoon Raoul Valdez.” “How’s that going?” “It was shaky at first, but I believe I’ve earned his father’s trust.” “Has he met your family yet?” “Yes, and they love him. In fact, he’s big in Cosplay like them.” “That’s wonderful, he connected with them. We have a house together.” “A house? Such a big step. Are there wedding bells near?” she teased. “We haven’t talked about it but I’m hopeful.” “Well don’t hesitate too long.” A clock chimed. Adam noticed two and half hours had pass. “Sorry Aunt Molly, I’m due back at the office.” “Well I won’t keep you any longer.” “Can I help clean up?” “No, I don’t mind, I get so few visitors.” “Well I’ll visit more often and bring Pat. And you must come over to see the house. I’ll make dinner.” “I’d would love that.” Molly walked with Adam back to the shop to see him out. But he stopped in his tracks when he remembered why he came turning to Molly. “I almost forgot,” he said pulling out a folded piece of paper. “Can you tell me if you can recognize this person?” He gave her the paper. Molly looked at the blurry image of Anton and hated lying to Adam. But when she was about to say she didn’t know the person Adam’s cell rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw his father’s name. “Sorry, it’s dad.” “Adam, could you not mention me.” “Why not?” “It’s still complicated between us. For now, just don’t say you’ve seen me.” “Okay.” Adam answered and could only say hello.” “Adam, your mother left the hospital.” “Again?” “We need to find him. He left his cell behind.” “Okay, where are you?” “I was hoping he went back to your place but no one’s home.” Adam wonder where Patrick was and assumed he went to visit his parents. “Okay meet me at my office we’ll get Justin to help us.” “All right, see you there.” Adam hung up and looked at Molly. “Aunt Molly did my mother come by here at all?” “Anton’s in town?” “Yes, he’s having fainting spells and got admitted to the hospital but he left telling no one.” “Oh, my.” “If he comes by can you keep him here and call me.” Adam pulled out a pen and wrote his cell number on the back of the folded paper in Molly’s hand giving it back to her. She promised to call him as he dashed off back to his jeep. She stepped back into her store and locked the door hurrying back up to her apartment.

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