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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 3

    Wow! Thanks for the kind words. I love Adam's family too. So glad you're enjoying my story I hope I don't disappoint. 😀
  2. When Adam walked out of the hospital it occurred to him, he didn’t have his jeep he left in the tunnel, until he saw it parked in plain sight. “How the hell?” he said, checking his pockets and finding his keys. When he climbed into the driver’s seat, he noticed wires hanging out from under the steering wheel. Someone jumped started the jeep, but Adam pushed it out of mind as he started the engine and drove off. When he reached his destination, he checked at the front desk for AJ’s room. He headed up and found AJ out of bed dressing. His back was to Adam as he buttoned his shirt. Adam paused at the door knocking first. AJ turned with a serious face that brightened when he saw Adam. “Adam,” he said. “AJ, my mother told me you were in an accident.” “Yeah, Artie, and I were taking Devin to a safe house when two cars hit us.” “You seem well.” “Yes, I was lucky. Artie wasn’t, he needed surgery.” “Sorry.” “He’s recovering, but haven’t awoken.” AJ moved to him and saw Adam retreat a step back. “AJ, we need to talk, about the kiss I gave you.” “Can we talk somewhere else? I want to get out of here.” “What about the cafeteria?” “I was hoping someplace more private.” “No.” “What?” “AJ, that kiss was a mistake.” “No, Adam that kiss was proof.” “Yes, proof I love Patrick. AJ, I have no feelings for you and never will.” AJ reached for him, but Adam grabbed his wrists and held him back. “Adam, please, we can make it work this time.” “No, AJ, we can’t. My heart and soul belong to Patrick.” “What if he finds out you kissed me?” “He already knows and pushed me away.” “Then why can’t we work on ourselves?” “Because even though Patrick put distance between us, I’m still connected to him and dedicated in showing him how much I love him.” Adam released AJ just as he stepped back. He turned from Adam and ran his finger through his hair. “Fine, Adam, you made your point.” “I hope Artie recovers and you find your connection with him, or someone else.” AJ spun and locked eyes with Adam. “This is payback for me sleeping with Artie?” “No, just closure.” Adam left AJ staring at his back and headed home. ************** Adam washed his hair until his color returned. He moved through the rooms as if it was his first time seeing them. Patrick’s scent lingered in their bedroom along the sheets and pillows. Adam lay on the bed, holding his pillow, breathing in the aroma that ignited his soul and flesh. He remained there for some time before the doorbell rang. Not moving Adam hoped whoever it was would go away, but the ring came again a third one following. Adam sighed as he rolled onto his back and sat up. His steps landed casual as he headed downstairs to answer the door. He opened the door and to his surprise it was Drusilla Valdez and her female butler, Shilo stood behind her. Drusilla stood wearing fashionable clothes, her hair, salon ready, holding a covered paisley tin out to Adam. “Adam, I hope we didn’t disturb you,” she said. Adam’s fell speechless, then gathered his wits. “No, but Patrick, isn’t home.” “Oh, he isn’t, that’s unfortunate,” she said, glancing back at Shilo. Shilo glared at Adam and raised her eyebrows to Adam. He caught her hint and opened the door wider. “Um, please come in.” Adam showed them to the living room and thought of what to give them in drinks. He checked the clock and saw it was ten in the morning. “Would you like coffee or tea?” “I’d be happy to make it Detective Potter,” Shilo said standing. “That’s a wonderful idea Shilo,” Drucilla said stopping any protest Adam might have. Adam stepped aside for Shilo to pass and joined Drucilla on the couch. He noticed the tin in her hand. “What’s in the tin?” Drucilla glanced around down at her gift and smiled as she handed it to Adam. “These are Patrick’s favorite cookies.” Adam opened the tin and eyed several flavor cookies. He smiled, knowing Patrick would destroy half the batch, if he was home. His smile melted, Drucilla took the gift from Adam and placed it on the coffee table. She shifted closer to Adam and took his hand. “Tell me what happened with my son?” ************** Devin hesitated at Patrick’s door before knocking. “Come in,” Patrick’s strain voice worried Devin as he entered. He eyed Patrick in a reclined position with his eyes closed. “Am I disturbing you?” Devin asked. Patrick’s eyes opened and fixed on him. He took a moment before answering. “I almost thought you were Adam.” Devin ran his fingers through his hair and gave a crooked smile. “Yeah, it’ll take a few washes to get this out.” “What do you want?” Patrick’s reply expressed little emotion. “I wanted to see for myself that you were all right.” Patrick raised his arms just above his hips and dropped them to his side. “Happy?” “Pat, you…” “Don’t call me that. Adam calls me that. You may look like him and have his hair color but you’re not him.” “Okay, okay, Patrick. I only wanted to be sure you were okay. I won’t bother you anymore.” He turned to leave when Patrick called to him. “No, wait. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just…” Patrick became lost for words. “Can I sit with you?” Patrick nodded. Devin took a seat by the bed. He watched Patrick collect himself wiping beginning tears from his eyes and clearing his throat. “I can’t be mad at you. You saved me,” Patrick said, smoothing out his blanket. “I would love to take the credit for that, but—Adam saved us.” “Adam?” “He came in after Piper knocked you out. Where did you get that knife?” It stunned Patrick to hear Adam had come for him. He heard Devin’s question, but it took a moment before he answered. “I—lifted it off of him when he—hugged me.” He reconsidered telling Devin, Piper kissed him. “You’re lucky he didn’t catch you.” “I guess I am.” “I know you’ve been through a lot and you’ll need time to recover.” “Recover?” “Pat-rick, Piper is not a gentleman.” “I know, he’s a sociopath.” “He touched you, didn’t he?” “What if he did?” “Patrick, that was rape.” “I know what it was.” “You seem to be taking it well.” “I did what I had to do to survive. At first all I needed to believe Adam was coming for me.” “At first?” “Piper showed me something that questioned my relationship. “That’s why you went nuts on me when you thought I was Adam?” “Yes.” “You asked why I kissed him.” “I thought I was talking to Adam.” “Is that why he’s not here?” Patrick said nothing. “You’re breaking up with him.” “Did I hear a hint of glee in your voice?” “He leads a dangerous life.” “Unlike you?” “I went straight and have an honest job.” “Wasn’t my kidnapping because of you?” “Because I was trying to go straight.” “Adam’s always been on the right side of the law.” “Yeah, but I bet he neglects you.” “You’d lose.” “So, answer my question. Where is your knight?” “I—asked him to call my parents.” “You sure you want to worry them?” “I’m not sure of a lot of things. But I’m tired and want to sleep.” Devin rose and moved to the door stopping. “You know, he loves you and it’s clear you love him.” “Your point?” “Whatever he’s done, can be forgiven.” Before Patrick could respond Devin left. He returned to the waiting room Unaware Justin was behind him having heard his conversation with Patrick. ************** Drucilla sat sipping on her refreshing drink that Shilo mixed instead of making a hot beverage. Cucumbers, mint, and ice water. She placed it on a coaster. Adam drank his down surprised how thirsty he was. “Now, what you did was crushing, but, my son can be a drama with things like this.” “I betrayed him.” “You did, and you regret it. Will it happen again?” “No.” “You can’t be sure of that. Patrick could be the one who acts out next time. Are you willing to forgive him?” Adam paused, not answering. “See, search your soul to be sure you want this. Whatever this is,” she said, glancing around. “You mean my intentions,” Adam said. “That would be a start. When Patrick announced your plans on buying a house together, I have to say it rattled us. Have either of you talked about marriage or this commitment?” “I know it all spring up fast, but the house was a deal I could afford and Patrick loves it.” “I know he does he talks about you and the house when we speak with such joy.” “He’s not much of hands-on but he has an eye for design.” “He gets that from me.” “Can you help me get him back?” “He never left Adam. He’s just licking his wounds. I feel he’s coming home, to you.” “But he told me to call you.” “If he wanted to come home, he didn’t need your help to do it. You must give him reassurance he’s wanted. Think of all the things that makes him smile. “Things that make him smile. I think I understand.” She reached and cupped his cheek with one hand. “Then I won’t say anything to his father.” “Thank you Drucilla.” “You’re a good man Adam Potter. And I know you will keep our son safe and happy.” “I swear I will.” “Then I’ll take my leave to go see my son. Shilo, we’re leaving,” she called. Shilo entered the room. “I took the liberty in making you brunch, Detective Potter. It’s on the table,” Shilo said, walking to the door and opening it for her mistress. “Um, thanks,” Adam said, walking them out. “Excellent idea Shilo, eat Adam, you need your strength,” Drucilla said before kissing Adam goodbye and climbing into her town car and being driven off. Adam started back to the house when he heard a voice called out to him. He turned and saw Bayo walking towards him.
  3. keyisfake

    Chapter 31

    Thanks 😁
  4. keyisfake

    Chapter 24

    I'm gushing 😲 Thank you for reading my work and for the encouragement. I can't see myself doing anything else but write it's in my soul. Thank you again
  5. Justin trapped, watched as Adam and Bayo whiz past him towards the moving train. He opened his mouth to call for help but realized Patrick must have been on the train and Adam needed to focus on that. He turned back to Benji who was walking away. “You’re going to make me a lot of money Justin Shi. Take him to the truck,” Benji ordered his men. Justin managed a few swings before a hard punch to the stomach dropped him to his knees. A firm hand grasped his neck and brought him back to his feet and draped him over his shoulder. When Devin and Bayo arrived, the tunnel was unguarded. They drove under the cloak everyone will assume Piper is in the car. A parked postal truck sat with its back doors opened. With closer inspection they watched people being loaded inside. “Justin’s in that truck,” Devin said. “Are you sure?” Bayo asked. “He warned me about people disappearing at these parties.” “You never been too one?” “I always had other things to do.” “Okay, you stay here,” Bayo said, before Devin protested, she was out of the car. He was furious that Justin followed him and was now a captive of a sex trade. But he should have known the stubborn blonde wouldn’t listen. Devin jumped out of the car but kept out of sight as he moved to the truck. Just as the men walked away to grab another victim Devin looked inside the truck. Seven people laid bound and gagged on the floor. He spotted Justin, leaning against the far wall. Without thinking, he rushed inside and stepped over two people to get to him. He pulled the gag from his mouth and before Justin could say anything Devin kissed him. “Such a warm greeting.” Devin turned and saw Jesse holding a gun on him. He got to his feet and stood like a barrier in front of Justin. “Listen, I came for him. Just let us pass and I’ll let you get back to what you’re doing.” “Devin, no,” Justin cried. “Quiet Justin,” Devin ordered. “You think I’ll buy that?” Jesse asked. “Why are you here with Piper’s car? Where is he?” “He’s dead.” “Bullshit.” “It’s true, he’s as dead as your brother,” said a voice behind Jesse. “Bayo.” Jesse turned and took aim at Bayo when she shot first. Jesse, stunned, relaxed his hold on his weapon as it slipped from his fingers. He fell forward, hitting the floor with a thump. “Great timing,” Devin said. Bayo moved to climb into the truck when the engine started. It took off jerking Devin forward on top of a female, and Bayo back out of the truck. Two bound bodies fell from the van as it rushed out of the tunnel. Devin right himself as he grabbed hold of a female rolling towards the opened door. He pulled the remaining people to the back of the van as he unbound Justin. With his help they worked on the other people as the truck jerked left and right speeding forward. Once he untied everyone, he ordered them to brace themselves. The truck took a sharp turn and stopped hard on the breaks. Cries and moans came from the remaining four. Justin sat quiet, holding onto Devin’s shoulder. Devin waited, then when he heard a door opened, he stood up. “Everyone off the truck and run fasts as you can,” he ordered, but no one moved. “They gave us something Devin so we couldn’t run,” Justin said. Devin moved to the opening of the truck and listened for footsteps. None came. He stepped out of the truck and looked around seeing no one except the driver’s side door opened. A check on the passenger side, he dodged a blow to the head from a crowbar. A pissed off Benji walked around grasping the crowbar so tight his knuckles were white. “Benji,” Justin said, trying to stand, but falling back. “Justin, stay put,” Devin said. “What, you’re his hero now? Why, is your boyfriend dead and you need a replacement,” Benji said. “What are you talking about?” Devin asked. “He’s been pining for you forever, Detective Potter,” he said with cynicism. “Okay, kid, listen I’m not who you think I am.” “I don’t give a fuck.” Benji lunged at him swinging. Devin ducked the controlled attacks moving Benji away from the truck. Justin struggled towards the door fighting the drug inside him. He watched Devin getting the upper hand on Benji when two motorcycles move toward them. Devin got the upper hand grabbing the crowbar and jerk Benji onto his back when a biker pulled up and kicked him in the face, knocking him off balance. Benji rolled away standing and raised the bar to strike Devin when Justin lunged at him, knocking him back to the ground. Devin recovered, but stood facing James. “You, fucking prick, you shot my brother.” “No, you have that wrong…” Unable to finish his statement when James punched him in the face. The second bike arrived, and the driver jumped off removing her helmet. Bayo stepped to Benji who had Justin in a choke hold and kicked him off. She pulled a badge from her jacket and showed it to Benji. “FBI! You’re under arrest, for human trafficking," Bayo said. Before Benji could say anything, she flipped him over and locked handcuffs on him. She looked at Justin, who stared back in shock. “Keep an eye on him for me.” She turned and hurried to help Devin, who finished sending the final blow across James’s chin. He looked at Bayo with creased eyebrows. “Your FBI? Does Sergio know?” “No, are you going to tell?” “Are you investigating him?” “That’s classified.” “Then I suggest you get reassigned.” She walked past him and handcuffed James, who came too. “I thought you killed James,” Devin asked. “I’m to bring them in, alive if I can.” “So, is Piper, dead?” Bayo stared back, but said nothing as the police sirens came closer. ************** Anton didn’t do as promised. If he called the Valdez’s about their son Adam may never see him again. His gut told him to go to Patrick. Troy and Molly were busy listening to Devin and Justin tell about their adventure in being part of preventing a sex trafficking ring. It gave him time to slip away. He moved to Patrick’s room just as a nurse left. They exchanged pleasantries, Anton found out Patrick will have to remain for a few days, which meant his parents had to know. He took a deep breath before entering. Patrick rested in a reclined position with his eyes shut. Anton sat in a chair by the bed. His palm covered Patrick’s lax hand, causing him to open his eyes with a start. “Adam,” he said in a panic sitting up. Anton’s heart jumped as he rose to him. “Patrick, I’m sorry I scared you,” he said, rubbing his back. Patrick stared at Anton not recognizing him, then his fogged head cleared. “Anton?” he said. “You were having a bad dream. Come on lie back.” Patrick complied as Anton raised the blanket to his chest. “Sorry,” Patrick said. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I should be the one apologizing to you. I should have never gotten you involved with my problems.” “I wanted to help.” “But look where you ended up.” An icy shiver raced through Patrick’s body as he hugged himself. “Anton, do you know if Adam called my parents?” “He asked me to do it.” Tears rose in Patrick’s eyes as he nodded his response. “Adam said he needed to go home to clean up.” “Okay.” “Patrick, is this about AJ?” Patrick stared back in horror. “Adam told you he kissed him?” “No, I found out from AJ.” “He went to you to brag about taking Adam from me?” “What, no? AJ’s not taking Adam from you.” “No, you’re right. Adam kissed him so he’s the one who’s leaving me.” “Patrick, Adam’s not leaving you. Listen, AJ was in a car accident and in the same hospital as Molly. I wanted to check on him and he told me Adam kissed him.” “I watched a video of it and it confirms Adam made the first move.” “Patrick you need to understand something about Adam. When he and AJ broke up, it tore him apart. He tried to… he, tried to take his own life.” “No, he wouldn’t…” “He tried. Thank the stars, his brothers got to him in time, but that’s when my oldest son Damien came and took Adam home with him.” “What are you saying? Adam might do it again?” “No, I would never think that way. But he needs to come to terms with AJ before he can move on with you. He loves you Patrick, more than you’ll ever know.” “Well, maybe he should go back to AJ. At least AJ’s not damaged.” “Don’t say that.” “It’s true.” “Patrick, don’t give up just yet.” “Anton, I need my parents.” “Alright, I’ll go call them.” “Thank you.” Anton left the room and started back to the lounge when he thought he saw Adam. He then noticed the clothes and remember Devin and Adam changed hair colors. “Hey,” Devin said, not comfortable calling Anton mom or dad. “How’s Patrick?” “He’s shaken up. He wants his parents.” “Well, yeah, I guess he would. It was a close one.” “But I’m worried that when they come, they’ll take him home and Adam might never see him again.” “Keeping him from his family won’t fix his decision.” “No, I guess it wouldn’t.” “Well, Troy, was looking for you.” “Yeah, and I have a phone call to make.” Anton walked passed Devin, who lingered.
  6. I just end the last chapter to Lost - book 4 of my Two Timer series. I will up load still once a week three more chapter to go. 🤩

    Thanks to ones who believed in me and my stories. 🤗

  7. Once Bayo and Justin arrived at the secret party, they showed the invite and allowed entry. After directions on where to park they climbed out as Bayo spied Adam talking to Patrick, and Devin being taken elsewhere. She waited until Justin was at her side as they walked towards the train cars. “I want you to go to your employer and stay with him,” Bayo said. Justin glimpsed at Patrick yelling at, not Adam, but Devin. “Wait, Bayo, that’s…” But she ran off before he could tell her about the switch. He searched for her, but for an Albino female, she vanished from sight. He started to go tell Devin but someone drew his attention away. Benji stood in the first train car draining a cup with two males, one kissing his neck the other whispering in his ear. “I told him not to come,” Justin said to himself. He looked over and eyed Devin pulling Patrick towards the closed off train car trusting he was getting Patrick someplace safe. So he had to save Benji from himself. ************ Adam searched the room, finding nothing. He cursed himself for letting Devin get the jump on him. He moved to the door and listened not sure if the silence meant no one was guarding the door or the door thickness. At least they didn’t search him as he removed two thin tools from his coat and picked the lock. After a few tries, he heard a click; standing, he removed his gun, opened the door and came face to face with Bayo. “Hello Devin,” she said with a slight tilt of her head. “Bayo, what are you doing here?” “Sergio sent me to watch you. Now come on we have to go.” “Wait, I have to get to Patrick.” “Detective Potter is with him.” “No, he’s not, I’m Adam Potter. I switched places with Devin thinking I was keeping him safe. But he followed me and assumed to be me.” “That’s unfortunate, Piper is on his way to them now,” Bayo said. “Piper knows I’m not Devin.” “Is that gun loaded?” “It is today.” Adam stepped into the hallway and found three unconscious men slumped on the floor. ************** Devin held tight to the struggling Patrick as he pulled him across the gateway to the next car. “Fucking let me go Adam,” Patrick demanded. Devin tosses Patrick into a nearby seat and joined him. Patrick tried to stand when Devin gripped his arms and yanked him down. “Damnit Pat, listen!” “What for? So you can tell me you’re leaving me for your ex?” “What are you talking about?” A door slammed shut, causing the argument to stop as they turned. “I see you two are rejoicing to be together again,” Piper said, standing at the door smiling at the two. Patrick cringed at the sight of him and pushed back against his seat directing his eyes to the floor. Devin noticed Patrick’s withdraw and rose to Piper. “What the fuck did you do to him?” Devin shouted. “Whatever I wanted. I mean it’s no different from you trying to fuck him—Devin.” Taken back Patrick looked at Devin, whose eyes remain on Piper. “How did you figure it out?” Devin asked. “You think I wouldn’t recognize you even if you dyed your hair? But the giveaway was your eyes. I knew Detective Potter’s eye color? And he’s your twin? Thanks to Patrick, I guessed you two might switch places.” “Now it’s out in the open. What do you want from me?” “I want you Devin. I missed you.” “Devin?” Patrick asked. “That’s right,” Piper spoke to Patrick like a child. “Devin and Adam tried to play us.” “Where’s Adam?” Devin asked blocking Patrick from Piper’s view. “He’s locked down.” “Look, you have me. Just let Adam and Patrick go.” “Oh, how noble of you.” The car jerked causing Devin to stumble as the compartment moved. “What’s happening?” Patrick said, looking around. “You said I could go home?” “Yeah, I said a lot of things. But I meant nothing.” “Piper you don’t have to do this. Let him go,” Devin pleaded. “You should plead for your life Devin. You would have testified against me. And that is something I can’t forgive.” Piper pointed a gun at him. “No, please don’t,” Patrick begged. “Look at that,” Piper laughed. “He’s speaking up for you. Or do he still believes you’re Adam?” “Patrick isn’t a part of this.” “That’s too late. Me and Patrick connected on a—sexual level you could only dream of.” “You son-of-a-bitch! You touched him?” “Numerous times. He might not remember most.” “I should kill you!” Devin took a step towards Piper, who fired at the floor stopping him in his tracks. “Stop!” Patrick pushed past Devin, who stares back in shock as Patrick wrapped his arms around Piper hugging him. “Let’s leave them behind.” “You hear that? He’s mine now,” he said, pushing Patrick off of him. “Stay behind me princess while I finish him. I don’t want blood to get on you.” Piper ready to fire at the same time Patrick raised the open knife to strike him from behind. When Patrick gets wrenched back just as the gun goes off. ************* Justin watched the party of people mingle over drinks. He searched for Benji and spotted him sitting between the same two men. One rubbed his slender knee while the other places a small white pill on the tip of his tongue and kissed Benji with force. Benji seemed oblivious as he caressed the man’s short beard with his fingers and trailed them down to his open shirt to his exposing chest hair. Justin had no real solid plan on how he would get Benji out, but at least he felt confident Adam and or Devin will discover him. That’s when the train shifted and pushed the other two cars jerking everyone to one side. Some fell others spilled their drinks as a surge of grumbles echoed through the crowd. Justin watched as the first train separated from the other pulled off. He didn’t have time to react when Adam and Bayo ran past jumping on and riding off with the car. He wasn’t expecting that, and it took his focus off Benji who now stood in front of him. “Justin,” he said in a perky voice. Justin studied his dilated pupils. “Benji, what are you doing here. I told you not to come.” “Why, did you think I would take all your thunder?” Benji barked at him. Justin narrowed his eyes at the choleric man. “Benji you’re high and drunk. Come with me and I’ll call a ride for you.” Justin reached out to Benji who smacked his hand away. “You always like to be in control and give orders. So, did most of the others.” “What are you saying?” “I’m saying, I’m the one in charge. Not you.” Justin glimpse two men moving towards them. “Justin I’ve been scouting you for a while. My bonus will be sweet, but I will forfeit all for an hour with you.” Justin turned to run when two other guys appeared behind him. He looked back at Benji who backed away. Cries of panic erupted as they grabbed and subdued other people. This was the horror stories he heard about where people disappeared from these parties. He was alone and needed to find a way out. ************** Adam and Bayo raced back to the party. He dashed for his jeep and found his backpack. He pulled out the two tasers and Patrick’s cell shoving them into his pockets. When he approached the party, Adam thought his eyes were playing tricks on him when he saw Justin. A loud bang redirected his attention to the train cars. All the cars jerked back as the first one pulled off. He scanned the alarmed crowd for Patrick and his gut told him he was on the moving train. “Patrick’s on that train,” he said to Bayo. “How can you be sure?” she asked. “I just am.” He took off running and Bayo followed both dashing past Justin who stared after them. Adam jumped and grabbed hold of the rail swinging his legs over. Bayo copied and joined him. He tried to open the door, but found it locked. “We need to get inside,” Adam said as the train increased in speed. “I’ll pick the lock.” Adam scanned the blacken window and found an area where he could look in. It was a small crack in the side window, he could make out Piper’s back, but that was it until Patrick came into view. “Hurry, Patrick’s in there,” he called to Bayo still working on the lock. Adam tried to stay calm when he watched Patrick’s hand raise holding a knife. Adam had to stop him, he wouldn’t be able to handle killing someone. “Bayo, I have to get inside.” “I’m almost there.” Adam knew it would be too late as he pulled out his gun and took aim. The train jerked where he almost lost his footing. Bayo caught his arm before he toppled over the railing. Adam recovered and looked for Patrick who wasn’t in sight, only Devin struggling with Piper. “Adam it’s open,” Bayo called. She moved out of the way as he yanked open the door and aimed his gun. Piper overpower Devin and held the knife at his throat. Adam found Patrick moaning on the floor with a bruise on the side of his head. “Piper, drop the knife,” Adam ordered “What for, I can finish this in one clean drag,” Piper laughed. The blade pressed into Devin’s skin, causing a trickle of blood to run down his neck. “What if I drop my gun?” Adam asked. “Will you lower the knife?” “You’d drop your gun for him?” “Yes.” “Would you, if you knew he had his tongue down, his throat?” he dropped his eyes and nodded his head towards Patrick. Adam wavered at the idea of Devin kissing Patrick. But he remained vigilant, calling his bluff. “Do we have a deal?” “You don’t trust me. Well, what if I told you I have pictures of your true love going into this piece of shit’s apartment?” “What does that prove?” “It proves they kept you in the dark, and that maybe they were having afternoon delights.” “No, Adam…” Devin tried to protest, but Piper grinned the knife deeper into his neck widening his wound. “Shut-up! You know it’s true. You’ve fucked Sergio, now you’ve fucked him.” Devin locked eyes with Adam, who kept going back and forth with the notion of Patrick betraying him in the same way AJ did. The secrets, the lies, the betrayal drove him to wanting to take his own life. His hand shook, causing his gun to waver. “You see, there’s no point in saving him, he doesn’t deserve your help. With him gone you can go on with your pretend life.” Through Piper’s over confidence he relaxed his hold on the blade giving Bayo enough time to move from behind Adam and shoot Piper in the chest. His hand jerked releasing the knife as he dropped to his knees and fell forward. Devin remained on his knees, staring at Adam as Bayo moved to check Devin’s injury. “We’re not done yet,” Bayo said to Adam. Adam moved from Patrick and went to the driver. He shot three bullets into the lock and yanked open the door, finding the driver’s seat empty. After a quick look over the controls he found them pre-rigged. He sat and tried to move the lever to slow them down but it wouldn’t budge. Unaware where the end game was they had to prepare for the worst. He reached under the panel and yanked at wires but nothing gave him control of the train. Adam moved to the back past Devin and Bayo stepping over Piper’s lifeless body to Patrick. He gathered him into his arms sitting on the floor with his back to the wall and Patrick’s back against his chest. “Brace yourselves for impact,” Adam said, holding his head. Bayo and Devin did as told and waited for impact. “Adam,” Devin said, catching his attention. “It’s half true. I made advances on Patrick but he shut me down every time. He told me he was in love with you. The reason he came to my apartment was because he was helping Anton—our mother, to tell me Tina separated us at birth, leaving our parent’s in the dark. Anton found Tina’s diary about me. We’re twins. I made Patrick uncomfortable, so Anton stepped in and chewed me out. And that’s the whole truth.” Adam said nothing. He had his hunches about him and Devin. He rubbed his face against Patrick’s hair and kissed his ear. Now knowing their love was solid and true. The train jerked, and they all braced for impact when the speed decreased and the train came to a slow stop. The doors opened to a platform. Bayo walked out with her gun drawn spotting one flight of steps leading up. “It’s clear,” she said. With Devin’s help Adam carried Patrick on his back up the stairs to a public street. People walked past, ignoring the four. “We need to get back to the tunnel,” Bayo said. “I’m taking Patrick to a hospital,” Adam said. “Fine, Devin will come with me,” she said. Devin tried to protest when she grabbed his arm. He looked at his twin as he hailed a cab and knew he didn’t want him there. Adam got Patrick into the cab and climbed in on the other side. “He hates me,” Devin said. “You can worry about that later we have to go get his assistant.” “You mean Justin?” “Yes.” “Okay, you can tell me the detail on the way.” He flagged a cab when he noticed a parked Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranLussor. “This is Piper’s car. Let’s take it.” **************** Adam watched as the doctors and nurses worked on Patrick, who still haven’t awoken. They told him to wait outside, but he refused to leave until he was sure Patrick wouldn’t die in his sleep. He held his own for two hours watching his lover fight for his life. They stabilized him and was taking him to his room when Anton, Troy and Molly walked out of the waiting room, Adam managed to call his father and tell him where they were. Troy held Anton back as Adam walked passed to Patrick’s room. “We’ll wait here, Adam,” his father called to him. Adam managed a nod as he followed Patrick. They returned to their seats Molly and Troy beside Anton, who said nothing. “He’ll be fine,” Troy said. “Of course, he will,” Molly agreed, squeezing Anton’s hand. “What about Devin?” Anton asked. “What about him?” They looked up and saw Devin and Justin smiling. Their clothes torn, and each had cuts and bruises, but were in good spirit. Anton rushed at the two and hugged them. Molly and Troy joined him relieved it was all over. When the hugging and greeting was over Anton stepped back and looked at Justin. “What the hell happened to you?” “Nothing some cookies wouldn’t fix,” he said. “I’ll make you a dozen,” Anton said kissing his cheek. “How’s Patrick?” Devin asked. “He hasn’t woken yet, but Adam’s with him. I’m sure once he hears his voice, his eyes will open.” ************ Adam waited until they moved Patrick to his bed and left them alone. The nurse handing him a plastic bag with Patrick’s belongings. Adam sat the bag down on the night stand and focus on Patrick. He caressed his hair and cheek, then leaned down and kissed his lips. “Come on baby, come back,” he begged. “I want to see your eyes, and smile, and you say my name.” The room seemed too quiet as he took a seat beside him. His eyes drifted to Patrick’s belongings. He grabbed the bag and found nothing of Patrick’s inside, even the cell phone wasn’t his. He removed the cell and looked it over. “Why would Piper give Patrick a cell phone?” he wondered. Adam woke up the phone finding a preloaded a video; he pressed play and watched as he came into view. Then AJ was there, his eyes widen when he kissed AJ. He looked at Patrick and wonder if he’s seen the image. His heart pounded in his chest at the thought of him finding out. Patrick took a deep breath as his head rocked before his eyes opened to his surroundings. Terror covered Patrick face as he sits up looking around. “Pat,” Adam said now at his side. Patrick looked at him, then his hair black as his mother’s. “It’s me Pat, I swear it. It’s me. I’ll explain everything when you’re better. But know that you’re safe.” Patrick stared back, then laid back down, staring at the ceiling. “I want to see my parents.” Was all he said. Adam stuffed the cell phone into his pocket and stared back. “I’ll call them right now. If that’s what you want.” “I do.” “Okay. I’ll be right back.” “No. I need to be alone.” Adam’s heart sank hearing the words. “Please, Pat. I want to stay with you.” “But I don’t want you to stay.” “Pat, what’s wrong? I know we can get through whatever is bothering you.” “Maybe you should go talk to the person you rather be with.” “You saw the video on Piper’s cell?” “Countless times.” “Pat, I can explain…” “Explain what? That you want your ex?” “No, it wasn’t like that. That kiss was…” “Was what? A setback?” “No. I had to—check—if my feelings for AJ were over.” “Your—feelings for him?” “Pat…” “So, I’m to understand that you were never over AJ and I was—what? What the fuck was I, while you figured out your feelings?” Patrick’s tone and heart rate increased. “Patrick calm down.” “Don’t tell me what to do. I’m sick of everyone telling me what to do!” “Pat…” “What am I to you Adam?” “You’re my love.” “No, no I’m not.” His sobs spilled over causing him to turn away, pulling his knees up to his chest. “Leave Adam.” “No, dammit Pat, no.” “Until you figure out your—feelings, Detective Potter I don’t—think we should see one another.” “Pat, I love you.” “You don’t know that for sure. Go to Detective Chance and you might reconsider.” “Please, I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” “No. You never meant for me to find out.” “Pat…” “Go Adam. If you care for me, you’ll go!” Patrick broke down sobbing turning from Adam. As he left the room, he returned to the waiting room and saw Anton standing by the nurse’s station. He fell into his arms. “Mom,” he choked out. “Adam, did Patrick take a turn for the worst?” He shook his head and straighten up. “Can you call Patrick’s parents for me and tell them where he is? I’ll text you their number.” “Sure. Is he awake?” “He is. But wants to be alone.” “He does? So, are you going to stay with him?” “I’m going, I have things to clean up before he comes home.” “Well, Adam we can get someone to do that for you?” “No, I need to do it myself. Alone.” Before Anton could respond, he kissed him goodbye and left.
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  9. Sorry for the late upload. I hope you all enjoy. And thanks for sticking with me.

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    Chapter 19

    😁 I'm editing it now but with work😫 it still might not be until next Tuesday. Sorry. 😞 But I promise it will be awesome! 🤣
  12. Troy drove to the diner close to Adam’s building to have dinner. After seated, they ordered and searched on their phones for fair priced hotels in the city. “The Duet is nice,” Anton said, scrolling through the photos of stylish rooms with grand views. “The cheapest room is over two hundred a night,” Troy answered. “Okay, how about the Palace?” “That’s even worse.” “It’s only for one-night Troy. Everything in our price range is out of the city.” “I should’ve taken you home,” he said, placing his cell down defeated. “No, I’m not leaving until I know Patrick’s safe.” “We can do that at home.” Anton placed his phone down and felt drained. He was tired, hungry, and scared. He didn’t want to argue. When Anton didn’t raise his eyes from his hands Troy became worried. He moved to Anton’s side and wrapped his strong arm around his shoulders. “Anton, don’t worry, Adam will find Patrick and bring him back to us.” “It’s my fault,” Anton whispered. “What, how? You had no clue.” “Troy, I came to look for someone,” Anton blurted out. “Who?” Anton raised his head and his green eyes connected with Troy’s blue ones. “Our son.” “Our son.” Troy feared Anton’s condition became worse and it was affecting his memory. “Anton, none of them are lost. Kyle is with Paul back home, Damien live chat with us this past weekend and Adam….” “No Troy. Our fifth son.” “Anton, we don’t have…” “Adam has a twin brother.” Troy froze as Anton blinked away tears. “Tina, kept him a secret from us and hid him in an orphanage.” “No, that’s impossible.” “I have her diaries that proves it. I can explain everything.” Troy swallowed his pain as he arranged for someone to make their food to go. They boarded his truck and he drove them to Adam’s building. He had the spare key and the password for the alarm. He grabbed Anton’s bag and took his mate on the elevator and they road in silence. Anton held the bag with their food and drink. Troy led them through the office and up to Adam’s apartment, locking the door behind them. The bed was still there and most of the furniture. He turned on the lights and heat as Anton placed the bag on the kitchen counter, not feeling hungry. They met at the bed and Troy sat Anton on the edge and joined him. “It’ll warm up soon,” Troy said, rubbing Anton’s back. “Troy, Tina’s diary is in my bag. You need to read it first.” Anton retrieved the diary and handed it to Troy. He read the cover. “Devin?” he said. “That’s his name. Devin Murphy.” Troy only nodded. “I’ll see if Adam left any tea or coffee behind. If not, I’ll go downstairs to his office.” “Okay.” Was all Troy could say. Anton went about searching for things as Troy opened the book. ************* Adam showed them to the living room as he turned on some lights. Devin scanned the cozy room getting a glimpse of his twin’s life. He noticed various pictures on tables of Patrick and Adam in each other’s arms. Images of a family huddled together in front of a large house. Anton and Adam were the only two he recognized. And Patrick in a photo standing in-between a woman and man all smiling. “I’m going to make coffee,” Adam said. “I can do it?” Justin chimed. “No, I’ll do it.” Adam left before Justin could protest again leaving him and Devin alone. Once he was sure he was out of ear shot he turned to Devin. “What are you pulling?” he snapped. Devin turned to him overwhelmed. “I’m not pulling anything and you need to keep your voice down.” Justin glanced back and move closer to Devin. “I want your word you’ll keep your mouth shut about what happen between us.” “Why, your fantasy won’t like it?” “That’s not it,” Justin lied. “Yes, it is.” Devin moved away from him. “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. Do you still have, Patrick’s jacket?” Confused by his statement Justin remembered he took Patrick’s garment. He checked his bag, finding the crumpled article. “You better get that out of there before Adam finds it.” Justin contemplated where to put it when a loud crash came from the kitchen. ************** Adam found the coffee maker still full, from that morning. He always made sure he set it to go off close to the time Patrick arose from bed. Adam dumped the brew into the sink just as he received an alert on his cell. The motion detectors went off in his office. He pulled up his feed and saw his parent’s entering his building heading up to his apartment. Relieved they were close by and wished he suggested they stay there. Adam started the coffee and looked for mugs. He found three than saw Patrick’s cup still in the cabinet. He pulled it out touching the tiled body with a motif design in the middle. When they had mornings together, he would watch Patrick drink his beverage and lick his lips after hugging the mug with his palms. Patrick would catch him and feel embarrassed, but always gave him a smile. He wanted that smile now. The shame of kissing AJ during the time of Patrick abduction tore into him like knives. He placed Patrick’s mug down and grabbed his cup and flung it to the floor, breaking it into several pieces. Justin and Devin raced in and saw Adam still staring at the broken fragments. A hand touched his shoulder and he turned to see Justin, who saw the anguish on his face. “How did I let this happen, again?” Adam said. “It’s not your fault,” Justin said. Adam pulled himself together and wiped his face with his hands as he focused on Devin who stepped into view. “No, it’s not. It’s your fault.” Justin had to step between them, which proved to be difficult as Adam was stronger than he. Devin stepped back and saw the hate return to Adam’s eyes. “No, Adam it’s not, he’s here to help us get Patrick back.” “He’s right,” Devin said. “So, let’s stop wasting time. Piper Monroe is the man you’re looking for. His victims call him Tsar. He runs brothels, game houses, drugs, you name it.” “I want to know where he’s hiding.” “When he comes to town he likes to stay under the radar. No hotels or renting apartments he likes to get in and get out.” “This note,” Adam pulled out of his pocket. “Said to bring you to the party. What does that mean?” “I don’t know,” Devin said. “I think I do,” Justin said. He took out his cell and showed the invite to Adam and Devin. “I got this invite before. Sometimes twice a year, but I never go because I heard it’s thrown by some shady characters. I hear people got drugged and sometimes disappear from these parties. Could this be what the note meant?” “Maybe,” Devin said. “Piper’s birthday is coming up. He had always celebrated it by throwing a party.” “Where’s the party at?” Adam asked. “Always different locations. I have to accept to get the directions,” Justin said. “Then accept and I’ll take it from there.” “No, you can’t,” Devin said. “They sent invites to people of interest, meaning, someone saw Justin and wanted him at that party. Most likely they got his number from asking around. When you show up, they already know what you look like.” “Justin, accept the invite. I want that location.” Justin didn’t hesitate Adam’s order. “Now I want you to start from the beginning and tell me how you know Piper. Justin, get the coffee and meet us in the living room.” “Ok, boss.” Adam led Devin out of the kitchen. He said nothing as they sat down focusing on his look-a-like. Devin cleared his throat before speaking. “I was young and needed money. While growing up in an orphanage, I never received an allowance. One worker told me about a photographer who wanted models for some photos and was paying good money. I went there, and the guy took a lot of pictures then told me he’d pay more if I’d had less clothes on. It started with my shirt than when he showed me more money my jeans came next. He said it was private and no one would see them. I did it for a year, then saved enough money to leave it all together. But then I got threats if I didn’t come back, they would publish the photos. So, I went back, and it continued for two more years.” “Why didn’t you go to the cops?” “Because I was told not to trust the cops.” “Who told you that?” Devin almost said his mom, referring to Tina but just shook his head. “They held me prisoner and sold me to other men. That’s how I met Piper. He was the only one who listened and understood what I was going through. He rescued me from them. I saw him kill them. I thought it was over. But he took control over the pictures and me. He paraded the photos in my face and told me I was a liability and had to stay with him. I was his boyfriend/prostitute and witness to his crimes. One day I found out there was a mole and Piper wanted him found. He was one of my johns. He told me he could get me out if I testify against Piper. I agreed. I was sick of being told what to do. But when the cop got me out and into witness protection, he turned on me and used me. But Piper caught up to us and he killed the cop, but I got away. I moved as far as a bus could take me and ended up here. I was starving and scared. That’s when I met Molly. She took pity on me and gave me a job and never turned on me. She talked me into still testifying against Piper and I agreed but now…” “When did you meet Sergio Blackheart?” Adam asked. “He was a customer to the Pleasure Hole. Looking for outfits for his beauties. He talked about his club and himself but expect nothing from me. He was the first guy who I ever felt safe around. We dated and he showed me his club, but never once asked me to work there. I could come and go as I please and he expected me to say no to him if he was being unreasonable. Adam let all Devin said sink in as he thought over his next move. He didn’t notice Justin had served the coffee. He grabbed his mug and swallowed half the mug. “They said they’ll contact me in two days,” Adam said. “Two days what do we do until then?” Justin asked. “Nothing,” Devin said. “Piper is dangerous. If he thinks we’re trying to trick him, he will not hesitate in killing Patrick or Molly. Do as he says.” “I’m not handing you over to him,” Adam said. “But it’s the only way.” “That’s not how I work.” A chime came as Justin received a text. “I have the location,” Justin said. Adam looked at the address or lack of there was only a map. “Send it to my cell.” “What are you going to do?” Devin asked. “My job,” Adam said, standing, grabbing his coat and leaving. Devin looked confused. “What does he expect us to do?” “What we’re doing now staying put.” Justin stood. “I’m starving, I’m going to order a pizza, you want some?” “I can cook something instead.” “Ok, follow me to the kitchen.”
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    Chapter 16

    Sorry about the double chapter I'll fix it. This book is 4th in the series and the others stories happen before this one. they're not out of order. I understand the poor choices of my characters make. And consequences are coming but in their defense they are damaged people. And damaged people make bad decisions. That's why I call it the Two Timer series. Adam was hurt by AJ resulting in him leaving town. He likes to be in control of his life and his surroundings especially his relationships. AJ took control from him by cheating on him and by flirting with Adam he's giving control back to him. Adam's conflicted he loves Patrick but wants payback with AJ. I hope this clears something up.
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