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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Connecticut River Boys - 14. Chapter 14 The Confession

There was a glitch when I added Chapter 13. Make sure you have read Chapter 13 prior to reading this Chapter.

October 2010

As David had departed Bob’s home, his new friend asked if he would be available to review unpaid bills and do cash flow analysis to determine when future obligations could be paid. David had already decided he enjoyed the company of this man and suggested the following evening. “Why don’t we make this a working supper? I’ll stop and pick-up a pizza. Is pepperoni, mushroom and roasted red pepper OK?”

“Sounds perfect. I’ll open a bottle of wine.”

As David drove home he thought about this man who he had known for at least ten years. He had considered Bob as being unfriendly and standoffish. When in a group, Bob had rarely participated in conversations and answered questions with as few words as possible. David now realized what he had considered rudeness was actually a case of shyness. That evening when talking to him one-on-one, Bob loosened up and was actually very friendly. While he had never in the past remembered seeing Bob smile, this evening he was very outgoing in a calm way. By the time David was pulling into his driveway he had decided he wanted to know this man better.

Later that night, as he stroked his dick in the dark bedroom, he thought about his new friend. When he considered the body under the conservative clothing, he chastised himself. Since Bob had been married and was a now a widower, he was probably straight. And just because he was friendly did not mean he was interested in a relationship with someone like me, about ten years his senior.

The next evening, when Bob opened his door, he was smiling. Being less formal, he wore a plaid sport shirt with the top two buttons open. A slight fur of chest hair the same color as his blondish head was visible. The Levis were crisp, pressed, somewhat tight and displayed fetching ass cheeks. Sitting at the kitchen they shared the pizza, wine and cannolis Bob had purchased in the “Little Italy” district of Hartford. Looking at the cream-filled confections, David stifled a laugh as he realized the Italian pastry was shaped like a dick. The cream filling peering out of the hole at the end tasted erotic.

The following Sunday, as David meditated - actually checking out a new guy in the choir - in his pew at Church, someone sat next to him. He was thrilled as the seatmate extended his hand.

“Good to see you this beautiful Sunday morning.”

David replied, “And a good morning to you, Bob.”

After Church they discussed church finances during coffee hour. David told Bob that he had called James and that he would be willing to come the following weekend and hopefully transfer the church software to Bob’s computer.

Bob suggested they have lunch together and soon were in a restaurant in West Hartford Center. “While I never knew your wife well, I always considered you two a perfect married couple. I am sorry that she was taken from you in the prime of your lives.”

Bob told how his wife had fought breast cancer for two years and passed away three months after their 25th wedding anniversary. He did not seem to want to dwell on the marriage. Then he changed the subject. “All the years that I knew you, you seemed to have a close friendship with Craig. I was very sorry to hear of his death. You must miss him very much. How did you two meet?”

David was surprised that Bob seemed so interested in his relationship with Craig. He then proceeded to give a sanitized version of their life together. He began with the snowy night in Vermont when he met the tow truck driver that rescued him from a snowbank.

Bob seemed mesmerized by the story. “Wow. That is amazing. You were together for 40 years. I envy you. Your lives seem to have enriched each other’s.” Bob then got quiet. He suggested they order dessert and soon they were in the parking lot saying goodbye. “I look forward to meeting James next weekend.”

That night as David lay in bed, he considered his conversation with Bob. His friend had told about his 25-year marriage with little emotion. But then when David had told his history with Craig, Bob showed great interest and encouraged details. David had carefully omitted any reference that might have indicted a sexual relationship. He assumed that Bob would be repelled by such revelations. As much as he enjoyed the company of his new friend, he forced himself to not have any carnal thoughts. The thought of how Bob might react to the intimacies he and Craig shared caused a numbness in his crotch and his dick did not ask - and David did not encourage - an encounter of the best kind with his fist.

The following Saturday CC and James arrived. It was decided that just James and Bob would go to the home of the Church treasurer who had been discharged from the hospital and was currently in rehab. His wife, Beatrice, graciously invited them into the house. Her first comment was, “James, it is so good to see you. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but of all the organists we have had, you were my favorite. I do hope that you will return and hopefully play when our current talented one, but not as talented as you, goes on vacation. I’m going to ask Marge Maynard, chair of the Music Committee, to invite you.”

In less than an hour James had downloaded the software onto his laptop. They then drove to Bob’s home where David met them. After downloading the program onto Bob’s home computer, the three navigated the system and, with James’ help, the two older men mastered the program.

Bob suggested they celebrate the mastering of the financial software at dinner. He hosted David and the two young men, CC and James, at a lingering restaurant meal. At home, after dinner, James and CC discussed David’s new friend. CC commented, “You know, Uncle David, I think that guy likes you. His body language toward you showed an intimate feeling.” James added his agreement to the possibility. “Also, did you see how he checked out our waiter with almost as much lust as you did, Uncle David.

“We might be friends, but that is all. It can be nothing more than guy bonding since he was married for twenty-five years. I certainly enjoy his company. I will admit that I felt like a teenager in heat after our first meeting. But since then, I have convinced myself to cool it and just have a friend.

James snickered as he replied, “Just because the guy was married does not mean he doesn’t swing both ways.”

CC added, “Or maybe he swings just one way - YOUR WAY.”

“OK boys, enough talk about old man sex. Have you been to the theater in New York City recently?”

That night in bed, David thought about the comments of the young men. Could it be true? As he discussed this with his dick in one hand and a tissue in the other, he thought about the man with the blondish chest fur and sparkling blue eyes.

The two soon established a routine together: sitting together at Church, discussion at coffee hour, Sunday dinner together and Wednesday evening church finance work sessions at Bob’s home, preceded by pizza, pastry and beer. From a work viewpoint, the Wednesday evening sessions were not necessary. Bob had mastered the financial routine and software. He did not discourage David’s visits and always made sure there was something David could help with or give him advice.

One evening David answered the phone. His neighbor, Gladys Stonewell, called to tell him that she would be unable to attend the Hartford Symphony performance with him that weekend. For many years, Craig and David had been supporters of and attended most performance of the symphony. David had maintained their subscription and now asked his neighbor to accompany him. David immediately called Bob. He invited Bob to attend the performance that included Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Bob commented, “Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite composers. He had such an interesting life.” Since Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality was an important aspect of his biography, David was intrigued by Bob’s statement.

Their working together on Church finances continued to the end of the year. They did not see each other during the Thanksgiving holiday (third week in November) or Christmas, as Bob visited his son and wife at their home in Boston.

New Year’s Eve they were invited to a small gathering of Church members at the home of Beatrice and Bill Simpson. When Bill had returned home after his hospitalization and rehab he realized the Church’s finances were in good hands and happily resigned as Church treasurer. Bob had been appointed treasurer. The dinner party, deliciously prepared by Beatrice, started at 6:00. By 10:00 the guests, all older than David and Bob, were saying their goodbyes. Having anticipated an early evening on New Year’s Eve, the two had planned to celebrate the midnight passing of 2010 at David’s home.

It was after 11:00, nearly an hour before they would watch the dropping of the New Year’s Big Apple Ball on TV at Times Square in New York when Bob suddenly became quiet. He was sitting on the sofa and David was on the opposite side of the room. Both were sipping sparkling water as they had had enough alcohol at the home of Beatrice and Bill and planned a champagne toast at midnight.

With eyes downcast, Bob quietly stated, “I believe we share an interest in men.”

A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say. Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language.

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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It's a great story, I recall so many of those items mentioned like The Joy Sex and the unmentioned Joy of Gay Sex (I had first editions of both) and was a long time Mandate and other onehanded mags reader.  Thanks for bringing back some memories from my own misspent youth.

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Oh yes, the good old days.  Back when  I was 16 in the 1950s I remember going to the library to find information on homosexuals.  What I found was total crap.  What would my outlook on life had been if internet was available - private access to information about anything (dick size, circumcision, jerking off, etc., etc.) and porn, WOW.  Just looking at a photo of a guy in a g-string got me off back then - cannot imagine how I would have reacted to seeing guys  posing, jerking, sucking fucking on porn sites.  The innocence of my youth compared to today.  That did not stop me from taking care of my self frequently.

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