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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Love Of Family (2024 Revision) - 1. Last Minute Jitters

Greg Wilmont stepped out of the bathtub, pulled the bath sheet from the rack, dried himself, and hung it over the shower curtain. He slipped into a pair of grey boxers/briefs, picked up the hair gel, squeezed some in his palm, distributed it through his curly, neck-length, jet-black hair, and used his fingers to gently toss his damp locks around to achieve the controlled, messy hairstyle he wanted. After shaving and applying witch hazel to his face, he smiled at his reflection and turned the light out.

The young man entered his bedroom, grabbed his faded blue jeans off the bed, and slipped into them. The fabric hugged his lower body like a second skin, and he loved the way the jeans accentuated his round, plump ass. He sat on the bed, massaged some lotion into his size twelve bare feet, and put on a pair of ankle-length, white athletic socks. The next stop was the closet, where he chose a dark red polo shirt that complimented his jeans, dark hair, and light tan skin tone. He stepped into his black sneakers, then after taking a final look at his appearance in the full-length mirror attached to the door, he turned out the light and closed the bedroom door.

He placed a tri-fold black leather wallet in his back pocket, picked up his keys, threw a tan windbreaker over his arm, and locked the townhouse door. Greg stood on his front porch, took a deep breath, and smiled. The mid-September morning was a bit on the cool side, but with the sunshine, it felt warmer. However, it wasn’t just the weather making him happy. This was the first day of his vacation and the day his boyfriend was moving in with him. I wonder what living with Levie will be like, the brunet thought as he walked to his truck.

Memories of the night he met his red-haired mate at Lyle Moore’s forty-seventh birthday party flooded his mind. Lyle was the current investment counselor at the bank that employed him. The older gentleman was one of the most loved and respected people at the bank, so it was surprising when the salt-and-pepper-haired man took an interest in him and inquired about his plans for the future. It shocked him when he was invited to the birthday party. Early in the evening, he was introduced to the elder’s grandson, a gorgeous, bright-eyed redhead named Levie Stillman. Greg’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he gazed at the exquisite, angelic being. Before leaving to mingle with other guests, Lyle told the boys he thought they looked good together. Once the awkwardness passed, the two of them relaxed. Then, after some small talk, they discovered some common interests.

That same evening, Greg met Ev’lynn Moore, Lyle’s wife, their son Troy Stillman, and son-in-law Jaycen Stillman. While talking with Levie, he learned Jaycen and Troy were his brothers, or as Levie called them, his Bropops. Greg and Levie exchanged numbers before sharing a warm embrace and saying good night to one another. A week later, they started dating. The raven-haired young man smiled at the memory of the feeling he got from that first hug. It was full of love and genuine kindness. He softly chuckled as he recalled the adorable nickname, Bropops, and made a mental note to ask Levie where he got the name.

The twenty-year-old smiled with pride as he patted the side of his pickup truck’s bed, then climbed into the Twenty-Twelve Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. Three years ago, he sat down with his foster parents, Tom and Linda Wilmont, and his foster brother, Brandon. The family researched the best-rated, longest-lasting pickup trucks with the best gas mileage. Everyone agreed on the Tacoma and found one in almost new condition. The vehicle had fifty thousand miles and cost twenty-five thousand dollars.

The process was repeated for Brandon, except he didn’t want a pickup. They found a silver Twenty-Eighteen Hyundai Sonata Sport Limited with a moon roof and, like the Tacoma, its condition was almost new. The vehicle had forty thousand miles and cost twenty-one thousand dollars.

Linda and Tom offered to buy them both. He and Brandon protested because they didn’t want their parents spending that much money and insisted on paying their parents back with interest. After lengthy negotiations, the couple proposed a compromise with their two kids. Each teen would pay half what their chosen vehicle cost without interest. He and Brandon got up and went into his room, where they hashed out their ideas on the proposal, then returned to the family room and agreed. Linda and Tom attached the last-minute, nonnegotiable addendum that they would pay for a custom paint job if the boys wanted a different color than the original. The boys looked at each other, shook their heads, and chuckled at how sneaky their parents were. The family sealed the agreement with handshakes, hugs, and a kiss on the cheek for each parent. Brandon was happy with the color of his car. He chose a dark blue with iridescent purple hues for his truck.

Before starting his vehicle, Greg took a minute to meditate. He closed his eyes, fingered his Tree of Life pentacle necklace, and thanked the Goddess for blessing him. About two years ago, he was hired at the bank as a teller, and then he got promoted to the checking/loan department after one year. His responsibilities include monitoring customers’ accounts to ensure they aren’t compromised or close to being overdrawn. He is also responsible for preliminary loan approvals.

He started the Tacoma and shifted into reverse. Even though it wasn’t a big pickup, he used the side mirrors and carefully backed out of the designated space. He put the truck into drive and exited the parking lot. He pulled up to the stop sign, turned right onto Barksdale Avenue, and headed across town to meet his brother for lunch.

Brandon pulled into the diner’s parking lot. Before exiting his Sonata, the twenty-year-old ran his fingers through his sandy blonde hair.

The young man sat in the grey leather driver’s seat and reminisced about the day he met Greg. It was in third grade, and he was eight years old. The instant he said hi to the new raven-haired boy named Greg, the pair immediately hit it off. Over recess, they discovered their birthdays were a few days apart, and it didn’t take long before they became inseparable. His parents fell in love with the raven-haired youth. He was energetic, playful, and very affectionate. After the first week, they announced they were best friends and brothers. Linda and Tom held a joint birthday parties for the boys. It saddened them. that Greg’s parents didn’t do anything to acknowledge the youngster’s birthday or give a damn where their son was and if he was safe.

His mind fast-forwarded to the night when a very bruised and bloodied fourteen-year-old Greg showed up on the doorstep. His parents had beaten the hell out of him and thrown him out of the house, all because they discovered he was gay. Tears dripped down his cheeks. Even after five years, he was still haunted by the defeated and broken look in his brother’s eyes. He had never seen his Greg looking so small, vulnerable, and scared. What broke his heart was when he opened the door, and the exhausted body fell limp against him. Please help me, Bran, it hurts, was what Greg painfully managed to say just before passing out. Those words still made him shudder and his blood run cold.

Brandon's thoughts shifted to the present. Tom and Linda heard about a successful local grocery store franchise and decided to buy into the company. The couple worked with Lyle and formed a plan to open a store of their own. He was asked to be the assistant store manager, and his parents sought to get Greg involved. His brother refused and told the family he wanted to continue working at the bank. Greg told them Lyle had taken an interest in him and made sure he got noticed by upper management. His parents couldn’t argue with the sound decision. They reminded their foster son that he was family, would always be loved, and would always have a place in their store, should he ever need it. He started having doubts about moving with his parents because he didn’t want to be so far away from Greg.

The blonde smiled when he saw Greg park two spaces down from him and got a fun idea. Early in their friendship, they discovered a shared interest in tickling. He and Greg were very ticklish, and both loved having playful tickle fights with each other. However, that was just one element of their unbreakable bond. They also shared the same values, had similar personalities, and had no problem showing affection even in public. He locked the Sonata’s doors and fought hard to hold in his laughter as he silently approached the dark-haired male. When he got close enough, he reached out with both hands and tickled Greg’s sides and just above his hips. Instantly, the brunette yelped as he tried to block the ticklish assault with his arms. Hysterical laughter flowed from his lips, and Greg's six-foot, toned body fell in a squirming heap on the sidewalk. Brandon smiled innocently and held out his arm. With a devilish grin, Greg took hold of the offered hand, yanked the tickling prankster’s five-foot-nine, lanky body down on top of him, wrapped his arms around the squirming man, and launched a retaliatory tickle attack by kneading his fingers between his prey’s ribs.

“Hi, Bran,” he said. “You do realize I saw you the entire time, right?” He chuckled as his blonde brother's shrieks and boisterous laughter spewed from the parted lips.

Once they were on their feet, he pulled his brother into a warm bear hug, lifted the giggling blonde off the ground, spun around twice, and kissed his cheek after setting Brandon back down. “I didn’t keep you waiting, did I?”

Eagerly, Brandon returned the affection and said, “Nope, I just got here, saw you pull in, decided to have some fun, and surprise you. By the way, how’d you see me?” He got his answer when his brother laughed and pointed at the diner’s mirror window.

“Bro, I’m anxious about Levie moving in. I hope we can live together,” Greg stated. His breathing got faster, and tears started filling his blue-gray eyes. “Bran, he’s beautiful, inside and out, and I don’t want to lose him. We’ve only been going out for three months, but I feel the bond with him growing stronger. I can’t explain how I know this, but...” Greg paused as he stood with his hands on his brother’s shoulders and his head pressed against Brandon’s. “Lev’s the most amazing guy I’ve met. He’s not only physically gorgeous, the guy’s got an incredibly giving heart. He’s the one. The one I want to be my future husband.”

Brandon’s eyes widened. He placed his hands on both sides of Greg’s face and stared directly into his brother’s eyes. He noticed the other pair of eyes remained steadfast and only reflected sincerity and tears. When they were around thirteen, the boys discovered this technique. They used it to determine if there were unrecognized doubts about any situation they faced. He nodded in satisfaction, lovingly wrapped his emotional brother in his arms, and said, “Hey, calm down, everything will be alright. It’s time to introduce us to Levie and his family if he’s the one. We’ve all been dying to meet this guy, especially me. I’m the one who decided if he’s good enough for my brother,” he said while rubbing the back of Greg’s neck and laying his head on the muscular shoulder.

“I promise, Brandon. As soon as possible, we’ll all get together. They’ve been anxious to meet you and our parents also. We just haven’t had the time. I’ve got my job, and Lev works the ranch he owns with his brothers. He gives riding lessons, is a reserve firefighter, and is a firearm and archery instructor. He also has his Realtor’s license and shows houses when his Uncle Damian needs him. Hopefully, by moving in together, we can have more time to strengthen our relationship. At least, living in the same place, neither of us has to drive twenty or thirty minutes one way for a date.”

“It sounds like you guys have thought this through, and this is a big step in advancing your relationship. You have my support and initial blessing. However, don’t forget I get the final say. You’re my brother, I love you, and I gotta protect you,” Brandon giggled and squealed when he was thrown over Greg’s shoulder and spun around. “Hey, Tarzan, put me down, I ain’t Jane.”

Greg chuckled as he gave his best impression of the famous jungle man, then set his brother down and wiped his eyes. “I love you, Bran. Thanks for always being there and loving me.” Greg grinned and playfully ruffled Brandon’s hair.

“Shit, watch the hair, ya big lug. I just fixed it in the car.” He smiled and playfully shoved his brother. “Love ya more, ya big goofball. Greg, the two of you have to make time for a family get-together. Mom and Dad aren’t going to wait forever. Don’t forget Linda’s not afraid to show up at five in the morning, let herself in, and wake you both up in your underwear,” his statement caused a boisterous outbreak of laughter. “Now, come on, I’m starving.” They shared another hug and went inside.

The diner wasn’t too busy, and they were seated pretty quickly. Shortly after receiving their drinks, their waitress came to take their orders. Greg ordered a foot-long Philly cheese steak sub with bacon, olives, pickles, extra cheese, extra mayo, and a large curly fries, and Brandon ordered the same thing. The pair got comfortable on the benches and relaxed as they discussed future changes. Specifically, Greg’s being there without his family close by and in the same city. As they continued talking over lunch, Greg reassured his brother he would be okay as Brandon assured him he’d never be alone.


Levie was face down on his bed, looking out the window at the mountains while waves of varying emotions ebbed and flowed through him. He was excited about moving into the city and living with Greg. However, Levie was experiencing anxiety over the same things he was excited about. He was also nervous about not living with his brothers.

When he was eight, he began splitting his time between living with his parents and Jaycen and Troy at Oak Ridge, next door to the Stillman Ranch. Both properties were owned by their parents. Mark and Stacy were in their mid-forties when Levie was born. Neither felt they had the energy to raise him and were tired of ranch life. The couple wanted to travel and get a small house in the city. They asked Jaycen and Troy if they’d be willing to love and raise their brother and take ownership of the ranch. The younger couple instantly and eagerly agreed to both requests. They also asked Troy’s parents, Lyle and Ev’lynn Moore, to assist with Levie’s raising. Without question, the slightly younger husband and wife team agreed. They already saw the young boy as their grandson and were a big part of their three boys’ lives. Two years later, Mark and Stacy were in a car accident and held hands as they took their last breath. Six months earlier, they’d given full custody of Levie to Jaycen and Troy.

Levie created the nickname Bropops for his brothers when he was eleven. In his eyes, they were a combination of older brothers and parents. Troy, Jaycen, and the ranch hands taught him to ride horses and what it took to work on a ranch. They also taught him how to respectfully and effectively handle firearms, bows, and arrows. Because of their loving guidance, specifically Bill’s, the ranch foreman, he excelled at marksmanship with firearms and archery. All three brothers were in the state’s top five gun safety instructors, and he was known and respected as the youngest and most outspoken advocate for teaching youths about gun safety and respect. Despite his accomplishments and accolades, the lesson Jaycen and Troy taught that meant the most was loving himself and being comfortable in his skin.

The twenty-year-old was also anxious about leaving his Blue Roan Quarter horse, a beautiful stallion with a silvery, grey/blue coat he named Triton. He was sixteen when a pregnant mare got loose and wandered into the mountains that edged the Stillman ranch, and he was the one to find her. The mare had given birth and was attacked by a mountain lion. The big cat was about to kill the newborn, but he shot it just in time. After determining the foal was visibly healthy, he claimed ownership of the colt.

Levie got so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Troy, who was able to sneak up behind him. The mischievous thirty-year-old quickly trapped his boy’s ankles in the crook of his arm and strummed his fingernails back and forth across the size nine bare soles. Instantly, the ticklish pair of feet came alive as they squirmed and wriggled in the vice-like grip. A flood of boyish giggles and squeals sprang from the younger man’s lips as he rolled side to side. He attempted to pull on Troy’s arm so his feet could escape the chokehold. Despite his outward appearance, Levie loved the attention.

“You okay, baby boy,” Troy asked as he giggled and released the ticklish boy’s feet. He lovingly hugged Levie and kissed his forehead.

Jaycen leaned on the door frame, shook his head, and chuckled as he watched the pair of overgrown kids. The red-haired, emotional thirty-year-old was doing his best not to break down in tears, and because of their bond, he knew Troy was fighting the same battle.

“Dads, I’m nervous and scared.” Tears filled the young man’s eyes as he wrapped his brother/dad in a vice-like bear hug. He’d always been affectionate and wasn’t afraid to show it. “I love you, Troypop. You and Jaycepop have given me everything I could ever want or need.” He felt Jaycen’s arms wrap around them. His tears soaked the older man’s shoulder as he clung to one of the most loving men he’d known.

“I do need to breathe, kiddo.” Troy gasped, not just from the strength of Levie’s embrace but also the emotion behind it. He at Jaycen and mouthed, “Dads.” They nodded, proudly smiled, and continued to comfort their boy.

“Lev, you know we’ll always love and support you, no matter what,” Jaycen said. He chuckled when the energetic redhead switched bodies and sat in his lap, cuddling against him. His six-foot-two, solid, muscular body dwarfed Levie’s five-foot-eight toned, muscular frame.

“I don’t doubt that I want to be with him, I love him, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be future husbands. I’m nervous about not living here with you and Troypop. I’m already missing Tri also.”

“You love him that much, huh?” Jaycen asked as he and Troy nuzzled their boy’s neck on both sides. They chuckled when their actions caused Levie’s squirms and giggles.

“I do, Dad, Greg’s amazing. He’s warm, intelligent, sincere, caring, and loving,” Levie stopped and wiped his tears.”

“Sweetie, you’re feeling the same thing everyone else does when they’re about to leave home. There will always be some fear and doubt.” Troy leaned over and kissed Levie’s head.

Jaycen looked at the men who were the most important in his life. “I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t you guys do a trial run?”

“I’m not following, babe.”

“Me either, Jaycepop.”

“Hear me out, live in the townhouse for one week, then you guys can live here for a week to see what works best. If you two decide you like it here better, maybe you boys can move into Oakridge. The current tenants are moving next week.” Jaycen’s suggestion earned him an exuberant hug and kiss from his husband and son.

“Dad, that’s awesome.”

Jaycen and Troy looked at each other, and tears started rolling down their cheeks.

“Dad’s, what’s wrong?′ Levie worked his way between the older men and looked at them with great concern.

“Nothing’s wrong, Son. It’s just that we love hearing you call us dads.”

“I love being called your son,” Levie said as tears trailed down his cheeks. His heart overflowed with love for the two men he’d always seen as his parents.

“Lev, although we haven’t verbally expressed how we see you.” Jaycen paused and tried to continue, but his emotions overtook him, and tears flowed down his cheeks.

Troy continued for his husband, “Baby boy, in our eyes, you’re our son. We loved you before you were born. Levie Michael, you’re our sweet baby boy.”

Levie was speechless as his tears fell, and all he could do was leap into the older couple’s arms. He hugged his brothers/dads with everything in him and kissed their cheeks. “I love you, guys.”

“We love you too, Baby Boy.” Jaycen and Troy smiled as they kissed their boy’s forehead and smoothed his hair.

Yes, this is another revision. However, I think everyone who takes the time to read this version will find it a bit easier to read. I've finally gotten rid of all those semicolons out had because I was learning how to use Grammerly when I did the first revision.

As always, thanks for reading, reacting, following, and commenting on this and other stories I've written.

Love y'all
Copyright © 2024 Ticklishboy30; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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22 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Still an awesome story, with a much improved read.

Thanks, @chris191070. Although I was happy with the first revision, I also kept thinking of improvements, the semicolons really drove me nuts. LOL

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AB-your writing just gets better and better!

its also great to get to know these lovable characters again. I would be proud to call each and every one of them Friend.


  • Love 5
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1 hour ago, Greg said:

AB-your writing just gets better and better!

its also great to get to know these lovable characters again. I would be proud to call each and every one of them Friend.


I've missed you, Daddy-Greg. It's been fun going back and revising the story, and coming up with slightly different twists. Hehe

  • Love 4
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A really great revision and a wonderful read. Thanks for revising and posting. It's a beautifully loving story.

  • Love 4
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2 minutes ago, Paladin said:

A really great revision and a wonderful read. Thanks for revising and posting. It's a beautifully loving story.

Thank you, @Paladinand like the last revision, there are some altered plot twists. Hehe

  • Love 4
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Let is hope the trial run for a week turns out well. Both have so much to give each other.

  • Love 3
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1 hour ago, akascrubber said:

Let is hope the trial run for a week turns out well. Both have so much to give each other.

IKR @akascrubber

I love revisiting these characters again. Love Of Family was the first full length story I had ever worked on, so the guys in this story are very special to me. 

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This story is so touching. Looking forward to this revised version. It does seem to flow better. Great intro to the major characters.

  • Love 3
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Wonderful start to this story, can't wait to see what happens next.  So much love on both sides; and you know or hope each side will embrace the other fully.  

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15 hours ago, VBlew said:

This story is so touching. Looking forward to this revised version. It does seem to flow better. Great intro to the major characters.

Thanks @VBlew. You've been so supportive of both the original unfinished, and the revised versions that I hoped to hear from you on this one. So far 5 chapters have been rewritten, just finished the fifth chapter yesterday. 

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4 minutes ago, centexhairysub said:

Wonderful start to this story, can't wait to see what happens next.  So much love on both sides; and you know or hope each side will embrace the other fully.  

Thank you, @centexhairysub. I value and appreciate your input and observations. 

  • Love 2
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