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Coming of Age - 5. The Morning After

What a day! Not your typical Saturday when dudes get together to play video games. Bruce and Craig had sucked and fucked each other, all over the place, with no adult supervision and no reason not to try everything they can think of. They fell asleep exhausted, but Bruce's mind is racing.
The unanswered questions are still hanging over the two young lovers: are they "queer," and are they "in love?"

...My mind raced on, with Rita Coolidge singing Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher over and over in my head as I fell asleep fantasizing about what morning sex was going to be like...

We wake up, yawn, and stretch. We roll toward each other and kiss. Our cocks are hard, so we reach for them. After we jack off side by side for a minute or two, Craig reaches over and begins jacking me, and I do the same for him.

I shiver at the sliding sensation and hope he feels just as good. After a minute or two, I lean in to pull his foreskin down—my mouth waters at the sight of a glistening pearl of precum. Hungrily, I lower my head to allow my tongue to taste it. His flavor, mixed with his scent, sends my senses into overdrive. I kiss his manhood, teasing him with a flick of my tongue before sinking down to devour him.

“Aw, fuck, that’s good,” Craig moans with pure carnal desire, and I slowly take his entire length into my hungry throat. With my nose buried in his thick curly pubes, I use my tongue to caress and coax it to expand even more.

“Yeah, Bruce. Suck my fuckin cock.”

He lifts his ass and begins to thrust upward, matching the rhythm of my bobbing head. He lightly rests one hand on the back of my neck, guiding me to give him the pleasure he craves. I’m now on my knees with my face in his crotch, at ninety degrees to his long body. His other hand softly strokes my shoulders and inches down my back.

“You want me to fuck you?”

My groan is an enthusiastic yes.

He squeezes my butt cheek and I accommodate him by arching my back, offering him an easy path to my asshole. His fingers find their destination, and he tenderly teases and tickles my hole. He presses a finger against it, and I shiver with lust as my pucker quivers in anticipation.

I remove my mouth from his hard-on and whisper, “Fuck me, Craig. Fuck me hard.”

As I suck his balls and use my hand to continue jacking him, my lover gently inserts his middle finger inside me. It sent waves of pleasure through me as my hole welcomed him back in. He rotates the finger, sliding it in and out, before adding a second one.

I respond by raising my butt higher and moving it forward and back, encouraging the digital invasion, which has grown to three fingers. Now he curls and spreads them, opening me up for the much larger intruder I long for so desperately.

Reluctantly, I release his cock from my mouth and sit up. Craig withdraws his hand.

I lean in and kiss him. “Good morning, lover.”

He smiles, “Good morning to you.”

“I need you to fuck me. It’s how I want to start the day from now on.”

With his glorious wide smile and a wet kiss, he agrees, “Good, because I need to fuck you.”

I stretch out my body out on top of his. He is much bigger than me in every part of his anatomy.

I love having a man like him who loves and cares for me but also has the power to make me do anything he desires.

I spread my legs apart and his hard-on springs up between my ass cheeks. I reach back and find it, fondling it with my fingers and pressing it to my crack. I raise my head and look into his eyes. All I see is love and desire. He wants what’s next as much as I do.

“I want you inside me.”

I thrill as his wide grin gives me the answer I need to hear. Sitting up, I pull my knees forward, and rest my butt on his belly. With a smile of understanding, he reaches under his pillow and hands me the tiny tube. I open it and squeeze the lube into my hand.

Reaching behind me, I find exactly what I am seeking, from the many times we have danced this tango. I slide my palm up, down, and all around his throbbing erection.

He moans, “Oh, fuck yeah.”

I save enough goo to lubricate my crack and insert some of it into my hole. I don’t need much since our bodies have learned to accommodate each other, but it will help with the tiny stab of pain when he enters.

Wiping my hand on my ass cheek, I rise up and back, holding his cock upright behind me. I touch it to my pucker, and an electric tremor of desire courses through me.

“I’m ready.”

“Me, too. Let’s fuckin do it!”

I lower myself until I feel the pressure of his giant dong at my back door. I will my hole to relax and welcome its favorite visitor. His cock-head eases in and his foreskin slides down.

As he fills me with his manhood and my body expands to receive it, I whisper, “Ahhh.”

He groans, “Mmm. So goddamn good, Bruce.”

The look on Craig’s face is one of ecstasy. His eyes are closed, but he still has a huge smile. He throws his head back, unable to stand the sensual delight. I lower myself until I am resting on his thighs.

With my lover inside me, I squeeze my sphincter several times to relax it and to signal it’s time for him to take over.

He giggles, “You fuckin want it, don’t you?”

“You bet your sweet ass.”

“Your ass is the sweet one right now.” We share a laugh.

I have surrendered to him totally, given my body and mind over completely to the task of pleasing him, and now I am zealous for him to take everything he wants.

I raise my ass a couple of inches, and his slick cock slides out halfway. Craig reaches down and places his hands under my cheeks, lifting me slightly and taking over.

He begins frenzied thrusting, raising his ass from the bed while keeping me in the position where he has the greatest control. It’s like I’m a rodeo rider trying not to be bucked off a wild bronco, only this one doesn’t want to throw me.

The pounding becomes our center of focus. My heart races whenever he is at full depth inside me. I’m almost in tears as he pulls out, but I’m quickly relieved as he lunges back up. We pick up speed.

As I bounce up and down on his boner, he teases, “Yeah, baby, ride me like a cowboy.”


My lover’s face has a blissful expression, mixed with profound concentration. He realizes he is responsible for meeting our mutual needs, and he takes on the task with animal vigor. I crave his domination, trusting he will prove his love for me by taking care of both of us.

I sense his hands beneath me are tiring, so I lean forward on my knees and again start to lift myself and drive down on him. He lies still, allowing me a brief moment of power over our love-making.

His breathing becomes more rapid and his face is flushing. Instinctively, his hand has found my hard cock and begun to jack it. We are together in our advance to the ultimate sexual enjoyment two men can give each other.

His leg muscles tense and his whole body is primed for the explosion of cum. I, too, am approaching the point of no return. I sit down on him as hard as I can, but he is much stronger, so he raises his hips and plunges deep inside me, lifting us above the bed.

The ministrations of his hand have done their job on my bouncing erection. Throwing my head back, I cry, “Oh, fuck, I’m coming!” as I shoot ropes of my cum onto his chest.

My sphincter contracts repeatedly, summoning his own hot jism, which floods into my cavity. We are locked in a momentary mutual death, where our breathing has stopped and our whole bodies are shuddering with the carnal rapture of ejaculation.

Craig pulls my face down to his and kisses me deeply. “I love you, Bruce.”

“I love you, too.”


My eyes opened in the darkness, and my body relaxed from the intensity of the wet dream. Although I didn’t remember touching myself, my chest and belly were drenched with semen. I peeked to my side and saw only Craig’s naked back.

He was inhaling and exhaling slowly and innocently snoring. Yet, I could easily picture the fury of his love-making—in reality and in my fantasies. My lover initiated me to man-sex, first as a patient teacher and later as a wanton force of nature.

As softly and silently as possible, I got up and went to my bathroom.

Cleaned up and drained from my dream, I slipped back into bed and went back to sleep. My last thought before sinking into oblivion was the delightful knowledge that morning sex with Craig would always be one of our most wonderful moments together.


When I woke again, the house was silent. I didn’t hear my parents come home, but it must have been long after we finally shot our loads for the umpteenth time and fell asleep exhausted.

I opened my eyes and looked around the familiar surroundings of my bedroom. I turned to gaze at my best friend and now my lover, sleeping naked beside me. When I looked at Craig, I experienced a longing inside I had never felt before—a kind of desire, but much more than sexual.

Sure, I loved the sex and wanted to do it with him all day and all night, but I realized there was more to it. I needed to spend every minute of the rest of my life as close to him as possible. My yearning for Craig was almost painful.

It dawned on me that Craig’s eyes were open, and he was looking right at me.

“We gave our goddamn virginity to each other!” he crowed with pride and awe, and we chuckled as we kissed “good morning.”

He went on, “Last night went so fuckin far beyond all my fantasies I still can’t believe it. How many times did we do it, anyway?”

I laughed, “I’m not sure, but my poor balls are aching like a motherfucker!”

“I bet your asshole isn’t too happy, either!”

We giggled, and he pulled me close and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

He leaned back a couple of inches, and his voice became sensual and demanding, “Turn over.” I willingly complied.

He guided me onto my side with my back to him, put his arms around me, and softly slid inside me. There was enough lube left in my ass to let him enter, and I was used to the brief sting by now.

His cock was a perfect fit for me, and it was as if I were built for it. He hugged me from behind and kissed the back of my neck as he made love to me silently, slowly, and tenderly. I barely breathed.

I never wanted the feeling to end, but before long hot semen from Craig’s body flooded into mine. I lay still, holding it in, wishing I could keep it inside me forever. But something dark clouded my mind, warning me that forever was not likely to happen for us.

The ache of loving him was still intense, but it was now joined by an overwhelming sense that what we had, what we were having right now, was perfect. It will always be the standard by which which we measure future love affairs.

Future love affairs? What the fuck am I thinking? Won’t we always be together? I don’t fucking want to think about this shit.

Nuzzling my earlobe, Craig interrupted my train of thought by whispering, “Your turn,” and began to roll his back toward me. I put my arms around him and drew my body tight against his. I knew my emotions were so strong and confusing that I couldn’t possibly get hard.

“Sorry. Not right now. I’m still drained dry from last night.” As I lied, I sensed disappointment and hurt flooding through his beautiful, muscular nakedness. I hoped he didn’t realize the truth.

I hurried to add, “I want more, and we’re gonna have more—a whole hell of a lot more—but I couldn’t get it up now if my fuckin life depended on it!” I looked into his eyes to gauge if he accepted my half-assed explanation.

In response, he rolled onto his back and pulled me close. He stroked my shoulder affectionately while I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. True, the sex was mind-blowing, but my love for Craig went so far beyond sex that I couldn’t bear to think about us being apart.

One goddamn annoying thought was nagging at me, though, and I couldn’t chase it away.

I gotta bring it up—for my sake, if not for his.

“Uh—” I searched his face for encouragement, terrified of what I was about to say.


“Well—” I was at a loss to put what I was thinking into words, and I was terrified I’d say the wrong thing.

With a mix of curiosity and annoyance, Craig insisted, “It’s OK. Fuckin tell me, whatever it is.”

OK. Here it goes—hope I don’t fuck everything up.

“Before yesterday, what would you have thought if you found out two guys you knew were sucking and fucking each other?”

His body stiffened and he didn’t breathe for a few seconds.

Shit, shit, shit! Now I’ve done it. I spoiled the moment and ruined everything.

After a long silence, he spoke quietly—as if he were afraid to put his thoughts into words. “I guess...I would’ve called ‘em...a couple of queers, or faggots, or butt-fuckers, or some shit like that.”

“And now?” I opened the door, and now I had to go through it.

“I dunno. I can’t explain why, but I don’t want to say that about us.”

I raised my head off his chest and looked him in the eye. “Why not?”

He thought a while. I put my head back down on his chest. The sound of his calm heartbeat in my ear was comforting. At least he wasn’t getting all upset about this conversation.

“I guess because it’s you and me. Hell, we’ve been goddamn best friends since fuckin middle school, for shit’s sake. And we kind of learned about sex together, jacking off looking at dirty magazines, telling each other our fantasies, and—”

“Sucking and fucking each other like a couple of wild animals?” I added with a big grin.

Craig laughed. “Fuckin-A!”

“So does that make us queers, or what?”

This pissed him off. He stopped stroking my arm and spoke harshly, “Goddammit, I can’t fuckin answer that. Why the fuck did you have to ask? Hell, I never knew anybody who was gay.” I realized this was the first time either of us used the word out loud.

He continued, “Sure, guys call each other queers and faggots all the time, but it never means shit. I don’t know how to explain it, but this is different.”

“Is it because what we have now is sex—real sex?”

“Probably. All the other bullshit was only joking around and teasing, trying to get a rise out of the other guy—but this is exactly what you called it—real sex with a real person.”

“Who happens to be a dude.”

“Yeah, well. I guess so, but it’s still hard to fuckin say it out loud.” After along silence, he returned to running his fingers up and down my arm.

I picked up the thread again. “Maybe we’ve been looking at things the wrong way all along, Craig. Or rather, all the people we’ve been listening to have got it all fucked up.”

“Whadda you mean?”

“I’m not sure. Everybody says sex is the greatest thing you can do, but they’re only talking about doing it with a person of the opposite sex.”


“So I think any two people who...love each other—or at least like each other a lot—oughta be able to show it by having sex together.”

He shook his head. “That’s not what they told us in sex ed class. They said homosexuality is a choice, it’s unnatural, and you should resist it or find somebody to help you, like therapy. And if you give in and do it, it’s a sin, or a crime—or some fuckin bullshit like that.”

“Resist it? How the fuck do you do that? We’re horny teenagers for shit’s sake!” We laughed heartily.

Craig looked like he wanted to say something more.

“What’s on your mind?” I was almost afraid to ask.

“Oh, I dunno. Maybe they told us that shit in sex ed because they have to? They aren’t allowed to tell us about ‘different’ kinds of sex, like being gay or lesbian or whatever-the-fuck. They’re supposed to keep us on the straight and narrow.”

“Exactly. They kind of have to toe the party line, or they might lose their jobs. I’m damn sure parents, and ministers, and a shitload of other people don’t want kids trying what we’re doing.”

“Hell, they don’t want us even thinking about sex until we’re married!”

“You got that right. Like it will somehow stop us from thinking about it all day long!” We laughed again. The mood was getting lighter.

“So, back to us,” Craig directed. He looked me in the eye. “How long have you been thinking about having sex with me?”

I was stunned. What if I tell him the truth, and he gets mad? Should I say it just started? Shit! Why did he have to ask?

Taking my silence as a reluctance to answer, which it was, he sat up in bed.

“Well, if you can’t say, I can.” He placed one hand on my naked shoulder.

“I’ve been thinking about it since the first time you and I jacked off together. I think about it every time we jack off looking at naked men fucking women. Hell, I think about it all the time—in class, when I’m running track, when I’m in bed at night, and especially when I jack off.”

Meekly, I replied, “Me, too. I was afraid to say so. It’s kinda, well, too personal to talk about.”

“Well, it’s time to cut that shit out. I mean, come on. Goddammit Bruce, we fucked each other. You can’t get any more personal.”

“I guess not. I—”

“You what? Come on, you can tell me.”

I took a deep, shaky breath. “OK. You’re right. I’ll tell you.”

I sat up next to him and turned to face him. “Craig, I’ve wanted to have sex with you ever since I figured out what sex is, and that’s a hell of a long time. I get a chill—and sometimes a hard-on—almost every time I see you.”

He winked. “I can tell. It kinda shows when you’re wearing your itty-bitty Speedo, and you see me at the pool.”

“Shit! I was afraid it did.” I chuckled and continued, “Anyway, I’ve been having these feelings, and they’ve grown bigger and bigger, and I’ve been fuckin fighting them off for years.”

“Why? I mean, why fight them?”

“Because everybody says it’s wrong to be queer, or gay, or what-the-fuck. Because all the other guys make jokes about fags and queers all the time. Because—”

“Go on. Say it.”

“Goddammit! Because I was scared to death you’d hate me, and we’d stop being friends.” I choked on the words and looked away to hide my tears.

He sat in stunned silence for a while.

“Bruce. I could never hate you. And I can’t imagine us not being friends.”

“Even if I was queer and wanted to have sex with you?”

“Even if you were queer and wanted to have sex with me, which is exactly what I’ve wanted to do with you all along, in case that isn’t clear to you.”

I wiped my eyes and laughed, “Fuck! What a couple of assholes we are! We both wanted the same thing and were too goddamn scared to say or do anything about it. Shit!”

“Hmm, sounds about right.”

We cuddled in silence.

Should I tell him now? Can I get the words out? What’s he gonna say? The only way to know is—

“Craig, I love you, you know.”

He turned and kissed me on the forehead. “I know.”


“I guess I love you, too.”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I jerked my head up and gawked at him. “You fuckin guess?!”

He chuckled, “No, I fuckin know. I love you, Bruce, and I think I have for a long time.”

“Which brings us back to the original question—are we a couple of queers?”

He spoke sharply, “Why the hell did you have to bring that shit up? Can’t we go on being who we are and doing what we do and not have to fuckin call it anything?”

I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You gave the right answer, lover-boy.”

Drawing him into a hug, I smiled, “We are what we are, and nobody gets to call it anything or call us anything. The truth is, we’re more than fuck-buddies, and if anybody has a problem with the truth, fuck ‘em!”

We fell silent for a long time, until I released Craig from my embrace and relaxed. “Gotta take a piss,” I told him, giving him a playful nudge.

“Me, too.” We jumped out of bed and raced into my bathroom. We stood facing on each side of the toilet and let our streams mingle as they splashed down into the water.

We dressed and went down to breakfast.

My parents were still in their room, and for some kinky reason I began to think about them having sex—right that minute while Craig and I sat and ate our goddamn cereal.

Mom and Dad knew what love was. They have been in love for almost twenty-five years. And nobody thought anything they were doing was wrong or fucked-up. I desperately wished to have what they have for me, and now I was thinking maybe I would.


Craig went home after breakfast to help his Dad with yard work, which suddenly left me with a big hole in my life.

I tried to jack off, thinking back over all the sexy shit we did the night before, but it didn’t work. I even got out my secret stash of Hustler magazines, but no matter how long I beat off, I couldn’t come.

Then I got an idea.

I stretched out full-length on my bed, put a dab of lube on two fingers, and shoved them up my ass. I started slowly massaging my cock while I moved my fingers around, remembering how it was to have Craig’s cock in me.

It worked. I got rock hard. Every time I got close to coming, I stopped and rested. I never took my fingers out of my ass, and after a while, I forgot about them.

The fourth time I brought myself to the edge of coming, I accidentally discovered something, which drove me right over the fucking edge.

My fingers were becoming stiff and sore from being buried in me for so long. So I moved them around a bit, and a powerful jolt like lightning struck deep within my butt. The sensation was more than anything I had ever felt before.

I tried to pinpoint what the fuck happened, and I found it—some kind of little bump up inside my ass, and it was super-sensitive.

When I pressed on it, my whole body shuddered with sexual intensity. Needless to say, I pushed on it harder and harder, and suddenly, without touching my cock, I shot my cum so far it hit me in the chin!

My asshole contracted violently, and the spot inside me pulsed like a fucking alien monster. The intense discharge completely overcame me, and my balls actually hurt from the force of my ejaculation.

I shot five more spurts of cum, each a little shorter than the one before. Two final pumps produced little dribbles that trickled down onto my pubes. I never came so hard or passionately, and I couldn’t wait to tell Craig about it. It reminded me of the first time I jacked off and came.

The next day at school, I caught up with him during his lunch period and practically dragged him outside to a cement picnic table under a big tree.

Breathlessly, I told him, “I discovered some kind of magic button inside my ass—I’m not shitting you, man. It gave me the biggest fuckin cumshot ever. It was unbelievable?”

He looked at me with a shit-eating grin from ear to ear.

“What the fuck?” I demanded indignantly. “I tell you about the most goddamn cum I’ve ever shot, and you look at me like a fuckin clown?”

He shook his head. “No, Bruce, I’m not making fun of you, although I’m surprised you never heard about a girl’s G-spot before. Well, you’ve got kinda the same fuckin thing, but I think it has some other name.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It’s like a girl has inside her pussy, only on a guy it’s up his ass.” He paused to let me take in his words. “Look, it’s part of male anatomy. You remember the diagrams they showed us in sex ed?”

I nodded. He went on, “Well, what you call ‘the special place in your butt’ is actually one side of your prostate. You know what the prostate does?”

I gave him a withering look, “Yes, I fuckin know what the fuckin prostate does. It makes cum.”

“Righto! And if your cock is hard and you put your finger up there and press on it while you’re jacking, your prostate squeezes ten times harder than normal. That’s what you pushed on—your G-spot!”

“Well, I’m in love with my fuckin G-spot!” I almost shouted, a big smile on my face.

Craig grinned back at me. “And here’s the best part, Bruce, old man. It feels good when you do it with your finger, but I read it’s like fuckin dynamite when a cock is up your ass banging on it!”

“Wait a minute. Where the fuck did you read that shit?” I demanded suspiciously. My pal had been holding out on me.

He blushed a little. “Well, my two older brothers are in the Marines now, and before they left, they sort of handed down a whole collection of books about sex to me. Some of them are about plain-vanilla sex, but some have some really kinky shit in ‘em. I’ve been reading them and trying to keep them hidden from Mom.”

I thought a moment. “So...what do you say you bring some of them up to The Hide after school today and see if you can find my G-spot with your cock?”

Not only did he come over that day, but for the next three weeks we got together in The Hide almost every fucking day and aimed our cocks at each other’s G-spots. We didn’t always hit it—I guess it’s not very big, but we found it enough times to make us feel like we’re super studs.

Damn! Craig and I have come a long fucking way in only a couple of weeks! I can’t wait to see how things are when we’re having sex regularly and trying new shit that he reads about in those books from his brothers. My life just took a big fucking turn for the better!


Before we knew it, the end of high school had arrived. For my graduation present, my parents offered to pay for me to backpack around Europe for a month, but I told them I’d rather rent an Airstream camper and explore the Wild West with Craig.

We planned to visit the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and a whole bunch of other places we’d heard about but never seen. My dad said I couldn’t pull a camper with my Z-28, so he lent me one of his company’s Jeeps to pull it.

Craig and I set out heading south from Denver, crossing through New Mexico and into Arizona. We took our time, and a week later we stood on the rim of the Canyon. It was awesome and bigger than I had ever imagined.

As we meandered around, we just took any road that looked interesting, and we stopped for a night or two whenever we found a campground we liked.

The Airstream was so tiny there was barely room for two people inside it. Once we were parked, we usually set up a barbecue grill and some lawn chairs outside the trailer and enjoyed the evening. Most of the campgrounds were pretty liberal, so we could drink beers and smoke pot all we wanted, and sometimes the neighbors joined us.

At night, we slept spooning in the minuscule bed after having sex—something we did every morning and evening. It was the dream life for two horny young dudes who were in love with each other and enjoying their freedom for the first time.

We parked at a campground in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona for a couple of days. The second morning, a large Fleetwood Motor Home backed into the space next to us. It was pulling a compact car with a tow bar.

The fucker was 26 feet long, not counting the car, and it boasted two bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. By comparison, our fucking little Airstream had everything in one room, and we showered in the camp facilities.

Craig and I were sitting in our lawn chairs admiring the massive vehicle when its door opened, and a man who looked to be in his early 30s stepped out. He was tall, muscular, and fucking gorgeous.

He walked over and introduced himself. “Hi, guys. I’m Gary. We just got in.”

Craig stood up, grinned, and shook hands with the handsome dude. “Nice to meet you, Gary. We’re so fuckin jealous of your wheels.”

The man laughed, “You should try parking the son of a bitch!”

I smiled and offered him a bottle, “You want a beer?”

“Thanks. It’s been a long, hot drive today.”

He took a chair and sat down with us. We shot the shit and drank a couple of beers each.

As he stood up to leave, he invited, “If you want, why don’t you come over in a while, and we’ll give you the royal tour?”

We agreed eagerly, and just before dark we knocked on the ornate front door.

I hope the transition from senior year to the freedom of post-graduation summer adventure wasn't too abrupt. Our guys are on their own, free to be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and damn the consequences. Then, life intervenes in the form of a big-assed motor home and two older gay men. The invitation to see inside the Fleetwood sounds innocent enough, but will it turn out that way? #weargreenonthursday and find out!
Thanks to all who are reading along with the story (and the series, although we're still in Part One). All comments, DMs, and reactions are much appreciated. Hearing from you makes the hard work of writing a lot more worth it.
Copyright © 2022 Tim Hobson; All Rights Reserved.
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On 12/29/2022 at 8:14 PM, Dan South said:

Growing up where I did in the Deep South sex ed was non-existent in the 80’s. Lort knows no one discussed gay sex except as a slur.

Sounds like South Africa in the 80s. 

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What a great time the guys are going to have in the road trip. I wonder what Gary is going to introduce them to. 🤔 

I'm glad rhey are spending this time together. 

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3 hours ago, Doha said:

Sounds like South Africa in the 80s. 

Our boys are lucky they go to a private school in Denver, where I suppose things were a little more realistic. I can only imagine the difficulty of living in SA in that era.

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3 hours ago, Doha said:

What a great time the guys are going to have in the road trip. I wonder what Gary is going to introduce them to. 🤔 

I'm glad they are spending this time together. 

Mark Twain wrote The Innocents Abroad, and I think that might have been a good title for this chapter.

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19 hours ago, Tim Hobson said:

Mark Twain wrote The Innocents Abroad, and I think that might have been a good title for this chapter.

Yes indeed. They really are. I don't like Dick much. He seems a bit scabby.

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4 hours ago, Doha said:

Yes indeed. They really are. I don't like Dick much. He seems a bit scabby.

You nailed it. I think Dick gave up on himself a long time ago. I met a guy like him once (actually, a pair like to the two of them) - at a gay resort. It didn't take long to teach me to steer very clear of them!

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On 12/29/2022 at 11:14 AM, Dan South said:

Growing up where I did in the Deep South sex ed was non-existent in the 80’s. Lort knows no one discussed gay sex except as a slur.

 The pillow talk, their conversation about what we now refer to as “labels”, was fantastic! 

Nothing abrupt about the time-hop in my reading. Great installment!


Interesting. NYC in the 80’s was wild beyond belief. I am grateful that I am here and able to write about it. I cannot say that for all the friends I lost. They are missed. 

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Bruce and Craig may be in for a big surprise when they visit Gary in his Fleetwood. 

A most enjoyable chapter @Tim Hobson and I learnt something too. The only Fleetwood I was aware of was Mick and of course the band. I searched the 'net and found various Fleetwood Motor Homes. Some of them were very impressive, if a little gaudy.


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17 minutes ago, Summerabbacat said:

Bruce and Craig may be in for a big surprise when they visit Gary in his Fleetwood. 

A most enjoyable chapter @Tim Hobson and I learnt something too. The only Fleetwood I was aware of was Mick and of course the band. I searched the 'net and found various Fleetwood Motor Homes. Some of them were very impressive, if a little gaudy.


I am a motor home lover. I have been tempted to sell the house and hit the road, but I have too much invested (financially and emotionally) in the place where I live now. I still go to the expos and lust for the big rigs with everything from flat-screen TVs on the outside for al fresco viewing, to induction stovetops. I should probably compromise and buy a small one just for short holidays, but I know that would only lead to moving up, and up!

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On 1/20/2023 at 5:35 AM, re2 said:

Interesting. NYC in the 80’s was wild beyond belief. I am grateful that I am here and able to write about it. I cannot say that for all the friends I lost. They are missed. 



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Glad the two had the labels talk.  I can say I like or dislike trailers, mobile homes, or motor homes, but I did live several years in the first two when young.  Didn't look back after I bought my first home.  I wonder who else they will meet in Gary's motor home.  He did say "We just got in."

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