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    Thoughtful and imaginative writing with proper editing. Several authors here have next to none proper writing.

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  1. I think my favorite part of this story is that Noah talks with the animals. This bit of whimsy makes your story even more endearing.
  2. re2

    Chapter 1

    Beautifully written. Look forward to following this story.
  3. re2

    Chapter 54

    Whoa, really jumpy chapter and hard to follow trying to make sense of the jumbled narrative. For example: On the way to the cafeteria we picked up a tail, ‘Hi, how was the trip.” “Very interesting, I’ll tell you about it later over coffee. Oh, that mural is something else. It is beyond my wildest dreams, that man is in the wrong job. Let’s check the kitchen.” Who was the tail? I guess the painting of the wall is the mural, but it didn’t seem he went to see the room and, commenting on it the way to the cafeteria made it more confusing.
  4. re2

    Chapter 14

    You are certainly bringing it all home — so much of what many of us have lived through and experienced in the last several decades. Good and bad. I called my father, the retired career Marine, the day “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was repealed and thanked him for always being supportive of me. I saw the first plane crash into the Twin Towers and the resulting sparkle around the top of the building as sheaves of paper were drawn out by the blast and reflected the brilliant morning light. You’ve have indeed touched a few nerves. Thank you for such an incredible series of stories.
  5. re2

    Chapter 10

    Simply, wow. And brilliant to end with his mom supporting him.
  6. Carlos, as always you bring us right into the present with your insightful and knowledgeable — dare I say — musings on the current state of things in your stories. Thank you. You include those of us who are gay and proud to have grown up in military families (20 yr. rug rat here — born while my father was in Korea. Lived on every Marine base in the US growing up. Cousin is a general in the reserves.) Perhaps a ray of light for those who only see things in black and white. (Uhoh, I think that might be a song lyric. Anyone, feel free to use it.) Your stories give me hope.
  7. re2

    Chapter 35

    DK, I am more than impressed with the way you have managed writing parallel stories in the different time iterations. Talk about an extended spread sheet keeping track of characters, places, time lines and motivations! Thank you for the great contemporary sci-fi.
  8. Carlos, please keep it coming! Nice to have Chipper back for a bit. And love the pink toenail. My husband picks a different color each summer!
  9. re2


    Great chapter! But what could Zoltan possibly sue Rick for?
  10. Whoa. I come from a family of marines — my dad included who was career and accepted me for who I am over 45 years ago. Not to mention my cousin, a general in the Marine reserves, who is one of the most accepting, handsome, intelligent men I know and never fails to hug me when we meet. And my father has an eagle, globe and anchor tattoo that always fascinated me as a kid. Get real.
  11. re2

    Chapter 38

    Hmm... there are always people on both sides of the coin, but to castigate an entire industry and the people who work in it is not fair. FYI: The film and television industry supports a dynamic U.S. creative economy, employing people in every state, and across a diversity of skills and trades. In all, 2.5 million people—from special effects technicians to makeup artists to writers to set builders to ticket takers and more—work in jobs supported by the industry, which pays over $181 billion in wages annually.
  12. re2

    Party Balloon

    I wish I could up with something more original than “wow, you’v outdone yourself with this chapter!” But you have. Thank you for such a delightful story.
  13. re2

    Chapter 14

    Even then, it just seemed so unreal to him. He knew now he was the one who started it all. Maybe, if he’d spent more time with Alex, he could have avoided the misunderstanding before it got so out of hand. I am confused by this passage as Tyler was clearly under the assumption Alex wanted to keep it all on the down low. The fact he didn’t counter Alex’s outburst at first basically paints him as a pussy. Please explain.
  14. re2

    Embers 10

    Who knew a story about gay were creatures and Elementals fighting fire in the wilds of Australia would be this engrossing and dare I add believable? Thank you. Many career jarheads in my family, including my father. Semper Fi.
  15. re2

    Chapter 40

    Bravo, indeed. What an amazing piece of revisionist historical (and often hysterical in every sense of the word) writing.
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