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  1. Glad you’re back. As always, great characters and story development, and plot twists. Look forward to where you take this. Thank you for some of the best writing out there.
  2. re2

    Chapter 18 Teamwork

    As always, great writing. Love your Dickensian approach to naming your characters — a corker indeed! And delightful. The sour Mr. Lemon appears to have been dealt with, though I’m sure new challenges await.
  3. re2

    Chapter 20

    Profound indeed. Passing this along to our dear friend the Rector. Thank you for your writing and reflections in these especially confounding times. The island seems a particularly apt metaphor right now. Looking for mine.
  4. What Patch 1 said — couldn’t agree more. You have made it all so relatable — believable not being quite the right word for me here. The characters, their emotions and responses make it all “relatable.” I know it’s not real (me thinks), but boy oh boy do you put the reader right in there. Not my style to go on and on. So simply, thank you for such an engrossing and engaging story.
  5. Hallelujah indeed! So glad there will be more story. Thank you for one the most enjoyable reads on this site as well as many others.
  6. I agree. This has become one of my favorites. And so much more to come!
  7. re2

    Chapter 3

    Yes! More please.
  8. re2

    Phases of Moon

    Great chapter. Great story. Please keep it coming.
  9. re2

    Chapter 9

    “nature's changing of her clothes was on full display. “ Just beautiful. As is your story and writing. You obviously know your craft, and that knowledge and effort is appreciated. Would make a beautiful film. Yes?!
  10. re2

    Chapter 1 The Wake

    A western story with gay cowboys! Yes. Historically there were many. Great start.
  11. re2

    Chapter 13

    A beautiful story. So well written with endearing characters. Andy. The surrogate son at the moment. I know I am not the only older gay man who regrets not being a dad. Thank you and the other writers that provide a vicarious outlet for this.
  12. re2

    Chapter 43

    Great fantastical story. One thing. Being a military brat and the son of a gunnery sargeant, sargeants aren’t officers but enlisted men, as designated by their rank: E-5, E-6, etc.
  13. Intriguing story. Well written characters. More please!
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