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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Love and Again - 10. Chapter 10: Words and Actions Part 3

More drama, sex, and violence. I love Greek epics.

Words and Actions (Part three)



Thebes had been laid to waste. Olympia was correct the remaining rebel Greek cities surrendered after Alexander's army destroyed his favorite city. Fear of destruction had persuaded most of the leadership to join Alexander's push towards the east, but two men stood in his way. Demosthenes, the great oratory leader of Athens, denounced Alexander at every turn and engagement. He personally led the remaining anti-Macedonians contingent in Athens and had a reputation as a powerful moral leader. Aegis, the military leader of Sparta, had fought against Macedonian control of Greece as he saw Greece as Sparta's territory.


Alexander used the temporary lull in Greek rebellious tendencies to begin his most audacious invasion. Darius did not expect Alexander to make an invasion due to the presence of Demosthenes in Athens and Aegis in Sparta with his recent expansion by the conquest of Crete. It was audacious and improper to seek conquests, while your foes are strengthening their forces at home. However, Alexander had seen through two issues with Darius' hopes: 1. Athens as it was ruled by an aristocratic assembly could not act swiftly enough to war Macedon after their recent defeats and morale issues. 2. While Sparta may be dangerous; they were an occupying force on the island of Crete, which resisted Spartan rule. Alexander had been in contact with the insurgents of Crete and knew the Cretans could keep the Spartan army pinned down on the island.


In 334 BCE, Alexander crossed the Bosporus straits and entered Asia with about 50,000 men. Darius did not believe initially that Alexander had invaded his empire, so Alexander had free reigned in Asia Minor. Learning from Philip's mistakes, Alexander sent envoys to former Greek colonies and extolled his beliefs in giving them freedom. These cities believed Alexander was a liberator quickly joined his side and gave him additional men and resources. In three months, Alexander had acquired a majority of Asia Minor and Darius was finally shaken to his core. Darius ordered his generals to engage Alexander's army, despite protest from Memmon of Rhodes, who said that they did not have the proper training to face the Macedonian Cavalry of Alexander's army.


At the time, Alexander and Hephestion were paying tribute to Achilles and Patrochlos at the ruins of Troy, which were still visible above the new city that had been built on top of it. Alexander and Hephestion performed the rites of tribute to the fallen heroes. First, they placed sacrifices on altars, then removed their clothing and ran around the city naked 3 times. Finally, they engaged in sexual pleasures as they would usually, but they added fragrant oils and ceremonial honey that was specially prepared for their use.


During the early morning of the next day, scouts had entered Alexander's tent with news of the Persian Army gathering across the River Gracinus.


"Hephestion, I wish you to take Bucephalus, she will protect you in battle and bring us swift victory," Alexander told his lover, who was nursing his sore manhood from last night's ritual.


"If she rides as well in battle as her master rides in bed, then victory will be assured," Hephestion smirked.


"Remember, I need you to break through their lines with our cavalry; I will personally lead the infantry on direct charge," Alexander mused as he placed his breast plate over the gold armor plate.


The battle of Gracinus was intense and Alexander's commanders had desired to find another area to cross the river, but Alexander was determined to face his enemies with his full infantry division visible. Hephestion would be flanking them and crossing at another area in the river. With their tactic of pressure and flanking, the two caused the Persian forces to rout. Yet, before the battle's end, Alexander was dislodge from his horse and nearly killed by a Persian general. Luckily, Alexander was rescued by his friend Cleitus and he took Alexander out of harm's way.


The defeat at Gracinus had caused Darius to rethink his strategy and had all the other generals that supported the quick massing of troops to be executed. Memmon was placed as Supreme commander of the Persian army and navy. He knew that facing Alexander's trained and disciplined army would be suicidal for the ill-trained Persian forces. Thus, he chose a different course, invading Macedon itself.


Memmon would first defeat Alexander's allies in the Aegean through a naval campaign; he massed the Persian fleet at Gaza and assaulted Lesbos and Chios, which placed Alexander's direct supply line in danger. It also spurred dissent from Greeks, who saw that Alexander's army may be defeated by attrition. Sparta and Athens planned for an uprising.


Alexander seeing his supply lines in danger consulted with Hephestion on the matter one night.


"My love, Hephestion, I do not believe we can hold our position in Asia much longer if Memmon is able to attack our home in Macedon. The Greek cities are spurred on by such news of victories, since they are under my mother's forceful rule. What am I to do?" Alexander pleaded.


Hephestion answered with a sweet expression, "Alexander, my dearest, I see a solution that you may not. First, I shall go to Lesbos and eliminate Memmon through an assassin's dagger."


Alexander was shocked, "How can you my love approach him? He is not beguiled by male beauty and his men are ferocious with bravery."


"Ah, you forget that the island of Lesbos possess a marvelous group of females, who like us share passions of love between them. They are amenable to our plight and I believe I may be able to negotiate a deal. We will send a group of them to perform sexual deeds with Memmon, who as most other man will not refuse a group of women in sexual gratification. They will poison him in secrecy without any connection to us," Hephestion replied and Alexander appeared in awe of his lover's planning.


"Then, what about the Greeks? They are rebelling against my mother's tyranny. I wish I could put you as their chief, Hephestion, but I cannot bear to be without you for long periods of time" Alexander addressed.


"I shall admonish your mother, who treats me as a son. She does not rule the Greeks wisely and she is prone to use violence. I will shift the control of the armies in Macedon and Greece to Antipater, who greatly adores your mother and is much more capable than her in military matters. Additionally, I shall head to Athens and negotiate with Demosthenes to counter the Spartan rebellion," Hephestion said.


"I fear that my mother may not like sharing power even with her lover. She is not like me Hephestion, who willing to sacrifice much for my lover. Also, Demosthenes detests me and the Macedonian people, how can you change his mind to aid us?" Alexander questioned.


"Demosthenes is a wise man, who is prone to avarice and sexual favors. I will use my tongue to sooth his mind, my gold to relax his hands, and if it becomes necessary my body to endear his soul" Hephestion told his lover.


"Never, I will not have another man penetrate you as I" Alexander spoke pulling Hephestion towards him, "You are my lover, forever."


"My love, if we are to accomplish great deeds, then great sacrifices must be done. I don't feel pleasure from being with another man, but I will do it for you. As I am always going to be your lover," Hephestion told Alexander in their embrace as he wept.


"Hephestion, I love you more than all the Gods of Olympus and Asia combined. If I shall ever accomplish my goal to unite mankind, then I will make you into a God. I will repay the kindness and the degradation that you must endure for me," Alexander lamented.


Thus, Hephestion headed toward Lesbos and got the group of Lesbian women to agree to his plan. They went for an audience with Memmon and seduced him into drinking some poisoned wine. After a night of passion, Memmon succumbed to the slow poison and the Persian allowed the Lesbians to go. The Persian leaders blamed his death on the excess of earthly pleasures and forbade the other soldiers from engaging in any sexual activity with the Lesbians, both male and female.


Hephestion next went to palace in Pella and began his next plans for Macedon and Greece.


"Olympia, high mother of Alexander and consort of Zeus, I bring word from your son, the High King Alexander," Hephestion knelt down and began his grand style oratory to the queen in the official chamber.


"Ah Hephestion, you are almost a second son to me, please stand," Olympia said in her grand voice.


"I am here to place Antipater as the Supreme general of the armies of Macedon and Greece for defense against rebellion," Hephestion said with eyes fixed on the queen's reaction. She was not pleased.


"Hephestion, why has my son removed me from authority? Does he not trust his own mother? I seek power only for his benefit and never his detriment" Olympia responded with visible disdain.


"My honorable queen, if I as Alexander's lover may so easily follow his orders and remain loyal, then would it not be true that Antipater will be the same for you. Alexander has not removed your position of power; he has merely provided you with an additional skilled advisor, who knows you and will aid you in the management of the kingdom," Hephestion spoke and saw to his relief the queen smiled.


"Fine, I shall accept Antipater as supreme commander of the Macedonian and Greek armies for protection and seek his advice," Olympia spoke in her official voice once more.


Hephestion was happy that he was able to stabilize the Greek dominion situation without having to force the queen further. In truth, Hephestion loved the Queen for her early acceptance of his love for Alexander and allowance for their relationship. He was also respectful for all the deed she had done on behalf of Alexander in order for him to take the throne of Macedon from his supposed father, Philip. Hephestion next mission however would be more dangerous and possibly more degrading. Hephestion travelled to Athens.


While Hephestion was executing his plan to lure Athens in an amicable relationship with Macedon, Alexander grew angrier each day thinking of his love being violated for his own goals. He grew guilty and felts that he betrayed Hephestion with his dreams to unite the world. Then, news arrived that Darius has taken control of an entire army, 100,000 men in strength, after the death of Memmon. Alexander saw his chance at revenge against the Persians, who he blamed for Hephestion current degradation at the hands of Greeks.


He ordered his soldiers to quickly march through a narrow mountain pass and tried to trick Darius into believing that he would arrive through the open road. However, Darius was cautious and moved his entire army around the mountain; thus, he had flanked Alexander in a weaker position with Alexander back against mountains, while Darius had his back to open plains. Alexander had to improvise at this turn of events and told his 2nd in command Parmenion to stall the Persian forces, while he strikes their center.


Darius taking the center position did not know that it was the least advisable position against Alexander's tactics and he sent away the majority of his cavalry to the right wing. Alexander concentrated his forces including leading the Companion Cavalry on the center of the Persian line and broke through. Darius fearing for his life ran away with his royal escorts. Alexander did not pursue Darius any further as he knew his left flank was being hammered by Persian troops. He quickly rerouted his cavalry and smashed the Persians on his left flank with an encirclement motion. Darius' left wing was fleeing at the news of Darius' cowardice and their right wing annihilated.


The battle of Issus in late 333 BCE was the bloodiest and one of the most spectacular in human history. Alexander earned his legend of invincibility through this campaign and his bloodlust was insatiable due to the fear that his partner was giving up his dignity for him.


However, the news of Issus had reached Athens along with the death of Memmon. Demosthenes was not in any position to make outrageous demands or to take Hephestion, the acknowledged lover of Alexander, for sexual favors. He agreed to support Alexander with the Athenian navy and to keep Sparta from making any dangerous moves across the Peloponnesus with their own forces. Hephestion was overjoyed to satisfy the diplomatic situation and protect his own honor in the process.


Alexander met with Hephestion on the coast of Issus and they embraced.


"Alexander, it was due to your bravery and audacity that my honor was saved," Hephestion told his beloved in tears.


"Hephestion, it was your loyalty and courage that I would engage Darius," Alexander spoke and wept along with his lover.


"I live only for you Alexander and this great victory will cement your power over all Asia," Hephestion spoke triumphantly, but Alexander laughed at his companion.


"My love Hephestion, Persia is vast and I merely defeated one of her armies. Darius still has many riches and troops further south and east. If I am to defeat Darius, then I must have you by my side as leader of our armies," Alexander said with special emphasis on "our".


"Alexander, it is improper for me a subject to you to be given such high esteem. Even if we are lovers, there are rites of kings and nobles that we cannot change without fear of unrest at home," Hephestion sighed at the reality of their situation.


"I am now henceforth naming you my second in command of all forces in my domain; you need not ask me for permission to engage a foe or perform an act of diplomacy. You my love have proven beyond a doubt your loyalty to me. I cannot live without you and this position is the closest that our tradition would allow for two men to remain equal partners without the disparity of marriage," Alexander said triumphantly as he kissed Hephestion with his entire army watching and hearing their declaration.


Cheers were heard as Alexander reached the first great height in his career and life after the victory of Issus.

Copyright © 2011 W_L; All Rights Reserved.
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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