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    If I were sum up my life in four words:

    "Why am I here?"

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  1. 0's and 1's: Bk2- Web of Conceit 2. 0's and 1's

    By W_L, in Fiction. 06/12/2016 (Updated: 02/09/2019)

    Book 2 centers on the growing problems and pieces of intrigue from the insidious CISS to the Halls of the Vatican to the thousand year old battlefields of the Middle East, Hunter Douglas and his friends are entering a web far deeper and interconnected than they ever imagined.

    This story is now on Hiatus until I find a new Head Editor/Beta Reader

  2. When All Time Has Gone

    By W_L, in Poetry. 12/30/2017 (Updated: 12/30/2017)

    Short Poem for the New Year

    It also announces to everyone, I am back to writing again!

  3. The Real Me

    By W_L, in 2017- April Fool's. 03/08/2017 (Updated: 03/08/2017)

    Can a hero fool himself to let injustice reign in a world dominated by apathy?

  4. Through the Hooded Bridge

    By W_L, in Fiction. 09/30/2016 (Updated: 10/30/2016)

    Adam is driving his friends back to campus from a Halloween party. Filled with longing for more in his life, he drives through a queer old wooden bridge that leads to a place beyond his wildest dreams and darkest nightmares.

  5. Last Run to Mosul

    By W_L, in 2016 - Secret Admirer Short Story. 02/04/2016 (Updated: 02/04/2016)

    Love is a battlefield worse than the trenches of France, worse than the jungles of Vietnam, and worse than the barren deserts of Iraq. Many men will go into the field, but only a few will be lucky enough to find glory or fame. The rest will live with scars both visible and unseen. These scars will re-open without warning at any time, creating misery in its wake.

  6. 0's and 1's: CBDT 1. 0's and 1's

    By W_L, in Fiction. 10/23/2015 (Updated: 01/02/2016)

    Hunter, a brilliant gay teenager, has just lost his boyfriend to Cyber Bullying. In his search for the culprits, he uncovers a massive conspiracy that will force him to face an integrated world, without boundaries or ethics. It is a world of Fundamentalism, Intrigue, Covert-actions, and Enmity. Where success and failure are relative to its silent "Observers". Can he achieve justice for his dead boyfriend and all those trapped in this "Web" of conflict?

  7. Billy Newt Tames a Dragon

    By W_L, in Fiction. 10/18/2015 (Updated: 10/18/2015)

    Billy Newt continues to grow and explore the magical world that he lives in. He meets new creatures and have new responsibilities.

    Continuation of Billy Newt's 13th Birthday

  8. Billy's Newt 13th Birthday

    By W_L, in Fiction. 10/11/2015 (Updated: 10/11/2015)

    "Billy is a 13 year old in the foster care system, who has had a rough childhood of abuse and neglect due to bad foster homes. Upon reaching 13, he learns that he is in fact a powerful Warlock and his best friends, Ethan and Jason, have been hiding their own magical secrets from him.

  9. Causality

    By W_L, in Fiction. 09/23/2013 (Updated: 05/12/2014)

    Welcome to the world of Causality, Ancient Eastern Mythology and Modern Science Fiction blends together. I hope everyone will enjoy my take on classics and new stories on modern approach.

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    Holiday/Christmas Themed Story: A Life's Worth

    By W_L, in Fiction. 12/23/2013 (Updated: 12/23/2013)

    A story about the self-image and self-delusion within the world that we live in. It is a story inspired by It's a Wonderful Life

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    Halloween Horror Themes 2013 - Zombie

    By W_L, in Fiction. 10/31/2013 (Updated: 10/31/2013)

    The transformation of a Man, the journey he takes, and the Promises he could not keep

  12. Language of Love 0. Language of Love

    By W_L, in Fiction. 08/05/2013 (Updated: 08/18/2013)

    Two Chinese guys from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives meet. One is a 26 years old Southern Chinese born accountant from Cantonese based culture. The other is a 25 years old Northern Chinese born graduate student from a Mandarin culture.

    There's politics, social differences, culture clashes, and even a hint of love.

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    Parable of Man

    By W_L, in Poetry. 04/25/2013 (Updated: 04/25/2013)

    A poem about a man who desires everything only to end up with nothing

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    To the End

    By W_L, in 2013 Poetry Anthology: Whispers in the Dark. 04/16/2013 (Updated: 04/16/2013)

    A Poem that I created after the tragedy that befell my home, Boston

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    In the Cold

    By W_L, in Spring - A Night To Remember. 03/04/2013 (Updated: 03/04/2013)

    A Real-Life based tale of a cold New England night

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