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    Wayne Gray
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Ash and Ember - 10. Silent Requite

22 November 2018, Thursday 9:46 a.m. (Thanksgiving Day - US)

"Brian! Where's the tablecloth? The good one?" Natalie dug through the linen closet in their hallway, a frown creasing her otherwise smooth brow.

He came walking in from their laundry room, the tablecloth over his arm. "I told you I was going to wash it." His bass voice growled, but he smiled at her. "Relax, Nat."

"Thank God." Natalie grabbed the tablecloth. "I am relaxed."

She turned to go back into the living room, and he caught her arm. The big man pulled her close and looked down at her. Affection, patience, and amusement all played on his face. "You're running around here like a madwoman." He pushed a stray bit of hair off of her forehead, then leaned down to gently kiss her.

He was right. He was almost always right. It made for an annoying thing at times, but Natalie was thankful for him and the way he grounded her. The kiss ended, and he continued to stroke her head. His gray eyes roamed over her features, and not for the first time, she wondered what he saw when he looked at her like that. She sighed and laid her head on his thick chest. "Okay. Fine. I'll slow down."

"Good." He kissed the top of her head and smelled her hair. "I don't want you stressing out. Today's a time for fun, eating too much, and hanging out with friends."

"You just like to hear me say 'you're right'." She smiled. Brian felt warm, strong, and she would never tire of being near him.

"What else needs doing?" Continuing to pet her, his hands rubbed along her spine. Her back tried to turn to jelly under his touch.

"Mmm." Her mind lost focus for a moment. Then she fixed upon something that needed attention.

Reaching down, Natalie's hand lightly brushed Brian's groin. Her guy sported an erection, and she loved how he felt under her palm. "I think we've got time for a little fun - just you and me."

Brian didn't need to be told more than once. The big man made a hungry, animalistic noise in his chest. Natalie yelped with surprise as he scooped her up. Then she laughed, and they both grinned at one another as he carried her into their bedroom.


22 November 2018, Thursday 10:58 a.m. (Thanksgiving Day - US)

"What time are we supposed to be there again?" Grant asked as he carefully poured his mulled wine into a couple of one-gallon glass jugs. He used a funnel and did it in the sink, just in case he spilled, but so far, every drop of the spiced, sweet mixture had made it into the jug.

Troy put aluminum foil on his baking dish of mashed potatoes. "Dinner starts at two. But Nat said we can show up anytime after noon." He finished putting on the foil and looked at Grant. "I'd like to go over around noon if that's all right. It'll give my potatoes time to warm up slowly in the oven."

Grant nodded. "Okay. That's fine." He continued to slowly pour in his wine. "That leaves us, what? An hour before we go? What else do we need to do?"

Troy rubbed his jaw. "Nothing, really." He smiled and watched Grant as he worked. "You've got steady hands."

Grant laughed. "This is too important to screw up." He stared at the wine as it disappeared into the jug.

"You really like mulled wine, huh?"

Grant nodded. "I'm not a big drinker, but warm drinks when it's cold out, I especially like."

The frost and snow outside told the story of their weather. Snow had returned with a drop in temperature and the sky fitfully spat the white flakes on Barre. Grant was thankful that he wasn't out in the weather today.

Troy seemed to key into the same thought. He stepped over to the kitchen window that looked out over the side yard. At the moment, the snow fell hard and fast. "Man, I'm glad I'm not sleeping in the van anymore."

Grant finished with his jug of wine and capped the container. He heaved it out of the sink and placed it beside the other he had already filled. Then he leaned to look out of the window as well. "Yeah." He looked for a bit, then glanced at Troy. "I'm glad you're not out there too."

They stood shoulder to shoulder at the window, and Troy turned his head to look at Grant. With only about a foot between their faces, Troy swallowed. "Thanks." He stared into Grant's brown eyes. "It means a lot to me, to be here again."

Grant knew that they were closer than he'd typically find comfortable, but he didn't want to move. Instead, he gazed at Troy, and his heart began to beat faster in his chest. He nervously wet his lips. "Well, you belong here. I hope you don't feel like I stole your house from you."

Troy smiled. "I did some, at first. But not anymore. I don't feel that way anymore." He let his eyes move a little over Grant's face.

Grant nodded. "Good." He held Troy's gaze a moment longer, then forced himself to look back at the falling snow. His heart still hammered under his sternum. He almost felt dizzy.

Troy looked back at the snow too, and after a few seconds put his arm around Grant's shoulders. "I'm glad I'm not spending Thanksgiving alone this year." His voice was thick with emotion, and it pulled hard on Grant's heartstrings.

"Me too, Troy." Grant wanted to slip his arm around Troy's waist, but he fought the urge. Instead, he enjoyed the comfortable warmth of Troy's arm around his shoulders.

They stood together and watched as the snow fell.


22 November 2018, Thursday 12:10 p.m. (Thanksgiving Day - US)

Troy couldn't help but grin as he and Grant walked through the snow, up the sidewalk to Brian and Natalie's house. Grant carried two jugs of wine, so Troy approached the door. He knocked while his other arm held his dish of potatoes.

Brian opened the door and gave Troy a full-on grin. "Hey, buddy." He reached for the dish. "I'll take that."

"Hey, Brian. Good to see you." Troy grinned back. He turned and took a jug from Grant. "Here, let me help."

The men trailed into the house, walking past a fully decked out table. There were place settings for six and a tasteful autumn display on the center of the table. It looked a little as if Martha Stewart had made an appearance and had her way with the piece of furniture.

"Wow. This looks awesome." Troy smiled at the sight.

"Make sure to let Nat know." Brian put the potatoes down on the kitchen counter, and Troy followed him in. He and Grant put their jugs of mulled wine on the counter along with an array of side dishes. Brian looked at Grant. "Hey, Grant." He eyed the jugs of wine. "Two gallons?"

Grant laughed. "Hey, I like mulled wine!" He stretched out a hand which Brian shook. "Thanks for the invite, Brian."

"Sure." He smirked. "Anybody who walks in the door with two gallons of mulled wine is welcome."

They all laughed at Brian's joke.

Natalie appeared in the hallway. "I thought I heard victims of my husband's humor." She grinned at Brian's put out expression. "Oh, I'm kidding, you big baby." She stretched out her arms and embraced Troy smiling against his chest. "Oh, it's so good to have you in the house again, Troy."

Troy squeezed her. "Same here, Nat." He smiled affectionately as they separated.

Then it was Grant's turn. Natalie stepped over and gave the man a big hug, same as she had given Troy. "Good to see you, Grant." She stepped back and patted his chest. "Thanks for coming."

Grant seemed a little overwhelmed by all the positivity and closeness, but he continued to smile. "Ah, you're welcome. Thanks for having me."

A knock sounded on the door.

"Ah, that'd be the Davisons. Honestly, I’m surprised you guys beat them here." Brian walked down the hallway.

Natalie looked at the potatoes and the mulled wine. "Do you guys need the oven and stovetop?"

Grant nodded. "Yeah, is that okay?"

"Yep." Grant followed her into the kitchen. Natalie fished a big pot out of a lower cabinet. "Here's a pot for the wine. It should all fit."

"Thanks, Natalie." Grant took the pot from her.

The sounds of greetings and happy reunions came from the hallway, as Brian welcomed their next guests. Soon they appeared in the living room.

Troy grinned, and he walked into the room to greet them.

Aaron presented much as Troy remembered - red-haired, pale-skinned, and freckled. His blue eyes widened as they landed on Troy. "Dude!" He stepped over and hugged Troy hard. Wiry and deceptively strong, Aaron crushed the air from his lungs in his eagerness. Most of the air in Troy's chest left him in a 'whoosh' when the man squeezed him. Aaron finally let go and pushed back to look at him.

Troy coughed a little as he got air back into his chest. Petite little Georgette stepped up beside her husband, her brown eyes looking at Troy with both happiness and surprise. "Troy!" She shook her head. "Where have you been?!" She gave him a tremendous frown. "And why are you so skinny?"

Georgette never held inside what she thought, and Troy loved that about her. You never have to guess with Georgette.

Having recovered from Aaron's hug, Troy grinned. "Hi, guys."

Grant stepped into the room. Aaron glanced at him, then back to Troy. The unasked question on his face made Troy's heart beat a little faster. Before anyone could say anything that'd embarrass Grant, Troy spoke up. "Okay, first, this is Grant. He's my friend and my landlord."

Aaron stepped over and stuck out his hand. "Hey, Grant. Good to meet you."

"Hi." Grant smiled. "Apparently, we're neighbors too. Though with the new fence, we don't see much of one another's yards."

Georgette made a noise. "Wait. You're Troy's landlord, in Troy's old house?"

Grant started to answer, and Troy laughed, holding up a hand. "Everybody, relax. Let's sit down, and I'll get started on what's happened in the last year or so." He knew Aaron and Georgette must have a lot of questions.

Grant said hello, then excused himself and went back into the kitchen. Troy heard him open the oven to put their potatoes inside. And then there came the click of the stovetop as the gas ignited. Soon there would be warm, mulled wine to drink.

The rest of them settled in the living room. Georgette watched Grant move about in the kitchen, then her eyes came back to Troy. He knew that look. "So, he seems nice." She said quietly, and smiled, almost all of her teeth on display.

Troy laughed. "Okay, before he comes back, let me set a few things … err, straight."


22 November 2018, Thursday 1:45 p.m. (Thanksgiving Day - US)

Grant watched as Troy mingled with his old friends. He found it fascinating to see him as he interacted. He cracked jokes and laughed. He exuded joy and a sense of belonging that Grant hadn't yet seen. He’s becoming T. He's becoming who he was when he wrote the journal.

Grant sipped his warm, spicy wine, and relaxed around the group. Aaron and Georgette had shown an interest in his work and spoke to him about it. They had also already been home to see the new fence. "Great fence!" Georgette said to Grant. Then she smirked and looked at Troy. "I think I recognize that work."

This is a good bunch. Grant found himself far happier to be in the room with them than he had anticipated. The holidays he had experienced so far had been filled with passive-aggressive family, who tried to make other passive-aggressive family feel sorry about their lives.

Most of all, he felt happy to see Troy so upbeat. It was almost as if the man had been holding his breath. And now he could breathe. He could live.

Grant watched Georgette and Natalie as both women hugged on Troy. They sat on the couch, one on either side of the thin man. They'd all had a bit of wine, and emotions were a little quicker to come out on display. Grant felt a warm sensation in his chest as he looked at them and smiled as he sat back in one of the comfortable armchairs.

He got the distinct feeling that eyes were on him, and Grant looked at the other end of the couch. Both Brian and Aaron watched him. They both wore knowing smiles, and Brian raised his mug at Grant. "Great wine, Grant." Aaron nodded in agreement and took a slug of his drink.

Grant smiled. He tried to focus on why they stared at him, but the fuzziness of the alcohol made him care just a little less about it. "Thanks." He raised his mug at the men then took another drink.

Getting to her feet, Natalie moved toward the kitchen. "Okay, guys. I'm gonna put out the food."

"Oh, thank god. I'm starving." Aaron stood up. He reached down and held his hand for Brian. The big man clasped it, and Aaron helped haul him up to his feet.

These guys are so comfortable with each other. Grant felt a stab of envy. I wish I had that. Grant made superficial friends easily, quickly. But deeper relationships never seemed to last for him. He didn't know why, but after a while, he tended to back away from friendships.

"You need help, hon?" Brian put a hand on Natalie's back and followed her as she moved toward the kitchen.

"Nope. You guys find seats."

They jostled a little as they pulled out chairs. Grant wasn't sure if it was intentional, but he and Troy ended up at one end, ninety degrees to one another. He looked over and found Troy already gazing at him. The lanky man smiled, his fondness on display. "You doing good?"

Grant nodded. "Yeah." He looked around the table. "This is really nice."

"You sound surprised." Brian had overheard him, and the big man wore a cocked smile.

"Ah, sorry." Grant chuckled. "Let's just say, holidays, where I'm from, are not exactly fun times."

Natalie brought in a steaming, golden-colored turkey. Georgette made a surprised noise and quickly removed the centerpiece on the table. Natalie nodded her thanks, then put the massive bird on the center of the table.

"Oh, that's a work of art." Troy shook his head. "Wow, thanks, Nat."

She laughed. "You're welcome, but there's more to come!" Natalie went back to the kitchen.

Soon there were baked yams, Troy's potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce to go with the turkey. Aaron whistled at the display, then screwed up his face. "Sorry about not bringing anything, Nat."

"You two just got back into town." She waved her hand. "No problem."

Brian looked around. "Okay, before we dig in, Nat and I talked, and we'd like to start a new tradition." He looked over at Troy. "Particularly now, since we've got our Troy back in our lives."

Natalie nodded. She hadn't yet sat down and stood at her spot, next to Brian. She rested a hand, relaxed and natural on his shoulder. Looking directly at Troy, she began to speak. "We want everybody to say one thing that they're thankful for." She smiled warmly. "Since I'm up, I'll go first." She held up her mug. "I'm thankful for you, Troy. That you're here, that you're safe." Her eyes glittered in the light of the room. "We've missed you."

Troy bit his lip and nodded. Grant knew he fought to keep his emotions bottled up. One by one, those at the table stood, held their mugs and told Troy how glad they were to have him back.

It was Grant's turn. He nervously licked his lips and stood up. "Ah, I guess, I'm thankful that I've got such a good group of people, who have sort of adopted me for the holiday." He raised his drink. "Thank you. It's good to be here."

Everyone murmured warm responses, and he took his seat. Troy was last. Struggling hard, he stood. The table was silent as they all waited for him to speak.

He put his mug down and took a shaky breath. "I, I'm thankful. So very thankful, for all of you." He shook his head. "But, I have to tell you, Grant," turning a little he looked down at Grant, "that, without you, without your kindness, and your empathy ..." He frowned, and tears began. "Ah, damn it." He wiped at his face and swallowed, determined to get through it. "Without you, I wouldn't be here, surrounded by all my friends, and having this awesome meal." He picked up his wine. "I'm thankful for you, Grant." His teary eyes held immense regard and were so honest.

Grant exhaled and couldn't quite keep everything inside. He wiped his face and grabbed his mug. The rest of the table copied him. "To Troy." His voice was rough, and as the table echoed him, he noticed his words weren't the only gravelly ones.

They drank, in honor of their friendship, and in celebration of the life of a man Grant had come to value more than he thought possible.

Troy sat. Aaron was seated on his other side, and he reached to pat Troy's back.

"Okay." Brian grinned. "Let's eat."


22 November 2018, Thursday 6:42 p.m. (Thanksgiving Day - US)

"How mush ish left?" Aaron slurred a little as he stood next to the stove, his mug in hand.

Troy stirred the pot of mulled wine with the metal ladle Natalie had provided. "Looks like we've still got some. Enough for another mug each."

"Good." Aaron held out his mug. "Wine me."

Troy laughed, and a scoopful of the sweet, warm wine went into the redhead's mug.

Aaron grinned and staggered as he walked away, back into the living room.

Jeez. I am buzzing hard! A lot lighter in weight and a lack of regular drinking meant Troy's tolerance had fallen compared to his friends. But he was in great company, he was comfortable, and Natalie had already told all of them they could crash at their place if they needed to.

Troy refilled his mug and wandered into the living room. Grant slumped in the armchair, blinking slowly. Troy stood beside the chair and grinned down at him. I think Grant is going to sleep great tonight.

Dinner had been amazingly good. Bellies full of food and now multiple servings of wine took its toll on all of them.

Georgette and Natalie sat together on the couch and looked at Grant as he struggled to stay awake. Troy frowned as they whispered and giggled. Oh god. What are they up to?

Grant finally noticed Troy was there. He laid his head back and looked up at Troy, a big smile appearing on his face. "Hey." He closed his eyes, still wearing his smile. "I'm glad I'm here with you."

Troy wet his lips and swallowed. "Yeah. Me too." He sat on the armrest of the chair and sipped his wine.

Troy was surprised when Grant moved and laid his head against his ribs. The dark-haired man sighed, eyes closed, his body relaxed, and he seemed utterly content to lie there. The friends all eyed them both.

Georgette sat up. She looked as if she would burst and couldn't contain herself. "Okay, I'm just gonna say it." She had the most devilish look on her face as she looked at them. "You guys would make an adorable couple."

There was a flush of apprehension that shot through Troy, and he started to say something.

Before he could, Grant frowned and sat up. "I'm not gay." He looked at Troy. "You told them we're not a couple, right?"

Troy grimaced. "I told them. Yeah."

Georgette and Natalie glanced at one another. Natalie nodded at Grant. "He told us. And, don't worry, that's fine."

"Yeah. It's fine." Grant rose unsteadily to his feet, and Troy put one hand on him to make sure he didn't fall over. "Shorry." Grant slurred a bit and disappeared down the hallway. Troy heard the bathroom door open and then close.

Troy glared at Georgette.

"What?" She shrugged. "We're all thinking it!"

Aaron laughed. "Yeah, but none of us except you would say it."

Troy shook his head. "Guys, he's straight. And, besides, I'm not, ah, I'm not interested in anything with anybody right now."

Brian tossed back what was left of his wine and eyed Troy. "Dude, you know we all love you. Right?"

"Yeah, I know." Troy looked down at his mug of wine. "I'm fine. Grant is fine." He nodded, then looked back up. "Stop trying to see something that's not there, okay?" He grimaced. "It just makes me think about stuff I shouldn't. That there's a chance with him."

"Hah!" Georgette pointed. "You do like him!"

"God damn it, woman!" Aaron flopped back on the couch.

"What?!" She looked around, her brown eyes challenging. "Can anybody here tell me why this is a bad thing - for Troy to like a handsome boy with a great job?!"

"Troy likes a boy?" Grant stood at the entrance of the hall, and his face was deadpan - cold, serious, and maybe a touch angry. His eyes met Troy's. "Who? Who is it?" Grant wet his lips and appeared a little nervous - as if his drunken mind just realized he was acting odd. "I mean, you can do whatever you want. I jus … I just wondered."

Troy's heart thudded along to a fast beat as he tried to reassure Grant. "Ah, nobody." He heard Georgette stifle a yelp when Natalie elbowed her. "I don't like anybody."

Grant stared at Troy. Nobody else said a word, watching them both. Grant's jaw worked, and then, finally, he smiled a little. "Good." He walked back over to the armchair, and he sat back down next to Troy.

Grant uttered a small grunt and again leaned back against Troy. His eyes slid closed.

Troy bit his lip and watched his friends on the couch. Brian shook his head and gave Troy a knowing grin.

Fuck, maybe Grant is gay. Troy looked down at Grant as he slid off to a drunken slumber, all while the side of his face lay against Troy's warm ribcage. He frowned. No, he's just drunk. He's not gay, get it out of your mind.

Natalie cleared her throat. "So, we need to talk about the ski trip."

"Okay." Troy was thankful the topic of conversation had moved on. He smiled at her. "You guys still do the trip?"

"Well, we didn't go last year." Aaron's expression was kind, and he smiled. "We had a friend disappear on us, and we spent a lot of time looking for him."

Troy blew out a breath. "Okay, yeah. I'm sorry."

"It's fine. You're here now." Brian looked down the couch at his wife. "Go ahead, hon."

"Okay. Mad River Glen. Our regular haunt." She pulled out her phone and started reading her notes. "We can get rooms at the Yellow Farmhouse Inn for one-sixty a night."

"Is that the Bed and Breakfast we did last time?" Troy asked. He had really enjoyed the place. It was rustic, served an excellent breakfast, and it was close to everything important. It also had a great fireplace, where you could just lie around if you were done skiing for the day.

"That's the one." Natalie nodded. She checked her notes. "I think the 18th through the 21st of January looks great. We'd head home on the Tuesday of that week, the 22nd. There should be plenty of snow, and that's far enough in advance for all of us to get the time off."

There were sounds of agreement around the room.

Georgette leaned forward. "So, do you think Grant would want to go, Troy?" Her eyes sparkled, mischievous and bright.

Troy looked down at him. Grant slept, his relaxed body leaning against Troy's side. "I don't know. I can ask him. Ah, maybe tomorrow."

Natalie smiled. "How about, we just plan for him to go? From what we heard, he doesn't get out and do much. It'd be good for him."

Aaron nodded. "Yeah. You guys can share a room if he goes, and if not then we'll chip in to help you cover the cost."

Troy felt as if his friends planned his life for him, but he truly wanted Grant to go. "Uh, okay." He looked at Natalie. "Can you see if there's a room with two beds?"

Natalie smiled. "Yeah, of course." Troy saw her type a note into her phone.

Georgette eyed an unconscious Grant. "You know, we could just tell him that he agreed to go. He'll never know better."

Aaron looked at Brian and waved a hand toward his wife. "See? See? This is how she is."

They all laughed, Troy included. Grant shifted against his side a little as Troy's ribcage moved, but he didn't wake.

"Okay. So let's just plan on Grant going, and rooming with Troy." Brian looked at Troy. "You cool with that?"

Struggling to do so, Troy kept the hopeful expression off of his face. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan."

They chatted a little longer about their plans. Then Troy began yawning himself. The time had just passed eight o'clock, but the meal and the wine had made them all sleepy.

"Come on. Let's get Grant to bed." Natalie smiled as Troy roused a sleepy, drunken Grant and helped him walk to one of the back bedrooms.

Troy put him on the edge of the bed, where he sat and blinked tiredly.

"You guys okay sharing a bed tonight?" Natalie looked at Troy.

Grant answered instead. "That's fine." He flopped back on the bed.

Troy shook his head and started to remove Grant's shoes. "We're fine, Nat. Thanks."

"Okay." She stood in the doorway. "Let us know if you guys need anything." With that, she left and closed the door behind her.

Troy took off Grant's shoes, then stood up and looked at the drunken man. "Grant, stand up. Come on." He reached and pulled at Grant's hand. He got him up to his feet. "Get ready for bed, Grant."

Grant fumbled with his belt. It took some time, but he eventually stripped down to his briefs. He flopped back, sideways on the bed, his legs over the side.

Troy stood next to him and looked down at Grant. He’d already undressed, and he wore a pair of new boxers he had bought recently.

Grant had an incredible body. Avid yoga practice had built a well-conditioned physique, and Troy began to physically respond to the sight of him.

Grant raised his head. "I'm tired." He dropped back to the mattress.

Troy wet his lips. "Yeah. Here, let's get you under the covers."

Helping him turn, Troy got Grant situated correctly. The dark-haired man sighed as his head lay on the pillow.

Troy climbed in, then rolled on his side. He lay on the edge, as far as possible from Grant. He breathed as he tried to calm the jackhammer pace of his heart.

Grant shifted and put his arm over Troy's middle. He scooted up against Troy, so his chest pressed flush with Troy's back and pulled on his torso until their hips were firmly together.

"Warm," Grant murmured and promptly went to sleep.

Troy gulped. He could feel Grant's cock against his rump through their underwear. It wasn't erect, but he could feel it. Troy, on the other hand, suffered an erection as hard as he'd ever had in his life and could count his pulse in his dick.

After a few minutes, Grant didn't show any signs of moving or waking. Troy chuckled quietly to himself.

Well, I guess I don't really need to sleep tonight.

Ohhhh my. What is drunken Grant doing?

I don't have much time, so that's all the commenting I can do on this one for now. Let me know what you think! 🙂

Copyright © 2020 Wayne Gray; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

1 hour ago, droughtquake said:

Grant may as well have planted a flag in Troy and claimed him for his kingdom!

Haha ...

Yeah. I guess that's right. And Troy didn't seem to have any complaints concerning said flag.

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  • Haha 3

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1 hour ago, droughtquake said:

Why does it feel like my high school English teacher has just handed me a test, asking me to analyze the character roles just like with Lord of the Flies?

  • Georgette = Truth
  • Natalie = Emotion?
  • Brian = Protectiveness?
  • Aaron = Redheaded sexiness?


You're pretty much right. I wish you hadn't used Lord of the Flies as the example (I despise that book so much), but it doesn't change the meat of your observations.

Georgette is unvarnished truth, even when it may not be welcome. But ... she accepts even uncomfortable truths in those she values.
Natalie is indeed emotion, and reminds her friends that they're loved at every chance.
Brian is protectiveness, and piggybacks on Natalie's contribution - everybody will be loved.
Aaron is ... he has a really big heart. He loves fiercely, both his friends and Georgette.

And ... yeah. Aaron is a sexy, naturally smooth, gregarious redhead. 😛

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2 hours ago, Wayne Gray said:

I wish you hadn't used Lord of the Flies as the example (I despise that book so much)…

In my mediocre education*, Lord of the Flies was the only book I was ever asked to dissect in that manner. I’m sure the student teacher knew immediately why I was so drawn to A Separate Peace (which we also read in that class). It was quite frustrating because I quickly finished reading the assigned books, but my classmates struggled to get through the novels and demanded extra time to read during class. She was one of the few teachers I ever bonded with – she’s probably been retired for years now!

* I was transferred out of both Advanced English and Advanced Social Studies in 7th grade because I flunked too many spelling tests! Why we even had spelling tests in Social Studies never made sense to me. Why the focus wasn’t on Social Studies was never made clear to me. After 7th grade, I was placed in all regular classes.

John Knowles seemed offended that some thought that the protagonist was one of those perverts! The novel was published in 1959 and was based on a short story published in the May 1956 issue of Cosmopolitan decades before Burt Reynolds posed in the nude for the first Cosmo centerfold. Apparently Brinker was based on Gore Vidal who attended the same school as Knowles, with Vidal being two years ahead. It’s ironic that a book first published the year I was born was the first ‘Gay’-ish book I ever read!

Edited by droughtquake
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i liked this chapter.  i liked this group of friends, this family, and their celebration.  Thanksgiving isn't such a huge thing here, but we do celebrate a little. It's nice. I hope Grant remembers his moment of jealousy and let's himself see how he really feels.

  • Love 5

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4 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

Thanksgiving isn't such a huge thing here, but we do celebrate a little.

You celebrate US Thanksgiving (in November) in Canada? I thought you only celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (in October). I guess it’s not a surprise that your second Thanksgiving ‘isn’t such a huge thing here.’

  • Wow 4

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1 minute ago, droughtquake said:

You celebrate US Thanksgiving (in November) in Canada? I thought you only celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (in October). I guess it’s not a surprise that your second Thanksgiving ‘isn’t such a huge thing here.’

omg you tire me out .... lays down

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2 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

omg you tire me out .... lays down

My job here is done.

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11 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

i liked this chapter.  i liked this group of friends, this family, and their celebration.  Thanksgiving isn't such a huge thing here, but we do celebrate a little. It's nice. I hope Grant remembers his moment of jealousy and let's himself see how he really feels.

Thanks, tim. 🙂

They are a family. They've chosen one another to be a part of their tribe, and hold each other dear. Thanksgiving here is a big deal for many. It was the biggest holiday for me growing up, as that's when our whole family came together. I miss that.

It's nice to write them ... this little group. I wish I had them in my life, but telling their story will have to do.

  • Love 5

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