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  1. I think this might be the first Philip Dick reference Ive seen on here.
  2. Etotsira

    The Talk

    Joey deserved this. He deserves at least one person he lives with to be dependable and trustworthy. Unlike the snakes Jack and Roman. Also good on Joey’s mon, not a lot of parents have the opportunity to correct their mistakes like this, she makes me happy!
  3. I miss Toby, he wasn’t problematic. What’s up with him, let’s find him a nice girlfriend/boyfriend, and a good job, and a car, and maybe a cool pet!
  4. Y’know, a brain tumor could hypothetically be the cause of Joey’s “moods,” for lack of a better term.
  5. Ok. On further review. I’ve decided that everybody in this story is broken. The only solution is to punch roman in the face, chastise Jack, give Olly self confidence, give Joey a free doctor’s visit to a psychiatrist, and give Toby 100£ for being the best character.
  6. Yikes. I’d beat the crap out of Roman and Jack if I could. Also well done in writing a story that’s made me genuinely angry on behalf of a character, not a lot of stories on GA have evoked that from me.
  7. Etotsira

    You Did What?

    Screw you for getting me hooked on this story while I was at work!
  8. Etotsira


    Hold the hell up. I had no idea that this story was yours. How didn’t I recognize this wtf? Anyways great chapter, per usual.
  9. Etotsira

    Chapter 29

    Nope. Sorry. The story doesn’t end like this. I’m vetoing this story ending. Jihan wakes up a few days later, to a worried Kastan, who proceeds to tell him all is well and they live happily ever after.
  10. Etotsira


    Great chapter!
  11. Etotsira

    A New Nightmare

    Yes!! I’d love to read some of your side stories!
  12. Etotsira

    The Accident

    Well, I’m hooked.
  13. Etotsira

    Chapter 1

    Return of the king!
  14. Etotsira

    Chapter 9

    Better to be safe than sorry!!
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