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    Wayne Gray
  • Author
  • 1,891 Words
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Silverwolf - 11. Epilogue

Saturday, 04 May, 11:04 p.m. (Night of the New Moon)

"It's this way." Larry led the way with his flashlight while Wolfgang and Jed followed closely behind him. "I saw a, ah, a vision of the big bastard I harvested the burl from when the… when that thing came for me." He shivered. "It wanted me to know why I was going to die."

Jed now wore a pair of sweats and a t-shirt that had been stored in his father's cabin. Luckily the shift had pushed his boots off and not ruined them like the rest of his clothes, so he still had those to wear as well. He watched the woods carefully for any sign of the spirit. "And you don't feel it anymore? The, uh, doom and gloom is gone?"

Larry nodded. "Yeah. It's gone." Larry pressed on, determined to atone and be completely free of guilt. He wet his lips. "Ah, so you're a... werewolf." Larry chuckled nervously as he struggled to accept what he had seen. "I, ah, I won't say anything. You saved my life, and I won't tell a soul how." Larry shook his head. "Not like anybody'd believe me anyhow."

"I appreciate that."

"Yeah, I appreciate it too," Wolfgang piped up.

The rest of the journey they made in relative quiet. All they heard were their footfalls in the still of the deep darkness of a forest under a new moon.

"We're close." Larry pushed forward, only to have Jed's strong hand grab his shoulder.

"Wait. Someone's there." Jed gently pulled Larry behind himself. "Stay behind us." The logger nodded.

Jed and Wolfgang crept forward. A small clearing surrounded a huge redwood. The first thing Jed noticed was the massive tree, then he saw a man, stark naked, kneeling beside a body lying on the ground.

"Evan!" Wolfgang rushed forward before Jed could stop him.

The kneeling man looked up at them, the trails of tears on his face. He watched silently as Wolfgang checked Evan's body.

Jed moved to stand beside his partner and observed the black-haired man.

Wolfgang touched the strange, bloodless wound in Evan's side. The old man bore a faint smile and was cool to the touch. "Dead." Wolfgang shook his head. "He's cold. He has been gone for a while." Wolfgang knew something very odd had happened, but he was at a loss as to what. The slim man looked at Maurice. "Were you the one used by the spirit?" He bit his lip and pointed at Evan. "Did it make you-"

Maurice nodded. "I tried to stop him. I tried to stop him from healing the tree. I invited the thing in the forest to use me. Gave it an offering." He stared at Evan's still form. "I was so angry." He looked at Wolfgang. "This one, he did something to me. All that fear and anger, it's just gone." Maurice's lost expression remained. "I don't know what to do without it. It's all I've known."

"You need guidance." Jed put a warm hand on Maurice's shoulder.

Maurice stared up at Jed. "I guess." He blinked, then nodded.

Wolfgang frowned at Jed. "Err. Jed, are you sure about taking in another…"

Jed's smirk stopped him. Wolfgang made a noise of realization. "Of course." Despite Wolfgang's sadness to find Evan in such a state, he smiled. "That's perfect."

Saturday, 05 May, 12:42 a.m.

"Thank you for meeting us. I know it's late." Jed extended a hand and the tall, confident woman clasped it firmly.

Joan nodded. "Of course."

They were back in Redwood Park. The grassy and treed landscape was lit only by a few light posts, and the sound of night insects sang in the background. Daniel hung back, waiting for the business between the packleaders to conclude.

Joan looked past Jed at the cab of the pickup. "Is that him?"

"Yes," Jed said. "He's pretty raw and fragile. Been through a lot."

Joan's expression softened. "Haven't we all?" Her pale green eyes swam with flecks of emerald. "I suppose it's time for the test. If he responds to my voice, then he can join us."

"He's human," Jed said quickly as she moved toward the cab. "If that's a problem-"

Joan smiled. "No. I realize that he will need the help of the pack without a lot to offer - at first. But, that will change. And there is strength in variety." Wolfgang had accompanied Jed, but he too stood off to the side while the packleaders spoke. Her gaze found him as he waited. "As you've found."

Jed grinned. "Yes."

Joan approached the truck. Maurice opened the door and got out. He nervously wet his lips as he stood beside the vehicle. "Hi. I'm Maurice."

"Hello, Maurice." Joan smiled. She put a hand on her chest. "I'm Joan."

A smile flickered on Maurice's face, then it vanished. "I don't know why I'm here, really." He shook his head. "Just that I'm supposed to see if we're 'compatible'?" Maurice made a face. "Uh, I've not really got much experience with women, so I'm not sure…"

"Maurice." Joan stepped closer and gazed down into his eyes as she towered over him. "I am born to lead." She extended a hand to the gaping man. "Will you allow me to do that for you?"

The curly-haired fellow blinked. He looked from her eyes down to Joan's hand.

With only a moment of hesitation, he put his hand in hers.

Saturday, 05 May, 8:17 a.m.

Wolfgang yawned. He needed more sleep, but there was a critical task that needed doing.

Jed blinked wearily from the driver's seat. "You're sure about this?" Jed frowned and glanced over his shoulder at the bed of his truck as they stopped just outside of the little town of Klamath. Wolfgang had directed him to go behind the tribal building of the Yurok tribe, and they had arrived.

Luckily, it was still quiet. The tribal building didn't see much use on weekends, and Wolfgang banked that they'd be able to get in and out without anyone noticing them. The mist that hung heavy over the area also helped reassure him that their actions would go unseen. "I'm sure. I don't know exactly what Evan did, but I know he was the one to fix the issue with the new moon spirit. He deserves to be buried by his tribe."

The men got out and Jed let down the tailgate of his truck. Evan's wrapped body was there. They had painted the protective symbol he had taught Wolfgang in bright turquoise on the canvas wrapped around the old shaman.

Jed easily lifted the thin body from the truck bed. He lay Evan's shell beside the back entrance of the council building.

"Okay, time to go." Wolfgang and Jed got back into the truck, and headed south, back home.

Saturday, 05 May, 10:49 a.m.

Shawn wasn't sure where Jed and Wolfgang had gone, or why Jed no longer wore his silver rings, but he was happy that the pair had returned. They were tired, and after promises to explain later, they fell to sleep, tangled up together beside him and Franklin.

Franklin's body was warm, and Shawn curled around the younger, smaller guy. Franklin smiled and wiggled his ass until it pressed firmly against Shawn's groin.

This was all new to Shawn. He had always needed the voice to lay with Jed, but he found Franklin attractive. He'd never screwed a man, it had always been the other way around with the aggressive Jed.

"Mmmm. You're awake in all the right places." Franklin continued to rub himself against Shawn, and sure enough, his erection slid temptingly along Franklin's crack.

Shawn smelled the nape of Franklin's neck and clutched him close as Franklin moved. "You're responsible for that."

A bottle of lube appeared in front of Shawn's face. Wolfgang grinned as he held the bottle. "You guys have fun." As Shawn took the lubricant, Wolfgang sighed. Jed was still asleep behind him, and Wolfgang's eyes slid closed again.

Shawn stroked himself with his slick hand and took care of Franklin too. As soon as Shawn put the lube back on the nightstand by the bed, Franklin eagerly pushed back with his hips.

He entered Franklin and breathed heavily against his neck. "Mmmm. God, you feel good."

Franklin grinned. "I'm glad. You do too."

Shawn slowly flexed his core and settled into a rhythm. After a couple of minutes, a warm hand landed on his hip. Wolfgang smirked when Shawn glanced at him. "Free orgasm. I'm just gonna ride yours."

Shawn chuckled. "Fine with me."

Only a few strokes later, Wolfgang got up on his knees, dislodging Jed who continued to sleep. He reached and put a hand on Franklin too. "Ahhh." Wolfgang grinned. "Oh, that's nice." Shawn and Franklin had come to understand Wolfgang's talents, and they knew that the man experienced the sensations of anyone he touched.

"Cheater." Franklin lay on his side, laughing quietly and pressed back into Shawn's cock as he screwed.

The three men snickered, and Wolfgang didn't try to deny it. His long, heavy cock hardened, and Franklin moved his head between Wolfgang's knees where the slim man knelt so that he could suck on it. Franklin started on him, and Wolfgang's eyes rolled back.

"Look at what I'm missing." Jed had awakened thanks to the activity and growled behind Wolfgang. He too got up on his knees, snagging the bottle of lube in the process. "Can't have that."

Soon, Jed had buried himself to the hilt in Wolfgang. Shawn felt the start of the strange way Wolfgang's talent and the beast together connected all of their sensations. They all drove one another closer and closer to their finish - functioning almost as one creature.

Shawn felt Jed and Wolfgang's strong connection and their growing affection for one another. He smiled and gently bit Franklin's neck. The man groaned, and Shawn suddenly knew that Franklin had begun to fall in love with him.

As Shawn's orgasm approached, he leaned to whisper in Franklin's ear.

"Give me time. It'll happen if you just give me a little time."

In response, all of them came in a moaning, groaning, kissing mess.

Saturday, 05 May, 11:16 a.m.

After sex, they lazed around in bed together. Jed was scheduled to close the coffee shop that day, but his shift didn't start for a few hours, so they all had time to be still and relax.

Wolfgang stretched, his sticky body tingling with endorphins. He grinned at the contented, satisfied emotions from all of his bedmates. Then Shawn slowly sat up in bed. His back was to Wolfgang and the rest of the men, and he stared across the bedroom at the wall.

Wolfgang frowned at him. "Shawn?" He sat up beside the brown-haired man. "Are you-" Wolfgang's speech cut off as his hand contacted Shawn's shoulder.

A myriad of thoughts, perceptions, and desires flowed through Shawn. Wolfgang sucked in a breath as Shawn turned his head to gaze at him. Instead of Shawn's brown eyes, irises of sky blue were there.

"Hello, child of Sa'la." Shawn smiled and spoke in a choir of voices. "We have returned in the new Conduit. Attend us carefully, for there is much to discuss."

Well, there we have it. Here is the last chapter of this Silverwolf tale. It doesn't mean Silverwolf is over, it just means this little novella is done. I have another project I want to take on, but after that's done I'll return to Jed, Wolfgang, Shawn, and Franklin.

I hope you've enjoyed this ride - I certainly have. 🙂

Please, let me know what you think of the work. Also, if you could rate the story itself, and not just the chapters, that'd be fantastic! Thanks again for reading. You're all awesome.


Copyright © 2019 Wayne Gray; All Rights Reserved.
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If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Chapter Comments

1 minute ago, Hawgdad said:

Thanks again for writing.  You make reading worthwhile!!!


Thanks, Tom!  I appreciate the encouragement.

  • Love 5
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45 minutes ago, Parker Owens said:

I loved this Silverwolf tale, and am very glad this isn’t the last one. I’ll be waiting when the next one comes along. Thank you for this one. 

Thanks, Parker!  This was really fun.  It didn't start off in the most thoughtful way, but... I like where we ended up.  🙂

  • Love 4
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Awesome chapter to wrap up an amazing story. I look forward to the return of Jed, Wolfgang, Shawn and Franklin and there further adventures.

  • Love 5
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Wayne - can you give us a tease as to your next story? New friends? Old friends?

I’m hoping to visit a wildcat in a Forest. I’m craving Italian food.

Edited by rickproehl
  • Haha 4
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10 hours ago, Hawgdad said:

That was a great wrap-up to an amazing and thoroughly engaging story!  I can't imagine a better vehicle for my first read into the paranormal genre.  I kept waiting for the new Conduit, but Shane's reveal caught me totally off guard.  Looking forward to lots more.



Thanks, Tom.  Hahahaha... I'm glad I caught you off guard with Shawn.  I hinted around at Shawn's extrasensory abilities (Bad Puppy Chapter in particular).  He already had minor gifts, and he's a natural vessel for the spiritual world.

Stay tuned.  There's more to come down the line.

  • Haha 4
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8 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter to wrap up an amazing story. I look forward to the return of Jed, Wolfgang, Shawn and Franklin and there further adventures.

They will definitely return.  Thanks, for reading and commenting, Chris!

  • Love 3
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5 hours ago, rickproehl said:

Wayne - can you give us a tease as to your next story? New friends? Old friends?

I’m hoping to visit a wildcat in a Forest. I’m craving Italian food.

Hint: New friends.  Though, I don't know if you'd want them for friends?  They're pretty dysfunctional!

  • Haha 5
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1 minute ago, Wayne Gray said:

Hint: New friends.  Though, I don't know if you'd want them for friends?  They're pretty dysfunctional!

  New friends are good - 

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14 hours ago, Mikiesboy said:

That was fun.. everything tied up nicely. Silverwolf is a great story and i look forward to more!

Hey tim,  Glad you set Wayne off on this one.  That cider must have given him a good start.


  • Love 4
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2 minutes ago, Hawgdad said:

Hey tim,  Glad you set Wayne off on this one.  That cider must have given him a good start.


Wayne and i help each other. We are similar in that we listen to ideas...not such ego driven as some.

The cider chat was a good one..and it produced something terrific.

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37 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

Wayne and i help each other. We are similar in that we listen to ideas...not such ego driven as some.

The cider chat was a good one..and it produced something terrific.

Yes it did and we the loyal readers are so great full so have another cider on us. 

now we need to get the 2 of you to write a story together 

Edited by rickproehl
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Identity of the new Conduit was a surprise (to me at least).

Would still love to know the meaning of "child of Sa'la".  

Edited by Fae Briona
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