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  1. How Far I've Fallen

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 01/24/2015 (Updated: 02/27/2018)

    After pissing away nearly 600 years on every excess known to man, Uriel remembers lost love and awakens to his purpose once more.

  2. Awkward Moments in Religious History

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/27/2013 (Updated: 11/06/2017)

    Follow a series of awkwardness through biblical history in this tongue-in-cheek commentary of classic tales from the Bible.

  3. Victor Frankenstein's Awkward Moments

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/28/2017 (Updated: 11/01/2017)

    Frankenstein's creator runs in to some unexpected awkwardness on his way to creating his ultimate masterpiece.

  4. A Grain in the Sands of Time

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 11/19/2013 (Updated: 05/20/2017)

    The Earth's long hidden ruling family lives among us altering the path of our evolution. Known to humans only as the characters in a deck of mystic cards, within the Arcana each sibling has a role to play and a task to perform before dying and being endlessly reborn. Follow Matt as he discovers who he really is and where his ultimate destiny lies.

  5. Justin's Undies

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 04/27/2015 (Updated: 04/27/2015)

    Erik is at home when he discovers something under the bed that reminds him of the one he loves.

  6. Date Night

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 01/16/2015 (Updated: 01/17/2015)

    Follow Alex and Stephen as they try to surprise each other with unusual date night experiences. The only rule? You can't refuse Date Night.

  7. Calvin Wilson

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 11/17/2013 (Updated: 11/17/2013)

    Jordan, a boy of 11, develops a unique friendship with a silent boy on his way home from buying candy at the store.

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    Jasmine & Vanilla

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/27/2013 (Updated: 10/27/2013)

    Memories of a past lover motivate a trip home to say goodbye.

  9. A Favour for God

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/22/2013 (Updated: 10/22/2013)

    Story 3 of the Finding Charlie trilogy. Joe passed away in our last story, but wants only one chance to say goodbye to the one he loves.

  10. The Death of Joseph Sterling

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/22/2013 (Updated: 10/22/2013)

    We first met Joe as the mysterious crush aboard a Canadian train in Finding Charlie. This second story of the trilogy tells the story of Joe's inevitable demise.

  11. Finding Charlie

    By pDaisy, in Fiction. 10/20/2013 (Updated: 10/20/2013)

    15 year old Charlie takes a train ride that changes his life.

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