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    My works are simply this: I strive for real characters, real situations (mostly), and they are not perfect, buff men. Mostly I write teens and young adult men who are finding their way through a new relationship.
    Fantasy and escaping is one thing, but I also love to create boys/men that people can relate to and say, "Hey! That's me!"
    I hope you enjoy my works!

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  1. The Crush

    By stephanie l danielson, in FanFiction. 05/22/2018 (Updated: 05/22/2018)

    Lance has had a crush on Coran for months now, but after receiving news from home he has to make a decision one way or another to let the Altean know how he truly feels.

  2. Skin Deep

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 04/15/2018 (Updated: 05/02/2018)

    Nate (Nathan) Chelmsford, 27, an aspiring writer and IT guy 6’2” 345 lbs. Sandy blond hair, long over the ears, but short in back. Full beard. Shining light green eyes. Pale skin, southern.

    Curtis Stalhorn, 25, an athlete 5’10:, 190 lbs. Auburn hair, clean cut, no facial hair, dark brown eyes.

    These two met at university and became roommates. They were about half way through their lease when the two beds became one. They’ve been together for three years; but it hasn’t been easy.

  3. Cid (working title)

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 01/31/2018 (Updated: 03/28/2018)

    Cid is an orphan, and is used to his own rules, his own way. Until Billy comes along.

  4. Complications

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 01/03/2018 (Updated: 01/25/2018)

    Two doctors, two lives, two families. Can one man's secret change everything?

  5. Eddie

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 01/21/2018 (Updated: 01/21/2018)

    I'm not sure when I wrote this tbh, about six years ago??? A short piece about a college boy named Bill who meets his interesting hallmate, Eddie.

    This is complete as a very short story, but am looking to expand on it if the feedback is good. /emoticons/default_smile.png">

  6. Refugees 2. For the Heart of Phillip

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 09/28/2014 (Updated: 02/01/2015)

    This is the sequel to the much loved (or much hated) story of For the Heart of Phillip. This tells what happened to the two men left in the wake of the last tale.

  7. Flash stories collection

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 05/31/2014 (Updated: 11/13/2014)

    the Creative prompt

  8. Ice Fairy; The Friends 1. Ice Fairy Continued

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 02/22/2014 (Updated: 08/31/2014)

    The saga continues! With Brett and Sam faded from the spotlight, it shines brightly now on Ryan, Caleb, and the emerging relationship of Colby and Jake. Will Amber be in sight this time?

  9. Lust in London

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 05/20/2014 (Updated: 08/01/2014)

    Alex was a student with the chance of a lifetime; to study in London.
    Mason is a businessman overseas there just for meetings.
    They meet by chance in pub and the sparks fly; but Mason is hiding something.
    Will it all be chalked up to just Lust in London?

  10. Ranch Hands Two: Jerry's Season

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 04/13/2014 (Updated: 04/13/2014)

    The sequel to my popular "Ranch Hands' book (on Amazon and other sites for sale).
    This version was written in 2012, but another version was suggested, which was published in 2012 as well.
    I've supplied both of them here for you so you can decided, which one should've made the cut?

  11. Bernard: Diary of a 46-yr-old Bellhop

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 01/01/2014 (Updated: 04/11/2014)

    1st pubbed 4 years ago. this is the story of a suicidal, obese man who, at 46 yrs old, find the love of his life. He's definitely not your average character; but this is not your average love story.

  12. Ice Fairy 4 4. Ice Fairy

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 12/18/2013 (Updated: 02/09/2014)

    Sam is on tour and his fiance, Brett, is with him. Wedding issues arise already and a more issues await on the horizon as they stopover at home during the holiday break.

  13. Ice Fairy 3 3. Ice Fairy Premium

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 11/02/2013 (Updated: 11/24/2013)

    After Sam's win at the Olympics; things are good, right? Wrong! Rife with jealousy over how his lover is now a celebrity, and more angry with how his time is eaten up; Brett is feeling insecure about everything. Will their plans hold up and will their love survive?

  14. Ice Fairy II 2. Ice Fairy Premium

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 08/31/2013 (Updated: 10/05/2013)

    It's been five weeks since the disappointment in London. Brett and Sam have grown closer and want to seal the deal; but there are nerves and hesitations holding them back; plus forces at work they don't even know about yet.

  15. Ice Fairy 1. Ice Fairy Premium

    By stephanie l danielson, in Fiction. 06/16/2013 (Updated: 08/11/2013)

    Sam is an up-and-coming figure skater, while Brett is a brazen hockey player. They get along about as well as fire and ice; but will there be sparks between them?

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