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Dirty Politics-The Dick And George Puppete Show!




The Saga Continues....

The Dick & George Puppete Show!

A Saga Series:Part I






This is a Saga Series about the Bush Administration that was like Holocaust complete with a new Adolph Hitler who took away a majority of the Help Agencies and Assistance to those in need for their lively hood,health,and money. He took away the sole income of families, disabled, elderly,and retired. What does one do when your only source of income is taken away from with nowhere to go for help? Where does one go for food after a great number are closed or run out food for a week or longer? What does one do when they can't get the medications that they need to combat the terminal illness that they have? Necessaries of our well being were taken away by the Rich who wanted to rid the World of the poor,sick,and needy. This series is told through the eyes of a Black Gay Man who's HIV+.

With the help of the Corrupt and rotten to the core Corporate America and Dick Cheney conspired to get his

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