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G.a. 2010 Winter Anthology Now Online




2010 GA Winter Anthology is now online!


The theme is "Haunted", but interestingly many authors have not gone with a supernatural theme.


We have a number of new anthology authors with this anthology, and some strong poetry from past contributors. Many of the stories are quite short, but we also have one of the longest anthology stories I've seen.


Take your time and enjoy the collection. Everyone is sure to be something that appeals to them.


Graeme :wizard:
GA Anthology Coordinator


Altimexis - Possession
Bret and Pete decide to explore the site where the football team captain’s body was found earlier that winter, but then Pete starts to act very strangely.


Angel Propps - Memory Is Long
It is not always the dead who haunt us but the memories of places and loves long gone


Bugeye - Consider Arbitrary
A life is a song and the past, future and present often sing different lyrics. But, the melody haunts all three.


Cia - Hubris
He was never alone. Rage against that which torments him has broken him completely. His fate is decided.


Comicality - Of The Flesh
Haunted by the memory of someone I've never met.


Dolores Esteban - Prisoner of the Past
He had left his old life behind. At least, that was what he thought. He didn’t realize that his memories were just locked up in some dark chamber of his brain.


Jan Vander Laenen - The Angel
Can an angel drive you crazy?


Johnathan_Colourfield - The Everlasting War
The Birth of The Time Travellers and The Everlasting War. Light VS Dark. And the ghost of the ginger haired boy reflecting upon the one thing that created his shame. Or was he really ashamed of it?


Kevin Caucher - Quarter after One
You always see him call Phil at 1:15.


Lily Gilding - Wings of Ink
There are people in this world who choose to be haunted by the demons of the past. They are the people who shackle those demons upon their body.


Lugh - The Union of Darkness and Light
Some faery tales start with a kiss; some end with a kiss. They all take place in a perfect world. Well, if you don't count the wicked step-mother and the prince-eating dragon. This is my version of a modern faery tale. There are no wicked step-mothers nor prince-eating dragons, but not everything is exactly perfect either. And it all starts with a kiss...


NightOwl - Tipping the Hourglass
We all have regrets in our pasts, we've all made mistakes. Sometimes they haunt us. What if we were truly able to change those mistakes?


Rebecca Perlow - Where I Found You
After the suicide of his terminally ill mother, Sam Nieman goes on a bender that leads to old memories, older boyfriends and some creative interpretations of philosophical theory.


Rilbur Skryler - Fallen Ilaria
Ilaria fell almost instantly. The shining towers and towering ramparts of her walls proved useless, and the sinews of the great Knights of Ilarus were shattered under the demon's attack. Etral Et Ilaria must live with the consequences of that failure, though he would give so very much to give up the burden.


Stargazer - East of Midnight
Why couldn’t Chase just embrace the events that occurred between him and Xander and let that be it? Why did he have to analyze every damn thing?


Young Sage - Tell Me That You Love Me
The story of a man unable to let go.


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