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Facing Facts



Alright tis the season and all that. I know I am not the only one dealing with the holidays and problems too.


This week I lost a friend in a senseless accident. Sort of makes you stop and look at things. Then while I am in that raw sort of state another friend is dealing with an impending death and I know it is making his life hard.


The day after the accident I get a message from someone I had become close to. Alright, someone I had fallen for if I am going to be honest with myself, and he is calling it off. Seems I can't catch a break. So to the upset add heart break.


Then I get to hear all my faults from my father. The mistakes I've made, including who I've dated. It is just what I needed when I am feeling down on myself.


So not exactly feeling perfect or cheery at the moment. Oh yeah, and I had to wait to be paid so I can mail out the various Christmas gifts I had bought in November so they would be done before Christmas was here. Seems I screwed that up too and had it pointed out to me.


Just one of those times you feel like crawling into bed, pulling the covers over your head, and staying there till oh I don't know, Spring? But some how I just manage to keep going. Don't know how, and don't know why, but I do.


So if you have a little good news, feel free to share it with me. I sure as hell could use some right about now.


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I have no 'good' news but what I have is plans to see everyone on this side of the country in my family for the holidays, my health back to normal finally, and a gingerbread house to make this afternoon with my kids. Life mostly as usual... nothing spectacular but I'm quietly satisfied and happy. I wish for your sake that you can get to this point at least, in the meantime, big :hug:

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Good news? I'm alive, that's a start. Oh and I'm moving around and walking. That is a blessing in itself. The cold is getting to me so it hurts a lot more but, hey, I'm used to pain.


I know that physical pain and emotional pain are not the same thing but it's bollocks that either one is worse than the other. Pain is pain.


As someone who deals with pain every day the best comfort I can give is that any day when the pain is a little lessthan it was yesterday should be considered a good day, and any day with no pain at all warrants a celebration.


I hope your pain at least gets a little less in the days to come.


Oh, and as far as Xmas presents are concerned, I haven't even bought all mine yet and some of the ones I HAVE bought are in the post office and have been for a week :

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As an afterthought, I hope that bastard who called things off with you at this time of year and with this going on in your life gets raped by a raindeer and run over by santa's sleigh.

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I'm saddened to hear that those things had happened, especially in succession to one another.


What I say probably won't matter, so there's little need to say a lot. However, I do believe that there is something important about the holidays and despite how the rest of the world and our lives look, this is a good time to dig deep down to find some peace and take extra good care of ourselves and the people in our lives we love.


I think Nephy brings up an excellent point with the first thing she said. We're alive and that's very much a blessing despite what we may sometimes believe. Life's a gift, and the passing of your friends should serve as a reminder that life is delicate and shouldn't be taken for granted.


I wish you the best this holiday season and hope that you do get to enjoy some cheers.

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Sorry to hear that things aren't going too well right now. You know you have many friends here who care about you, so that's one bit of ongoing good news, I guess. You're a talented and imaginative writer and a thoughtful and good-hearted person, so that's more good news. In the end the love you make ... So just wait and you'll get your good news big time, I'm sure! :)

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