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Featured Story: Three Edged Sword



One of the fun parts about doing the GA News Blog is to highlight authors on the site - especially our Hosted Authors. In this case, it is especially gratifying to share a review of a great short story by Myr. Andy021278 does a very comprehensive review of this five chapter complete fanfic. Enjoy the review, then hopefully the story itself!





review by andy021278


This piece of fanfiction by Myr is one of the best pieces of fanfic I have read anywhere. I’ve read both gay and more traditional versions of fanfic based on a number of TV shows and books – from Star Trek to Malcolm in the Middle through Dr Who, Twilight, Peanuts and everything in between.


I have been left sorely disappointed in the past with gay genre fanfics written elsewhere, and I approached his works with such trepidation and fear that I almost didn’t even start reading. However, I’m so glad I did; I found I really enjoyed Harry Potter and The Three Edged Sword from the beginning and will say that this rivals the HP stories written by J K Rowling. At times I found I had to remind myself that I wasn’t reading one of her works. The other reason why I enjoyed this fanfic is that it doesn’t feature the “traditional” gay fanfic pairing of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.


The story picks up around the start of the fifth book, Order of the Phoenix, following the murder of Cedric Diggory at the hands of Lord Voldemort. The events of the fifth year at Hogwarts have been almost completely rewritten as you would expect with a fanfic, yet there are nods to events from the HP world and there are also elements from Order of the Phoenix present; you don’t even need to look for them if you know the stories well.


Myr’s world has a genuinely Potter feel to it, and although there are surprises and the occasional “huh, what!” moment, none of it feels totally out of place or a far stretch from the established Potter world. There is fun and laughter, but there is also the darker chaos you would expect with Lord Voldemort’s return, and the presence in the school of Dolores Umbridge.


Unlike many of the gay fanfics around, The Three Edged Sword reads much more like a romance than the usual smutfest. For a fanfic (especially for one in the gay genre) this is extremely well written, and the characters are very imaginatively developed beyond the original works.


There is really only one sex scene in this work, and it occurs in the first chapter; which is, as Myr has forewarned his readers, a non-graphic rape scene. However, in spite of the briefness of the scene, the after-effects are no less devastating and heart wrenching. You may want to have a tissue on standby; I know I needed one. It is also this scene which serves as the catalyst for the story.


My only criticisms are that there are a few minor grammar and spelling errors, but nothing that really detracts from reading or the flow of the story; they are really only obvious if you go looking for them. Also, since the entire school year was written in only five chapters, it is not as developed as it could be nor does it truly allow Myr’s writing talents to shine through as much as some of his other works.


If you have never read a fanfic before, then make this your first. If you have been left disappointed by other fanfics, then you have to read this. If you are simply looking for something new to read, then read this.


Having read and been highly impressed with Myr’s other fanfics, Harry Potter and The Three Edged Sword gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

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