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  1. tabaqui

    Media Spotlight

    good to see you back here. And you can't leave us hanging on this cliff right now
  2. both boys are growing up Wonderfull and they prove to be loyal
  3. tabaqui

    Finding a balance

    after 3 chapters in I'm hooked. Why didn't I find this earlier
  4. tabaqui

    Finding Myself

    great chapter and well blended in with the other parts.
  5. and another great chapter that is superb written
  6. great writing as usual from you. Looking forward to read more about my favourite New Yorkers
  7. You are killing us with the details on what happened in Mexico, but great chapter for the rest
  8. Nice Sunday evening bonus. Thanks Carlos. Hope Miranda get's her shit together soon so she and Ritchie will talk about it.
  9. so your next story is somewhere 20 chapters with 60k word length? just to test out if we are happy then with the chapter length
  10. For once I'm going to say the chapter length felt right only thinking about Cesar's reaction to Ritchie's language about pussy is scaring me already, only what will Miranda think about Ritchie hitting on the bartender? Looking forward to next week
  11. German car for the German flyboy, fitting Love the family interaction with Melissa
  12. Destroying Defiant? That’s almost the same as killing a character. Ballsy move Carlos. But a great chapter again. Love the player attitude of Ritchie
  13. great chapter again, you made me get teary eyes when Brad's legs came up during my lunch on Friday, just found the time to finish and reread the chapter So next week chapter is becoming dinner reading just to be safe Love the freedom Ritchie is getting as part of his growing up btw when did you became a word count cheater to get a 6k+ chapter 🤔 the part about Thiago moving is double
  14. almost, Georgetown Roar, Thiago and then walls if you sort them on average word count according to the numbers on the site which I did below Cadet 6186 CJ: Georgetown Roar 5712,62 The Squad: Thiago 5614 CJ: Walls 5067,14 CJ: Georgetown over the rainbow 5006,12 CJ: Travels 4949,07 CJ: Autumn 4829,90 CJ: Winter 4565,61 CJ: Georgetown As Time goes by 4519 CJ: Spring 4449,18 CJ; Georgetown Goodnight my angel 4379,67 CJ: Summer 3326,30 The Squad: Ranger 2878,69 CJ: Ripper Christman 2860,5 Chelsea tales: Woof: 2417,25 C
  15. what do you think I did in last years autumn to get a CJ universe fix? Binge read every story you have written and then continued on to a story from a certain goat. keept me sane
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