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  1. tabaqui


    the funny thing is it looks exactly like I expected
  2. tabaqui


    Yeah, fun chapter and love the tattoo idea
  3. tabaqui

    Family Man

    So worth the wait for this chapter. thanks for finding the time between your studying to write this.
  4. tabaqui

    GMA X

    So glad I didn't read this chapter when it was put up as an error. Talk about dropping a few bombshells.....
  5. tabaqui

    GMA IX

    if you want to put four weddings in this book you better hurry up with giving hints (or I missed them all 😝) Back to Florida it is then
  6. tabaqui

    GMA IX

    would be nice in both ways. Funny to see how they will work together and we still have CJ's live to read about
  7. tabaqui

    GMA IX

    Getting worried about the bombshell you will drop on us soon, my guess would be within a month we get a newborn (next chapter) and a funeral. But this was a nice chapter, loved the family banter
  8. tabaqui


    Love it, nice telling about his Ellen appearance
  9. tabaqui

    The babies are coming!

    yeah, what a great family this is
  10. tabaqui

    GMA VI

    what a bad host is CJ, didn't invite his favourite writer 😝 But the party you describe would be my kind of way to celebrate something like that
  11. tabaqui

    GMA VI

    Love this dinner party
  12. tabaqui

    GMA IV

    Great chapter, have to get used to the fast pace in this book so far I think I have to re-read a lot after reading the comment to see if I can find the hints back
  13. tabaqui


    I always notice around my friends and other friends groups that we start sharing each other good values and qualities in life, nice to notice that you also write this way.
  14. tabaqui


    Go Ethan & Thiago
  15. tabaqui

    GMA II

    Pizza and a pint of Ben & Jerry ice cream for dessert

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