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  1. Great chapter, love the details in it to get a feel what life as a cadet is. have to reread it again after dinner since the first read was in between the spare moments at work. Lunch was to short today to finish it
  2. tabaqui

    Western Skies

    Yeah, the post I've been waiting for for months What a great chapter to start a new story and a new year. Looking forward to read more about Ritch(ie)
  3. tabaqui

    Chapter 2

    Like the writing style so far, looking forward for more
  4. tabaqui

    President's Day

    Are you crazy? Creating a program to let me/us get rid of our addiction to your stories and characters? No way, just NO!!!!. Just keep feeding us, that feels way better. (this sound like a real addict now I realise🤪) how many days/week do we have to wait this time? gotta know if I have to reread something in between 🤣
  5. tabaqui

    President's Day

    nononononono, this can't be the end.... I need more, my addiction needs to be fed every week. Great story again Carlos. Thanks for the entertainment
  6. tabaqui


    Can I help loading the truck? what a douche and loved the way you described him.
  7. tabaqui


    you don't get to be captain without being hard
  8. tabaqui


    love this, Brett on a mission to reclaim his art and house
  9. tabaqui

    New Year's Eve

    Yeah, new work from Carlos what a good surprise to start a new month
  10. tabaqui

    The Return

    The 2 words I hate the most in your stories and you've put them in again... Great chapter again
  11. tabaqui

    Chapter 3

    damn, another cliffy
  12. tabaqui

    Finding New Ways

    Go Brent and Sage
  13. tabaqui

    Chapter 1

    love to see that you are writing more about the boys from riding lessons, only the ending of this chapter....
  14. tabaqui

    Beach Bottles

    great fun chapter, just what the doctor advised me today. You just made my day a little bit better
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