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Special Anthology Announcement!

Renee Stevens








The Spring Anthology, "It Wasn't Me" is now available for your enjoyment! Just click on the banner above to read. We had a great turnout for the anthology and there are many different and interesting takes on the theme. Thank you to all of the authors and their teams for the wonderful entries!

A Changelings Tale



Barbara Fleurnois



Birthday Surprise



Cedris and the Shadow Man



Conversations with Strangers



Elethiel (A Fairy Tale)

Dolores Esteban


God Gene



Hey Isreal



Infinite Density

C James


Invisible Scars



Look away Dickie









Stranger In the Mirror



The Prankster



The Room

Johnathan Colourfield


What If?



Who's To Blame?

Bill W


Who...Are You?



As you can see, lots of stories for you to peruse, so what are you waiting for??? Don't forget to leave the authors a review!!!! Also, in the near future, we are going to do a special blog entry focusing on the Anthology, so if you want to write a review of one of these stories for the Blog, please contact Trebs or Renee Stevens!!! To the Authors: If you would like a discussion thread linked to your story, please create the thread in the appropriate forum and contact Renee Stevens to link them.

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I'm glad to see so many but I still wish there were more. Greedy that way aren't I. Working my way through them and they are all fun reads.

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I'm glad to see so many but I still wish there were more. Greedy that way aren't I. Working my way through them and they are all fun reads.


Glad that you are enjoying the stories! And yes, that is very greedy of you, but who can blame ya! We have so many wonderful authors on site! Thank you for putting in an entry!


Thanks Renee for putting this together. Feel proud to be in amongst such great stories! :)


You're welcome! Thank you for being a part of this anthology!

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Thanks Renee for all the hard work! ^_^

it's a wonderful anthology, although i admit, i am with Wayne in saying... maybe there could have been some more! :P0:)

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Thanks so much for your hard work Renee! I am so grateful to be able to be part of my first anthology, as a writer it is so amazing to have this opportunity to be alongside so many other authors all on the one theme. Your efforts are very much appreciated.



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