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Writing Tip: Blogging For Exposure



How to get more traffic to your stories is frequently something author's are concerned about. What use is it to write a fantastic story, if people don't know about it. Here is one way - Cia writes about blogging as a way to increase your exposure. Check out her tip and let us know what you think! Also, if YOU have a tip, let me know. It may be one we feature on a future news blog entry.


Blogging for Exposure

by Cia


Do you blog? I didn't until about 3 months ago. I've writing scattered on FSO, Literotica, All Romance Ebooks, and here. I decided when I wanted to send a few things to publishers that I should start a blog, get an audience, and put myself out there. This way, readers can find all the various things I write and where they are. It worked too; I've increased my readership on every site.


See, if you want readers, you can't just write a story and sit back and wait for them to show up. A book on the shelf, an online story on a site full of online stories, or an ebook on a publisher's website, whatever you have - will not stand out unless you make it. A great cover, blurb, and excerpt or any combo of those help, of course, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, imo.


A good story will keep readers coming back for more, but to get them there you need to network. On the sites you are on, the best way is to get involved in author discussions, use status updates, signatures, reviews... whatever resources are there. A blog is also a great way to feature yourself in whatever capacity your art takes you. I've created one and posted links to all my stories on various sites, and threw my photography in for fun. I also post a story part on there every few days (which get the highest reads) but that's boring after a while I think. Not to mention hard to keep up with!


So, I researched, considered posts of blogs I follow, again networking-I follow authors I like and some of them follow me back, and ended up with a list of things you can share on your blog to keep it interesting. Hopefully, if you decide to start a blog or already have one, these will help you keep it fresh.


Here are not quite 35 tongue.png blog topic ideas:


1) Do a book review. And don't do what everyone else is doing. Choose a book that's controversial, edgy or just different.


2) Interview an author.


3) Interview a magazine or ezine editor about what's hot, what's not, the Do's and Don't's for their publication and what they're looking for right now.


4) Highlight a new writing opportunity.


5) Do a giveaway.


6) Get another writer, author, editor or publisher to do a guest post.


7) Review a writing resource.


8) Do a 'Top ____' list. Choose a subject such as best/worst books, best writing tools, etc.


9) Do an interview with a character from either one of your works or someone else's.


10) Post a picture and have followers write short story about it.


11) Do a weekly writing prompt.


12) Start a story and invite followers to keep the story going by adding their own scene.


13) Interview a child about his or her favorite books and why they love them. (Kids are a GREAT resource for writing ideas!)


14) Flip through a book, read the fourth sentence and write something based on that sentence.


15) Share a short story, article or chapter from your latest work.


16) Participate in writing prompt circles or other writing groups.


17) Write a post about your favorite song and why it means so much to you.


18) Put another author's blog in the spotlight.


19) Discuss a media tool (eg: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) or give some tips on how to use it most effectively.


20) Have a 'Writers' Treasure Hunt' where readers have to go to fellow writer's blogs for clues to win a prize.


21) Participate in, or organize, a writer/author blog hop with a specific theme.


22) Share a special childhood memory.


23) Talk about an issue that needs to be in the spotlight.


24) Highlight one of your other favorite creative distractions.


25) Have another writer join you for a post where your readers come up with three (or more) prompt words you have to create a story with.


26) Discuss a specific genre.


27) Talk about how you broke into a specific market and share a few tips.


28) Interview a publisher and get some tips for submitting to them.


29) Open the discussion about what a certain celebrity is doing.


30) Give a list of writing opportunities or writing contests.


31) Discuss ways you embrace your audience.


32) Share your favorite flames! We all have trolls, and some of them are just hilarious in their vitriol. Share your favs.


33) Check your comments. Readers/Followers often have interesting questions or provoking ideas.


34) People seem to like surveys. Keep them simple and fun with amusing topics (or hot pictures, lol).

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