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Ive heard its best to pick up where one leaves off.


It makes sense, but it was never a philosophy given to writing. Especially when there is a prolonged gap. You just can't get back to it. The rhythm changes, any cadence established gets lost. You can try, Im sure, but the fracture of time will stand like the grand canyon in the story.


Plus I know I write better now then I did two or three years ago. I am however not sure any of the characters are as good as some I have left here sitting on a shelf waiting to be read again. So what's next? the rewrite.


I tried to emulate DomLuka in a little way with DnCW Multiple characters and story threads. Spur interaction with readers as they tried to guess who was going to end up with whom. I failed. I built a story that became top heavy. A story that was sitting on a single central character. The story became unstable, and began to lack a defined direction. It needs to be rewritten. From chapter 1 onwards. somethings may stay. Others may go away. Im not sure, but I know it has to be done, because as the story is now, I can't write anymore of it.


It's hopelessly broken.

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  • Site Administrator

Heck, I'm just glad to see you popped in :hug:


I personally won't hold it against you if we hear no more of Cody, saddened, but also understanding. To recreate him, would not be disappointing either. You bring life and real existence to your characters so no matter what the story line you will please us all.


Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure we all will be behind you :)

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lol it isn't Cody I want to recreate, its the world around him. it needs to be better, and more believable. =)

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About time you resurfaced.. you wouldn't want me going lifeguard on your ass. :P

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  • Site Administrator

Ahhh... he's alive! :P I just spoke to this question to another person who is coming back to writing after a break. Honestly, I have to agree; you can't just go right back to where you were, especially if you've become a better writer. You weren't a slouch in the writing department before, so that's great. I would love to see an edited and re-created world for Cody! Glad to hear you're still breathing, and even better, considering writing more for us to read.

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Hmmmm, shadowgod? shadowgod? *tries to remember* :P


Glad to see you are back as well Steve. So now we have:


Joey --> back

Steve --> back

Viv --> still missing

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