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Who do you pray to...



Who do you pray to when you need just one miracle? I'm afraid god will no longer do. We have a contentious relationship he and I. Plus I wasted my one good miracle prayer on him years ago. I remember, I prayed for a lego set, a stupid child who prayed for a lego set, said he'd never ask for anything again.


I've asked for things since, better things. Great people, and they have all been unanswered.


I'm getting desperate here. I can't keep watching the good ones leave.


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Try St Anthony, the patron saint of miracles. The universe is also a good one to pray to as she is non denominational and can't help but listen because she's part of you. At the end of the day it's hot the who it's the how. If you put energy out there it will have an effect. Put enough belief and hope into a prayer no matter who it is to and it will have an effect. If it's not answered it's because it's not supposed to be. Sometimes it's a case of what will happen must happen

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I don't pray, i wish. I make wishes on a lot of things. Fallen eyelashes, shooting stars, birthday candles, if i catch a clock at 11:11 etc. I've never believed in a god to pray to and i think that wishes are less of a request, more of a hope for something to come true. It somehow seems kinder to whatever forces/situations/coincidences/events that occur to make my wish come true.


I'm not sure that made any sense.


But anyway...If wishes were fishes, my pond would be full of more dead fish than water. So you're better off listening to Nephy ^^

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I learned as a kid that wishing didn't work. Never did get that horse after I blew out my birthday candles ;) And I don't pray either. I do think good thoughts for people if they ask for mental support or are having troubles so perhaps I ascribe somewhat to what Nephy mentions. I remember this one song of Garth Brooks' that I've been singing lately called Unanswered Prayers. The song sort of takes the rosy eyed view that if you are not getting what you want now it just means that God/Spirt/Universe (plug in whatever 'deity' you want here) has something better in mind for you later. Perhaps that thought is a comfort?

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I've sort of given up on praying. I still try it once in a while, but it never works out like I need it to--and I only do it when I really, really need something instead of for every willy nilly so you'd think someone up there might listen. I don't really direct it at any specific power of deity because you really never know which one (if any) is really out there, so a general shout at the heavens is nice. I guess, if anything, it lets me blow off steam since there aren't many real people I can do that with (and sadly, multiple blogs just don't cover all of it. I'm a proper boiler sometimes).

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Just this afternoon while leaving my workplace, I found myself talking to the windshield on this very subject. I have NO idea why it came up.

I said a whole bunch of things about 'why' and 'then how come?'.

From my religious background I cried myself to sleep MANY nights because I thought that I was a POS that didn't deserve to go to "Heaven".

At this point in my life-screw it all!! If there is a "god" out there, it is a sick bastard to allow all of the trash that's happening (and HAS) happened through the millennia. Done.

NO GOD! Not under any circumstances would I greive on my 'death-bed' about where my afterlife will be spent. DEAD!!! GONE!!!

BYE! Oh crap!! I'm not done yet?

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