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Reasons to be Greatful - Drama

Yettie One


As an avid fan of TV Police drama, I am blessed to live where possibly the very finest range and class of dramatical television drama is produced.


Undoubtedly, with series like Taggart, Lewis, Vera, Dalziel & Pascoe, Juliet Bravo, Law & Order UK, Luther, Midsomer Murders, Mersey Beat, Murder City, Rebus, Spooks, Sherlock, Silent Witness, The Commander, Waking the Dead, Wire in the Blood, are just some of the many modern British Police Drama's we enjoy on our screen's at various times through they year.


I am sure that there are many more that I have not listed, which you will share with me, and all this without even dipping into the vault of the UK's established long running iconic police shows. The likes of Morse, Frost, The Bill and so many others.


Yes there are programs from other countries that I find entertaining, and enjoy to watch. The hugely successful US version of Law and Order especially the Special Victims Unit series is good entertainment. Then you have the likes of CSI.


But when it comes to true drama, real grit, tough emotional stories with action and acting that makes your heart beat stop in a moment, and race like a mad man in the next, I'm sorry but no one is able to do it was well as the British.


The entertainment industry in the UK have created an institution of excellence, an example to television directors and producers around the world, on how to create a real dramatical masterpiece. And I am lucky enough to live right smack bang in the middle of this great stuff.


Oh man, spoilt for choice or what?


Yes it is such fun to be able to curl up on the couch with a nice whisky on the rocks and get lost in the thick imagination and intrigue of a clever plot, never really quite knowing who done it, right till that last second when the penny drops, and you realise how simple and clear the signals were all along.


How I wish my imagination worked that well, to create and write such a vivid and imaginative whirlwind of chaos, mystery and diabolical human crime.


Don't ask me to choose one as my favourite, I love them all, but if I am completely honest, I have a huge soft spot for the Governor in the modern Taggart, DCI Matt Burke played by Alex Norton. I'm not even really sure why other than something between his character and I clicks.


But that is the beauty of a masterful script. The characters draw you in, interact with you without ever meeting you, and build a report with them despite never sharing a word. That to me is the power of a dynamic script in the hands of a master performer, something common in British Police Drama.


So if I was to ask you. which is your favourite police drama? What what character do you enjoy watching the most?


Thought for today - "If you want to be loved, be loveable" - Ovid


Song for today - Clouds by Newton Faulkner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52iTtpnPgbw&feature=g-logo


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