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Life's Moments

Yettie One


I've never been a massive fan of shopping, especially grocery shopping.


Unlike my father who would spend hours reading labels and checking out the special deals, I like to get in and get out. I've never been one for waiting around. Mr Impatient maybe. Well in certain situations, alright I admit, Mr Impatient is a glove that fits rather well.


I had reason to visit Tesco's this morning to get some batteries, and while I was wondering around I decided to get me some new rope. Ah huh, rope....


Now I won't go into what the rope is for, it could be what your thinking, or it may be something completely different. You can just put that vivid imagination down to your dirty mind! ;)




But all the same, it got me to thinking as I was wondering around the store how lazy we have become. Everything, absolutely everything is available in a Tesco's these days. There was paint, fridges, TV's, DVD, game stations, stuff for your car, stuff for your bedroom, crumbs even stuff for the toilet, and I'm not talking about air freshener and bleach!


Everything under one roof. Forget about going shop to shop, meeting people, walking from one end of the town to the other just to get a weeks shop done. No today we walk in with a trolly and walk out with everything we'll need, without barely talking to anyone.


It is kind of the same with mobile phones. I can remember a time when you wanted to know how your friend was, you got up and visited them. Today I've seen people sat next to each other in a pub texting each other.


And facebook.....


Don't even get me started on social media. It's easier to have a good old heart to heart online than it is to do it face to face.


I know I am just as guilty of these things I point out. I spend far too much time worrying about facebook, twitter and mobile bloody phones.


Don't get me wrong, I've met some lovely people online, and have a number of amazing friends dotted around the world that I've never met. In that way the net has broadened my mind and opened the world to me in a good way.


But I do wonder what all this convenience is doing to our social skills as a race long term. In 50 or 100 years, what will we be like. Will communication involve a key board and screen, some weird kind of memory chip or something else more outlandish? Will we evolve to having no voice box or ability for producing sounds?


Far fetched? I don't know but wondering around Tesco's this morning my imagination started to play games with me, and it had nothing to do with the rope!



Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for reading. :hug:


Thought for today - "A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." - George Bernard Shaw


Song for today - Life by Des'ree

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I can remember back when you wanted to make a phonecall you had you get your 10p coins together and go up to the phonebox. When you were out of coins your phonecall was over.


I don't use supermarkets for my grocery shopping, never have and never will; they charge way over the odds. I get my meat from my local butchers and all of my fruit and veg comes from the local market stalls. It's fresh, seasonal, and less than a third of what the supermarkets charge.

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shop local is good. i'm lucky to live in a small town with a good range of shops. not everyone has the choice these days. generally, i like to be realistic but optimistic. modern technology offers us so many opportunities. if balanced with more real life encounters, it can be an amazing asset. there'll never be a substitute for "in the flesh" get togethers, though, will there? :)

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I get my meat from my local butchers and all of my fruit and veg comes from the local market stalls.


Hi Andy

I must be honest, I'm fussy about my meat, so like you tend to use a butcher. But veg wise, I don't have a fantastic selection of market shops around here. Co-op and Spar dominate everything, and their veg is ........

Well, I'd rather go without!

So I do use Tesco's or an Indian Wholesaler in town for fruit and veg. :)



There'll never be a substitute for "in the flesh" get togethers, though, will there? smile.png

Too right RJ. Face to face is best, especially over a wee dram of whisky or three! ;)

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