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Dad, blood, and one confused puppy



Figured I should update everyone. Dad had his endoscopy yesterday. They found blood pooling in his stomach and went in to do repairs. He was supposed to have his colonoscopy today, but someone screwed up and he had solid food. So now he is back on liquids and had to drink eight glasses of something to clean him out. He will have his test around 8 am tomorrow.


His blood count is slowly returning to normal, Over all I am happy that things are improving. He seems to think he will be home by tomorrow afternoon. I wouldn't count on that but time will tell.


In the mean time the one having the hardest time with it all is JJ. The poor dog doesn't know which end is up. She is use to his schedule, sleeping in his bed, and getting what she wants. With me she isn't being fed all the treats she normally gets, is having to sleep on my bed, and deal with my schedule. Poor baby won't be happy till she has him home. She has Dad wrapped around her little paws. Oh well.


Work at some point tomorrow. They said they can flip flop my schedule if need be but I figure I will wait to see what is happening with him.


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I'm glad hun. Hopefully this will continue to improve with your dad.

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Hope everything gets on schedule with your dad and goes well. Poor little dog. I can hardly stand to be away from mine, so I am sure you dad misses his treats( hid furry friend), as much as the poor puppy misses him. You are so good to take care of the puppy, and let it sleep with you. :)

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Hey Wayne. Sending ya a massive hug buddy. Hope things settle down and work out for the best. Hope that the puppy keeps you smiling and lets you sleep. :)

Take care bud and don't stress out too much. Keep ya chin up.


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