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Fathers and Sons



I know there are some people who get along wonderfully with their fathers. My father and I have more of a gas and match relationship. However I try very hard to ignore the problems and help where I can since my mother passed.


This week has been one trying week. Tuesday my father was very ill. He couldn't even keep water down. I wanted him to go to the doctor or the hospital but he fought me at every turn because he had an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday. Well Wednesday he seen his doctor who after checking on him suggested he go to the hospital but he refused. The doctor sent him for blood work warning him that if anything showed up he was going in. Thursday his doctor is off. Friday I get an emergency call to rush him to the hospital. They kept him in and around 2 am this morning sent him for a cat scan. His blood had very low hemoglobin. His blood pressure was extremely low and they did an endoscopy this morning finding blood in his stomach and did surgery on him. He has had three bags of blood and I have lost track of the iv bags, plus they are talking a colonoscopy to check the walls because of the amount of blood he lost and him stating there was no change in blood or stool. Sounds gross I know but more alarming is the lack of where the blood was going as it pooled. So he will be in the hospital till Monday at least. At least his nurses are sweethearts. i feel bad listening to them talk about the hours they have to work. Trust me, with a mother who was a diabetic and in the hospital more times than I can count I have always respected the nurses who work for the hospitals. They do incredible work, especially with people like my father who make terrible jokes. But then again it might be the opposite thing with me and my father. Thanks for letting me rant. If you can spare the prayers or good wishes, well I appreciate them.



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Wayne you are there for him. Your relationship might not be perfect being there is what is important. I'm sorry that you are facing this alone, I know that it is a very difficult time. my thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and your family.



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You have a lot on your shoulders right now and you're doing a great job. A commendable job. Very difficult working with someone who doesn't want to go for medical care when they really need to. And, I couldn't agree more about the job nurses do. It's not until you are hanging out in a hospital for hours that you see the scope of what they deal with and under what limitations. My thoughts are with you and with your father.

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I went though some of the same, Wayne, and I can only send you the Greek wish "May it soon pass."


Unfortunately older parents often resist our efforts to help them, and it doesn't have much to do with the quality of the prior relationship, I don't think. What might be different is that those of us that had more difficult relationships feel guiltier, when we get impatient or upset with our parents, for not accepting our help when they should. I spoke about that to my sister at the time; she's always had a good relationship with my dad, but she was just as upset at him as I was. In fact she used the word "angry", which is how I'd felt but hadn't wanted to admit even to myself. So go easy on yourself.

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Unc you adopted me soon after joining GA we had a past linked through pain. Mine was my mum yours was your dad. And I went through the nursing process for two years as she got worse. Her troubles were a lot grosser than your dads.

You dont get half the recognition that you should. To cope how you do and still be here for everyone on GA and FB. My thoughts are with you Unc. :hug:

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Sorry hun, sounds like you've been through the wringer again lately. We're always here to listen though! :hug:

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ofcourse, you are in our prayer. Stay strong. And please don't ignore your own health. Two sick people is worse than one, especially if one supports the other. I totally agree with you regarding the nurses. I think, they never recieve their due respect. Without the nurses a doctor is handicapped. They are just as integral to the healthcare as any other.

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Wow Wayne, that is not a rant, that is just getting it out of your system, and as you can see, you have many here who are here for you. I hope things improve for your dad, as well as for the relationship that you are trying to build or keep stable, so you can be there for him. Sending you strength and patience, and a big hug!

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